Anj, are you able to be outside more?

luvstocraftMarch 15, 2007

Good morning, Anj. Has your weather warmed up a bit? Hopefully, you are able to be outside more now without freezing. I love the nice warm sunny days--but not the super hot ones either!

My roses and most of the plants I cut back after the freeze are starting to really leaf out and grow back now. Still waiting to see if a couple are going to come back. We have had weather in the 80's, but they are saying it will cool back down next week. I am concerned because we SHOULD be getting rain now--and we're not! That could mean a hot, dry summer and extra conservation. Always hate it when they say we can't water our yards!

I sorted through my painting books. Trying to thin them out a bit. Have about 30 that I don't think I need anymore. Either I've already made the projects I liked that were in them, or nothing in them really appeals to me anymore. Many of them were either given to me or I picked them up at YS or TS. As I went through my books, I was amazed at how many had items I had made but no longer have. Either have given them away as gifts or just got tired of them and passed them on.

I met a couple of friends for lunch yesterday, and one of them brought me the most wonderful wooden paint rack. Says she knows she won't be painting as much as she used to, so doesn't need it. Not sure yet where I'll put it as it won't fit on my countertop and I'm afraid to sit it on the floor because the new puppy could have lots of fun chewing up paint bottles! What an image that would be! LOL I have a little table I might just sit in there and put the paint rack on that. It is like a carosel with all these holes to slide the bottles in. Don't know if I even have that many paints, but I couldn't turn it down! Ha ha Wish I'd gotten it before I bought the canvas wall hung one that is such a hassle! Isn't that the way things go? LOL

Well, my coffee is ready, so I'd better go get a cup. Hope your back is feeling lots better and that you have had some painting time.

I want to cut a few pieces today. I found three or four Easter patterns I want to paint while I was going through the books. Better get busy, little GD is coming for the afternoon. ;o)


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I did get out the last 2 days while it was close to 70, but it's back down a little today and doubt I'll go out. I've been kinda puttering with the paint (if that's a thing). ha I just can't get into it for some reason. I want to, but I've got other things going on and can't get my mind on it. The spring cleaning bug hit me. Had all my windows open airing out my house with those nice warm breezes coming in and just starting in one corner and scrubbing my way around the house. Gotta get my attic cleaned out so we can get the spray insulation in so been doing a little bit of that each day. Changing out winter/spring clothes for 4 kids and you know it's just the same crazy thing my life is. The kids are having a lot of activities lately so been running them around. The time change has really got me screwed up too. Still going to bed too late and having to get up earlier and it's just not working for me. I've got to get on a new schedule.

I know you've been out there with your plants with the 80's weather!! Gosh I can't wait for that day! I need the sun! ha Bet those dog babies are having a fun time romping. Cool gift of the paint organizer. Sounds nice. Hope you can find the right place for it.
Can't wait to see your Easter things when you are done. I've got to get a few things totally taken care of and then I'll be able to get to paint without the guilt and that hurried feeling.
Have fun with GD today. Mine is just at the best stage right now. She is always coming out with something hilarious. Got her some sidewalk chalk at the $1 store and she has been having a blast with that. That and bubbles keep her occupied for hours. Wish they could all be so easily entertained. ha What does your GD like to do? ~Anj

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My GD loves her chalk too--I only buy the big ones because she breaks the small ones too quickly. She loves the bubbles and so do both of the dogs. Turns into a real noisy group with her jumping up and down, the big dog running through them and barking and the little one on the perimeter jumping to catch them! LOL

She is really into doing puzzles, and loves to put her ABC letters in order with my help--she knows most all the letters, just mixes up a few of them. We repeat the alphabet over and over to get them right--and she always has to sing "now I know my ABC's, next time won't you sing with me?" everytime! Ha ha

She is also really into singing little songs (sometimes at the top of her lungs) but she watched some Dora show where the gate mixed up the songs so now she wants to mix them all up like that too! What's a grandmother to do? Ha ha

Her other big favorite is damp sand that she can spoon into her little cups and pack it down then dump it out to make "muffins". She will play with that for the longest time. I need to go buy some more sand--needless to say, the container is getting pretty low.

She just got potty trained--and really gets tired of being asked if she needs to go potty. Almost gets mad at us if she feels we are bugging her too much.

The other day she was riding in the car with her Mom and her mom thought she was chewing something. She asked her what was in her mouth, and GD replied "Nothing, Mommy, just my tiny teeth.". Too funny. ;o)

Does your little one love to go to the park? GD even begs to go when she comes over here. She and her Mom go several times a week to meet the other mommies and their kids.

Oh, and I almost forgot about the playdough--we roll it out and cut it with cookie cutters--she loves doing that too.

I keep trying to come up with new things to entertain her with--she doesn't really care much for most of her toys--or at least not for very long. Got her a cute little bicycle from TS but she won't try to peddle it--just sits on it and rings the bell.

Does your DD love to play games on the computer? GD really does. I am just amazed at how good she is with the mouse. We usually go to and click on the games. Her favorite right now is Snuffy. And Nickjr has allot of games like Dora, Angelina ballerina, the Backyardigans, Bob the Builder, and Piper. She likes the ones where she can click on a paint color and then color the picture best--but will play some of the other ones too. I used to sit her on my lap and play them with her, now she can do it all by herself--just calls me if she wants a different one. These kids just have no fear of computers!

I've discovered that I am a real procrastinator about house cleaning. I do the main things, but put off things like cleaning my carpet or taking the fake plants outside to hose them off. Just so many more interesting things to do like read a book, watch tv, or "play" on here! LOL

Better go before I write a book here. TTYL

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I'm going to try to go get Neleh's new sand box this weekend. Maybe my brother will go with me and take his truck. She has an old leggo table that she uses for a sand table. It's just the right height and has 2 little side pockets for water.
We have gone to the Nick jr site, but not for a while. She used to like the jukebox, but they don't have it anymore.
She likes a little $10 Walmart play shopping cart we got her for Christmas. That has been her most favorite toy. She likes puzzles too.
I'm not a play-dough fan. After my 1st child smashed it into my carpet I banned it from my house. :)
We don't go to the park much. Our back yard is pretty big and we have some play equipment back there. The times we've gone to the park she just slides and we have 2 of those at home. Plus my nice comfy lounge chair is at home. haha
Neleh likes any kind of little action figures and will set them up and play with them. Today she has a my little pony riding on the back of a dragon and talking to the other ponies. ha It's funny to listen to the dialog.
I imagine it's a little different going to g-mas house because you probably have a lot of stuff there for her. My parents only have a few kid movies so my kids end up taking a bunch of stuff of their own to play with. My MIL has baskets of toys at her house and it's fun for the g-kids cause it's stuff they don't get to play with at home. My g-parents didn't keep any toys at their houses either. One set kept a few coloring books and colors and that was it. We had to entertain ourselves or sit around and watch The Waltons or Wild Kingdom. ha
We are starting the potty training. She hates stopping what she's doing to go.
Well, I gotta start an early supper tonight. DD has an early b-ball game. ~Anj

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