How's this Monday morning treatin ya?

anjabeeFebruary 22, 2010

Well good morning! Mr. Sun decided to visit us today! Hurray for that! Still chills ya to the bone as soon as you walk out the door, but I'll take what I can get. ha

Not much of an exciting weekend. Started planning our vacation in June to go back home and visit family. Pretty excited since it's been 4 years! It will be fun to see everyone.

Luvs~ I have some friends who use the cricut tons, but they are scrapbooking crazy. ha I think you could also use it for stencils in the reverse right? As you pop the letters out, the part that's left makes the stencil??? Am I thinking about that right? I am going to be doing some scrapbooked blocks countdown calendars for Christmas this year, but you could do them for other holidays too. I'll try to post a link for you. My friend made one and I love it.

Ok, I'm off to exercise and get things done early so I can go to my finance class tonight. Ya'll have an excellent day! ~Anj

Here is a link that might be useful: Christmas Countdown blocks

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Some people use the vinyl numbers, but I think you could modge podge the cutouts just as easy.

Here is a link that might be useful: Halloween countdown blocks

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I'm sure you could do a pretty cute Easter set as well. =)

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Hi, love those little countdown blocks. It's those kinds of things that I am wanting to make--I don't do much scrapbooking, just mostly crafts. I'm hoping DH can bid on one on Ebay and not have to pay too much for it. Then sometimes I think I am crazy and wouldn't use it enough to be worth spending the money on it! LOL

I've saved some pictures of other wood block projects too. In fact I might have mentioned that I've got some blocks Mod Podged already and am looking for some letters I can paint on them. Sure would be easier to just cut out the letters on a Cricut than to have to find the font, trace them on, then paint them.

Got a dentist appt. today then I'll work on my projects hopefully.

Belle, are you feeling better? Sure hope so.

Where's Bebe? We haven't heard from her for awhile, hope she's just busy and will be by soon.

We all know Punk is busy busy busy--but you gals should go over to holidays and see her tablescape posts--very nice. ;o)


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Hello All.....the sun has arrived and will stick around for one more day, not much time to get the front garden in order, especially as it was down to 28 degrees last night.

Thank You all for the kind thought and well wishes. Most of the time I am OK. I get very tired very easily and the ears are still playing something from Chopin or Mozart, but the Transderm patches really help out!

Went on an unexpected trip to the Northeastern central part of the state over the weekend. Before we left DH went out and purchased chains so we wouldn't get stuck on one of the passes, that was funny as there isn't really any snow. Some of the ski resorts are already down for the years, over a month early. Anyway it was a beautiful trip and nice to spend some time with a lot of close friends. But poor DH had to drive the 600 mile round trip. We did stop often and at one stop actually found a TS and I found one painting book as well as a wood heart shaped something that I would call a heart hanging basket and a beautiful birdhouse shape basket made from twigs. They wanted $5.00 for it which was within reason, but it had an overload of plastic flowers stick in green sea foam. I asked the clerk if she wanted the flowers cause I didn't, so she removed the flowers and gave me the piece for one buck. She got a big Thank You!

DS and his family were here for dinner last night. They had just gotten one of those deep frying thingys and he did two large whole chickens. They were great (but i can imagine the calorie count) We sat around talking for several hours and it was really nice. Even nicer (well not really) everyone else did everything and I just sat around doing nothing.

Our DGS and his girlfriend were also here yesterday and he was really excited. He has gotten notice that he will receive 4 scholarships. Still hoping several more will also be coming his way. He will be doing his first two years at a JR College here at home and then at least 2 years at one of the 4 years colleges. He is doing a count down to graduation. He is going into law enforcement and want to become State Trooper which for me is really scary as we have lost so many enforcement officers in the last 6 months, 8 in all. Its like an epidemic. But we all just smile and give his all the love and encouragement we can.

Better go get my "garden to do list" started. Several of the neighbor kids are coming today to help with the yard work. Funny how I "USED" to do it all myself.

Y'all take care!


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Belle, so glad to hear about your GS getting the scholorships, those will be a big help. Glad you got to go on a trip--good that your DH wanted to be prepared in case an unexpected storm came up. Never know what to expect anymore! That's great that the neighbor kids are coming to help with the yard work--how did you talk them into that? A sheet full of homemade cookies maybe???? ;o)

Woke up to a gorgeous clear sunny morning--but it is sure chilly! Had to go turn on the heater to take the chill off. I was sorely tempted to just go crawl back in my warm bed but my dogs think I need to be out here with them!

I've got to find some fonts to do the letters on my blocks--or I could put them away hoping DH gets me that Cricut for my birthday! That will make doing letters lots easier. And yes, Anj, I think you are right about being able to pop the letters out and use the holes left as a stencil. I watched a few videos on Utube--seems there are lots of tricks and things to learn and even a way to buy a program that will let you use the fonts from your computer instead of buying cartridges. I'm thinking the small one will be all I need--hope I don't find out later that I should have gotten the big one--but it's quite a bit more costly too. Let's hope DH comes through with one for me! LOL

I need to do something in the living/dining area. I put away all the Valentines decs, and it's sorta blah in there now. Need to see when St. Pat's is and then decorate a bit for that.

Hope you all have a great day.


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Good Morning,

I have been busier than ever but had to take a minute to check in here. Luvs, your little birdie box made me SMILE so much. What a nice project to wake up to see. Just Darling.

Anj, those sites are something I will come back and look at again. I too love blocks. Guess we don't grow out of everything.

BTW, hows the weight loss going. I'm so jealous that your losing and I'm gaining all of it.LOL If my life ever slows down I plan to start walking when it warms up. Hows that for putting off doing anything about it?

Belle, sounds like you are one busy lady. Sooo happy for DGS. And the deep fryers are pretty great on turkeys and sounds like chickens are wonderful too. Did he cook both of them at the same time? Glad your feeling better.

Gotta get to work. Punk

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Good morning All. I've got a lunch date with a friend today, so looking forward to that. And I'm in the middle of painting another little project--believe it or not! I've also got to cut out and sew the little "costume" for my GD--did I tell you she asked me to make her a super hero costume? Haven't sewn in a long time, so hope it comes out useable! LOL

Punk, I'm still doing the WW and losing slowly but consistently. I'm learning to make wiser choices, but the desire to eat everything that tastes good is still with me! Biggest difference for me is realizing a serving of meat is about the size of a deck of cards--my portions were always MUCH larger than that! LOL We've enjoyed our walks, so many flowers with new blooms and weather is cool but sunny.

Belle, fried anything sounds delicious to me right now! LOL I was raised on fried foods and love them--but trying to stay away from the extra calories now. I've had deep fried turkey before and love how the outside is crisp but the meat inside is so moist and juicy. I'm sure you enjoyed the chicken.

Anj, hope you get back by soon. Is you SIL painting anything more? I'm looking forward to your next project too. I'm working on a pattern I saved backed in 2006--want to finally get some of these things painted. What's that old joke about not dying until all your projects are done? At the rate I'm going, I'll need allot more years! LOL



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Sorry guys....have a major headache today. Just got home from visiting friends and took some meds and gonna lay down for a little while to try to get rid of it. Plus my back is out again so I'm just a big ole bundle of pain right now. I'll get back with ya'll soon. ~Anj

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Oh oh, Anj, did you go help your friend paint and end up messing yourself up? Hope the nap helped. We will talk to you later. You haven't seen my latest project yet, so take a look in the gallery when you get back.

I had a fun lunch with my friend and then stopped in a couple of stores for some retail therapy too. Getting ready to cook dinner now, so will check back tomorrow.


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Anj, hope you feel better today. Pain is a terrible thing.

Luvs, glad to hear you had a fun day.

Belle, hope your doing ok. Let us hear from you so we know you are ok.


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Luvs~ Nope, haven't gone to paint yet and she's going out of town now so may be a while before we get to it. Didn't do anything to my back in particular, just gets bad sometimes when I over do it. Been trying to hang upside down on my inversion table to get it back in line.
Did you find anything fun at the stores?
Punk~ thanks...headache gone, but still resting my back today. It's feeling some better but I may have given myself an ulcer with all the ibuprofen I've been taking. ha

Been looking thru my mags and books today. Want to take some gifts to my SIL's when we go home in June so I need to get working on them to have them finishd by then. Ya'll know how slow I am. ha Trying to come up with some ideas is the hard part. Trying to figure out what everybody likes and all that. Hopefully I'll have some projects going here soon. Ya'll have a good night. ~A

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Glad to hear the headache is gone, and I do understand about the back--no good reason, just happens! I totally agree, figuring out what to make for someone is so hard. Just because it appeals to me doesn't mean it will appeal to them! LOL We have a cousin who loves cats, so I've wanted to make a sign of some kind for her--but everytime I consider a pattern, I'm afraid it won't be her style. Actually, she would probably be thrilled with any gift I made for her, so don't know why I struggle with these decisions so much. Will look forward to seeing the projects you come up with. Remember, everyone loves fridge magnets and those electrical covers you did were really cute too.

I've debated and debated whether I wanted the small Cricut that cuts 6x12 paper or should I go ahead and get the big one that cuts 12x12 and 12x24. Big difference in price on them! I was leaning towards the big one--but feeling a bit guilty thinking I might not use it enough to justify the price and where was I going to store it. Then Joanne's flyer came out and the little one is on sale really cheap. I think I'm just going to go that way and see how I like it and if I actually use it that much. I can always buy a bigger one later on if I decide I want to make larger letters and stuff. I'm mainly wanting it just to do some of those cute blocks and things--no wall art and I don't even do scrapbooking! Now I just have to hope they are not sold out! LOL I have such a hard time making decisions--and spending money! I'll gladly buy things for others, but when it comes to things for myself, I have a hard time with it! Crazy huh?

I'm working on a project--but like you Anj, I'm so slow about getting it done. Got most of the basecoating done, so now need to work on the details. I find that I have to be in the right "mindset" to get in there and work on it.

I'll check back later to see if we hear from the others. Wonder what Bebe is up to--I checked her blog yesterday and it's not been updated recently. I always love hearing about her classes and seeing what she's creating. We sure need more painters on here to keep things busy, don't we?


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Good Morning! It's a little blustery and the rain has arrived yet again. happy to hear that your program is working, every pound shed gets you closer to your goal.

I posted direction that should allow you access to PinkPaula's pictures. She has done some really nice pieces.

My yard is coming together. Four young men showed up and worked for peanuts, actually I took Luvs suggestion and had lots of cookies on hand. It was really great to hear then joking back and forth.

Punk...Wonder why we all like blocks? Maybe left over urges from kindergarten? And yes we cooked both chickens side by side. I not a big chicken fan but it was so good!

Anj...glad to hear that you headache is better, my DH has had them for years and years. Finally found a specialist in Seattle who is doing a wonderful job of keeping them at bay. Hope the inversion thingy helps. We have been thinking of getting one, guess I really need to go looking.

Am still under the weather, I feel like a pin cushion and my arms look like, well I can't even find words to describe them. Still no idea of what I have but sure know what I don't have. I was working on one of the TS finds and actually went to sleep at my painting table. DH has been so great, doing the laundry and cooking the meals and pampering me. I could almost get used to this. I will try to take some picture and post them later today.

You all take care!


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Just got back from the grocery store. There is a local guy here called the grocery guru and I've started couponing and following his weekly menu that he develops using the local grocery sales papers, coupons and the newspaper coupons. My total grocery bill for our family of 6 for this month was $164!!! Yay! I was easily spending $300+ every 2 weeks at Walmart which yes I know is outrageous, but so easy to impulse buy there. =/ So I'm happy to be saving so much money!! Plus because I'm not shopping at Walmart no buying extra stuff!

Luvs I just wanted to stop by and list a new blog that you might like if you haven't already found it. Check it out. A lot of primitives, but you may still enjoy looking. She uses TS finds so you may get some ideas.

I gotta dash. Busy day for me with 2 boys going camping this weekend that I need to get packed. Cya later! You'll have to let me know how you like your cricut! I know you'll be able to figure out some fun stuff to do with it! ~Anj

Here is a link that might be useful: Maries Country Wood Crafts

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Luvs...somebody passed this one to me on another forum so thought it might interest you for when you get your new toy. ha Looks pretty good.

"Message: I bought a CD from It allows you to use ANY font on your computer, hook up a standard USB cable to your Cricut and cut any font you have. It will also let you "weld" your letters togeter. She has free fonts, dingbats and shapes on her website too. It's well worth the money IMHO. Check it out!"

Here is a link that might be useful: Srapping Table.

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Good Afternoon, I'm cleaning and getting ready to do some major donating. I will have to wait until next Sat. to take a few loads in but will keep hauling boxes out to the garage till then.

I plan to take my nail supplies and replace with dishes for my tablescapes in the utility room. Then I need to get busy and do some painting.

Luvs, it's ok to spoil yourself once in awhile so if you decide to start with the one on sale first, just to it! You are about to have a birthday so hope it's a fun one.

Anj, I can't imagine having to prepare for all the kids things but remember it was just life and a fun one back then. What kind of weather will the boys have for camping? It's pretty nice here but not nice enough to camp.

Belle, sure hope you get better and it's great to hear DH is spoilin' you. My DH had dinner fixed for me the other night when I got home late and it was such a nice surprise.

Bebe, where are you and what have you been up to?

Best check out Holiday forum and then get back to working on reorganizing.


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Hi everyone, I am soooo proud of myself. I sewed a super hero costume today for the little GD. Just need to measure her waist to cut and insert the elastic in the waist and check the length before I hem the legs. It wasn't easy--my machine decided to act up on me and skip stitches. Two trips to the repair shop and it's now running like new. My little GD drew me a picture of what she wanted and I found a pajama pattern on sale that I adapted to make the costume. (Darn, I was shocked at the price of patterns now! Can tell I haven't sewn in years!) I am so keeping my fingers crossed that it will fit right and is what she wanted!

Anj, thanks so much for the two sites. I loved seeing Marie's painting. I have allot of patterns similar to the ones she does. Loved the metal wastepan and the lunch boxes. She showed pictures of her shop, and it looks so neat. Can you believe she says all her lettering is not traced or stenciled--just done with her brush! Fantastic!
I had watched a couple of Youtube videos about that program on the other site--supposedly you can use the Surecutsalot program for $75 and you can use any fonts from your computer and can even download pictures to cut out on the Cricut. That site offers $10 off so that would be a good deal. I may decide to try it after I learn how to do things on my machine. Did I tell you that I got it for only $84.99 on sale at Joanne's? I really think the small one will do all that I will need. DH says I can't open it until my birthday! ;o( I can hardly wait. I decided to not try to paint the letters on the blocks I have ready--I'll use them for my first project using the Cricut. Now I'll be searching for the best prices on scrapbooking papers and craft vinyl and more cartridges
--one purchase leads to another and another and another! LOL

I think your grocery savings is fantastic, Anj! Wow! I know my DIL followed some forum on the Internet for awhile and was stockpiling and saving all kinds of money on items. She said keeping track of what coupons she had on hand was the hardest part and she isn't doing it quite as faithfully now. I've always heard that if you could build your weekly menus using the specials from the store ads, you could save. Sounds like you have the best of both things going for you. ;o)

Belle, I'm so sorry you feel like a pin cushion! Guess it's sometimes a process of elimination trying to figure out what is going on. So glad the boys came over and got your yard in shape. I'm sure they had a good time doing it together and laughing and chatting--and gulping down your yummy cookies! ;o)

Punk, doesn't it feel good to get things cleared out and organized? I have such a hard time parting with things for fear I'll wish I had them later. I've enjoyed seeing your tables--so nice your kids are gifting you with dishes to "play" with. ;o) What kinds of things are you looking forward to painting? Anything for Easter?

I need to check the other forum and then get to bed. Hope you are all enjoying the weekend.


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Where did February go?

Sure wish I was able to design things myself, I would design things for St. Patty's day. Is anyone finding patterns? I can't even find nice ready made decorations. I have been checking out lots of clip art sites and most are really yuck!

Punk & Luvs....I have always had a hard time "parting" with "things," but after watching several episodes of Clean House, it is much easier. My new frame of mind is....if it's not used in a year....out it goes. Of course with some exceptions. I have been sorting out my fabric bins (yes I said bins) and shake my head at what I kept for years. There is one bundle of fabric that I used for a dress when my DD was about 5 or 6. She is now 46....eeeeeeekkkkkssssss! Can't believe I've kept it all these years.

Anj....congrads on your coupons. One of our locally owned store actually has a small basket that everyone uses for trading coupons. The theory is that you bring in all of the coupons you find and take the coupons you need. Seems to work quite well. My problem is I shop at Costco and they don't accept coupons, so I have to use my coupon at another store and that brings up the impulse shopping issue. And then you have the "hubby put it in the shopping cart" issues.

I'm still not back to normal...whatever normal is. My immune system seems to have gone crazy and thinks I have infections I actually don't have. I look like lobster and sound like fog horn and sleep like a baby. Ah! Well! It could be worse.

Going to catch another nap....


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Belle, I'll bet those naps are the best thing for you right now. Sometimes our bodies just need some rest in order to fight the bad stuff that attacks them. Sure hope you get to feeling better soon--and it's so great that your DH is pitching in and taking such good care of you. ;o)

DH and I went to our Tuesday movie. Saw the "Lightning Thief"--the acting wasn't great, but it was an okay movie.Sort of along the lines of Harry Potter only about the offspring of the Greek Gods like Zeus and Posiden (sp).

I've been doing a little painting. Nothing I'm thrilled about but at least I've tried a few new things. I can really tell when I haven't painted for awhile--just not as good control with the brush without staying in practice.

Okay, I'm off to check the other forum and then will be time to fix some dinner. Will be back tomorrow.


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