Are you ready for Easter?

luvstocraftMarch 29, 2010

My goodness these months sure fly by quickly, don't they? Now it's almost time for Easter. I put out a few Easter/Spring decorations in the house and outside. I'm just loving the smell of the fresh air when I walk outside in the mornings, a bit cool and just so fresh after our nice rains washed all the dirt away. Lots of fresh new leaves on everything and some of my roses are starting to bloom. I've had Iris blooming for awhile now and the white lilies. Have to enjoy this time of the year because the heat is bound to come all too soon--not looking forward to that!

I've been painting a bit on a couple of patriotic kids a friend asked me to do for her. Should finish them today or tomorrow probably. Think I'll do some garden signs next. Thinking about sending some to a cousin.

Anj, you showed us your Valentines envelopes and cupids arrow and would you believe I picked up a couple painting books at the TS on Saturday and one of them is Switch-a-roos by Barbara Brown from Miller woodcrafts. I was flipping through it and imagine my surprise when I saw your items on the inside cover! Now what are the odds of that???? LOL Anyhow it's a cute book and the other one is Switch-a-roos times two. Had to pay 99 cents for them, our Goodwill doesn't price anything less than 99 cents!

What have you all got planned for this week? Hope some of it will be fun stuff. ;o)


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Hello All, I envy you your weather. We had about a week of really nice weather and are paying for it this week. Again, record rains. Over an inch in the last 24 hours and still coming down. But, then I came to the part where you remind me that you get really hot in the summer, I think I will take my cooler and green summer.

You are going to post picture of what you are doing, right?

I am almost done with my chick baskets, just have to dot the nail heads. Will try to post a picture of one sometime today.

Can't believe March is almost over. If my DGM had lived she would be 106 today, but then she lived to a very nice 96. I do have all of my Easter decorations up but my DGS couldn't find the candy, mainly cause I haven't gotten any. Guess I will have to find some candy I don't like and won't eat. We seem to be a weekly destination for him and his GF which is just fine with us. We have pulled out some old video's including him in the bathtub at about 1 year old. He grabbed the control and fast forward it very quickly while we all laughed. Between all of the chuckling I told him there wasn't any frontal views.....I wouldn't do that to a kid, guess his cute babies behind was still to much for him. When I asked if he wanted to see any more video's when they came this weekend, you can guess what the answer was.

Anj....are you still out there? Hope things are well with your and yours.

Punk...again I hope DH is doing better and sure enjoyed your projects. Here I am retired and do less painting than when I worked full time. Go figure!

Well I off to do a few household chores and then do the dots.

Take Care!


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I'm here but unfortunately busy. Would at least love to get my one Easter project done before the day. Ya'll can't imagine how frustrating it is not to have time to do your favorite activity (paint). Oh wait....maybe you can. ha I haven't even had time to put out any decorations if I could even find them in the garage. Will my attic ever get finished???? ha
I did get all my spring cleaning done, then had unexpected company. B & SIL that we haven't seen for 4 years showed up with their 2 kids (both of whom were sick). Now I have sick kids with tummy aches, throwing up and running fever. Joy.
Anyway, still hoping to get in some paint time this week. fingers crossed.
Punk~ sorry to hear DH has gout. I hope they can find a med that works for keeping it away for him.
Luvs~ congrats on the book find. I'm sure my Valentines looked nothing like the ones in the book. ha I found the book for sale on line that I looked at but the picture was so tiny it was hard to tell if I got them anywhere close.
Belle~ cute story about the baby shots. I just bought a boat load of stuff for the Easter bunny to do baskets with. Our EB has always come on Friday so the kids can enjoy their baskets on Saturday instead of having a sugar high during church services. ha We usually have our family Easter party on Saturday anyway so it works out.
Anyway, duty and a sick child calling so better go see what's up Ya'll have a good one. ~Anj

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Good Morning Everyone,

I can't believe Easter is Sunday and I haven't thought about what I'm doing. Will check with the kids today and see what's up. DD and family generally spend Easter with his side of the family so I don't get to see them.

I did mention it to DS last weekend and he said I didn't need to cook a big meal for him and so did DH. May end up inviting friends over or we may all go out and eat. That would help on the clean up.LOL

Luvs, that is so funny that you have the book that goes with Anj's projects and she just winged it. Will be fun to see what yours look like too. I wish someone around here would give up their books.

Belle, did you stop the rain dance yet? To much is not a fun thing. How fun to hear about DGM. We do not have longevity in my family so love it in others.

I loved reading about DGS and the videos. I need to get another video camera and start shooting some more. We don't take the time to get many prints made now days either. They are all on the computer in folders. This modern technology is changing things way to fast.

Anj, so hope you get to paint more soon. Sick kids are not a fun thing. Hope they spring back soon for your sake.

Still jealous of your clean house but it relatives come with the bug, I guess I want dirty.LOL

DH is far better this morning so we'll see how things go later on. Best get to work so will check back later.


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Ok ladies....I've got most of my kids home sick today. Up all night with another one throwing up. Grrr They were only going 1/2 a day today before they were let out for spring break anyway. So after I fumigate my house and straighten up a bit the plan is to paint and finish up my easter sign. I'm excited to get started. It's supposed to rain today anyway so figured it's a good day to do something I want to do for a change. Hope I can stay awake enough to paint a straight line. ha Wish me luck ladies. I may stop in again later. ~Anj

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It's snowing on the first day of spring break. UGH! A lot! I'm getting near completion of my little Easter sign. I'm going to start painting on it again after I fix breakfast for the chillins. Hope it's warm and sunny where you are and if it is....send some my way! ~Anj

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I think the good Lord knew what he was doing when he made it so women had menopause and could no longer bear children. I am so glad I had mine when I was young (17 and 21 years of age). I had all my grandchildren over Monday and Tuesday and it wore me out!! So much noise! I sure love them like crazy but was glad to take them back home. For some reason they love to come over and they call just about every day. But I told them I would need a couple of days to catch up on some of my paintings so I would see them Friday. This is Spring Break here so their folks will be spending time with them at the beach.

I think Spring is finally here. The temps are in the 70's and 50's at night. So glad it is no longer cold.

Luvs - your garden sounds beautiful. I hope to grow something this year - I am not a very good gardener.

Belle - my son hates the pics I took of him when he was a baby. But I love "butt" pictures of little ones. Makes just want to reach over and squeeze. The problem is now that I am older - I love a guy with a nice rear!! No legs or chest for me, just a nice rear end. Makes me sound like a dirty old lady but you just have to appreciate a nice tush!

Punk - were they able to give your husbands some meds that work?

Anj - hope the kids get better. I had the grand daughters last week when they had strep. They didn't throw up but they sure felt bad and wouldn't eat. I always worry when kids don't eat enough.

I hope to paint a bit today.

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If you were here and looked quick you would see that the sun is shinning....oops! to late! It IS getting warmer and when it rains it is just heavy showers not the all day stuff. We are hoping for nice weather this weekend as we are going to help our DD with her landscaping. She has a 3 acre back yard but thankfully only uses about 1/2 acre, the rest is lawn. She is planning on using this area for THE graduation party. Like me, yard work has been down on her list of "putting it back in order." The high water moved her gazebo, so before we move it back we are going to pour a cement slab for it to sit on. She also wants her pond moved which means digging a new hole and moving the shell. I ache already!

Punk...THANK YOU for the web cam is awesome. I watched as mom and then dad fed the Eaglets. So caring...

Also....Stopped the rain dancing some years ago when we had a drought....wait...we don't have droughts! you I have my children early, 18 and 20, but I really seem to have more patience with my DGS than I did with my kids. He has also mentioned that we raised his Mom, so why isn't she more like us, meaning, we are more fun to be around. I reminded him that if he was here all of the time, this Mom would be more fun to be around. Kids!

Anj...hope you don't catch whatever the kids have and they get well soon and you can keep the snow! Happy Painting!

Luvs...Hope you are well and out enjoying the sun or busy painting! Heard that theater ticket just took a big hike, for you, that doesn't sound nice. Our theater posted a notice that tickets will be $20.00 as of April!
Think I will wait for pay for view on the TV but then their prices will probably go up as well.

Well, I'm off....I know you already know that! But, I need to do some prep work on my tray and then start the process.

Have a Great Day and if I don't catch you again....Happy Easter!

AKA Claudia

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Belle, what do you mean aka Claudia???? Are you telling me that Belle is not really your name? Oh well, that's possible I guess, mine's not Luvs--it's Kay. LOL Gosh, I've thought of you as Belle for so long, doubt that I will be able to remember another name for you!

I cut out some more blocks and base painted them, but I'm going to do the paper on them again I think. I want to make a reversible set that say Spring/Summer to keep for myself.

There are two roosters in that magazine I think, Belle, and both look really nice. No matter what pattern I use, it never looks like the original--partly because I can't always do it the way they do, and partly because I just do my own thing with it anyway! LOL I know your's is going to look great, and I'm so glad you are feeling better.

Bebe, are you rested up from keeping up with the gkids? I know mine can sure wear me out too.

Anj, like Belle said, hope you won't end up sick again yourself. Hard not to catch it when the younguns are sick.

Punk, Is your DH doing better? Have you been able to go back to work? I've never had gout, but my sister tells me it is very painful.

I'll stop by again tomorrow.


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Hi ya'll. So far so good. Looks like everyone is over the sickies. Me and the 5 yr old had a bad stomachache, but we never threw up so that's a relief.
It has snowed ALL DAY LONG! UGH. Where did my spring go? Supposed to stop on Friday. Guess we'll be indoors for Easter this year. No egg hunts for us.
I finished the bottom part of my Easter sign, now just have to do the lettering on the top part and I'll be done and ready to share finally. I really wish I wasn't quite so slow. I'd love to be able to whip more projects out in my limited painting time.
I'm slowly falling asleep here, but wanted to let you know I'm getting close. Ya'll have a good nite. I'll have to re-read the posts tomorrow and comment. =) ~Anj

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Ok, I know ya'll are done hearing me talk about it. My sign is finally done and posted over on Discussions. Wasn't sure what we decided on where to post stuff. It's the same one Belle did not too long ago, but my version is a little different with different colors too. Hope ya like it. ~Anj

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What a cute April Fool's Day graphic! Too funny! I didn't even play any pranks this year--can you believe that?

Anj, I just looked at your Spring sign and it is darling. I really really like it and you did a great job on it.

Happy Easter everyone! God bless us all.


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Anj.....back on the 2nd I posted a note on how cute the April Fool was, then not seeing that post the next day, I posted's gone....this is getting to be a real pain of a April Fools gag.......I know you didn't make them go away....guess that little guy did! Also I really, really like your version of the bunny and sign!

Luvs....when I joined the "group" I really didn't know what to expect so I used a version of the name I use in another forum. My DGS and I used to collect Pez candy dispensers, he now has a GF, a truck and sports, I have the collection. On that forum I am PezaBelle, hence Belle.

Punk...not only have I not been doing the rain danced, I don't even know a snow dance and we are still getting it anyway. Thank goodness it doesn't stick around long.

Well...this retired bookkeeper has gone back to work, but not for long. Been helping out the company my BGF works for, their Bkpr quit quite suddenly and WOW! She did everything in excel and did all of her report, including taxes, by hand, which means she was spending a lot of working hours doing work that should take minutes. The owner doesn't do computers, she told him her way was the best for the company.....she had been there 18 yrs.

Hope BeBe DG kids are all well and that she hasn't come down with whatever they had!

Going to try to paint tomorrow, I really need to get back onto a schedule.


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Happy Easster to all of you wonderful ladies! Had a wonderful dinner and truly enjoyed this long day with friends and family. Don't wanna think about work tomorrow but know I have to.

We used DGD plastic eggs from her home her DM brought and some had little pieces in them that DH left in them with her money and candy. We had some explaining to do when she not only knew she had eggs like these but her little puzzle pieces were still in them.LOL Her DM ask how the Easter bunny knew to come to nana's with her eggs and she replied, he looked in the window while I was sleeping! Must be nice to be young and Believe.

Belle, you went back to work and haven't been feeling well. Please take care of yourself as we all know Life is to Short.

Hope all of you will share your Easter day fun with us. My days are getting busy and I've been working some very late hours so will try to be with all of you when it works out. Know I love enjoying all your great projects.


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Punk, loved the story about your GD--they are pretty darn smart and want answers to things don't they?

My DIL said I didn't need to do a hunt or basket for our little GD this year since they were doing all that in the morning. (In the past,she had gotten a basket at their house and one here as well as an egg hunt regardless of what else they had done that day. They were wanting to limit her candy consumption since it makes her so hyper I think) So I just went and bought some of those Little Pet Shop toys and wrapped them in cellophane and DH hid them in the living room. When they got here in the late afternoon for dinner, we exchanged greetings and talked and I was getting dinner ready. Little GD came up to me and said "Gramma, I thought you would have some eggs for me to hunt." I laughed and said "You already got to hunt eggs today, but there just might be somethings hidden in the livingroom for you to find." Her little eyes lit up and she was off like a flash to find them! DH gets such a kick out of it that it is hard for him to not "show" her where he hid them! LOL

I'll bet Anj has lots of excitement at her house with her four. Kids are just so darn cute and say the cutest things. Might be harder to pull things off with different ages to consider. How do you do these things at your house Anj?

Before my DS got married, I used to get chocolate bunnies for him and DH even though they were grown men--but now they just share little GD's goodies!

Now the big question for the day is "What am I gonna do with all these leftovers?"


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Hey ladies....glad you all had a nice Easter with kids and grands. It snowed this year so no egg hunt for us. Everyone just kinda did their own thing after lunch. Some of us played cards, others watched movies, played video games, napped or went to visit other families.

Luvs~ Since 2 of my older kids "know" they request certain things in their baskets. They don't want a bunch of different candies, they'd rather have one big bag of a certain candy bar or a big bag of chips, etc. So it gets a little difficult to remember who asked for what, but it all worked out. The one thing the bunny forgot in the 5 yr olds basket was fishy crackers (the girl is addicted). I told her he must have dropped them out when he was hopping to our house. She said he should really be more careful, but was ok after that. ha They got one movie...Chipmunks the squeakquel.
The Easter Bunny always comes to our house Friday night, they get their baskets Sat, we have our family easter get together Sat, then church on Sunday. Don't like the kids having to be hyped up on sugar at church so that's the way we've always done it. ha We being Southern have a ton of food for Sat lunch. Grandma is in charge of the Easter Egg hunt. She puts money (change and $1s) and candy in plastic eggs and hides them. She does a kid hunt and an adult hunt. (The adult eggs have bigger bills). Ensures everyone joins in the fun. ha
Gotta go make lunch for the child. Trying to find a new project to work on. My 3rd child is turning 10 on Monday and will be having a sleepover on Friday and then we have a party for my Aunts b-day on Sat so don't know if I'll get to paint this weekend. We shall see. ~Anj

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I didn't get to spend Easter with the kids this year, they went to the in-laws that live out of town. So we celebrated the Friday before. The older ones love to hide eggs and then go look for them over and over. They also asked for money instead of candy - which I am always willing to oblige. The little one was so excited she called me with such anticipation and excitement in her voice saying that the Easter Bunny came and left her candy and toys in her basket. She even saw his foot print outside. It is so darling when they do that. I told her the Easter bunny was so busy getting everyone's baskets to them that he had to stop by my house for a potty break - and that he pooped on the porch!! She thought that was the funniest thing. However, I really did have poop to clean off, apparently, a neighbor's un-neutered cat decided to poop in the corner of the porch. He has been doing this at several neighbors' houses and they have even caught him in a cage. But his owners have gotten so mad and yet they don't keep him at home. What can you do??

I don't have any animals but when we had a cat I did have him neutered and kept him inside. He got to go out when we went out and I guess we had him trained really well because he rarely went out of the yard and at night we brought him in. I won't say anything to our neighbor because I am sure they love their cat and probably feel he just doing what a cat is suppose to do. I just don't want him to leave me any presents - whether it is a bird, rabbit, or poop.

Anyway, hope everyone had a great Easter.

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