How are your project's coming along?

luvstocraftFebruary 26, 2007

Hi Anj, Know you have been working on several projects, just wondered how they are coming along? I sure miss talking to you and hearing what is happening with you and your family.

I cut out a couple more ducks to go with the one I painted from the thrift store--just thought it would make a cuter arrangement in the yard with three instead of just one. Just need to put a few good coats of sealer on them and get some more short pieces of rebar.

I really need to go through my older books and get rid of the ones I know I won't use. Some have only one or two patterns that I like--so I should just make those and then pass those books along to someone who might want to use them. I just have too much stuff, and then it makes it hard to find what I'm looking for. I've tried separating them by seasons, but so many have multiple holidays or seasons so that doesn't really work.

Are you working on any Easter things? Thought I might hunt through some of my books and see if anything catches my eye. Maybe just a new sign to go on a stake, or one to hang on my side gate.

I've got a suitcase, lots of trays, a little table, that little metal teapot, etc. all to get primed and painted. Weather has been cool and overcast--not good for drying paint yet.

Yard work is pretty much done. Got things all cut back and just waiting to see how they do after the freeze. Might need to plant a few new things. Want to use some weed & feed on my lawn, but it says the daytime temps need to stay above 60 degrees--can't be sure of that yet either! Had some days in the 80's, then temps dropped again--better be patient and wait awhile.

I enjoyed using the saw and cutting the ducks, haven't done much cutting for awhile. I could really tell too--broke two blades! Ha ha

Hope you will write a few lines and let me know what's happening in your neck of the woods. ;o)


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Hey Luvs~ I've missed you too. I am not doing well with my painting. I've been practicing and getting frustrated with the one stroke. I thought it might be my brushes so bought a few of Donna's,nope, still not getting it so I had to give it up for a few days. I think I do need to get some of the Folkart paint. I usually use Delta and I think it may not be thick enough like you said. Plus I need to be less stingy with it. Not used to loading my brush up so much. My composition sucks too. Can't get it to look like it all goes together. I'll keep at it though. I'm just not a natural. ha

I got my little Easter sign done, but not happy with it at all. Thought I'd post it, then decided not to. ha I was going to start on my Easter Eggs and then found that I have lost the dumb things. You know I bought them at the TS around Christmas and put them up somewhere and I'll be darned if I can find them anywhere. During the Christmas hooplala who knows what I did with them. Want to get started on DD's box, but she keeps changing her mind on what she wants on it. I still have my snowmen hinged thingy to work on and want to do a 2-sided sign for my SIL which I'll probably work on today, but just getting more aggravated than anything else because nothing is turning out like I want it to. ha
Other than my painting frustrations, I had a long lost cousin who came out of the woodwork asking about some family history so I spent a few days looking up stuff for her. We've had a few good days of weather so I did get out in the yard and got a few things done, but can't do much until it gets more consistant. It is dumping snow on us for the next 3 days then will be beautiful again for the weekend. It's looked like a blizzard here most of today. I moved my office around and have been trying to do some early spring cleaning and organizing so that has taken up some of my time. I know what you mean about the patterns and such. I have been going thru things with DD to have her pick something out and most of the books I have are more than one holiday too. And you know I just realized that one of the last books I bought had some pages missing. I'm pretty sure I got it at Michaels, but don't have the reciept anymore. That's annoying, isn't it? Guess I'll have to check those better before I buy them from now on.

Anyway, that's my life over here. DH has been working hard on the garage and says he is going to make a workbench for me and my saw so I'm pretty excited about that. I look forward to seeing your ducky trio. :) You are right, they'll look better as a flock.....or what is a group of ducks? A brood? No that's hens. ha Oh, is it a paddle or is that only when they are on the water? Anyway, I'll have to go look that up or it will bug me all day. ha Do you do that too? ha Chat with ya soon. ~Anj

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Anj, that is so great that DH is fixing you a workbench. You will be so thrilled to be able to cut out your own wood pieces. Then you can paint any project you want to. ;o)

That really stinks that pages were missing out of your new book! I sure miss the little painting store we used to have here, they had such a good selection of books. Our Michael's doesn't get new ones in very often--and many are not anything I want either!

Not sure about my ducks--they sure look "white" in the flower beds. Of course I have cut all my plants way back after the freeze--they would look better surrounded by plants I think.

Oh well, on to the next project--think I need to find something for Easter. I have a couple of Easter yard stakes that I will take pics of when I pull them out of the shed.

Some of my older items that I have had outside are really starting to look a little shabby--I never remember to reseal them each year so it's no wonder. It's probably time for something new anyway. LOL

I'll catch you later. Happy painting. ;o)


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Hey luvs~ I saw that you've been having fun going to the salvage yard with lindas&s. I bet that was fun. Was that a pic of you in her album? ~Anj

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Yeah, Anj, the skinny one in the white shorts. LOL I wish! No, I don't know who those people are--just other customers I guess. Linda was one of the "dealers" at the little antique and collectible store where I worked--and we have become friends. She is really fun, and very creative. She has her own special style and makes lots of unique things. I kept telling her about the GJ forum, so she finally signed up and posted her birdhouses. She loves to find bargains or freebies and resale them. She either fixes things up or uses the parts to make new things. She also quilts, and makes really cool handbags and things. Very talented. Luvs

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