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dreamojeanMay 11, 2013

Ok all I'm down to three possible layouts for our kitchen and I've included a panoramic photo for context: 1. Single deep sink in front of kitchen window with dishwasher to left of it, with stove in middle of main kitchen wall and fridge to the right of it, in L shape, and 4' island, 2. Double or 1.5 sink and dishwasher in 5.5' island, with stove/fridge same as above, or 3. All appliances along main kitchen wall, with 5.5' island. The main kitchen wall is 12', kitchen is 8' deep, dining room is 9'x15', and there will be a 3' built-out wall eclipsing the bathroom/hallway from the dining room. Thoughts?

As I see it, the most expensive option is sink in island (plumbing/flooring) then sink in front of window. The more comfortable options are sink in island or in front of window, in terms of countertop prep space and ability to put small appliances on countertops other than the island. Sink in front of window is awkward because it will be hard to open the extra long window unless we raise the window by partial bricking up and a different pane size, but would allow for a corner cabinet with lazy susan. All things equal I'd prefer an open island without sink so it is all serving and landing and social space, but I'm not sure all things are equal given our constraints.

I can post a drawing if it helps. Our architect's initial drawing was a peninsula type island (one exit from kitchen) but with door to the deck off the dining room, it closes off traffic flow in a way that I think would be claustrophic hence the island.

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Can't tell what you mean from the picture. Can you post the drawing?

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Here is a drawing which reflects a different layout than the three currently on the table but which might help

For some reason the photo is upside down but I still think it is helpful

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