Smith and Noble - Pricing?

jillies01July 25, 2014

Has anyone used Smith and Noble for drapes recently? If so, how do their prices compare to other places? Are they along the lines of Calico Corners or would you say less expensive? I need to new drapery panels for my family room / kitchen area and am not sure what is reasonable.

Thank you!

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I've purchased S&N in the past (way back when and again last year) and generally I feel their prices has crept up and overall value has trended down. I've also used Calico Corners and its tough to compare, because they tend to carry a higher grade of fabric than S&N. For both, you have to hit a good sale. Most recently, I've purchased through the Village Workroom (and Etsy for Romans) and was thrilled with the result.

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Interesting. I am just having a really hard time figuring out what drapery panels *should* cost. When I did an estimate on the S&N website for 2 panels (one for either side of the window) it would be about $650. But - I also don't know if I measured the width correctly. I like a lot of the fabrics at Calico - but for them to give me an estimate they have to come do the measuring, and since I am about an hour from from the closest store I don't know if it is something i can just price out and then walk away from. Does that make sense?

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My local Calico was happy to give me ballpark estimates for any project, with the understanding that pricing might change once we had exact measurements.

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Smith and noble has a good guide to measuring They also have a measuring service.

Generally the width is measured at the widest part of the trim. Then you add an allowance for the stack width. How wide is your window? How high do you want your panels to run? To the ceiling or just above the window?

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The part that made me think that I wasn't measuring correct was in width. The measuring guide said to measure how much you would like covered. I measured that with the small walls mace and little bit of window I want to cover it should be about 12 inches. Type that into the estimate,set, and the final step asks if you want it to be all on the right left, or split down the middle. So does that mean I need to put in 24 inches of width instead? The price if it is just one side seems high to me, which is why I am trying to gauge where they fit in terms of pricing. I always liked calico but know in general they are a little on the expensive side. Wasn't sure if S&N is also in the price range?

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