Monday 3-22-10

luvstocraftMarch 22, 2010

It's a brand new week--full of possibilities--so what's everyone got planned for this week?

I'm trying to finish up a project that needs to go in the mail by the end of the week for a friends birthday. Need to shop a bit for something else to go in the box too.

I caught a sale at Big Lots and got another cartridge for my Cricut cutter, so want to play with that. Maybe do an Easter or Spring sign or more blocks.

Other than that, I need to pull out the clippers. I've got a bush that's trying to grow into a tree! Wouldn't care except that it will block the sprinkler so the plants in the corner won't get any water! And the vines on the wall are going to get ahead of me if I don't get after them. The weather is so nice now that I'm actually enjoying being outside.

What's going on with you this week?


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Hey all....having a little break so thought I'd stop by and list the books I got last week while I had a minute. Busy weekend with the kids going on campouts and scout outings and church basketball finals. DH and I took a ride yesterday after church to go downtown and look at some of the older houses that are so nice and visit with a friend. Then we had company last night til after 10pm. Trying to catch up on housework today so I can paint some this week. Got my desk cleaned off today so I can actually see the top again.
Ok, on to the books:
Friendship Creek - Katherine Smith
Endless Seasons - Tiffany Hastie
Friends Forevermore 3 - Karen Ortman
Friends Forevermore 2 - "
Olde Thyme Folk Art - Teresa Gregory
Country Classics - Karen Rideout
Country Classics 2 - "
A fruitful Christmas - Susie Saunders
Folk Art Parade - Heidi England
Pretty Primitives just for you - Karen Stone
Maple Sugar - Roberta Hall
Maple Sugar 2 - Roberta Hall
A Painters Garden 3 - Jane Dillon
Honeysuckle Lane Garden Pleasures - Carmen Rogers
Country Favorites 2 - Hanna Long
Storybook Lane - Sandy Starkel
Thyme For America - Monica Wilson
I Still Believe - Sonja Richarson
A Village of Greenwood American Folkart- Catherine Holman
Friends and Neighbors of Applewood Farm - Linda McFadden
Schoolhouse Treasures - Cathy Schmidt
No Time like the Presents - Laurie Oksness
Grans Magic - Ros Stallcup
A Loving Heart - Ronnie Bringle
Gift of Joy - Brenda Oveson
The Goose n the Gander - Milly Smith
Favorite Folks - Diane Capoccia
Tole Mill Favorites - Phyllis Tilford
Cookies Kids n Critters - Juliet Martin
Seasons Best vol 3 - Sandra Malone
Timeless Treasures - Linda Kiska
Moore Miniatures - Jo Avis Moore
Country Treasures Summer Pleasures - Bobbie Campbell
Berry HIll Farm - Asako Kan
Country Creek - Donna Scully
Scenes from Back Home vol 3 - Marsha Weiser
then the 2 Bearing All Seasons by Colleen Parry.

Whew! ha I'm sure you'll recognize at least some of these. I did! Anyway, I've enjoyed going thru them and marking the projects I want to paint. Well, time to get back to the grind. I'll check back in later. ~Anj

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That is a great stash, Anj. I recognized several of the authors. I always find it exciting to get a new book, sometimes I just like to pull out my old ones and look.

Will be babysitting tomorrow - the girls are sick with strep. So no purging my paint room until later.

Oh, I sold my tea box with roses painted on it. Yippee!!

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Oh wanted to show ya'll these things I bought at the TS when I got the books. I got a bag with 13 of these little signs in it for $1.50 which I will either paint for family for when we go home in June or will use for Christmas neighbor gifts. They are about 6 inches wide and about 5 inches tall.

They were originally $1 each so I got a pretty good deal on those.
Then I got 6 of these snowflakes for .50cents each which I thought was a pretty nice deal. I'll probably paint these for my tree for this Christmas. I'll try to find some snowmen for them since my tree is almost all snowmen.

Punk~ sorry you've got sickies to take care of. Hope everyone starts feeling better fast! ~Anj

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Here are some little Valentine things I painted. Forgot to take a pic before. The hearts were done with scrapbooking paper. No biggy, but thought I'd share. The scrapbooking paper is darker than it appears in the pic and matches the paint better on the bow and arrows.

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Oh, Punk...congrats on selling your box!

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Anj, I'm sure you've been thrilled looking at all your new books. Cute valentines projects--did you cut them out???? Love the floral paper on the hearts.

It's Painting Fool not Punk who has the sick little ones and who sold her painted box! You are just in too big a rush all the time gal! LOL


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Gosh! So much to catch up on!

Luvs....your cricut is sure getting a workout and such nice results. How has your weather been? It has been really nice here, sun and then a shower and then the sun come back out, this has been going on for days. My fish are busy spawning so spring must have sprung.

Bebe...hope the kids are better very soon, strep isn't fun and nothing to fool around with. When DH was working in the woods..he was a logger...he got it at least twice a year. He doctor gives he B12 and GG shots twice a year and no strep, but then he isn't logging either.

Congrads on your sale!

Anj...Nice stash and a great buy on those surfaces, isn't Maple Sugar great? I bet your Valentine things are by the gal who does the dowel trees. I have used her patterns for lots of decorating. They are fun.

I have almost finished my chick basket and have base coated some glasses for my bunnies. This past week has been so hectic for me. I was actually in town on 4 different days, including a day spent at our local home and garden show. Of course it has taken me two days to get my body moving and I didn't loose a pound....darn it!

We are getting ready to move a small Japanese maple and do some landscaping where we plant it, including doing some rockery. I see sore muscles and tired bodies in our future. My step GS will be helping during spring break - remember when they called it Easter Vacation? Same time just different name. Anyway, he will be a great help.

Well my bed is calling me, so night all!


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Yep, always in a rush. Sorry Bebe! No Luvs, didn't cut out the v-day stuff. Got them in a bag of cutouts for like 50 cents.
It's somewhere in the vicinity of 4am....gonna go try to lay back down and get a little more sleep before the alarm goes off at 6. Cya. ~A

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Hey guys....I'm spring cleaning like a crazy woman today. Trying to get done before the end of the week so I can get my Easter stuff out this weekend? and have time to paint Friday. Wiped down walls and everything. Dusty! Guess that's what I get for living in the desert. ha Well, just stopped to get a bite to eat and I'm off again. Still lots to do. Cya. ~Anj

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Well, there went my painting day. Unexpected company coming in this afternoon. Gotta get some things done. The forces are against me. ha Ya'll have a good weekend.

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Hi Everyone, sounds like alot going on in everyone's life. I had traings this week and late nights so the week flew by and I'm so Happy it's Friday night. We are going to end up with record sales this month, it's great except I feel exhausted by the end of the days. Is this an age thing or what???

Luvs, amazing how you need to get out in the yard and trim. I'm hoping the snow stays away so I can clean out the rest of my flower beds soon. I know I couldn't keep up with a longer growing season.

Anj, I have serveral of the books you mentioned. You really got a great deal with them. Will be looking forward to all your projects you come up with.

Your valentine projects are pretty cute. I think the hearts with the arrows are the cutest ones I've ever seen. It will be fun to see how you paint your reindeer and snowflakes. Love to hear of such good buys. Means one has money for more, right?haha

I'm jealous your getting your Spring cleaning done but know what you mean by dust. I don't live in the desert but still have lots of dust bunnies at our house. I'm going to try to get more things ready to donate next week.

Bebe, hows the sick kids with strep doing? So happy you sold your tea box. I don't remember seeing it. Did you post it on here?

Belle, I think you need to slow down and just paint!LOL Sounds like your feeling better but may overdue if your not careful. Not good, girlfriend. I want to see those chicks so hope you have time to finish them.

I'm going to go try to find something to paint, now that everyone else is inspiring me, with all the projects and talk.


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Why does it seem that every, b u t...everything gets in the way of painting? We have been having really beautiful weather, so it's been outsdoors working in the yard rather than painting. My chicks are almost done, only the handles to finish, and then the assembly. At the rate I have been going I won't finish before the 4th of July.

We spent one day shopping for the yard, new lights for around the pond and walkway, edging bricks for the area where we are transplanting our Japanese from our DD, who helped her DD plant it tooooo close to the steam.

Our new "outdoor kitty" finally concoured his fear of the outdoors and now is a "I don't want to go in" kitty. Now I need to concour my fear of letting him out all night.

Nice to see everyone is fairing well, BeBe, hope the GK's are well! No fun feeling so helpless.

Better run before this gets to be another big chaper!


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Glad you were able to stop by here Punk, know you have been super busy. Is your training all completed now? A couple of late nights are not too bad, but when the whole week goes that way, it gets pretty tiring. Are you not open on the weekends? Glad your sales are so good--will give you more money to buy painting books and supplies! LOL


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Anj, out of all those books you listed, I only had a couple of them! A few others, I either knew the titles or the designers though. So are you just "chomping at the bit" wanting to be able to get started on painting some of the projects you found in them? I know I would be. I'm working on some patriotic kids plaques for a friend now, then I may still do the bunnies I had earmarked and maybe some birds. I always think I know what I want to paint next--then get sidetracked when I see another project I like too! Anybody else have that same problem?


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Good Morning,

Luvs, We are not open on weekends and it seems to work out fine. As far as the money to buy more books, etc. the answer is YES!!! I wish my training was done but I still have alot more this week. It's always good but puts a little more pressure just knowing.

Belle, hope those chicks hop on here for us to see soon! Sounds like your pond will be beautiful with the lights and bricks. I've tried the Japanese Maple trees here and they don't make it. Just to cold.

How's you and the kitty doing now that it loves the Great Outdoors? We do like to Worry, don't we? It's the Mother in us.LOL

Anj, hope your finding some painting time. I bet it's so hard to not be able to paint with all your new books. I'm sure you'll paint something soon.

Our weather was so nice yesterday and I worked out in the yard alot. Looks like it's going to be a beautiful day again today whick always makes me want to accomplih more. I'm hoping to paint another project today so better get off here and figure out what I want to paint.


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