February almost over!

luvstocraftFebruary 26, 2012

Well, we sure haven't been keeping in touch very well on here have we?

Gosh, I hope Belle is okay? Not like her to be gone so long.

I have stopped by several times to see if there was any postings here, but didn't post myself because I didn't have anything to share really.

The past few evenings, I have been going through my painting books and putting several in a Trader Joe's bag to donate. I tried to get rid of some last year, but always found at least one or two designs that made me think I wanted to keep each of them! This time, it's going better--trying to only keep the ones I really love and pass the rest on. I would have posted some of them on here for anyone who wanted them, but I just don't get out much anymore so would have had a problem getting them mailed. Most that I'm parting with are just ones I'd picked up at the library store for 25 cents or found at the thrift stores--not any current books.

I've been redoing our office/computer room, and trying to clean/reorganize the shed and garage. Not going very fast, but I am making progress.

So what are the rest of you up to? Hope all are well and having some fun for sure.

I'll come back tomorrow to see if anyone else has been lurking here and decided to post.


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Hey Luvs! Belle and I posted on the end of the January post. Thank you for starting the new thread. I tried and tried, but the site wouldn't let me. Seems like it won't let me post more than it does anymore. I really should be able to get here more often, but everything takes me so much longer to do with my back giving me so much pain that I rest for a minute, go do something, rest for a minute, go do something. This is my day and it is very frustrating.

My dad had me go to the TS with him the other day. I found another packet of those little stocking cutouts like I painted to show y'all last year. I only ever got the one done! lol Feel very pathetic that I haven't painted anything in so long. I find it is easier on my back to lay on the couch and watch a little tv when I'm resting in between jobs and I'm not stopping long enough to paint anything. I did start a little wooden bunny hinged thing that my mom brought me. I got it based and that was a far as I got. ha Oh well, hopefully I'll get to something sooner than later. I really miss it.

I've been working on family history groups, taking pics for a slideshow for a little church social, helping the kids and hubby with school and work stuff, taxes, taking care of a sick hamster and other things that come up. I did get my office cleared out and everything recent filed so I do have some room to work. Can't begin to tell you how frustrating this back issue is for me.

Luvs, is the weather good enough for you to be working in your yard yet? Our winter has been very mild and has only snowed a little here and there. I'm hoping I will be in better condition when summer gets here to be able to get a few more little things done in our yard. It's a work in progress. ha I have some bushes I want to move this year.

Well, guess I'd better go work on supper. Just thought I'd stop in for a second to see how you are doing! ~Anj

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Thanks for letting me know about the posts from you and Belle on the other post.

Yes, Anj, I've gotten quite a bit of yard work done in between our showers. This is our rainy season and I'm always so thankful for good rains so we don't have water rationing all summer.

Gosh I wish you were close enough to come by, I'd give you a whole big box of painting books! I'm so proud of myself, I really cleared out a bunch of them. If they didn't have designs I just LOVED--I decided to pass them on. Dont get me wrong, several still had designs I LIKED, but I've still got more patterns and ideas than I'll ever get painted, so time to pass the rest on for someone else to enjoy. Think I will take them to the library book store next time I'm out. I like to think someone will come along and be excited when they see all of them! LOL

Okay, need to get some work done around here. I goofed off yesterday with a friend. First time I've paid someone to come stay with DH and just gone out to lunch, to Hobby Lobby and a couple thrift stores. Seems extravagant--but I needed a little fun outing this time. Usually, I have my list of errands I need to run and just do that when I hire someone to come stay with DH.

Hope your back starts feeling better soon, Anj. And Belle, we will look forward to having you back here.

Hugs, Luvs

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I'm sure someone will go hog wild over your donation Luvs! I know how hard it is to part with those babies! lol I'm glad you are getting out a little for fun. You need that and you know R would want you to! So don't you feel guilty like we women tend to do! I know you must miss your traveling and weekly movie dates, eating out, thrifting and all the things you used to do on a weekly basis. It's good for everyone if you keep yourself happy!

I think I've hit my winter funk with this last snow storm and my back making me so sedentary. Hopefully it won't last long, but I'm pretty grouchy at the moment! I am going to paint this week. To heck with trying to kill myself doing all this stuff around the house while I'm in pain and nobody appreciates it or helps! grrr! ha Gonna lock myself in my cave and they can fend for themselves a little. Will I really do it?? I don't know, but I want to. ha
Well, I just stopped by to see if you had. I miss ya my friend!

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I feel so terrible. I was just looking at my calendar last night and I realized I had missed a very important day last Saturday!!! Your birthday Luvs!!

Hope it was wonderful, my friend!! âÂÂ¥

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