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luvstocraftMarch 29, 2007

Hi Anj, Just wondering how your Mom is doing after her surgery? Is she getting along okay?

Imagine you have had a busy week, haven't you? Hopefully, your weather has been nicer too. To me, things just don't seem as bad if the sun is shining! ;o)

Wondered what you decided for your eggs. Speckled or Easter?

I need to finish up some decorations today. Need to get the one bunny on a stake and get the other one hung up. Want to make a couple more arrangements too. I found a "chocolate" looking bunny at Big Lots, then two little ones at Dollar Tree. I've been trying to think of how to use them. Think I will try putting them on some easter grass on my cake pedestal and see how that will look.

I don't think I am going to do the stacked plates this time--don't think I have enough stuff on hand. I thought about the easter grass, eggs, and some little white bunnies, and maybe fill in with some green hydrangas--but that is just not appealing to me that much.

I have a big ceramic eggshell that my DS had given me last year, so I want to fill it with something and use it on the kitchen table. Might try the hydrangas in it and see how they look.

I need to just experiment a bit to see what I can come up with--not feeling very creative--know it is better when I just "do it". Ha ha

Got a friend coming for me to balance her statement and write out her checks for bills today. Need to stay close to home waiting for Fedex man, so think I will just make us some beef soup for lunch. We usually go grab a sandwich somewhere when she comes.

Let me hear how you are doing, okay?


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Hey Luvs~ thanks for checking on me. My mom is doing ok. The dr said that while she was under sedation they manipulated her arm to break apart all the scar tissue and stiffness so that she could have more mobility. She is black from her stomach to her kneck! They are doing aggressive therapy so that she doesn't stiffen back up so she's hurting pretty bad. We get the day off today (she has exercises to do at home) and she goes back to therapy tomorrow.

That's nice of you to help your friend with her bills. Reminds me that I've got to do my DB's and parents taxes soon.

I'm sure that whatever you do for decorations will be nice. And you'll have more than I do. I have a ton for Christmas, but hardly any for the other holidays. I found a little bunny pattern I think I'll paint on something while I don't have anywhere to run. I think I'll just speckle the eggs. I'm still not sure. I'll do one and see how it looks. If I don't like it I'll go for the Easter look. I need to be catching up on my housework and laundry, but I really want to paint today. You know I've heard that a clean house is a sign of a broken computer! ha I spend way too much time on mine.

I have got to do some maintenance on my computer. It's going too slow so need to figure out what's up with it cause I have DSL and it should be going pretty quickly. I spent part of yesterday scanning in old family pictures to repair and print out to send to a cousin. She asked me for them about 3-4 weeks ago and I just never got around to doing it so thought I'd better get that together to send to her. It took way longer than it should have. I have 2 boxes of pics that I need to scan in for my mom to put on disks for her and my DB just gave me 5 pks of their wedding pics to do. I have too many areas of interest. ha No time to do any of it. I am usually really organized, but haven't had much time to sit down and work out my weekly plans so it's all piling up and I feel scrambled. Keep forgetting things like show & tells, fundraisers that need to be turned in, birthdays and other appts. I just keep telling people they better remind me more than once cause I'm forgetting things left and right. ha

We have had snow and rain for the past 2 days and 38 degrees today. It should clear up again by tomorrow and we are supposed to have 60's by Saturday. Hurray! It seems like a good day for soup here today too! You have a good one. ~A

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A clean house is sign of a broken computer! That is too funny--and probably true. However, even without the computer I can find plenty of diversions--crafts, shopping, reading, tv. etc. I'm afraid I do housework because I have to, not because I want to. ;o( And it never stays done! I think I do my best housecleaning when I am in the mood to move things and rearrange things--then I really can see a difference and feel like I have done something. LOL

So sorry your Mom is having to go through all this--but how great it will be if she will have better movement of her arm when it is all over.

Wow, I thought your weather would be warmer by now. So you probably don't feel like Spring has arrived yet, do you? We still get pretty chilly in the evenings and mornings, but it is nice during the day. We're in the 70's this week. I need to go buy a few plants and get them in the ground--but my new puppy is a digger so I have hesitated to plant anything until we get her over this stage.

Sounds like you have a long to do list. Lots of it sounds sort of fun though. Will be nice having all your pics on disks, and isn't it fun looking through all of them and "strolling" down memory lane? ;o)

TTYL, Luvs

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Luvs~ you sound like me. I don't feel like it's really clean unless I can move all the furniture around or rearrange cabinets or drawers. ha My DH says he always has to turn on the light before he goes to bed just to make sure the bed is still in the same place. ha At least one room in my house gets moved around once a month. It amazes me when people say their furniture is in the same place for 10 years. I couldn't stand it. Is there anybody who actually enjoys cleaning??? I do it out of self preservation. :) These kids leave such a mess I'm afraid I'll get up in the night and trip and kill myself or contract some kind of disease from all the stuff they drag in. I'm scared to clean out my one sons pockets. One never knows what he's picked up along his day. Such a collection of rocks, pieces of glass, bottle caps, and computer parts, twigs, nails and wire. Sigh. That's boys for you, I guess.

We had such lovely spring weather last week and I was LOVING it! Can't wait til there is no more snow. Of course, the skiiers are excited for the snow. I jumped the gun and got out all the summer clothes, then had to unpack sweatshirts for this week.

It is fun going thru the old pictures. I've got some good ones of my g-gparents when they were young that I have framed. Fun to see all the things I remember from when I was so small too.

I only got a small frog stake painted for my SIL today. DH went pheasant hunting and was up before the chickens this morning (4am) which meant I was too so I was kind of dragging.

How did you lunch with your friend go?

DS just brought me some homework I need to help him with. TTFN ~Anj

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