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anjabeeMarch 23, 2009

Morning all. Hope you all had a nice weekend. Luvs, your rain is here in the form of hail, sleet and snow. Couldn't see two feet in front of my car taking DD to school. Feels like 20's with the wind chill.

Went to bed at 11 and I've been up since 3am. Little 4yr old started with the fever yesterday afternoon and I couldn't get it down. Was at 102 even after the motrin so all I had was some out of date Tylenol that I gave her in between. Laid down in her bed with her at 4am, but she kept talking out loud in her delirium all night, then oldest DD's alarm went off at 6 so I'm a zombie today. Hoping little one will want a nap later after I get everyone off to work and school.

Well, thought I'd check in while I had a sec. Now it's time to wake the second shift. Have a good one. I may get back here later. ~Anj

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So much for Spring fever last week with your weather now huh? Sounds like your weather is horrible and sorry you had to go out and drive in that. The wind makes it almost unbearable when it's so cold. Hopefully it won't last long. If your like me you just go and don't think twice cuz there's not a choice when the bad weather hits.

Oh poor little punkin must be having a rough time and you being the mom is hard when you have to tend to the sick and try to keep the others well. Did the fever go down and stay that way or are you still dealing with it? I'm getting a very sore throat tonight and will have GD tomorrow night for the rest of the week so hope I can Vick's up, take an Aleve and feel better tomorrow.

I had a client here tonight and she has been trying to avoid all the bugs so I felt bad when I had to tell her at the end I was starting to get a sore throat. I had no indication before she came or I would of rescheduled. She is in her 70's so she doesn't need this exposure. Darn bugs out there!

I posted a picture of a fish under my record post if you want to take a peek. It's nothing great but we like to look so thought I'd give you a heads up. Take Care and take a nap whenever possible so you can take care of yourself and family.


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Well, I don't know how I escaped it yesterday, but I woke up this morning with the inevitable headache from not getting enough sleep. Thanks for asking about DD. She had fever all day yesterday and started getting the accompanying cough last night. She hasn't gotten up yet this morning, but I checked her and she's just a tad warm so I'm hoping she's almost over it. I've got a full day today and she will have to come with me so I'm really hoping she's not contagious to anyone.
Hope your sore throat was just a passing thing. My DM is like your client, little to no immunity and she cannot take any antibiotics and very few meds so it's bad when she gets sick. I try to keep the kids away from her when they are sick. Hope you feel better this morning.

Well, living in a snowy climate you have to work around it or thru it. ha I try to watch the weather and plan my outtings for the non-snow days when possible. But I always have to get out in it anyway to take the kids to and from school. It's a pain, but the plows work pretty quickly to clear the roads so that's nice.

I have to go grocery shopping today and also shopping for shirts for the kids for their picture day Thursday. I need to make an early supper tonight. At 3pm I have to run a birthday card around to have it signed by all the girls in our group (because I forgot to do it last Wed) then go deliver it to the recipient. DS#1 has scouts at 6pm, DS#2 has scouts at 7pm. We stayed up til after 1am working on his spaceship for tonight. You may have heard of pinewood derby's with the cars, well, they had to build spaceships from a kit. As DH says we needed a degree to figure out the instructions. For some reason I was thinking the race was next month. Then DS#2 has to meet with our bishop at 8pm(He's getting baptized Sat). So a full day. Thankfully this is the only day this week that it won't be snowing.

Ok, time to run the kids to school. Ya'll have a good one. ~Anj

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Morning All!

Well.....I must have done something wrong yesterday cause my last post isn't anywhere to be found...

Anj, hope your little one is well and that your headache has subsided, DH had very frequent migraine's and I wouldn't want them for anything!

Punk....really hope your sore throat was just passing through and has moved on. I am so very luck as I very rarely get anything. Can't remember my last cold. In all the years I worked in the Dr's office I never got sick.

They are calling for record snow fall in mountains near us, and saying we could get some of the fall out, why not! We are at the record of 6th highest snow fall in our history.

Well, I got everything back into place yesterday and was so tired I just sat in my recliner and worked on my afghan. Actually putting the blocks together so there is light at the end of the tunnel.

We are heading up to Olympia for a b'day dinner of a very good friend so it will be a late night! Am getting so I like late night less and less. Somewhere along my "path of life" I lost the ability to "sleep in" No matter what time I go to bed, it's up at 6, and I still haven't allowed myself to do naps, figure that is just less sleep I will get that night. DH can sleep whenever and wherever and still sleep all such luck here!

Need to tackle the I hate my hardwood floors...well maybe just when I have to clean them.

Ya' All Take Care!


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Hi Gals, Just wanted to tell you that I tried to post here yesterday. Typed my message twice and had it disappear both times! Don't know what I did, but sure made me frustrated so I gave up!

Sorry about little DD, just hate to have the little ones be sick. And it's extra hard on you too. Let's keep our fingers crossed that the rest of the family doesn't catch that bug too.

I really admire you gals who head out onto those snowy roads! I don't think I would be brave enough anymore. Even back when we lived in the Midwest, I used to be scared every time I had to drive the snowy, icy roads. But like you say, if you have to be somewhere, or get kids to school, or head off to work, you don't have a choice

Anj, you sure have a plate full today, and clear into the evening! Great that your son is getting baptised, know you are pleased. So do you stick around while the two boys have their scouts meetings? Or do you go home and come back for them?

Punk, I hope the Vicks scared your sore throat away! Sometimes if you start using it at the first sign, it will do that. It's my treatment of choice too! LOL

Need to get off here and do a little housework. And I'm trying to figure out my next painting project, so I can get started on it. Trying to keep myself moving along with the next one right after I get one done! LOL

Anj, I picked up a book at the TS at their 10 cent sale. It's called "Children of the Night", and it's a vampire tale about a doctor who adopts a Romanian baby who has a blood disorder (her field of medicine) and then has "someone" trying to steal the baby from her Colo. home. So far it's been pretty interesting--but thought it funny that I found this right after I'd emailed you to go look at Dreamgoddess' "Twilight" inspired table on Holidays! LOL


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Hi everyone,

Anj, don't know how you keep up with all your kids. It's great that you can stay so involved with all their activities.

I remember the Pinewood Derby's with DS when he was in scouts. His dad and him built cars every year and he always done well at competition. Those were the days. DD was a girl scout when she was in school also.

I did take Aleve and use Vick's last night and another Aleve this morning and I feel fine this evening. DD and GD will be coming soon to spend the night. GD has the fever and is still not feeling great so I'll use Vick's and Motrin for her tonight and see if it'll pass for her.

Belle, I use to never take a nap but I take more on the weekends when I stay up and paint till the wee hours any more. If I stay up late I usually still get 7 hours a night. I've always been able to sleep when I'm tired. I think my body just shuts down for 7 hours to let me know I need it.

Hope you have a great birthday dinner with your friend. I don't have any hardwood floors but I grew up with them so know how much work they can be. I need to refloor the whole house and can't make a decision on what to put down. DS is great at laying tile but he doesn't stay in one home long enough for me to know how long the heating units last so he hasn't convinced me that's what I want. LOL

Luvs, I posted a couple of times last week and the post didn't stay so I know what your saying. I'm so glad that your ready to start your next project. U know I love to come here and see all the new posts. CC gave you credit on my record post for the roses I painted and I laughed when I read it. You are known for your roses! I told her thanks along with you and Anj anyway. LOL

I don't dare start reading or you won't see any painted projects from me. It's hard to decide how to spend any extra time I have lately.

Best go and cook dinner before the girls get here. Punk

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Morning everyone. WEll, I may try to get into the dr today if they can fit me in. You know I've been having all those headaches, well last night I noticed I have 3 knots behind my left ear and woke up this morning to my neck stiff and hurting on that side. Looked online and it may be cysts, swollen lymph nodes(trying to fight an infection) or possibly mono? Don't really think it's mono, but need to get to the dr to find out what is going on with me. Little one is still not 100%, but no more fever.

Belle~ hope you had fun at your dinner. Nothing wrong with naps if you can work them into your day. Studies show they help you renew and heal so no guilt in taking care of yourself, right? ha

Luvs~ It depends on what's going on with scouts. If it's their regular weekly meeting with their den then I don't stay, but for their monthly pack meetings I do because it's for the whole family to come and that's when they get their awards and badges. DS did not win the space race last night. We didn't know that you had to lube the rubber bands so his melted together after his 3rd race. One of the leaders gave us lubed rubber bands and after it was over DH challenged the the winner and 2nd place to race and beat both of them. DH is so competitive he just had to prove a point to himself. ha DS didn't care, he was just having fun which is the whole point of it.
Got all the paperwork in line to get DS baptized on Sat. Need to get the house in order for company and I guess I'll make a big pot of jambalaya to feed people.
I made it over to post on DG's Twilight table. I bought the movie yesterday. Are you enjoying the book you bought? Don't think I've ever read that one.

Punk~ I'm having a dilemma trying to pick out kitchen flooring too. Really want to tile it, but DH thinks tile is too cold.
I love to read and usually have a few books laying around that I'm reading. I just pick them up here and there when I have a spare minute. Usually keep one in the car that I read while waiting to pick up kids or if I'm not driving. I even read while watching tv which DH just doesn't get. ha I have to multi-task. ha

Well ladies, I have to get going. Hope you all have a good day. I'll probably drop by again later. ~Anj

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Hi again. Hope everyone is doing good. I ended up getting a dr's appt for today. The knots behind my ear, as weird as they are, are just cysts that are caused from a blocked pore. No biggy and will go away on their own. The headaches are another story. He said he's never felt anyones muscles so tight in their neck and shoulders. Said it was like pushing on a rock. Said I'm having tension headaches. He put me on pain meds for the next few weeks and also prescribed some muscle relaxers that will help me sleep at night and hopefully loosen up my neck and shoulders. Had to take a pain med when I got home and whoo, they make my head feel fuuuuuuny. Don't know how I'm supposed to function with these things in me. I don't like this drugged feeling. As soon as DD came home from school to watch the little one, I laid down and slept for 2 hours straight. I never do that during the day. Still feel woozy and I'm supposed to take them 4 times a day! I certainly won't be able to drive with this in my system. Feels like I'm gonna fall over at any time. So don't know what I'm gonna do.

Anyway, that was my lovely day in a nutshell. Hope you all had better ones. =) ~Anj

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Evening to all of you,
Anj, Sounds like you need to stop and take care of yourself! Don't know how that will be possible with your family but you best do what the doctor ordered and hopefully you'll be able to function with drugs in time. To bad you can't go get a message every now and then to help loosen you up. I've only had one but it was so relaxing and I'm sure it would be good for me every couple of weeks also.

GD went to the doctor today and he put her on amoxicillan (sp) to try to help her. We're having a hard time keeping her fever down and since she was a preemie worry more than we probably need to. How's your little one with her fever?

Hope you are able to be ready for DS to be baptized on Sat. and up to fixing the meal for everyone. Sometimes life is hard but some how things seem to work out. We'll be praying for your good health and hope you get some help from your family.

Luvs and Belle did you start another project yet? Belle how'd your party go and how much snow did you end up with? We have been having snow every day or night but it melts and starts over. Hope it's about done. It just keeps things wet and muddy.

I'm going to paint a bunny I painted years ago and gave to my daughter as soon as I get off here and decide what I want to paint it on. I painted DD on a plate but not sure I want to do that right now.

Take Care and Get Well. Punk

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Hi Anj, glad you went to the doctor to find out about those cysts and the headaches. The two probably contribute to each other--the tension causes your head to ache and the head ache causes more tension. You'd better call the doctor to tell him the pain medication is making you woozy--don't want you falling asleep while driving or something. You just have such a full plate all the time, don't know how you could reduce the tension and stress. Hope you and DH are still having "date nights", you need that.

I re painted a little birdhouse that I'm hoping to use as part of a centerpiece soon. Found a couple of cute plates with birdhouses on them at the TS, so thought I'd do a table to post over on holidays. I have several projects waiting in the wings for me to decide what surface I want to paint them on. Will try to get busy on something tomorrow.

Loved the free video that Donna aka Kraftylady shared with us on the discussion side. Thought she did a really good job making it. She went slow enough to easily follow and repeated the steps enough so we could see it well.

Sorry to hear some of you are still getting snow. Good that it is not lasting very long now. I saw on the weather report tonight that the Northwest has more snow moving in.

Punk, I'm glad your GD got something to fight that fever. I can see how you would worry about her. Hope she will be all better soon.

I went to the doctor today too, just for my routine hormone implant, and I'm a little sore tonight. I miss my old doctor so much--he retired a couple years ago and the one who took his place just shoves us all through like cattle. My old doctor used to inject us with a shot for pain, wait a few minutes (he always told me a joke or I told him one--used to hunt one up before I went in!)then he would make the small incision required and other than a little pressure, I felt nothing. This guy doesn't even give the pain killer time to kick in, so it hurts like heck! I've told him before but he just rushes through everything. Next year I'm going to ask for his daughter who is the other doctor there and see if she is better. If not, I'm going to look for a new doctor. I was thinking today how it must be for the pregnant ladies, if he treats them the same, he's sure not making this a good experience for them. I had a headache--probably from stress or anger--so I took a two hour nap when I got home too, Anj.

Well, I'm off to read the other forum. I'll chat more tomorrow. Take care everyone.


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Boy, ya'll are so right. It is hard to stop to take care of yourself when so many people are depending on you. For my second dose yesterday I cut the pill in half and it worked, but didn't make me any more drowsy than I already was from the first dose. Took my little muscle relaxer last night and slept like a baby! It was awesome! My neck is much looser on the right side this morning, but the left is still really stiff. DH gives the best massages. Better than the ones I've gotten from "professionals". He gave me one yesterday after the dr visit and he said he'd give me another one tonight. He'd give me one every night, but I don't like to impose on him so often especially after he works all day and is ready to relax when he gets home.
So today, I woke up with the headache, but it's not a bad one yet. I'm not taking anything until after lunch because I have far too much to do. Have to get little one ready to take up to the school at noon for her picture and run one errand. Luvs, you are right, no way I can drive taking that stuff. Then have a bunch to do when I get home since I was comatose yesterday. ha Still planning on taking tomorrow off to paint. The kids get out early today and are off tomorrow. Friday's seem to be working out the best for taking off. Luvs knows I've tried every way in the book over the years to work in time for painting. ha

Belle~ hope your GD is doing better. I had a hard time keeping my little one's fever down as well. Even switching up with Motrin and Tylenol every 4 hours she stayed at around 102. Her's lasted about 2 1/2 days so hope your GD gets over her's soon.

Luvs~ I enjoyed Kathy's tutorial too. She did a great job on it.
We got more snow this morning, but it's stopped now.
I have followed my pediatrician and I'd follow my ob-gyn if he moved because they are sooo good about spending time with you and not overbooking. I can't stand being rushed in and out. Sorry you are not having a good experience with the new guy. Sounds pretty painful. Is it only once a year that you have to do it? Glad you got in a nap. Feels good if you can get them. I will certainly be taking advantage of my alone time to fit in naps next year when all the kids are in school. Just a short one rejuvenates you and makes you feel good.

DD just woke up and I need to get her ready to go. Takes a while to curl her long hair. Ya'll have a good day. ~Anj

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Good morning. Love those school pictures, so fun later to look back and see how they changed from year to year. DIL had our little GD's hair cut off and is letting her bangs grow out too. I loved it the other way, but she says it's saving her about 20 minutes every day now by not having to fight tangles and tears. We just got her new school pictures the other day, love seeing that little smile! ;o)

I'm glad you were able to cut those pills in half and they still ease the pain. And I think you really needed a good night's sleep to catch up a bit from those late nights working on school projects and early mornings getting the kids where they needed to go. You just have to remember to squeeze in some R&R time for yourself so you can stay healthy for everyone else, right?

I need to get moving here, just been having a lazy morning so far and haven't even changed out of my robe yet. I did clean the kitchen and washed up some skillets and larger pans already.

I'll check back in here later.


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Hi everyone. Whew I'm pooped! Why is it that when you know you have company coming all this dirt suddenly appears that you hadn't noticed before? ha I thought just family was coming over tomorrow, but DH told me this morning that he invited some friends so really started to notice my dust bunnies. And for some reason I can't just surface clean, I have to tear the whole room apart to clean and there is usually some furniture moving being done in the process. Just got my bedroom put back together. Don't know why I think anyone is going in there, but had to move a bookcase which involved taking all the books off and dusting them and putting them all back on along with the chotchkies. I have one more bathroom to clean and I hope I'm done. Except for maybe cleaning out the fridge and straightening up my office. Sigh.

So as you can imagine by all this painting for me today. Hoping to get my little bird one finished up tomorrow or Sunday to post for ya'll.

I'm still feeling a little druggy from the 1/2 pain med pill, but no headache today. Newest developement is ringing in the ears though. Must be from one of them. But happily I can move my head from side to side and back and forth. ha Almost forgotten what that feels like. Things are definitely starting to loosen up. I guess I didn't realize how tight it all was.

Well, ladies, I still have lots of work to do before DH gets home. Ya'll take it easy and I'll see ya here tomorrow sometime. ~Anj

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Anj, what are we gonna do with you gal? You haven't been feeling good and now you go and try to deep clean the whole house in one day! And the bookcase!!!!! No one, but no one would have looked at the bookcase in your bedroom! I know you will feel good knowing it's had a good cleaning but just too much for you to be doing right now! Hit the "public" living areas like living room, bathroom, and kitchen then just make sure beds are made and clothes are picked up in the other rooms and "you're good to go". LOL Oh, and stick a pan of cookies in the oven before everyone comes--will make the whole house smell warm and inviting! LOL

Now that I've said that, I'm looking around my own house thinking it sure could use a "deep cleaning"! LOL

I did a little dab of cleaning yesterday, then DH, the two dogs and I piled in the car and went for a little ride. The dogs love to go, and we've been listening to a good book on tape. We even stopped and treated ourselves at a Baskin Robbins. Then later, we took a walk of a couple miles to hopefully work off the calories! Last night, we went to the Soup Plantation for dinner, then stopped in to chat with a friend who was playing pool in the same shopping center. All in all a very relaxed day.

Haven't gotten another project started yet. Need to vacuum and dust a bit, then we'll see if I can start on something. I finished reading my book yesterday too, it was pretty exciting--especially for a 10 cent book! LOL

Hope you all have a good weekend. I'll be back by later today.


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Good Morning All,

Gosh! It's raining again, good thing! I noticed yesterday that the water was dropping in the pond, either have a hole or the stream in seeping over somewhere. Moved a few rocks along the stream to get the water moving faster - hope that helped! Really don't want to so searching for a leak.

Punk - hope you are all over the sore throat, if not I can give you some of my Grandma old home a little whiskey in warm tea with a little honey added for flavor. lol You wouldn't like her gargles!

Also hope you GD is fine. Our DS was a full term baby but weighted in at 3lb 4 oz, spent forever in the incubator and is now 6'2" and hasn't been to the DR in years.

Anj...glad you DR found your headache problem and if your DH is like mine, back rubs are a pleasure not a chore. Have you seen those ad for tropical spa's where they use the hot rock...would love to try that! I can relate to the ringing in your ears, my meds cause high blood pressure and that is one of the beginning signs so I now take my BP twice a day and have little red bruises from the cuff. Ah! Well! beats a stroke or heart attack!

By the time you read this, with you busy day today, your DS as well as you and your family will have celebrated a very precious event. I remember mine and the love and joy I felt.

Luvs...OUCH! sounds like the jerk of a DR. that gave me the first shot in my knees. I almost fainted and then to think that I had to go back in two day....I almost didn't go, but then in walked his assistant and she was sooooooo good. Deadened the area then really took her pain at all!

Report on the B'Day party. It was awesome. We carpooled with one of our best friends and drove the 30 miles far to quickly. The restaurant is called Falls Terrace because the seating area faces these beautiful three level falls that used to be part of the Olympia Brewery where they made Olympia beer. The falls have light shining on them and so beautiful! There was 10 of us and we spent 3 hours eating and chatting. The food wasn't the best I have had there - but the company was!

Without a doubt I AM PAINTING TODAY! Moved furniture yesterday as well tackled the floors and just about everything else that needed to be is mine! I even made a chore list some time back but some days I just don't feel like cleaning the bathroom on the listed day! So....there goes the list until I get behind...then it's good for another week or two. lol

Hope you all have a great weekend and it's now snowing!


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Wow, I can't believe it's 2:30 already. I have the worst sore throat and don't feel like doing anything so I have started several painting projects.

Belle, so glad you had a wonderful time at the party. Sad that the food wasn't up to pare but sounds like the company made up for it. I'll bet the view is a fantastic site. I'm looking forward to your next project. I could use Grandma's remedies cuz I really feel like heck today. However I don't really like alcohol so that doesn't sound like something I want to try at the moment. LOL

Luvs I agree you should try your doctors daughter and if she isn't more personal, move on. There are still alot of very caring doctors out there. I couldn't watch the video but sounds like you and Anj enjoyed it. I still have some issues with my computer that I need DS to come and address. Not sure when he'll have the time to put it on his schedule so I'm happy with what I have for now.

Anj, I hope your son's baptism went well and you felt well enough to enjoy it and all your guests. Can't wait to hear your update on your life.

I'll head back in and do some more painting instead of just laying around feeling sorry for myself. haha I'm so happy that we have others coming here on the painting forum and joining us. I think if we all keep posting it will keep the interest up on here.


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