saints won the super bowl!!!!!

anjabeeFebruary 7, 2010

My team won!!!!!!!!!! We won the freaking Super Bowl!!!!!!!! I won't be able to sleep tonight!!!! Who Dat Holiday tomorrow!!!! =D =D =D

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WooHoo,so happy for you, girlfriend!!! Hope all is well with all of you and I will try to get back here soon. Life shouldn't be so busy. Our new gal is so terrific and I don't know how we managed w/o her. Business has picked up even more and it's wonderful but more stress also.


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Congrats, Anj, glad that your team won! Bet you had lots of fun watching it too. Did you have friends over and make a party of it? We used to do that in our "younger" years mainly because we had a good friend/neighbor who lived and breathed football! LOL

Punk, always nice to hear from you. It's a mixed blessing that business is so good sometimes isn't it? Just rake in that money while you can, then you'll have it in case things slow down. You are in a good industry--people can't do anything without their phones these days!

Belle, hope you are feeling better and will be stopping by to chat with us this week too.

Our rains have moved out but temps are still chilly here. Love seeing the sunshine again!



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Good Morning! new friend is adorable. And glad your team won!!!!!

The weather here is fantastic! Very little rain the last few days and the temp are about 10 degrees above normal. All of my flowers are showing green above the ground and we have to get the mulch on so that they won't freeze, which I know is coming. Feb., is usually a very cold month. Hope all of you are enjoying the same calm weather!

We had both of our off spring and their families as well as DH brother and wife in for a Sat., game night. The adults played Texas Hold-um and the kids played with the Wii. It was really fun and noisy.

Health wise, I am doing better just knowing my heart is strong, but the muscle pain just seems to be traveling around. DH has been wonderful, taking on the cooking and small chores like moping the floors - did I say small chore? I think he now has a better understand of why I get angry when he doesn't wipe his shoes when he come in from outdoors. This morning he removed his shoes at the door....wonders never cease!

I sure enjoyed seeing all of the new finished projects, maybe this afternoon will see me painting...hope never dies! Running for now....take care and stay well!


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Mornin ladies....sitting here waiting to take DD to school. Have a full day ahead of me....having to start a new Science Fair project since one of the ones we tried did not work. They are due tomorrow. My little painting project is basecoated and ready to paint and waiting patiently for me to get back to it. Hopefully by Friday I'll be ready to finish it up. Never had to try to paint rust before. ha Thinking it turned out ok. Anyway, I just wanted ya'll to know that I'm prepped and ready to paint this week and hope you all have a project ready to work on as well. Guess we need to cheer each other on. ha

We are really enjoying our new little family member. She's fitting right in. The little darling follows me everywhere and Ah, that adorable...just wanna squeeze her, but she's too frail for squeezin. ha So tiny. Really happy to have her though.

I'm still hoarse from yellin for my team Sunday. ha Still so excited over the win! Been a fan for years and so happy to see them get to the Super Bowl, but then to win it was awesome!!!

Ok, took DD to school and have the second wave to get ready. Ya'll have a great day and enjoy your sunshine if you have it. We had lots yesterday, but lookin pretty gloomy today. ~Anj

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Good evening! Getting more rain here and it pretty chilly too, down into the 40's and a bit windy.

Went for senior movie day. Saw "Dear John", it was a good show but pretty sad too.

Anj, it's good to know you have another project in the works. I almost have one to share also, just need a few finishing touches on it.

Just read a paperback about a haunted house. It was okay, not as exciting as I'd hoped and not a great ending in fact. I love to curl up and read when it's raining outside. ;o)

About time for bed, so will chat more tomorrow. Good luck with the science project.


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Hello All.........can't believe the week is half over already! The sun actually came out yesterday and we all ran and hid. But we are back to the normal overcast and drizzle. Even my birds friends have taken shelter.

Anj.....did you get the science project finished? I hated science but love to do the projects, guess it was working with my hand rather than my brain.

Luvs.....I love to read! And when I pick up a book I usually finish it before I do anything else...shame on me! Maybe that is why I now do so many audio books. But there isn't many things a satisfying as curling up with a soft blanked and a good book.

Yesterday was the "sisters" luncheon. The "sisters" are all of my DH sisters plus the wives of the brothers. We meet once a month for lunch and always at a different place. The newest place was a local casino, the food and conversation was really great and I didn't loose anything gambling, of course I didn't play either. This time all of the hubby's were there except for mine, he was sitting home waiting for the new washer and dryer to arrive. Wasn't really planning on that purchase for another 6 months. Our DS went into HomeDepot, looking for a set, when he got there they couldn't get the set they were listing on a special sale, so they upgraded the set to the $899.00 washer for $499., and the same with the dryer, so he called us...just tooooo good to pass up and they have so many bells and whistles I don't know which button to turn or push.

I am painting today! I am painting as soon as I close this post! Closing now and painting!

Take Care!


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Hi....stayed up til 3am, but got all the Science Fair projects done. Nothing like waiting til the last minute. Cleaned the whole house and will run to the store when I pick up the kindergartener so I should be set to paint tomorrow, maybe a little Friday (we are going out Friday night for V-day) and possibly Saturday!

Luvs~ I probably won't watch Dear John. Can't stand sad movies. I am all about the comedy's to take me out of reality. ha I've been wanting to get to the library. Maybe I'll run there today too. Need a good Bed and Breakfast mystery to read.

Belle~ my MIL says the same thing about my FIL now. He used to never care about certain jobs until they became his. He tracked in his fair share of dirt until he had to start vacumming. Now he makes everyone take their shoes off at the door. ha I guess that's one way to train them. ha

Well, Guess I'll get going. Hope you all have some sunshine today. Ours is looking pretty nice, just wish it would warm up to go along with it! ~Anj

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Belle, I think that is wonderful that all of you get together once a month! Many only see each other at holidays, birthdays, and funerals!

Congrats on the new washer and dryer--what a bargain you got! I know what you mean about all the bells and whistles--I like things pretty simple too.

So glad to hear that you are planning on painting a bit. I keep thinking that I will then get sidetracked!

Anj, what's a Bed & Breakfast mystery? Just curious. I've sure not been finding any more painting books or mags at the little library stores I haunt. A group of us are going "treasure shopping" on the holiday Monday coming up--maybe I'll have some luck then.

Glad you got the science project all finished. No way could I even function at 3 in the morning!

You might wait for "Dear John" to come out on video. It's a good love story, and the two main actors are very cute together--but they only have two weeks, then he has to go back overseas. DH and I could relate a bit since he was in the service before and after we got married.

I shopped for some Valentine's cards and gifts today. Seemed like everyone else was doing that too! Anj, do your kids all trade Valentine's? I don't know if little GD's class will or not. I used to think that was lots of fun.

Tomorrow, I need to do a bit of dusting and cleaning, then maybe I can get in there and paint on something again. It's like I WANT to, but end up doing other stuff instead!



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Belle~ glad you are getting to paint. Congrats on the new w/d. I think we are gonna need a new set pretty soon. Hope I can find a good deal like yours when it's time.
I'm like you when I start a book, can't stand to put it down until I'm thru it. How fun to get together with all the SIL's Wish I lived closer to mine on DH's side and could do that. We are all really good friends.

Luvs~ The Bed and Breakfast Mysteries are books by Mary Daheim about a lady who owns a bed and breakfast and murders keep happening around her and she solves them. Cute little books. There are probably around 20 of them. I didn't get to go to the library yesterday so may run over this morning.

I hope you have good luck on Monday. I'm having withdrawals, but trying to hold out from visiting the TS here. Really determined to paint up some of the stuff I've already got before I buy more.

Glad to have the science fair behind us for another year. You know how much I enjoy those. NOT! ha I'm usually up at 3am anyway, but I'm not good for much at that time. It's almost 3 now as a matter of fact. The new pup pup is sitting here whining for me to come to bed. ha She follows me everywhere, but she likes to tell me what to do too. ha So darn cute.

2 of the kids are exchanging valentines this year. They all have parties at school on Friday. We always looked forward to that at school as well.

Ok, guess I'll go lay down and try to get back to sleep before my alarm goes off at 6. Ya'll have a good one. ~Anj

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Hi All, Company left and even tho we had a great time, I'm tired. So glad tomorrow is Friday and then 2 days off.

Sounds like everyone has been busy with life too.

Belle, hope you are going to be ok. Glad to read the heart is fine. It's great that all you get along and take the time to spend time together. How's the laundry going? Love a good story and so happy for your good buy. Those are something I just hate to have to replace and it seems like we do it every 5 years. Opps, I just realized it's been 6 so I best quit complainting.haha

Luvs, you sure painted a couple of cute Valentine projects. You are always busy on both of the forums here and at home. So happy you can keep up with all of it. I do enjoy reading about all the good movies you see.

Anj, enjoyed your rabbit sign. Do you have another project going? Hows SIL doing with painting?

Sounds like your happy the SF project is done. DS and a girl in his class won one year and I didn't have anything to do with it besides furnishing supplies.

I'm so tired but want to go over to Holidays so will be back another time. I could really use more hours in my days.


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Good to hear from you Punk. Know you enjoyed your time with your company. Imagine you have housework and laundry to catch up on now. How do you think of things to cook for company for that many days? That's always one of my worries when I have guests coming--I'm not very creative in that department. Will look forward to things getting "back to normal" at your place and hopefully you will find time to paint a Spring project to share with us!


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