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luvstocraftFebruary 23, 2009

Good morning! Well we are reaching the end of another month already. Is it just me, or do they seem to slip by quickly? LOL

Hope Anj is not sick with whatever her two kids had, hope Belle is feeling better again, and hope Punk's computer continues to work okay for her. And hope all the painters out there are finding lots of new projects they want to work on.

I plan to get in there and paint more on my leprechaun today. If I persevere, maybe I can even finish him--just depends on how many times I have to redo his face! LOL Can you tell I'm a bit nervous about painting the face?

We might drive down to the storage area to check on the motor home this afternoon. Like to start it up and make sure the batteries are staying charged and the generator works. Sure wish our lot at home would have been situated so we could store it here. Wasn't thinking about a motorhome when we bought the house!

So what are you gals up to today? Whatever you've planned, hope it works out perfectly.

I'll check back in here tonight. Have a good one. ;o)


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Well Luvs, did you get your leprechaun finished? Don't worry about the face and just paint it. It'll be fine. I love faces and you love roses huh? I could paint santas all day because of the faces.

Does DH go to the doctor tomorrow? Luvs it's to bad you can't keep your motohome at your home alright. We have so much room here it's hard for me to imagine not having room to grow. We still have 100 acres and our parents ranch here and a few sections in WY.

I have a very busy week ahead. I have a client tomorrow after work then early meeting in Missoula the next morning. I need to get my glasses adjusted but will have to hurry back to open the business so will be going back on the weekend.

Then have two services the next day so don't know how much I'll be on here but will try to check in every day if I can. DH was ask to make fish (metal) for the casket so that is a pretty nice honor. Life will slow down next week I hope. I'll tell you more about this later.

Belle how are you feeling???? Take Care

I don't have time to think about what to plan but can hardly wait till my life is back to what I want to call normal. I take my vitamins daily and hope all of you are taking care of yourselves cuz we have alot of painting to do. I think I'll try to paint some bunnies but have to do a little looking to find the right project.

Good to yak with you. Punk

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Haha Luvs~ we posted at the same time again. I'll just come over to yours for the week.
Unfortunately I do still have the scratchy throat that is making me cough and stuffy nose from the kiddos. Hoping with our warmer (50's) weather it will go away soon.
I bet your leprechaun is going to be great. Can't wait to see it.

Punk~ I think the spring things on artistclub are from different artists. I'll try to get the recipe box finished up this week. I'm ready to get back to "normal" too. I have to go over to DH's work to have lunch with him and then meeting with the credit union to fix the big mess. Got our new checks last night and they had my DM's name on our checks. Sigh. More screwups. Maybe because we live at the same address??? Whatever. Our credit cards are screwed up, and our account with all my auto payments are screwed up. Grrrr
Have to run a few errands after that, get home before the kids get home from school. Tonight we have a Scout Banquet/Award Ceremony to go to. Supposed to bring a side dish for that. And ya'll already know what my Wed's are like now. Thursday I will be around because we are getting Direct TV and they are coming to install sometime between 8am and 1pm. Sigh. May have time to paint that day though??
Ok, gotta put a rush on these kids and get them to school. Ya'll have a good one. I most likely won't make it back here today. ~Anj

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Ok, I know I said I most likely wouldn't be here again today and here I am. Made it home in time to pick up DD from school, but she called and said it was so pretty out that she wanted to walk today so I have a few minutes until she gets home.

I just came to tell ya'll I went hog wild at the TS!! ha I bought 26 painting books and I left over 30 on the shelf!!!!! They were 25 cents each! They all have "Store Copy" written on them in black marker so I assume someone was getting rid of their stock and I just so happened to hit it on the right day! It was hard to choose between them and if I wasn't worried about DH quiting his job today I might have bought them all anyway. ha (They will probably keep him at the company so he won't lose his job completely just move to another position.) Anyway, I saw those books and my heart started racing and I hurried and sat down on the floor in front of them and was quickly sorting thru them before someone came along and tried to snatch them. (That was the visual in my head that all the painters in the store were about to converge on my treasure). One of the worker ladies came over and handed me a book to put on the shelf in front of me and said...boy you look like you are having fun. I said....I am just in hog heaven! She and the other lady were teasing me, but I guess they could see by the big smile on my face that I was having a good time. ha Anyway, now I gotta make room in my filing cabinet for my growing collection. I'm just the happiest girl. ha Some of them are old and I may not ever paint a thing in them (even though there is something in every one of them that I want to paint), but you know I'll get so many hours of enjoyment just looking thru them....that's gotta be worth 25cents, huh? ha
Ok, didn't have much time, but couldn't wait to get home to tell ya'll about my mother lode! ha DH said you'd think I'd found gold. ha I just can't help it, there's almost nothing makes me happier than painting books! hahahaha Check ya later paintin buddies. I know ya'll understand my excitement if noone else does! ha ~Anj

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I can picture you sitting there not wanting anyone to have a chance to look before you. I'm surprised the workers got as close to you as they did. haha I think it is so great that you can find paint books for .25. I wouldn't leave any if I did.

I made DD a plaque in her kitchen that says hog heaven on it years ago. Funny that you made that statement. I'll have to take a picture of it sometime and post for you. It was cute back then.

So you still aren't feeling 100% huh? The bug is here to stay so I think we might as well get use to it. Seems like everyone keeps it going in a circle. Sad My client used several kleenex tonight so she wasn't feeling all that good. Seems like I've sneezed more than coughed so far so that's great.

What does DD think about her bb career by now? Hope she stays with it and you get to enjoy it with her for years to come. When is it over for the year?

I have to go and check out the artist club later this week. Help remind me that I need to do that ok?

Luvs what did you do today? And how about DH? And the RV?

Belle where are you and are you ok?

God Bless and take care we'll chat tomorrow. Punk

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OMG! Anj, I just can't believe all those books you found. What are some of the artists? I got excited just reading about your find and could totally understand you sitting on the floor to go through all of them! These must have been from someone who used to have a shop in the area. I'm so happy for you. ;o) Sorry you're still not 100% well, hoping it will pass quickly. Sure don't know how you do all you do when you're not feeling well--well, actually, I don't know how you do it all when you're well! LOL

Punk, my day wasn't nearly as exciting! I went with DH to have his arm checked. They took the cast off but advised him to keep it wrapped on the support for a few more weeks. At least he can take that off to shower--we were doing the ol tape the bag over your arm trick.

Afterwards I went TS shopping too, but sure didn't have good luck like Anj did! I did find some Disney fairy wings and a darling little head piece with flowers and tulle for little GD to play dress up with. Also got some cute bunny napkin rings and a wooden frame with three spaces for pictures. I plan to paint it black and put BOO letters in it for Halloween decor. Also got a gorgeous crystal vase/candleholder for 99 cents because one leg had a chip on it! I was thrilled with the price and the sparkle. And no, I didn't get in there to paint today, but hope to get it finished tomorrow afternoon. (Have to take my little friend for her blood tests in the morning--sure hard for her not being able to drive anymore.)

Know you have services to attend tomorrow and that will be sad for you. Get DH to take you somewhere for lunch/dinner after so you'll feel better maybe. Take care, and "normal" is right around the bend--you'll get there again someday soon.

Belle, we need to know if your infection is all gone yet and that you are okay again, so hope you sign on soon.


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Morning all. How's it going?
I've got another full day ahead of me. Makes me feel tired before I even get started. Wednesdays are always full.

I knew ya'll would be excited for my TS find. ha Some of the artists I don't know and a few of them are by combined artists, but here are a few....

Pat Olson Sunshine Garden
Rose Calton The Evening Moos
Dianna Markum Bless Your Hearts
Lori Gardner
Kristen Cook
Jan Wilde
Kim Russell
Rebecca Carter
Donna Farley
Pat McClure
Diane Richards
Pam Coffman Once Upon A Time Chapter 2
Cheryl Frisk
Barbara Lloyd
Deanna Kirkham
Susan Jill Hall
Some of the combined artists are Gaye Shoell, Emily Dinsdale, Rebecca Carter and Kathy Distefano Griffiths, Lori Holt, Marie Cole, Fayette Skinner

A lot of them are country style books with farm animals (yes I still like them), some spring and some wimsy and some I bought just for the Americana pages.

Punk~ it's so funny you saying about the workers getting close, one reached over my shoulder to put a plastic canvas book on the shelf and I was like "Whoa Whoa Whoa what are you doing...get back. No touchy touchy." Kinda acting like I was gonna slap her hand away from them just teasing her back. She started laughing. I figured she could take it since they were teasing me first. ha
I'm from the back woods of MS so you'll hear me saying a lot of those things like hog wild if you hang around here long enough. ha I'm a country girl thru and thru. Just read everything I say with a southern accent and you'll pretty much have me pegged. =)
No I'm still not 100%. I think I may be getting a sinus infection now and my voice is going in and out.
DD has her last home game today. I'm going to check her brothers out of school early today so they can go with me to watch her play. Then I have to take her up to the university on Saturday for their Finals?? BB ends after the 1st week of Mar. DH decided not to take the trip to San Diego this weekend (the conference was full and he would have been sleeping on the floor, sharing a hotel room with 8 thank you). So he is going with our boys to their Scout winter daycamp Satuday instead.

Luvs~ I thought today was the day for DH to get his cast off. Glad he got it off and hope he didn't lose much strength in it. Tell him no more tripping! Can he drive again?
Good of you to take your friend to the dr. No buyers on the house yet? Will there be lunch involved?
I cannot believe I used to be embarrassed to go in a TS. Now I can hardly pass one up without a quick run thru. ha So much more exciting than shopping in a "regular" store and cheap to boot. Sounds like you found some fun things. Your GD is gonna love the fairy gear. Have you noticed that things seem to come in waves? Like I noticed a bunch of wedding dresses out yesterday where they usually only have one rack, there were 3 full. Not so much glass stuff out, but the wood bins were full. It's like everyone cleans out their certain things at one time or maybe it's the way the TS stocks the shelves? Kinda funny to me though.

Well, I have a lot of things on my to-do list today. Need to go throw some soup fixins in the crock for tonight. I have had this open for a long time and have gotten up and down so many times I can't remember what I've written so I'll just end by saying Belle hope you are feeling much better today and everyone stay healthy and have a good day. I have to go run errands and go do some visiting tomorrow with my DM after the cable guy comes. So far I've managed to leave my Friday empty so I can paint. Keep fingers crossed that it stays that way! Talk to ya'll again soon. ~Anj

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Hi Ladies, I didn't get a chance to get on here until now. Well, that's probably because I took a little nap after I got back from my friends appointments. LOL

I did take her to lunch since I didn't get to on her birthday--we had the buffet at a Mexican restaurant and she ate two plates of food plus three desserts! Guess she really liked it, she normally eats hamburgers or hot dogs when she eats out, so this was a treat for her. She's a little tiny thing, so I was thrilled to see her eating so well. There were more people looking at her place yesterday, someone who lives there wanting to find a place for their Mom close to them. Sure hope they make an offer.

After the blood tests, lunch, and a trip by the bank, I took time to spray all the weeds and grass that had popped up through the rocks around her lot. The area under her carport needs to be hosed off good, but we decided to wait for a warmer day to do that.

When I woke from my nap, I got busy finishing my leprechaun guy. I'm going to wait and take the pic and post it tomorrow. I always get too much glare if I try to do it inside. I think he turned out cute--even though somewhat different than the pattern.

I've already got a little metal tray started, got the lettering done, just need to paint the roses on it. Might get it done tonight if I don't stay on here too long! ;o)

Anj, seems like DD basketball didn't last very long. Well, it probably seemed long to you since you were having to get up so early to get her to practice! Right?

Don't blame your DH for not going on the trip--no way would I want to share a room with that many people and sleep on the floor besides!

I recognized all but about four of the artists you listed. You are going to have so much fun with all your new projects.

I still like allot of the animal patterns too, and I love cute chicks and bunnies for Spring. I need to see if any of the books I've kept out open to projects I want to do are Spring/Easter ones--if not, I should pull out some of those type books and find one to do next.

I'm also already thinking about some garden themed projects too. Some of my old yard stakes and plaques are really getting weather beaten and need to be replaced. I really should put a coat of outdoor paint on them before I paint them with my acrylics--think that would seal them better and make them last longer. The thin wood seems to deteriorate fastest, even though I try to remember to spray another coat or two of sealer on them every so often. Hot sun, rain and water sprinklers take their toll on them.

So no Punk or Belle here today. Hope they are both doing okay.

I'll try to get my pic posted early tomorrow.


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Luvs, I'm so happy your DH got his cast off. It has been years since our son had one on his leg from the knee down. I remember the bag & tape and that was a pain.

You mentioned the frame you got and want to paint boo on reminds me I just noticed a halloween sign in one of my books that I want to paint for next year. It's in Keepsakes for the Holidays and spells out happy halloween with ghosts, pumpkins, kittens, spiders and witch's hats. Don't know why I've never painted it before.

When will GD get to play with her fairy wings and head band? Will you use your bunny napkin rings at your Easter table setting? I love crystal also and have two hutches over flowing. I've told myself no more unless it's at a yard sale or something like that I can't refuse. I have a friend with some that says she is going to give me. So you know that price will be right.

I'm so excited that both of you can find paint books and goodies at your TS. I'm going to wait till spring and go through my shed and cabin and paint on all the things I no longer care about. I've given sis all my extra neat coffe and tea pots so that's to bad. LOL I know I have things that need painted or thrown out. Did I say thrown out? I think I ment need painted on. LOL I'm so upset to think of all the things I've thrown out and would be loving the chance to paint on now.

Anj it will be so fun seeing the new projects you create with all your new books. Are you going to miss those early morning practices?

Just found out I have company coming for a couple of weeks so gotta go. Punk

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Good Morning!

WoW! You have all been so busy!

Anj.....what a nice find with the books. When looking for other things in a TS my DH found dozens of books - but they were "old" we are talking 60's and 70's and painting has changed so very much in that time, but I bought some anyway! DH was the one sitting on the floor pulling out books he thought I would like, he knows my tastes. Don't know why I would think there was anything current - I don't toss my books. Maybe we need to start a trade list or something.

Anj.....Hope you are feeling better, sinus problem are never fun!

Luvs..... How I wish I could start my seasonal yard work - we have more snow! My daffodils are up and some plants actually show signs of life. The birds are also showing sign of spring. Oh! How I want the warm, sunny days!
Glad your DH has his cast off and is healing well. And please "show and tell" with you GD! are beginnning to sound like Anj with you work schedule. I don't see how either of you ever have time to paint - ever! I stay at home most days and still don't have enough time! I'm up at 7 am and down at 11pm and still run behind!

As to me.......thank You all for the kind thoughts....I am much better. Off the tank and breathing on my own! I have lost 22 pounds and intend to keep them off! I worked very hard to loose them! DGS actually was allowed to spend the weekend with I missed him! I haven't done anything except cough and sleep or sleep and cough. But have several project I really want to jump right in and get going on....but still haven't found any St. Patty's of my favorites and I don't have a thing yet. Was thinking of picking up some pre-cut out shamrocks and adding white paint embellishments, did that once for a banquet decorations and it turned out really great, at least it would be a start. Have a Dr. appt. this afternoon and maybe I'll stop at the dollar store and Michael's and see what is out there.

Well, I have run on long enough...ya'all take care!


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Good morning! Gosh, Belle--more snow. Bet you are ready for Spring for sure. So glad you are feeling better now and that your GS is up and around now too. I don't have allot of St. Pat's decorations either. I need to get mine out of the storage area and up, it will be here soon.

Phonegirl, I'm jealous of all your crystal items. And to get freebies is even better. I know you come by Holidays, so you will probably see most of mine over there at one time or another. Most of mine has just been accumulated over the years, and some is from the Princess House parties we all used to attend. Many pieces have been found at the TS. I love how they sparkle when the light shines through.

And I can also relate to what you are saying about giving things away that you wish you had now! I can say that about some of my painted items too! And lots of dishes and candleholder items. LOL

Great hearing from all of you. Hope everyone has a great day.


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Hey ya'll. Whatcha up to today? I'm painting finally. DH took the day off and I don't know about ya'll, but I can't get anything done when he is home. He and my dad finally decided to go ice fishing so I jumped in here to paint. Waiting for something to dry so I can put another coat on it. Since the attic clean out I can't find any of my wood (or anything else) so I wanted to cut out this cute leprechaun, but no wood. After I get this box painted I'll go look again. Nothing else I really feel like working on so hope I find it.
I just stopped in here for a second. Belle~ glad you are feeling better and wowzers on the lost pounds! Hope I don't find em! ha

I may go to the $1 store this afternoon with my DM. Haven't been in a long time so will be fun to browse.
Ok, time for another coat. Later~Anj

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Another late night at the office but it means another week done. I need to wash bedding for company tomorrow but so glad I took time to jump on here first.

Belle it is so good to hear your doing much better. I hope you had 22 pounds to loose. How was your time with GS again? Hope you feel good enough to paint cuz I won't be until my company is gone.

Luvs most of my crystal is from Princess House too. One of my best friends has sold it for 20 years and so this explains why I have two china hutches full. I have more of the Heritage than fantasia but I think I have more than my friend. LOL Both of my children like the hertitage pattern best but my friend who sells it, likes the fantasia. The other friend who is planning to give me some has waterford crystal.

Anj I'm so glad you found time to paint. So sorry you didn't have wood to cut out your leprechaun. What are you painting on?

Did you and DM make it to the $1 store? Find anything fun? How did the guys fishing trip turnout?

We got another fun night with the girls last night. It was so fun to have everyone telling me how cute she is at the dinner last night.

We had the service yesterday and it was nice except that we got 6 inches of snow. The roads were slick and I had to stop several times and get the ice off of the wipers so I could keep driving. The family had the service on the other side of the lake up it the moutains. My DD was so scared while we drove across the dam. It snowed so hard and most of us didn't dress right.

Our feet were almost frozen. My shoes are still damp. They lit a large campfire, sawed a tree down and shot riffles off to honor him so it was a pretty neat service. We didn't get home until 8:30 so it was a long day with very slick roads. I don't know what I was thinking. I refuse to go to our cabin until April because of the roads. DH had said the only way you'll make it all the way up there is if they use a cat and clear the road which they had done. He had no idea it would snow all day yesterday and have close to a foot of new snow up there.

I need to GTB so I'll try to check in when I have time. I'm so happy all of you are finding time to paint. You probably won't hear from me every day but I'll check in when time allows. No matter how much fun I'm having with company know I'll be thinking of all of you. Punk

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Hi all....and happy Saturday morning. DH took my boys off to their Scout winter day camp earlier this morning. Hope they'll stay warm. They looked like penguins I had them so layered up...with a set of gloves shoved in each pocket. They'll be gone all day up in the mountains and it snowed again here and freeeeeeeezin in the valley so I know it's colder up there. Glad DH is going with them. Makes me feel like they are a little safer.
Punk~ my DM left me!! She went to lunch with her friend and then stopped at the $1 store on the way home. =( So I may run over there today after DD leaves to go to her ballgame. I got wrong information on that...her team isn't playing today, they are going to watch a UofU game. Hoping she can find a ride with one of her friends cause I still don't know where to go. Coach didn't give us the information and not being from this state....I have no idea where it is.
We are still getting snow here to....=(grrr. Me not likey! Glad you were safe going to the service. Sounded nice. Have fun with your company.

I'm gonna get out there in the garage and look for my wood one more time before I go to Lowes and purchase some more. It took me a long time to trace out my leprechaun pattern onto transfer paper, then get it all pieced together right. It's a big un....well, almost 2ft tall. ha Pattern is from Wood 'n Holidaze by Gaye Shoell. Is there a better way to transfer the pattern? Give the ST (self taught) girl some tips. =)

Well, I'm not gonna get anything done if I don't get up from here. Ya'll have a good weekend. Hope it's pretty for ya. ~Anj

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Good morning! Maybe I shouldn't mention that I have a beautiful clear sunny day today! DH said it might get up to the 80's this weekend. You gals wanna come visit me to warm up? ;o)

Punk, your description of your drive in all that snow and ice just had me sitting on the edge of my chair. I don't know how you do it--that is just so scary to me! I'm glad you made it to the services. Sounds like he was given a really neat send off. Hope the family are doing okay too.

Nice that you have company coming now, will get your mind onto happier thoughts. We'll miss you here, but hope you will really enjoy their visit.

Anj, I saw your little birdhouse project and it turned out so cute. Know your DM will treasure it. Sorry you didn't get to go to the Dollar store with her. I had stopped in Dollar Tree last week and bought a banner and some cute stickers. Need to dig out my other decorations and get them up so I can enjoy them awhile before the holiday.

Wow! You are doing a big Leprechaun. Gail Shoell did allot of those nice big patterns. I actually like painting big things like that better than little ones. More "bang for the buck" and easier to paint I think.

Cutting them out is sometimes tricky depending on the "throat" length of your saw. One of the little tricks I use is to cut in to the line several places along each side. Then I don't have to try to cut down one whole side at once, or back the blade out and start from the other end. By cutting in to the side in a few places, you just cut up to that and the piece of waste board just drops off out of your way. Then you can go on and cut the next strip. Is this making any sense at all? LOL

As for tracing the pattern, remember that you can use a copy machine for a pattern that is for your own use. I just lay mine on the copier, then tape the pieces together. Then I use a piece of graphite or carbon paper under it and trace the outside lines onto the wood. (I only use carbon paper for an outside edge, never for the detail lines since it will show through your paint. On the outside edges, you cut through it and will sand any that's left off when you smooth your edges.) Before my DH' big copier quit pulling the paper through, I used to be able to use the thin see through paper which was wonderful for patterns. Much easier for when I needed to put it back on to trace off more details on my project. Now I really have to be careful to get the pattern lined up right because I'm using regular copier paper. (I haven't tried the transfer paper on my new copier--afraid it might jam it and mess it all up!)

Hope some of this info is helpful. Maybe Punk or Belle will have some other good tips for us about transferring patterns or cutting the wood. Can't wait to see your project. Bet your kids will love it! ;o)

I better get dressed and get those decorations out, want to get them up before little GD comes tomorrow so she can enjoy them with me. ;o)


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