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luvstocraftMarch 10, 2007

Hi Anj, I wondered if you have seen the little quick video D.Dewberry does on Plaid online. Talk about fast--that lady is fast! Here's the link if you want to take a look.

Also, I was looking around on there and found out that Mod Podge has an outdoor one now. That means we could decoupage on slates, rocks, wood, metal--you name it. I used to like to put designs from napkins on things but haven't done that in years. Might be something your kids would like to do. My jars of Mod Podge are really old--but I used some thinned down on my eggs and it is still just fine. Not many things last that long.

Sorry, this sounds like a commercial--I was just excited to see there was one that would work outside now.

I'll chat with you later.


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I'll go check that out for sure.
I don't think I mentioned to you, but last weekend D.D. had an informercial on the Home Shopping Network and then saw another one that she was doing on a different channel. Sat and watched her for probably 2 hours. It's mesmerizing. I'm still practicing, but it's coming along slowly. Did a pretty nice bouquet with a ribbon on it the other day, but it had mostly spriggy things and daisy's. Still haven't made it over to Michaels for the folkart paint.

I think the only Modge Podge I have is some with sparkles in it that my cousin talked me into buying. Wish I'd have just bought the regular. I'll have to look for the outdoor kind at Michaels when I go hopefully this week.

Are we the only 2 who use this side of the forum?? ha

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Mind if I butt in? I have aquestion for you two since you guys were talking about Modge Podge.

I was at our little craft mall here in town and I don't know if you guys sell any of your painted pieces but something I saw there bothered me a little. A few people had taken napkin designs and Modge Podged them to a clay pot or jar or something and was selling them. I can't remember how much they wanted for them exactly, I'm thinking they wanted around $10 or $15 for the clay pot. It bothered me because I work my butt off painting things that they are just slapping some Modge Podge on and selling. Am I being ridiculous? As I type this I feel like I am but it still bugs


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Hi Nightlilly, I can see where it would bug you a bit, but I think crafter's make things with any medium they can. Perhaps those ladies don't have any painting ability, yet they want to make things because crafting is fun, and if they can sell a few that will allow them to buy more supplies.

I don't usually sell my crafts, painted or otherwise. I did do one show with my neighbor once, and I have had friends who wanted to buy one of my items as a gift for one of their friends. Mostly mine are for my own use and for gifts.

Many of the painters I've talked to say it is really hard to make money selling their painted items because people are just not willing to pay what it is really worth in time and talent.

Have you tried selling any of your painted items yet? I always felt it was hard to know how to price things. You don't want to ask too little, yet if you ask too much it might not sell.

I like to dabble with all types of crafting. Used to love all those things we were making with the glue gun and lace. I've made chenille flowers, fur flowers, painted ceramic pieces, flower arrangements, and always loved painting things. I think the Mod Podge is great if you want to just do a quick project. And it's especially nice if you want an easy project to do with kids.

You might want to get some of your items priced and go give those ladies a little competition! ;o)


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Thanks for giving me some perspective Luvs. I've been wanting to rent some booth space at the craft mall for a while, I just need to finish enough pieces to actually have something to sell. I sell a mostly painted pots, the ladies at our local hospital seem to like them. I tend to sell more around Halloween and Christmas when people are decorating their yards more. I sold a lot of painted light bulbs at Christmas time also. I can't remember if I posted any pics of them. I sold the lightbulbs for $5 each and the pots usually go for $15 - $20 for an 8 1/2" standard size pot depending on how much time went into it. It's hard to build up a stock of stuff to sell because my family keeps trying to take


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NightLilly~ We certainly don't ever mind you chatting with us! I was beginning to wonder if Luvs and I were the only ones who utilize this part of the forum. :)
I don't sell my stuff, but I certainly wouldn't pay that much for a decoupaged pot. Probably true what Luvs says, they don't have any talent for painting so are using what they have. Doing anything crafty is fun and hey if they can sell them for that much then you should be able to bring in much more than that for your pieces.
Your prices sound reasonable to me. Good luck with your sells. ~Anj

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