Monday March 9th!!

anjabeeMarch 9, 2009

Good morning. Hope Luvs and I aren't posting at the same time as usual. ha Thought I'd start us off real quick for the new week. Hope you all had a wonderful weekend. Ours was pretty much the same as always.

I've got to get my cleaning done today because the rest of my week is filling up fast. Got a few things painted over the weekend, but will have to take pics later. Hope you all get to check in and tell us all about your weekend. I'll be back around lunchtime.


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Hi Anj, nope, not posting at the same time today--had to get up,shower,dress, and head off to the mechanics to give DIL a ride back home. DH will take her to pick it up this evening.

I've got a friend coming over around 2:00 and we're going to a Pho Grill for some soup. I've never tried it, but she loves it, so I'm game. LOL Then she wants me to go to a nearby town to a TS with her. I think she and one of the GJ ladies are meeting tomorrow to go to a nursery and Habitat store. I'm invited but don't think I'll go.

Wanted to answer Punk's question about whether I'm doing a St. Pat's table. I don't really have anything new to use other than a cute green/white pitcher, so I'll do the same as last year's. I've put up a banner, flag, my newly painted sign and the pavers I've painted in prior years, and my painted leprechaun cutouts. I also put up my purchased sign that says "If you're lucky enough to be Irish, then you're lucky enough". LOL Here's a few pics for you in case you haven't seen them before--Anj just close your eyes because I'm sure you've seen them! Anyone else doing anything special for St. Pat's? Luvs

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Good Evening,
Anj, hope you got your cleaning done today so we can see your painted projects. I hear you about the week filling up fast. I think the kids will be moving in with us for a few weeks until we get the house completed.

Luvs thanks so much for sharing your pictures. What a nice table and decorations. The leprechaun on the table in the 1st pic makes ya wanna laugh just looking at him so happy with his pot. And the next two are painted so well. The paver is cute also. Was it hard on your brushes to paint on that cement? I loved looking at all your decorations and table, pretty chandelier and flag so thanks again for taking the time to post them.

I have more outside Easter decorations than inside I think but we are suppose to be getting -30 temperatures so it won't be soon I'm wanting to go out and decorate. We just had a cold storm blow in a couple days ago but I'm not looking forward to that low of temps.

GD and DD are spending the night with us. GD is sick so spent the day with me at the office. She slept several hours so it worked out fine. She is having alot of growing pains with leg aches. If any of you have any special cures for this please let me know. She also has a cold and her little eyes were red and running. Normally we don't give her the option of being at the stores all day.

Don't know when I'll get back to painting but I'll enjoy all of yours so can't wait to see more. I'll post when I have time and know I'm always thinking about all of you. Punk

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Aw I have to shut my eyes???? ha I don't mind looking at them again and again. Cute as can be. Don't know if I'm gonna get my leprechaun done in time for this year. Oh well. Not a major holiday, but I don't have very much for it.
Hope you had a nice day out with your friends and let us know if you found anything fun at the Ts.

Punk~ my DS has had bad growing pains in his legs since he was about 5 and he is 8 now. We just give him motrin and give him the little rice bags that we heat in the microwave for a minute or two. He says they help him the most. I had them bad when I was little too so I know they aren't fun. Hope she feels better.

I did get most of my cleaning done and a ton of laundry done too. Ugh. ha Still have a few more loads to do tomorrow. Got the fridge cleaned out today too cause it's grocery shopping and errand day for me tomorrow. We got more snow today and more on the way tomorrow morning. Not looking forward to having to go out in that, but we are almost out of milk and bread and my milk guzzlers can't live without their moo juice. Oh, we are thinking of getting some chicks for Easter to have for eggs. I'm sure they'll be more work than they are worth?? But we go thru a lot of eggs....almost 3 doz a week. That's a lot huh? So we are probably gonna give it a try. DH used to raise them when he was younger so he knows what to do for them.

I'm just going thru junk mail and then gonna head to bed. How is the time change affecting ya'll? I'm sure hatin it in the mornings for sure! Well, ya'll have a good night and I may get back here tomorrow afternoon sometime. ~Anj

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Good Morning Everyone! Glad to see that everyone is doing well. That is always nice to see!

What a whirl wind week! Not only it is cold but we have about 5 inch's of snow. Thank goodness it is supposed to warm up.

Luvs.......your decorations are super! I love the table cloth and the green pitcher looks like an oldie. I have been trying to find St. Patty decorations everywhere but have come up empty. I have an old tracing without the instructions but am going to paint him anyway...if I start today - maybe by the 17th...I actually bought some paper cutouts of shamrocks and added white paint designs to the edges and then cut out some from green paper. Not what I really would like but better than nothing.

Spent lots of time in the Dr's waiting room this last 5 or so days. Bottom line, they think there is another blockage or that one of the stints is blocked. HD is scheduled for another test on the 19th and if there is a problem they will repair it then. So it is another wait and see!

My carple tunner is going to be treated with a new RA med hoping that it will reduce the swelling of the joints and stop the pain. I sure hope so...I'm tired of being awake for hours each night!

Looking ahead to Easter, I have been trying to find decorations and finally found some light brown eggs at Michaels. I have painted them in pastel colors and am making a bouquet of eggs from some of them and will use the rest to make a nest or two. Think I will hit Wal*Mart and the TS later this week, would like to find a "china" basket to put a pot of daffodils in, or maybe just grass and candy. Gee, I wonder if there is any candy I don't like?

Waiting for the furnace repairman to come and put in a new "run" and duct in the kitchen. the kitchen is 2 feet lower than the rest of the house is 10 degrees colder! Burrrrrr And this is where my painting desk usually is and I want it back there as the light is much letter. We put out an electric heater until we got our new electric bill...the heater is off!

No one seems to be painting for at least not posting pictures. Must be a phase of the moon!

OK...I've taken up enough space and time so....thanks for keeping me cheery and sharing that much needed spark!


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Good morning! Have to say coming here makes me feel a bit better. Here I was shivering and complaining about having to put on my coat this morning because it's only in the 60's--then I read about all your snow and think I'd better just hush! LOL

Took my car to the mechanic this morning (yep, took DIL there yesterday) so he could fix my heater. It's blowing air but not warm air. Then I have to go to the doctor at 10:30. Will drop DH off at the gym for his workout while I go to the doctor, then pick him up afterwards.

I had fun yesterday shopping with my friend. She also took some big plants and our old dog house that I've been wanting to get rid off, so that was good. She's going to come back next week and take a garden bench that needs repairs and a couple more plants. I'm trying to give away all my potted plants so I don't have to worry about them when we are off on our motor home trips now. I did find a few more treasures. I'll try to snap a few pics to share but don't like for DH to see them all at once! It makes him nervous about my TS excursions! LOL Maybe I'll do some "before and after" ones.

Anj, I can remember when my DS was in high school--food just disappeared into the bottomless pit! LOL And especially so when he'd have three or four of his friends over all the time! I need to do some grocery shopping too, the fridge and cupboards are getting bare. Will have to make a list when I get back home today.

Belle, I'm so sorry to hear about your DH's stint problems. My DH had to have one put in a few years back also. And I sure hope your new medications help relieve your pain.

Punk, sure hope your little GD is feeling better. That is nice that she and her Mom get to come for sleepovers at your house. Shows that they both really enjoy your company.

Wish I could tell you that I'll be working on a painting project today, but not sure that will happen. I'll just have to see. I know I'd like to, but other stuff keeps getting in the way! LOL I'm sure hoping some of us will come up with some cute Easter projects.

Hope you all have a good day. I'll try to get back on here tonight.


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Hello all,
Just getting home from another night of painting. Not the kind of painting I want to be doing but it will be done soon I hope. We have to do alot more packing and all the trim still needs to be finished and put up. At least the roads were bare tonight driving home. DH has the flu so didn't get to join the fun.

Anj I'll have to tell DD about the rice bags for GD's leg aches. Thanks for the help and I hope you son gets through this pretty soon. Sounds like to many years for a little fella to have to deal with pains that long.

I did get to play Ninetendo Wii tonight and it was fun. I have to get alittle faster. I did great on the singing but the drums and guitar kicked my butt on a few of them.

Belle so sorry to hear about DH and I hope you keep us informed on how your RA med does for your carpel tunnel. I had an issue years ago when I was a checker and doing tons of painting but I quit both and it went away. My brother was just here and he has an issue with his right hand and arm. It's sore and throbs all the time.

Luvs I hope you doctor appointment went well for you. How's DH doing? It sounds like your friend is helping you clean up! I bet it is hard to keep your plants while your out having fun in the motor home. I only have one house plant and it was one of my sons that didn't get to move with him one of the times he moved out. I don't want to take the time to keep up with indoor plants any more.

Looking forward to seeing some projects posted so hope someone can find time to paint. It doesn't look like I'll be painting any time soon but DH did cut out several santa and a few other things for me when I have time.

I need to get the spare rooms ready for the kids this week so I plan to try to clean one room each morning before work. I'm sure they will end up living with us for a couple of weeks. I did get most of the house back in order this morning but didn't have time to wash bedding and clean the spare rooms.

I had made a large pan of swiss steak and a large pot of potato soup but it's gone so need to plan for some more meals this week. Just remembered I have frozen lasanga and enchiladas in the freezer so guess I'll go take them out. I look like Casper right now but needed to kick back and check in here before hitting the shower.

Hope all of you have a wonderful week and I'll keep in touch. Punk

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Hi....guess I'll take a second to chime in.
Belle~ sorry to hear about DH's problem. Does that mean surgery or how do they fix that? Have you started the "arthur" medicine yet? Hope it's working for you.

Luvs~ yes you'd better not be complaining about 60's! ha It's still 20's for most of the day here, but we are warming up next week to 60's. We'll think it's summer around here. ha I do envy your weather. I saw rain in your mountains, but they said it wouldn't impact us this time. Thank goodness. Look forward to seeing what you got at the TS.

Punk....hope the rice bags will help DGD. My son doesn't have them all the time, but every once in a while he'll complain about it.
Glad all the painting is done. I'm getting in the spring mood to paint my house too. I kinda enjoy it and the end result with that fresh coat of paint is the best.

I am planning on painting Friday. I found a cute bunny that I want to cut out and an Easter stack of sheep,bunny and duck on top of an easter egg that I may tackle. Design by Dianna Marcum. The only thing I have planned for then is a parent/teacher conference, but hopefully it won't take too long. I've got a bunch of uncle Sams and Americanas marked in line to do after Easter.

I have to take DD to the ortho this afternoon, rush back for another parent/teacher conf, and then get her to her church basketball game. Fun times. Need to get a few things done around the house this morning to free me up for painting tomorrow and get to the post office today. That's my day in a nutshell. ha I had a bad headache and backache yesterday so skipped out on the youth activity. Just did the minimum that I had to do and tried to rest my back. Totally spaced my tax appt too so had to reschedule that for next week.
Well, as the old commercial used to's time to make the donuts. ha Ya'll have a good one. I may stop by here for lunch. ~Anj

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Well, I stashed all my TS goodies so DH wouldn't freak out! I told him about them and what I spent on them. Two big multiple TS excursions so close together is probably NOT a good idea! LOL I will take some pics as I work on projects, will try to do some before and afters.

I did "paint" yesterday too, but it was just with a spray paint can! LOL I'm getting my metal cake plate and tops ready to paint up pretty. One will be with roses, but thinking maybe the other one should be Christmas or something.

Anj, since you "like" to paint walls, would you like to come paint mine????? I would love to paint and "refresh" them, but just dread taking everything off the walls and moving all the furniture. And I'm not very fast anymore, so would take me longer than it used to! LOL

Punk, you have been so busy lately. Just one thing after the other. So great that you are close by and able to help your kids get their painting done. Hope your DH feels better soon. Can't wait to see your new Santas and all. So nice that your DH will cut things out for you like that.

I keep looking at my books and finding patterns that I like, but can't decide what to paint them on. I still have one more wooden tray to do, and many metal trays. I also picked up a cute little wooden plate that holds a small glass dish. I know I have the perfect pattern to go on it--but am having to search through all my books and magazines to find it! I'm sure I'll run across it someday when I'm looking for something else!

So funny how I find "new" patterns while looking through books I've had for years! I developed a "thing" for acorns this Fall and was seeing them in dishes, tablecloths, centerpieces, and just as accents.Well,yesterday I ran across a couple of patterns that had acorns on them in my books and I hadn't even paid much attention to them before! I'm going to keep those books out so maybe I can paint them on something before Fall/Christmas rolls around again! ;o) Guess that's proof that it pays to save your old books and mags, isn't it? LOL

You know, I'll bet we are all going to get caught up with other stuff and end up painting and posting at the same time on here! LOL
Well, I'd better get to cleaning. I did the kitchen top to bottom yesterday, so will move on to the bedroom/bathroom today I guess. I have mirror closet doors on one whole wall, so those always take me awhile to clean, mainly because I'm short and have to keep getting up and down on the step stool!

I'm hoping everyone's weather will start to warm up a bit now. We took the dogs for a walk yesterday and I love seeing all the spring flowers starting to bloom. I love Spring, just that wonderful fresh smell in the air and all the pretty new leaves and flowers on everything.

Have a good day. ;o)


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Good Morn' Everyone!

The sun is shining and all is right with the world! It is soooooo cold but so pretty with all of the little birds out finding the seeds we put out for them. might also try having him eat more bananas. When my son took a growing spurt and started having leg cramps the Dr. said for him to eat at least one banana a day, two would be better and also to increase his "WATER" intake to 3 glasses a day. And if they don't go away soon, you might have his blood sugar checked. DH is diabetic and that is how we found out about his. Anyone with a glucose meter will check it for him. You wouldn't believe how many people ask DH to check theirs.

Anj....when you are done with Luvs painting you can come and help me figure out wall colors. I just have to get a handle on it and "get her done!" Guess I need to buy a few quarts of paint and some white poster board and try out some colors.

As to you question about DH heart surgery, the stints is a simple in one day out the next. If there is anything else then it will be longer. Been through this twice this last year but really hoped not to do it again. DH did so well after the first two but is tired all the time now. I want the old guy back!

So is basketball almost over, our's is here and our local team finished 7th in state and DG's finished 4th. Not bad for really small schools. Pe Ell school has about 20 kids graduate each year so you can see how "big" it isn't. Talk about knowing everybody's business!

Luvs....know just how you feel about how our tastes change! Looking back sometimes I just can't figure out why I liked something I have painted and find new things that 5 years ago I would look twice at. Guess that means we are not in a rut! After looking at your table setting, for the first time I missed my dining room. When we rebuilt the house we changed rooms and deleted a formal dining room....sigh! We hardly ever used it and with the changes it wasn't an option. Ah! Well! I will just have to decorate other areas and looks at yours!

And if your DH is like mine, the best way to hide a "stash" is in plain sight. And I hope so as my daughter is taking me out to lunch (belated BD lunch) and then we are going TS and Antique shopping...need to find an apothecary jar or dome. Wish me luck! Gave up on St. Patty's day decorations.

Ya' All Take Care!!!!


Ya' All Take Care!


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Morning ladies. Just stopped in here for a second. It's my day off so I'll painting here shortly. Got my pattern all ready to go, just trying to find something to paint it on. Going out to the garage in a sec to look thru my box o wood if I can find it. If not I may be painting it on cardstock and framing it. Either way, it's getting started and hopefully finished today.

Luvs~ let me know when you have your plates done and decorated up over on Holidays. You know I only take time to go over there if you are showing your pretties. I remember the days when I could leisurely browse. Wah. ha

Glad your weather is holding up and your flowers are blooming. None for us yet, but my doves did come back!! I've been hearing them outside my window for a few weeks now. I think I've told you about them before. They are a pretty peach mourning doves and they come back to build their nests every year in our Chinese cherry tree. We have 3 so far this year. We "coo" to them and they coo back. My g-pa could "talk" to birds. He could whistle up a slew of them into his yard. I've tried to teach my kids to do it with the doves. I think that's why they come back every year. ha I've read that they like to be around humans. Ok, yes it sounds crazy, but we have fun with it.

Ok, enough chit chat....I'm off to get started with my painting. Hope to have something to post this weekend. Hope you all have a chance to indulge in a little painting this weekend too. =) ~Anj

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Good morning Gals, My two dogs let me sleep in an extra hour this morning! I got up at 5:30 to potty, went back to bed thinking they would be barking for me in about an hour, but it was more like two hours before they woke me up. They stay in the house, but we only allow them in the family room because they shed so much hair--just no way I could stand it all over the house! They are golden retrievers and the sweetest dogs.

Yay! Anj gets to paint today! I'd better unload the dishwasher, run the dustmop in the family room, and get the bed made and then maybe I'll grab something to start painting on too. I've been wanting to all week, but other things just keep coming up.

Belle, my DH is also Diabetic and he has one stint. Getting the stint made a world of difference in how he felt too. Sorry your DH may have to have another one, but it is wonderful that they can do that and make him feel better.

I'm glad you liked my table. I don't have a "formal" dining room, just an area off the living room. We don't use it very often since I have a much bigger table in the kitchen area. We mostly eat "family style" when DS and family come over and often if friends come over too. Guess the dining area is more for "looks". LOL DH and I are bad--we often eat in front of the television when we are home alone. I love the look of a table with pretty dishes and a centerpiece, so I sometimes "play" with putting one together. Especially for the holidays, it just becomes part of the decorations. ;o) I don't have anywhere near the "inventory" or "creativeness" of many of the gals on the holiday forum, but it's fun to try.

Well, I'd better get going or I won't get to paint. I'll check back in later.


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Ok, I'm not liking what I've done. My painting project that is. Just have a little more to do to finish it, but for some reason I just wasn't into it and it didn't turn out like I wanted it to. I will still post a pic when I'm done. Don't you hate when you are off your painting game? ha
Well, just thought I'd come by and see what was happening here. ~Anj

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I totally understand Anj, I just can't even settle on a project to work on yet. I haven't been wanting to do much of anything for the last couple of weeks. Did do some yard work, a little housework, watched movies and went through lots of my crafts/painting books. Maybe that old creative urge will hit soon and I'll get a whole bunch of projects done! We can only hope! LOL I bet we will like your project, will look forward to your post. Hang in there, you'll get back in the groove soon too, I'm sure. Luvs

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