Linens...and country of origin?

ajc9July 4, 2012

Hello all!

I've always heard bedding made in Portugal is superior in most cases. I've been posting a lot about bedding lately...I'm redoing a few rooms. I'm trying to avoid sheets/quilts and such made in china. My first choice is made in the US, of course. However...that sure is difficult these days!

I wanted to buy a quilt from RH by day's end (to get in on their sale)...but it's made in china. Why does that bug me? I'm sure it's good quality...I would think anyway...bc it's expensive! Or, maybe it's paying for the RH name...ugh. Anyway, I'm on the fence about it...I wish it were made elsewhere.

Do you try to buy made in the USA products?

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Hi, I do try to buy made in USA whenever possible...I've not been as good about it as I could have been with sheets, because I bought some flannel ones from Company Store, which I love, that surely are imported.

I think for things like linens, it is easier to find some made here when they are sold as organic. Not sure why, maybe just a niche market, but it's nice to know they aren't using chemicals when treating/finishing them. There was a thread about this on the Cooking conversations side recently. Don't know if you can find what you are looking for at an affordable price, but this was how I found them before - check especially the stillmadeinusa link:

Here is a link that might be useful: usa made sheets

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Circus Peanut

For flannels, I really like the German and Portugese sheets from Garnet Hill, sometimes on sale. They are very thick and soft, wear forever and aren't bad with pilling.

Would also love any recommendations for non-China-made cottons for summer.

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Thank you, olychick, for your link and info! I will check it sure takes work to go against the norm, doesn't it?!

Circuspeanut...I live in a cold climate so will check out GH's flannels for the winter! Right now, we have temps in the high 90' good basic cotton sheet is a must. Have you tried Thomas lee? They wrinkle, but are great! Made in India, though.

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I, also will not buy bedding made in China. I have been looking for down pillows with the Country of Origin. Very tricky!

Company Store advertises their Down as Scandinavian, yet they do not say where the pillows/comforters have been assembled.

I have read about chemicals used in bedding made in China. Poor quality control. Even though a company puts their name on a product made there, the supervision of production is not good. The final say is by the Government. What goes on in those factories is not open information.

I will buy sheets made in Portugal, India and always, the US.

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