Anyway to paint glass

monarae_gwJanuary 31, 2011

My daughter has two stain glass windows, in her livingroom. They just purchased this home. The colors are a VERY RED and a gold. The gold, she can live with. The red...well.... Is there a paint for glass that we could put over the RED to change it to a burgandy color? I have not been able to find a burgandy color.

I appreciate any help!


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Oh my goodness - and I LOVE red stainless glass - it's the most expensive to buy cuz it has gold in it. Re paint, there are porcelain and glass paints at Hobby Lobby. If you can't find burgundy, you could mix your own by putting in a bit of blue in red - you could probably Google how to mix paints to make colors. I used to paint in oils, and mixed lots of colors.

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Thanks slowmedown. I know what you mean about the red, but this wont work in her living room. These are just octogon shaped windows. The kind of paint I found needs to be baked, I think. That won't work for these. Any other suggestions?



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Look at Alcohol inks. They come in a variety of colors and are designed to be used on smooth surfaces such as glass and metal where paint tends to slide off. "Ranger" is one brand. You might also look at "Gallery Glass" which is a faux stained glass paint its kind of rubbery and I believe designed to removable like a decal.

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If you put blue gallery glass paint on one side of the glass wouldn't the light shinging thru combine with the red and make purple/burgundy? I've never painted colored glass so I really don't know.

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