Turn my craftsman into an English cottage!!!

crabshackMay 15, 2010

I have a small 1920's craftsman home that is in need of a paint job. It is currently all white with a black roof. I would love to turn it into an English cottage. It has one large window in front with a white metal awning and same white awning over the door. Any suggestions on paint color or acccents would be much appreciated. I don't know if I can post a pic of the house(or even how to do it if I could), but I would try if one knows how. Of course this redesign would be also under a small budget, so any cheap updates would be great!!

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crabshack this thread was a way down the page on how to post pictures. Hope it helps. We all love pictures. Chris

Here is a link that might be useful: Click here for posting pictures

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I'm not much help with decorating ideas, but I read something interesting the other day. It seems houses were rather colorful up until the Depression. Money being tight, most houses were simply painted white. I was surprised to see how colorful Craftsman and Arts and Crafts houses were originally.

Learn how to post pictures- we have plenty of friendly folks on here that can help you, once we can see what you are working with.


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There is a teeny craftsman down the street from me. They restored it a couple of years ago. I was absolutely fascinated with the colors and how great it looks. The main house is a wine color, the trim is a medium gray with a hint of purple. I'm not a purple anything, but this house is darling in it's new suit.

I'll try and take a photo of it, has been raining for a few days and more expected. Please post a photo of yours if possible.

Below is a link of colors from your era and style.

My daughters little cottage has the metal awnings. If you do a search, these come up a lot. May give you some ideas. She wants to get rid of them, but I have this historic edge and think they will actually be worthy of leaving on for the future.

Here is a link that might be useful: paint for the era

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Emagineer, if those awnings are metal, they were probably added in the late 1940s or early 1950s. I think the awnings that were from the 1920s would be a straight ski-slope look, and made of wood?

When I was growing up, our house had those added to it and I loved to sleep on the screened front porch when it rained. And when I bought MoccasinLanding, it had the metal awnings covering those windows so completely you could not even see out. I hated it, and first thing I did was remove them so I could let in light and see out.

I hope we get a photo uploaded soon for the house in question, so we can play with another house. :)

Welcome to the Smaller Homes forum, where we are learning to live large in a smaller area.

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mama goose_gw zn6OH

Hi, crabshack, I love the craftsman style homes with all the built-ins. Looking forward to seeing your pictures, and reading everyone's ideas for your English cottage make-over.

I'm a budget decorator, too.

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Hi Crabshack ~ I bet your house is lovely. Can't wait to see pictures of it. I love seeing craftsman style homes. They have such neat architectural elements inside and out.


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When I was shopping for a stained glass window for my master bath, I found lots with the design elements for Craftsman and prairie style. And church windows galore too.

Cannot wait to see crabshack's photos, so give it a go?

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