New Week and New Projects

phonegirlMarch 29, 2011

Good Evening,

Belle, love your eggs and basket. Hope you do well at the show. Hope your ear infection clears up so you can paint alot. I sure enjoyed seeing some pictures tonight.

I'm so excited you and Anj are doing some painting for shows so we have new projects to see. Hope Anj enjoyed her time away and we'll hear from her soon.

Luvs, have you started any Easter projects yet? I don't plan on doing any painting for awhile.

Cali, what have you been up to lately?

We haven't heard from Bebe for awhile. Hope she's painting up a storm and not under the weather.

We should be hearing something on buying our building this week. Mean while it's taking lots of extra time trying to stay on top of everything going on with the businesses. With the economy it's a little scary investing in that kind of money.

Our weather is rain/snow for the next 2 weeks with little sun coming our way. I bought some new peony and lilly bulbs that I will try to get planted one of these nights. Thinking spring will come!

Take care and post when you have time everyone. Always good to hear from you.


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Punk....the head thing is almost gone! Darn my hide for waiting for over a week to go see my DR. I hate going to see my Dr., and I used to work for him and really like him, guess I just don't like being a patient.

We are under a flood watch farther down river from us, and expecting more rain through Sat., why's spring! My DGS was digging out our last river mud filled flower bed this last weekend and got so wet but kept right on working, wouldn't come in until he ran out of supplies. He was in need of gas money for getting to and fro to class's and wouldn't hear of us just gifting not him...had to work for it!

I have all of my pattern picked out for the show and am busy tracing them, ready for cutting. Also wanted to get a head start on keeping the house clean so have done some deep cleaning. Tomorrow my DD comes again for our day at the family genealogy. We are going to tackle the 5 trunks of family "stuff" I have inherited. I am at the place in my life where if my kids don't want it right NOW, I'm not keeping it either.

How is the business going Punk? It must be really hard for you right now, trying to expand in this economy. So many of our local business are cutting back or closing. Our two towns do have a lot of antique stores and many of them are either combining or closing, lots of bargains if you have the money. I just purchased a really nice footed cake plate with a dome lid for $12.00 The dome was what I wanted and not part of the plate but they come together, so I got both for a bargain. Going shopping again today for surfaces I can refurbish and paint.

Well....the laundry is calling....take care all and write soon...we miss you!


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Hi all!
Punk I sure hope you can get settled with that building. Did you ever settle with the rental place where you did all the work?

Belle glad you got help from the dr. I don't know what it is, I always think I will be better before I can see the dr. It's always "just" a cold, virus, sinus and will go away soon. Hmmm, not always!

Congrats to Belle and Anj on their upcoming shows! Good Luck to both!

I have been blessed with a new computer and learning to use it! I had bought a new power supply for the old one, but other things were going and we decided that at some point to just quit trying to keep it fixed up. Some things do expire. I have always been somewhat frugal so this was a great decision for me! Ha!

Except for my studio - that is. I am frugal but spend a lot too! For example last week I went to HL to buy some half priced brushes, but did I buy 1 or 2? No! I bought 8!
Heaven help me!

Hope everyone is doing well!


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Hi All, I'm so glad you are all still posting away on here and keeping things going. I love this forum so much, but start to feel guilty when I keep promising to get some projects going--and then it doesn't work out! Please forgive me and someday my "want to" will catch up with my "will do". LOL

Belle, your grandson sure sounds like such a fine young man. And it's great that he can/will help with things you need done too. Those sales sound so fun, hope you find some good bargain items to paint on. Sure hope your river behaves itself this year, I know that's always a worry for you.

Punk, I'm concerned for you too with this economy, do you really have to "expand" right now? I know you put quite a bit into that other building and don't know if you will get reimbursed or not. At least you are in a business that is really really "hot", so that's a good thing. I think some people would give up eating before they'd give up their phones! LOL

I'm so excited for Anj and Belle to be doing craft shows this year. Can't wait to see all the neat projects they come up with! ;o)

I've not been painting or using my Cricut lately and I miss them, been busy with organizing,decluttering,cleaning, getting repairs taken care of and learning all I can about DH's medical condition. I switched us to a new doctor and I think that is going to work out better. Also got lots of paperwork taken care of--things I should have done years ago like wills, poa's, etc. Still lots more to do like burial arrangements, getting taxes done, etc. I've had a run of repairs--things like the water dispenser on the fridge, garage door opener, and tumors under my Dusty dog's eyelid. Got them all fixed and all is well--for now! LOL I hoping my "run" with all these things is over and maybe we can settle into a nice boring routine for awhile again! LOL

I've got to go check on my neighbor lady, she's recuperating from surgery and husband and helper can't be home today, so I told them I'd check on her a few times to see if she needed anything. Then I have some yardwork and need to paint my newly replaced patio posts.

I'll try to start getting back by here more often--and someday I hope to even surprise you with a project or two!


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Well, dropped my soaps and paint cans off at the boutique this morning. It's been snowing like crazy so not sure how many customers they will have to the "spring" boutique. ha I have some pics of the different soaps I did, but photobucket is not letting me upload pics at the moment so I'll try again tomorrow. Going out to dinner with a friend tonight who's wife has traveled to Ukraine to visit her mother for a month. Thought we'd treat him out since he's missing her and his daughter. Also have my friends son spending the night as well while they are away from home tonight. Trying to keep the weekend low key since I've been in such a rush this past week trying to get everything finished up for the boutique. On a different note, my son received his Arrow of Light badge last night in scouts and my daughter got her braces off yesterday. Need to get some things finished up before we leave tonight. Hubby is at the accountants today. Sure hope we get a good refund. =/ *fingers crossed*!! Talk to y'all later. Hope you all have a great weekend. ~Anj

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Good morning all, hope your weekend is going well. Anj, I hope the boutique did well. Maybe everyone had "cabin fever" and were ready to get out and do some fun shopping. Congrats to your son on his badge and I'll bet DD is so happy to have those braces off! As for your refund, I had mine done yesterday and I'm "contributing" so there should be funds available for your refund! LOL

Belle, are you still painting eggs? How's it going? Did the river behave itself?

Punk, I hope these gals had a chance to see your cute Easter table over on the Holiday forum. Bet your little GD loved it.

We've been getting some rains which means more snow in the mountains and cooler weather here in the valley. The sun is out this morning, so it might be a bit warmer today. I love getting the rains, but sure not used to chilly weather!


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SO! Is anyone else having trouble signing in here? It takes me 3 or 4 tries to gain access....and I don't have the coolest temper on the block! Will check things out with the "contact us" person. Anyway.......Just dropped by to say HI to all. I have been busy getting everything organized and ready to paint. Pull out all of my old books and mags and sorted projects by how much I really wanted to paint them, then listed all of the supplies I would need, and here again having to buy all but one or two items online. Was in Michaels yesterday and noticed that all of their Delta Ceramcoat paints are listed as "clearance" so it looks like the are gone. The store had also moved all of the Crayola products and coloring books into the craft area. Looks like things are changing and not for the good.

I do have 3 projects finished and will post the pictures as soon as the camera charges.

Luvs...I have stopped with the eggs for a while, but need to do DD's soon, like before Easter which is on DH B'day. As to the river, I think our local officials are like Peter and the Wolf, they are going to cry "flooding alert" so often people won't listen to them anymore.

Cali...aren't sales just the greatest! I have been watching for some of the specialty brushes to go on sale but no such luck yet. did you trip go? Any pictures of your soaps yet? Will go check.

Hope everything is going well with Punk and where has our BeBe gone? Haven't seen anything from her in quite awhile.

Gotta so sand a bunch of stuff...back soon I hope!


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Nope no pics yet. Photobucket is acting wonky. Every time I try to upload it takes me back to my login page. grrr. Apparently I'm not the only one having the problem. Will try to work around it or somehow figure it out. Having a birthday party today for my 11 yr old son. Made a super delicious Shepherd's Pie for a late lunch/early supper. ha Couldn't find a recipe online that I liked so I just made one up and it's soooo yummy if I do say so myself. ha And just made a yummy Chocolate Caramel cake for the birthday and we'll have ice cream with that later today. The kids are off for Spring Break this next week. Supposed to rain all week so that should be great being stuck in the house with them. ha I'm going clothes shopping for myself tomorrow so there is a little break for me. lol Anyway, let me go see if I can figure out these stupid pics. And Belle you are not the only one having problems logging in here either. I have that on and off too. ~Anj

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Only have a few minutes before going to B-I-L for a get together.

Anj....your problem with Photobucket may have something to do with Flock shutting down. They suggest we find someother site to use, don't know for sure, but my pb is accessed through Flock.


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Hi All, thought I'd better get over here and see what's going on with all of you.

Belle, I frequently have to log in now on here, but no other problems so far.

Anj, I've not done anything on PB for awhile now. I did get a new little bunny gift that I was going to share on Holidays--I'll let you know if I have a problem too.

The birthday food sounds yummy, I'm sure everyone had a great time. My diet is going pretty well, 5.6 loss the first week and 2.5 the second week. Woo Hoo! Heading in the right direction but a long long way to go yet!

I've been cleaning carpets, painting posts and shed door, trimming and fertilizing yard and plants, etc. I'm tired!

All of you take care and have a Happy Easter if I don't get back by here before then.


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