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anjabeeFebruary 23, 2009

Happy Monday. Hope everyone had a nice weekend.

I have another busy week ahead of me so thought I'd better get in here early. ha I managed to get in some painting over the weekend. I have a recipe box that I got from the TS that I'm painting for my DM. It had a little insert piece in it that I painted a birdhouse on to match her kitchen and now I just have to paint the box the way I want it to look. I used a free pattern from artistclub.com by Jamie Mills Price. They have quite a few new free spring patterns. There are a couple more that I downloaded to try too. Go check it out if you have some time to browse. I will get a pic posted as soon as I finish up the box.

Anyway, I was just checking in for a quick chat. Guess I should have checked last weeks first so I would know what's happening. I'll have to come back later and catch up. I gotta get going right now. Our credit union is merging with another and they have my accounts all screwed up so I need to go iron all that mess out. It's gonna take me a while. Talk to ya'll soon. ~Anj

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Happy Monday to All,

I can hardly wait to see your recipe box finished. I hope you don't loose your mom before you give it to her. LOL WM

Thanks for the heads up on the free patterns. FREE that's my favorite price. haha I have several of JMP books but I'll take a look incase there is something I don't already have. She is one of my favorite artists.

I have a very busy week ahead also so it's nice to come here and relax for a minute. I can't imagine not having you to chat with. Punk

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