Last week of March!!

anjabeeMarch 30, 2009

Morning everyone!

Hope you all had a good weekend.

I am excited because my house is clean! What to do??? ha Nothing motivates like someone coming to visit. I just have a little spot cleaning to do and I'm finished. I have to run to the store to pick up a few items before the next snow storm hits. We expect snow all week. Bummer. But then I'm free to paint! I was too drugged all weekend to paint. Who knows what it would have come out looking like. ha I did take a bunch of naps that I probably needed though. The pain is out of my head, but now it's lodged in my shoulders. Can hardly turn my head without it pinching. I'm taking it as a good sign that it's getting better though. The dr said it would take a few weeks so I'm hoping he's right. I can't take this drowsiness much longer. I have a family to run. ha Been getting lots of help from my parents with the kids so that's been nice.

The baptism and dinner after went well Sat. Everyone said they enjoyed the meal. They ate and came back for seconds on everything so I guess it was good. ha

Well, I better hurry up with my breakfast and get out of here before the snow starts dumping again. Ya'll have a good one. I'll probably be back here for lunch. ~Anj

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Good morning. Didn't get on here earlier, Internet wasn't working--DH found a switch that had been turned off somehow, so all's well now.

Got the bills paid, and a load of sheets in the washer. Need to break out the vacuum next, and run the dishwasher. Always stuff needing to be done, huh?

Good for you Anj, now you have things all in order, your mind will be more at peace for some painting time. Might have been fun for us to see what you might have painted while on all the medication! Just teasing! LOL So glad things went well on Saturday, big milestone for your DS, and a time to celebrate for sure. Glad to hear the Grands are helping you out a bit too so you can let the medication do it's thing.

Little GD had been wanting to spend the night again, so we called and asked if she could come over Saturday afternoon. We had a good time, and she even got to go to two parks to play. Grandpa came along and was not only watching her but playing too--was cute to see. ;o)

We got rain early this morning Anj, so it's probably headed your way. The forecast had not predicted it, but I had told DH that it "felt" like rain and there was allot of cloud cover last night. He hates it when I predict better than the weather service--think it comes from growing up on a Midwest farm where we had to pay allot of attention to the sky because of possible tornadoes and for harvesting crops. LOL

Punk finished up two new projects this past week, isn't she just the fastest painter ever? Don't know how she does it, but I'm sure glad, so fun to come on here and see them.

I've got a couple things in mind to work on this week, will just have to see how soon I get to them.

Have a good one everyone.


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Hi! I'm in the process of downloading the pics of my project. I finally got it finished today and will try to get it posted here in the next few minutes. I've been working some on the repaint that I mentioned last week. It's coming along. ha I'm liking it better so far. The colors I'm using go better with my house colors. Still have a lot to do and ya'll know how slow I am with my painting. I'm looking up pictures online to make some of the changes to the houses. I can't wait to get finished with it to hang it up. It will probably go here in my office.

Luvs~ I have been so loopy on these meds. I had a whole conversation in my mind with DH that he swears he never participated in. ha He said I woke up one time and was talking crazy to him. I don't remember any of it. I'm glad to have my parents close to drive the kids. I don't dare drive after I take them.

Ok, my pics are downloaded. Off to post. ~Anj

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Hello all,

I still do not feel well. I have the worst stomach ache right now, and nose is running, bad cough. Anj, I hope your pain goes away soon. I always have a sore right shoulder when I go to bed at night and I'm thinking it may be from to much on the computer or just old age creeping up. haha

I need to get my nails done tonight cuz I have clients the next two nights and then have a meeting in Missoula the next night. Then plan to go down again Friday night and spend the night and shop on Sat. What a week to not be feeling well but we are having record sales at the business so that's a plus.

Luvs, I can relate to you enjoying GD and DH playing in the parks. DH and GD went to the bank and grocery store on Friday and had a blast. It's so good to see the love between them, just brings a smile to the face fast. Can I ask why you need the hormone shots? They don't sound like a fun thing to have to get.

I was looking at my yard this weekend and had to laugh thinking about your beautiful green lawn. Ours is still not changing but I did notice some of the trees are budding and that is scary. My tulips are up about 4" and seem to do ok with the snow.

I have a few candy corns to finish and then I'll try to get a picture posted for you to look at. I think they would be pretty blown up for Halloween and Luvs they have a rose on them. They are out of the same book Budding Blessings I've been painting over the weekend. Punk

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Morning All!

My how the time flies! Here it is almost April and I still have not painted in weeks. Missed out on Friday, had company arrive to check out the house, thank goodness I had caught up on all the cleaning-that is a never ending job! Saturday was helping out DH in the shop, it is still full of mud. And now we have our GS for several days, which we love. We played Wii for hours yesterday and I can tell it....everything is sore!

Punk...You have to understand my Grandma to get a kick out of her home remedies, she was a SDA and didn't ever drink, so you know that it had to be a good remedy for her to tell you to use it. But it really sounds like you need to get a check up!

Luvs...I don't know which I like best, being with my GS or watching him interact with his GD. We are both very close to him but in different ways and it is great! Only bad thing is he is almost grown and now we see him less and less as other things take his time. He has a part time job, school, sports, church and a we take what we can get and enjoy it! very glad the baptism went well as it sound dinner also did, what a time of joy!

Hey! Girl! you need to go back to your DR., if you are having that much trouble with your meds. There are other Rx's you can take that can help without the side effects but if your DR., doesn't know you are having problems...he can't fix the problems. And it is really great that the Grands are helping and I just bet they love it! I jump for joy whenever we could help our kids with their kids!

As my private time is just about up, I'd better get some bills paid...darn those bills anyway!

Ya' All take care and I sure enjoy reading your posts!


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Belle~ you are probably right, but I'm thankfully almost done with the meds. I slept until noon and could have kept going if I didn't just make myself get up. Thought a shower would help perk me up, but not. I'm pretty useless today. I'm not taking the other ones cause I have things to do this afternoon so I need to get this out of my system a little before then. Sitting here with a heated bag on my neck to try to loosen it up some more. Then I'll hit it with the electric massager. Sigh. It's been a big pain in more ways than one. I did tell the dr that I could lick a Lortab and I'd be out for 2 days, but apparently he didn't believe me. ha
I understand your frustration with not being able to paint. I'm slowly getting everyone trained that I'm not doing anything on Fridays but paint so don't even ask! ha And still sometimes other things get in the way.

Punk~ hope you get to feeling better so you can enjoy your shopping trip. No fun being sick. Some of those old home remedies really work better than the modern stuff. Maybe you should give em a try. ha Hope you feel better quickly.

Well, time to hit the massager. Later~Anj

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Hi Y'all, I didn't get by here earlier because I decided that I wanted to head out to a TS I saw the other day when DH and I were out on an errand. I didn't even know it was there until then.

I was so tickled to find two pedestal mugs that match the birdhouse plates I'd found at a different TS. They are the ones in my birdhouse tablescape post on discussions.

I had fun looking and bought a couple of Christmas items and some yellow mugs for little GD.

She told me Sunday that she would like to have my neighbor's niece over for a tea party but her little tea set is too small and I won't let her use my roses cups. She said I must think she is still a BABY because I don't trust her not to break them. Hello! Is this little gal only four going on five??? I told her that it's not that I think she is a baby, but it took me a long time to collect my roses cups and I'd be really sad if an accident happened to them. I told her I would find some big people cups for her to use. I wasn't finding any cups and saucers, then I spied the yellow pedestal cups and since yellow is her favorite color, I figured those would be perfect for now.

I am just so tickled that she actually likes the idea of using pretty cups--maybe she will be the one who will want some of Gma's "treasures" someday! LOL

I'm so sorry both of you are still not feeling too good. Punk I know how hard it is to deal with customers and keep up with all your work when you really don't feel good.

Anj, I think maybe your doctor knew you needed some rest and that's why he gave you that prescription! The only way he knew of to slow you down a bit! LOL

I've sure enjoyed the posts on here, so fun to see what everyone paints. I'm working on another tray using a fall leaf and acorn pattern from a book that a good friend sent to me. Don't need another tray, but it works well for this pattern--and I have a new "thing" for acorns. ;o) I should have it completed and ready to post in a day or two.

Hope you all enjoy the rest of your day. I'll be back later.


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Hey Luvs...glad you got to check in and sounds like you have a new favorite TS to visit. =) Watch out R. ha That is so cute that your DGD is into the tea parties and liking the fancy dishes. You may have a young protege on your hands. ha Fun that you found her some dishes of her own. My little one has a little tea set that she uses when her little friend comes to visit. She hasn't asked for anything bigger yet. ha
Looking forward to seeing your new tray!!

I am almost done with my repaint job. Just have a few things left to work on. Takes a few coats to go over what's already there. I'm liking the way it's turning out and I like the colors a lot better! I'm excited to show ya'll the end project. I'm gonna work on getting it finished up tomorrow.
For my next project I really need to do an Easter something, but I'm leaning toward finishing up some of my Americana things that I cut out last year and never got to paint. I'm gonna go thru some of my books tonight and see what hits me.

Well, time to get these kiddos off to bed. Ya'll have a good one.

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Good Evening All, I am feeling so much better. Belle you scared me thinking I might have to go see the doc. I do need to but don't seem to have time for that right now. haha I had a friend tell me I need goose greese and that would cure me. The old ways were all people had years ago and they made it so I'm sure we could all save alot of money by going back to their ways.

Luvs, I think it's great your GD wants to use your rose cups and I think she's 4 going on 14. I think it would be great to make sure she ends up with the rose cups. You made the right choice by not letting her use your rose cups and that's probably why the yellow ones showed up.LOL

Anj, hurry and post your project. I truly enjoyed reading that your happy with the results cuz it's not fun to try to finish a project that is not up to your expectations. I get so excited when I know there's going to be something to look at. Thanks again to all of my paintin' buddies here. I painted some on my bunny but it's not calling my name loud enough to keep my attention I guess. I will be able to paint some on Thursday evening so I'm looking forward to that.

How is your head doing today? It bothers me that your suppose to be taking your drugs and yet you can't take as prescribed with your schedule. Parents are wonderful and I sure miss mine.

Gotta get ready for my clients tomorrow so take care. Punk

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Morning All! Hope it is a good April Food Day for all!

Just have a few Luvs, how wonderful that your GD want to have a tea party. I still have my little china tea set. Grandma used to pull out some of her old hats and scarves and we would dress up and have chocolate or tea. What fond memories.

Anj and Punk, glad to hear that you are both doing better! We are on our way to DG checkup after his angioplasty. Then we are going to Puyallup to visit friends and pick up a very old singer sewing machine and cabinet. Went to help a friend with her DM estate sale and ended up with something I have wanted for a very long time and for only $15.00...couldn't believe she had priced it so low and someone didn't buy it on the first day!

Ya' All have a great day!


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I'm heading out too, time to do my little friend's statement and bills, but wanted to peek in here real quick first.

Hope you all have a good day and our two sickies are feeling lots better.

Belle, you made me laugh at the Happy FOOD day greeting! LOL You must have been hungry when you were typing. ;o)


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Belle, what a deal on your sewing machine. So happy for you. My sis bought me one for my birthday but paid more than that and I thought she got a good deal. I laughed at food day also. I didn't have time to even think about it being April Fools until a customer came in to add 4 lines of service and I told him he had a $500 deposit. His response was April Fools right? I had to say nope, how sad.

Luvs, it was great to see your tray. It turned out wonderful. Did you think this challenged you? LOL Your so funny. You need to just paint and know you do well at it.

After I posted the pictures of son's little yorkie I realized I should of waited until tomorrow night after her bath. Sorry about showing my dirty little dog. It has been hard trying to fit a bath in for her this week but hoping tomorrow night.

We have had her for a month and I'm getting so attached that it will be hard to give her back. We do get to babysit her quite abit but it's different when you have her week after week. Little GD just loves her and will get to spend tomorrow night with her so that's always fun.

Just noticed it's after midnight and so best get off here and put these buns to bed. Punk

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Hi everyone. Punk~ I adore you little yorkie baby. They are my favorite! Plan on getting one possibly this summer if I can talk DH into it. He wants a bigger dog. I think she looks super cute without the bath.

Luvs~ how did the day go with your friend?

Belle~ Good deal on your sewing machine. I am upset. My mom had her grandmothers out in our garage (no room yet inside for it), and the garage roof leaked on it and buckled the top! I am just sick over it. Hope the checkup went well.

Bebe~ stop by and let us know how things went with your visitor.

I am feeling much better today finally. Can actually move my head without much problem. Still one little spot that catches, but a few more days should do the trick just like the dr predicted. I think just relaxing more has helped. Trying to keep the stress down to a minimum. As you've noticed by my posts I've not been running 90 miles an hour when I can get out of it. Need to do that more often.

Well, ya'll have a good day. I'm just doing laundry since I didn't do any all week and playing with DD. I'll swing back by around lunch. ~Anj

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Hi everyone! Great deal on your sewing machine Belle. Isn't it amazing how so many of those machines have lasted so long? New ones don't last anywhere nearly as well. Nice that you have one too Punk, they are a "treasure" and make a good table even in a non sewing household. Gosh, Anj, that's a shame about your Mom's. Wonder if you might find an old one with a good top and just switch it out?

Anj, yesterday didn't go so well with my friend. She had me all upset and trying not to show it! She gets something in her head and just does it without thinking it though. She had called in her prescriptions and picked them up a week before her social security check would be coming in (and no, she was not out of them yet). She also cashed two checks at the grocery store after that--needless to say, they all hit the bank and cost her an nsf fee! She had $40 in her wallet that would have prevented the fee if only she had left it there a couple more days! Then she was complaining that the pharmacy didn't fill her prescriptions right and was showing me a bottle with only two pills in it. I told her it must be the wrong bottle because the receipt said they gave her a 60 day refill. After much reading and calling the pharmacy to verify what she had picked up. The pill bottle she had handed me had two white pills in it, but the label said they should be maroon. The pharmicist helped me identify what the white pills were, and they were not the same as the bottle she had put them in! I then had her show me where she kept her medicines. Scared me to death when she opened a drawer full of pill bottles! Luckily, those were all empty bottles! LOL Then I discovered that she had kept refilling her medications but had not emptied the prior bottles before starting on the new ones so she had multiple bottles of the same medications. I had to sit down, line them all up, look at exp. dates, milligrams, etc. then I combined the ones that were all the same into one bottle for her and told her to put all the empties in her recycling container. (Turns out she was saving the old pill bottles because she doesn't like to handle the big bottles of vitamins from Costco, so she puts her different vitamins into the empty pill bottles!) I really tried to explain to her how easy it would be to get her medications mixed up and be taking the wrong thing, but I don't know if I got through to her. She tends to be pretty set in her ways. I so wish her mobile would sell so she could go be where her daughter can look after her, I'm just so afraid of all the things that could happen to her.
Sorry to unload all of that, guess you can tell I'm still upset about it all but don't know what to do about it. Won't really help to call her daughter, will just get her upset too!

So glad your medications is working Anj, and that you are feeling better. I'm sure it is hard for you to slow down and try to not do so much--you are such a perfectionist! Just remember that the kids won't remember how clean the house is--they'll remember their time with you.

Punk, my dogs need to see the groomer, not only do they need baths, but some trimming as well. I've been holding off until our rains were over, think it's now time. My friends have a Yorkie named Dootsie and she is going on 11 years old. She's had two litters of puppies and she still plays like a puppy herself! I just love her eyes and how she makes little sounds when you cuddle her. (Big sigh!)

Gotta get going, grocery store time. I'll check back in later too.


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Good morning! Hope I didn't scare you all away with my "rant" from yesterday! I was just scared and upset thinking about all the "what ifs". LOL I'm feeling much better today and I'm off for a fun lunch with a friend today. Will try to get a new project started this afternoon. Hope you all have a good day. Luvs

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Hi...Hope you all had a good day. I goofed off a bunch, but did manage to get my little repaint done and posted. The colors aren't true on the pics, need better lighting in my house, but you get the idea.

Luvs~ hope you had a good outting today. Always nice to go out with friends. Man o man, that would worry me to death what your little friend is doing. We used to say that my G-ma carried the drug store around with her in a little luggage makeup case. She'd use old pill bottles for other things too. You never knew if she was giving you an asprin or a stool softener. ha My mom finally had to take that away from her when she lived with us and divvy out her meds to her. So did you get the point across to her how dangerous it is to do that? Can you call her pharmacist and enlist his help with that or not?? Scary. Sounds like she's at the point that she needs some daily assistance. I know you'll be glad when her house sells and she can be by her DD.

Hope the rest of you had a good day. DH is bringing home Chinese for us and Burger King for the kids. It's still snowing and raining on and off so we are gonna stay in tonight and catch up on our shows(Survivor, all the CSIs & NCIS). With him working later hours and Saturdays we have to watch them when we can. I love having On Demand. Hope you all have a great weekend planned. We are going to my brothers for supper tomorrow afternoon. Not much else happening. I'm glad things have slowed down a bit around here. It was crazy there for a while. ha I am liking my down time. The kids will be out for Easter break part of next week so that will be nice. We are gonna go out and do a few fun things for my DS's b-day which falls on Easter this year. We will celebrate on one of the other days they have off. Hope the weather clears up and we don't have snow for Easter. Yuck. Still have one bunny I want to get cut out and done before, but don't know if I'll get to it. I haven't even gotten out the Easter decorations yet. Better work on that tomorrow. ha I'll be checking back here thru the weekend I'm sure. ~Anj

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Hi everyone, I posted here last night but it flew away I guess. So happy we are getting more paintings to enjoy.

I got home tonight and GD had found her Easter candy this morning so I let her have it except she left it in the untility room and little pooch found it and had 1.5 choc bunnies today so when I let her out she got sick on my rug in the garage. I hope she doesn't have issues from this. Shows I'm in to big a rush to get off to the office and should of done one more round before leaving the house. Makes me feel bad for her.

Anj the Chinese sounds good. I fixed biscuits and gravy tonight so I can go do a little painting. We had planned to head out tonight but we are going to get GD soon so will go tomorrow. Let us know how you celebrate DS's birthday, it's always fun when you can have a fun day with them.

We always have fun for DS's birthday in Aug. at the lake but DD's is in Jan. and so we don't even see her if there's a blizzard.

I wish it could always be warm and sunny for Easter too. I have both small and large eggs for the yard I fill with water and put out in the gravel. Also hang the smaller eggs in one tree. With our rain and snow I haven't even considered it this year.

Luvs, you go above and beyond with your friend. You may have to call her daughter soon and if her home doesn't sell she may have to go live with her anyway. What would happen if she didn't have you? I know you care but there comes a time when it's not your job to take care of her. You best take your own health first and try not to stress. We need you too! haha

Hope you all have a good night and I'll be back this weekend. Punk

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Phonegirl, watch your puppy closely, I've heard that chocolate can be fatal for dogs! Hopefully he vomited most of it.

I had a really lovely lunch with my friend today and afraid I've been lazy all afternoon just playing with my two dogs and watching some television with DH. I don't have my Easter decorations out yet either--need to do that tomorrow so little GD can enjoy them when she comes this weekend. I bought some paper mache eggs at Michaels today for 29 cents each, thought I'd paint them pastel colors and let her use ribbons, lace, buttons, paint, etc. to help me decorate them. She will dye real eggs with her Daddy, so wanted to come up with something different to do with her.

Anj, DH and I are big CSI and NCIS fans too. We also watch allot of House--although I still can't say I like him! LOL I'm also a big fan of Grey's Anatomy and Desperate Housewives.

Just to make you two "snowladies feel better, I will tell you that we had a very cloudy cool day here in southern Calif. today. ;o) Still getting some little showers now and again. Need all we can get.

Anj, I just saw your project, it sure looks great.


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Good Afternoon,

Luvs, it's great that you and your friend had a nice lunch. It's important to get out and have fun. haha Your eggs sound like a fun thing for you and GD to do. I don't think I'll do any decorating at home. My sis decorated the office and it looks good. We've had alot a nice comments.

It's nice here today, it hit 50 and feels like spring. I didn't go shopping today but will head in tomorrow. DD said costco has some cute things I need to check out. Oh No
DH has the heating pad on his shoulder and may end up having to go see the doctor. It's really been giving him fits. We seem to have the gout more controlled so that's a plus. What is the Golden Years? LOL

I would like to go and paint a santa but can't decide what to paint it on. My large black tray has a design on the bottom but I think I might try that. I did find two of my mother's trays that I can paint on. OK I've convinced myself to go start another project. I'm still working on others so I should finish them. LOL

I'll check back later if nothing comes up and maybe have more to talk about.


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Morning! really silly of me-I caught the spelling once and must have just typed it again! How funny!

Sorry you are having problems with your friend. I cared for a couple and had the same problems. Tried putting AM and PM in black markers on the tops of the bottles, tried putting AM's in one area and PM's in another. Finally got two daily pill holders and that worked only after I told them I was so worried about them that I was loosing sleep. Some pharm's will bubble pack meds for people, but they usually cost more but it might be worth a try.

Anj...glad you are doing better! Been there-done that-and don't want to do it again!

Punk....I love Biscuits and Gravy - the only one in my family so you know how often I get them. I do order then when out to breakfast but I am so picky I have to sample the gravy

What a beautiful weekend we are having! It is supposed to hit 70 today. DH and I spent most of yesterday working in the yard and on the pond, still moving mud around. Hope I didn't suffocate my fish with the "brown" water. After the water clears more we will use the shop wet vac on it and get as much out as possible. Power washed the deck and back lattice work and will have to repaint the deck this spring. Some of my plants are showing their heads and had to put out slug bait, we have hundreds of them each year and we get the forest slugs which are big and yellow. Ah! Well! that the fun of living here in the PNW.

Gotta go get ready to go to town. DH is help out our friends for a week, trying to repay some of their kindness in helping us with our home. I would be going as well, but no one to care for the dogs and can't take them with I'm a stay at home dog sitter. Finally figured out why I have not been painting....the painting area is out of the family area and I feel isolated! Trying to remedy that issue.

Ya' All Take Care!


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Glad to hear some of you are getting some warmer weather now. Don't you just love it when the flowers start pushing up and bursting out with new life? We have been cool here in the mornings and evenings but really nice shirt sleeve weather in the middle of the day. Of course, we think the 60's are cold! LOL

Belle, that's okay about the typo, we all do it from time to time, and it gave us a smile! ;o)

Yes, it sounds like you might need a portable case for your paints or something so you can be with the rest of the family while you paint. I used to kind of feel that way at our last house where I had a wonderful big room upstairs all to myself. I loved the space but missed hearing all that was going on downstairs in the family room. Here, I just have a countertop in my laundry room and it is right off the family room. My dogs usually take turns coming to lay on the floor in there with me while DH is sitting on the couch watching his shows. I can hear the tv and talk back and forth with DH even--if I can get his attention away from the tv! LOL

I found some paper mache eggs for 29 cents at Michael's so I basecoated them yesterday. That's the only painting that I did. ;o( But I have to tell you that we drove down to the OC fairgrounds to the Sugar Plum Festival. It was so fun seeing all the pretty spring things. I mostly looked at the wooden items (and the flowers and plants) I really didn't buy anything, I see things I like, but figure I could make my own much cheaper. That would be a fine way to think IF I ever actually got busy and made them! LOL

Lots and lots of wood cutouts this time. Lots of bunnies and chicks and flowers. I think we spend way too much time on perfect coverage and neat precise details! One of the hottest items was just a running bunny shape on a stick with a sign underneath saying Easter or Spring. The sign was just rough wood with black letters brushed on and not even full coverage and the bunny was just a solid color like blue, pink, or white! Want to know the price??? It was $8.99. The eggs were about the same as were the chicks coming out of an egg.

Okay, gotta get moving here. I'll be back before bedtime. Have a good one.


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