Not Monday--but a new week

luvstocraftFebruary 17, 2009

Good Morning, Hope this finds everyone well and happy. Not allot going on here, getting some wonderful rains which we need so much--but it's also chilly and a little dreary so I find myself snuggling on the sofa under my afghan more often. LOL

You should see my stack of books opened to pages of projects I would like to try to paint! Probably won't get them all done, or I'll change my mind before I get to them all. Sure was fun looking back through a bunch of them while under that warm cozy afghan however! ;o) Now I just need to get a surface ready and start on a couple of them!

How are things with all of you. Busy making hot soups and casseroles to warm everyone's tummies? I made a pot of homemade chilli yesterday, had made vegetable soup the week before. I don't know about you, but I haven't been in a house cleaning mood--and it's starting to show! Might need to address that problem this week too. Are all of you tired of your snow and the boots and heavy coats? Thinking it's time for Spring? When it rains at my house, it snows on the mountains just north of me. I have to say, they sure look pretty when they get a new coat of fresh white snow. I love it when the sun shines on them, just dazzling--and of course, the good part is that I don't have to shovel or wade through any of it! ;o)

Hope some of you get a chance to hop on here for a bit today, I miss hearing from you.


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Good Evening,

Hope everyone is well. Glad I took a minute to stop by. I guess we are all so busy we're not taking enough time to stop and say hi. I was hoping someone had posted a new project or two to inspire me. Not today I guess. This is why I'm so thankful that someone always takes the time to keep this going. I miss not chatting everyday with all of you. I think my computer is going to be alright so I'm pushing my luck. haha

I haven't made any soup or chili lately but it sure sounds good. I think the sofa and afaghan sounds pretty inviting also. I didn't feel that great on Sun. and took a nap until DS showed up and needed my attention. LOL

I'm going to call DD and see if I can talk her and GD into staying with us tomorrow night. If that's the case then it'll get me into the cleaning mode and that would be a good thing. She has a late hair appointment close to my office so I'm sure GD will stay with me while she gets her hair done and then I'll take GD to get her hair cut when I close the office. Big Grin.....

What projects are you seeing in your books that you want to start. I started a pansie plaque and painted half of them upside down so don't know how I want to finish it. I'd like to start a new one but think I'll put some finishing touches on before I try a new one. People who don't paint don't seem to pick them apart so I can find someone who will think it is ok.

We had fog this morning and sunshine this afternoon so everyone who came in said how nice it was outside this afternoon. We still have a little snow but not to cold. The mountains are beautiful with the snow on them. We have a beautiful range close by. I'll take a picture sometime and post so you can see.

Luvs, hope you get in the mood to paint so I can come and enjoy. Always good to chat with all of you. Maybe I'll go paint tonight for a little while. Punk

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Hey, I'm here. Sorry I've been hibernating. Having a little seasonal depression, but I'm coming out of it a little bit. Looking forward to Thurs when the sun is supposed to come out and the snow will stop.

Luvs~ every time it rains over your goes over the mountain and turns to snow in my backyard!! ha Bundling up watching some movies and sippin on some homemade soup sounds wonderful to me. I may make some on Thurs cause my family will have to eat leftovers tomorrow night. Made a big pot o chicken and rice for our supper tonight. I dreamed about you the other night btw. Don't remember what it was about, but I know you were there. ha

I wish I had time to look thru my painting books. Tomorrow I have to go do some shopping and errands and then have DD's bball at 3pm, then Scouts and church stuff after the kids get home from school. So hopefully Thursday or Friday I'll have some me time to work on a new project. Don't know what it will be yet, but want to do something. Maybe I can find a Easter project. It takes me so long to paint I may have something finished by then. Or I always have a few things I've started, but never finished that I can work on.
Well, you ladies carry on. Punk, hope you get your computer problems worked out soon. Have fun with DD & DGD. I'll hopefully be back on Thursday. =) ~Anj

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Good morning, So glad to see two of you had stopped by here. Seems we are all a little "draggy" right now. Let's hope it passes soon. ;o)

Anj, I don't think you really get to "hibernate" with all those activities! No wonder, you just want to curl up and get a little rest between trips. Now me, there's just no excuse other than the season and my own laziness! LOL

I think that is so funny that I was in your dream, Anj. Sure hope we were having a fun time! LOL

Punk, I hope your DD and GD can come stay. Sounds like you "girls" always have a good time together--and with a sleepover, you don't have to rush.

My DH is so tired of his cast already. Gets in his way allot and is heavy. Poor thing, I think he gets it off Tuesday of next week.

My chilli was so good, and even better warmed up for lunch yesterday. Now the problem is that I don't want anymore today and DH won't either. I think maybe I'll put it in a container and try freezing it--I just hate letting it go to waste. That's one of the problems with only two of us--imagine Anj has the complete opposite problem at her house.

You gals all take care, and we'll see when one of us get's something painted. LOL


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Hello...............seems like years since I was last here! candy bars turned out super! But....if I got one I wouldn't want to open it! problem are "not fun" hope the problem is solved and you are up and running soon!

My GS is doing better...won't be going to school until next week at the earliest. So far we have done really well on the homework, and no Trig problems that he couldn't solve....whew!

Somewhere along the way I caught a bug. My Dr., figures it was at the ER. Anyway, I have an infection in my right lung and now GS is on his own and DH is caring for me. So much time and no energy to do anything! many desires and so little "to paint" list would take the rest of my life to paint and by then it would have added enough new projects to take me into the next 100 years.

Ya'all take care.............


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Belle~ so sorry to hear you are sick now. You take care of yourself. Glad DGS is doing better. I meant to ask about him yesterday. He's on his way to recovery I hope. That is some nasty stuff and he may still feel a little weak even after he's over it. The good thing is that he's old enough to do for himself.
Glad you liked the candy bars. They were just something simple, but it was fun dressing them up.
We all have those long never ending lists of projects I think. I hope I never get thru mine. ha

I have 2 sick kids myself....stuffy noses, sore throats, fever and whiny to boot. I'm here because I missed DD's game. I lost my DM at Walmart and she didn't have her cell phone so we spent a lot of time wandering around trying to find each other. Then their cash registers were having a problem so the lines were looong. Anyway, by the time we got out of there and got the groceries home her 1st game was almost over so I figured I'd just stay home and relax while I can before it gets crazy tonight. Have to get some birthday things together to give 2 of the girls tonight. I took some felt of different colors and cut out flower shapes. Hand sewed around them and stacked them with a flower shaped button on top. Then hot glued it to a magnetic clip. There is another pack of decorative magnets hanging from the clip that we are giving them for their school lockers, but I thought I'd dress up the clip a bit. Turned out cute and the girls like them. I'll try to take a pic Friday and show ya'll here.

Hey Luvs~ I'm feeling very chipper today. Thought it was supposed to be snowing, but voila...the sun is out! Our weatherman is on crack. ha
Poor Mr R. I bet it itches too...I've heard they do. Luckily never had to have one...have you? He doesn't have too much longer with it anyway. Did you sign it for him or better yet paint him a little something on it? Maybe have DGD draw him a little funny on it.
You are really making me want chili. I bought soup and chili fixins at the store so I'll be making them both soon. I usually have to double up my recipes for this crew and then I may have enough for my lunch the next day and if I'm lucky there will be enough leftovers for everyone to have the next night so I don't have to cook. Sometimes I take the last meals ingredients and turn it into the next meal. The chicken & rice had leftover chicken that I'd baked a few nights before in it. I hate throwing out good food too.
Was it you who was asking about all the cooking for the week in one day? Your DIL? Obviously I forgot to reply. I only do that for holidays and it wears me out. Can't imagine doing it every week. How is it going for her?

Well, I have time to do at least one load of laundry and get the dishwasher unloaded before I have to run DS to scouts. Ya'll have a good one. ~Anj

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Hi Belle and Anj, Glad to see posts from both of you today.

Gosh Belle, that's a shame you got sick now. Thank goodness your GS is on the road to recovery. Hope your DH gives you some TLC so you will feel better soon. I'm not applying any pressure for you to paint, only do it when you feel like it--it's for fun.

Anj, if two of the kids are sick, sure hope you won't catch it. Glad you had sun shine today, we did too, so we took both the dogs for a walk. I didn't even need a jacket for a change. My DIL is the one doing the week's worth of cooking in one day. She said it was allot of work, but was nice having the extra time during the week. I took her over a book I've had for years for cooking for a month all in one day. She said she wasn't sure she could do that much in a day!

You gave me a chuckle about losing your Mom in Walmart! Not funny to be wandering around looking for each other I know, but sorta funny hearing about it. I'm always afraid that will happen to me when I go to computer shows with DH, but we have a rule to wait at the end of the aisle for the each other so think I'm safe! ;o)

I started on the leprechaun today. Whether I show it to you gals or not depends on how it comes out. I don't often do pieces that have this much detail. I'm stressing over the cheeks and hair. I can guarantee that it will not look exactly like the pattern!LOL

I didn't do alot today, emptied the dishwasher, ran the dustmop, did a load of laundry and painted. Going to have little GD here at 8:45 in the morning, so will try to get to bed a little early tonight.

You gals take care. We'll chat more later.


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An early good morning. Got up yesterday morning a little before 4am (sick kid) and didn't get to bed til 2am. Up a little after 5am (sick kid) this morning so what is that like 3 hours of sleep? UGH.

Kay~ DH & DB may be heading to San Diego tonight and be there thru the weekend for a conference. I told him ya'll were having some nice weather right now, but don't know how close that is to you. Do you think it will it stay pretty thru the weekend for them? We are warming up to 44 degrees today! Aren't we so lucky! ha
It does kinda sound funny to lose your parent in Walmart, but it was a Super Walmart! ha We usually have our cells and can find each other easily. We need to have a plan like yours sounds like.
Good luck on your leprechaun. That face was what was scaring me too. ha I hope it will be a breeze for you.

I have to get a lot done today so I can paint tomorrow. I have a Bunny plaque that I may try to start. Got the book at the TS, but the bunny is kinda realistic looking and don't know if I'm up for that challenge. Need to read thru the directions and see how difficult it sounds. I also like the bunnies decorating the trees with snowballs in that last Q & E painting mag. It will probably still be snowing here for Easter. Wouldn't be the first time. ha

DD's youth group made those pretty ribbon picture holders last night for their activity. She made one with a big wolf on it. Wasn't sure how it was going to turn out, but it looked good. Another good night with the girls and since I helped them do all theirs now I know how to do them too. Don't know when I'll ever get around to making one, but I know how. ha

Ok, I'm falling asleep here to the tapping of the keys. Think I'll take a quick cat nap on the couch before it's time to wake up the second shift. ~A

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Good Afternoon...

Luvs...looking forward to seeing your Lepy. Don't know if I will decorate for St. patty's day, that would mean shopping and well....we will see!

Anj....I lost my DH in Wally World (Wal*Mart) and had him pages...he was not a happy camper...didn't like his name announced all over the store...I wish I had someone to shop with other them DH...DD does her shopping after work and does it quickly so that's out. My DDIL isn't into anything other than quilt making so that's out! Most of my GF's work and again shopping is a hit and miss that's out. Did I mention I'm not a big shopper? lol

My GS is well on his way to being well, isn't back to school yet, but should be OK for Monday. He is actually ahead of his it shouldn't be to hard for him to get back in the swing of things. He is still angry that he missed out on the district finals (wrestling) but we all keep saying "next year"

Thank you for the kind words. DH took me to the ER Wednesday evening and I was sprung this morning. Now I have this stupid thing sticking in my nose and push along a tank on wheels. My ribs felt better when I broke them than they do now, only good thing is I have lost 11 pounds! Bad thing...DGS isn't allow near me, his immune system would be able to fight an new infection. Bummer! And it is beautiful outside and I could be working in the garden or around the pond, so beings I can't do that, hubby brought me some yarn and a pattern and said, "here - make an afghan" So I am doing just that.

DH spray the finish on a project I made for a benefit raffle (made two this time), I posted a picture in the was a fun project.

Anj.....have you ever heard about burning the candle from both ends? Slow down girl! Sorry to hear your children have being ill, hope they are all well!

Well, it has taken me over an hour to get this done, and done I am!

Ya'All Take CARE!


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Gosh, Belle, I'm sure sorry to hear you are that sick. Hope the medication and oxygen will clear things up quickly for you. Not fun to have to be housebound now that the weather is getting better I'm sure. Just take care of yourself, okay? I saw your project on the gallery and commented on it there. Good you thought to take your paints along while you were with your grandson. ;o)

Anj, I hadn't paid any attention to San Diego's weather forecast, but it's usually even nicer there than here, and we are having lovely sunny days right now. May get more rain on Sunday they say however. San Diego is about 2 1/2 hours away from us.

Realistic painting has always scared me, that's probably partly why I paint so many of the more whimsical things--it's just easier--but I do like the cute stuff allot. ;o) I have two or three patterns for bunnies that are so darling, but they are supposed to look rather realistic, and I'm so afraid of the faces and fur that I haven't tried to paint them yet. Some day, I'm going to just go for it, because even if it doesn't come out realistic, no one but me will know, and hopefully they will be cute anyway! LOL

Hope the kids are feeling better and that you have been able to catch up on your sleep. I've been sort of tired and dragging this week too. Had little GD all day yesterday so she kept me busy playing, and I did manage to get a little dusting done around here. Did the type where I had to use the little ladder and climb up to clean tops of bookcases and cabinets! I put those places off as long as possible. LOL

Okay, I should be working on my leprechaun, so I'd better get off here. I'm missing Punk, hope she gets her computer issures resolved soon


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Belle~ hope you are on the road to recovery. Sounds like you are pretty sick. Feel better soon! Been a long time since I worked on an afghan. Wonder if I can still remember how to do them. ha At least you have some busy work to keep you from going stir crazy. Take care!

I started getting a sore throat last night so I guess I'm getting what the other kids had. So far no fever with it so hoping it will pass quickly.

Luvs~ we all got our wires crossed here. It's next weekend that they are going to SD. Hope the weather stays pretty for them.

Ok, the realist bunny was too intimidating for me. I didn't get much painting done yesterday, just couldn't get into it for some reason. Have something else I'm going to work on today. Think it's a Jamie Mills-Price. We'll see if I can get the pattern matched up to the surface.

Everyone have a good weekend and feel better! Miss ya PuNk! ~Anj

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No painting here today, watched little GD since her mommy is having back problems. We went to an open air market and she got to see bunnies, turtles, turkeys, peacocks, and all kinds of birds. We rode on a little train and she got a couple of new toys to play with. She'll be back tomorrow afternoon.

Belle, I hope you are doing better. Do take your medicine and get lots of rest okay?

Anj, too funny that we all thought it was this weekend they were going to San Diego. LOL Sorry to hear you might be getting sick too. I know it's really hard when you don't feel good and still have to get the family all the places they need to go. Try to rest every chance you get, okay?

Punk, we are sure missing you on here. Hope you get the computer problems solved real soon.

We have a couple of new posters too. Will be nice to get to know them better and chat about their projects too, won't it?

Okay, I'm outta here for now. I'll try to get my little leprechaun finished up on Monday at least.


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Luvs, Belle and Anj,

So sorry I haven't been on here much this week. I did get to spend a couple of nights with GD and DD. But we had a terrible accident that took the life of a dear friend and so it has been a nightmare these past few days. I didn't get home from work last night until 8:30 and most nights 7-7:30. It's just been a long week.

I painted all day today so we'd have something special to give to the families with their flowers. Luvs, I painted a little tray and used gold finger rub on it. It kinda looks antique. I haven't varnished it yet so don't know if it'll stay on but it sure was EASY. Have any of you used the finger rub and do you know if it'll stay on when I varnish? Now I need to get food cooked for the dinner.

I'm sorry everyone, you all have your own problelms so you don't need to hear all about mine but for some reason I think it's all about me right now. Just Kidding! It's just been a hard week and I'm one tired woman. This energizer bunny needs a recharge I think.

Belle, I hope you are improving. Sounds like your infection is pretty serious. You have to take care cuz we all need you. It was good to hear GS is doing better and you have him ahead on assignments but sad he can't be near you. Bet he feels bad that he can't be there for you.

Anj, doesn't sound like your life has slowed down any. How's the kidos feeling now? It's hard when you have more than one sick at the same time huh? I like having GD when she's sick cuz I know she is a sunggle bum and I don't mind that at all.

We all have cells (of course) so we don't loose each other and we do call each other alot while shopping. I had to laugh about losing DM in Super WM also. It's not hard to do in a store that size. We go to the front and wait if we don't call each other to check location. I think the mall is worse.

I'd like to see all the clips you made. Did you post a picture and I missed it or were you to busy to take time to take the picture?

Luvs, I'll bet your DH will be sooo glad to get the cast off and be able to do what he wants. How has the driving been going? No fun stories to tell about???

I was reading about Sue Pruett in the front of her book I was painting from and she basically said she doesn't do anything but paint. Now I know why she's the pro and we have dust bunnies who come to visit if we don't stay on top of things. LOL I keep hoping a little fairy will appear to help me out but after all these years I don't think that's gonna happen.

It's now 1:30 a.m. and I need to GTB. It's been great to be able to come on here and vent. What would I do without all of you. Thanks girlfriends!


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