A Whole New Monday

pezabelleFebruary 9, 2009

Good Morning All!

I kind of got tired scrolling down to see who had posted what so I started a new week.

Where has our Anj gone? Hope you are OK and resting or painting!

It seems that our Spring has not Sprung...it is snowing again and is 22 degrees.

Luvs...you mentioned the Halloween Decor and I am not catching you drift...hehehe snow....drift...OK, I'm being silly. Anyway is that what I should use to do a search or is there a site or blog with that name? I keep putting off what I want to do with every room but the bathroom. I put my foot down and chose the paint for that room. The rest was just getting it done so I chose neutral colors but now want to add wall colors. My bedroom is a very soft lavender, but still looking for blankets and a spread to go with it plus the walls are not quite as colorful as I wanted. After the camera recharges I will take and post a picture of the bathroom and hope the color comes out close, it is now called the " Grandma's Green" room.

Speedy....sounds like you are well ahead in your accounting work. After working for years in a Dr. office and then doing in home care for two very great friends I became an office manager and bookkeeper for a fraternal order and then advanced - or was it pushed - into being a trouble solver for the same order only for a bigger area. I really like this "job" and I really like the bookkeeping part, and here again I guess it is part of what I am, the numbers have to be correct. And I loved teaching others to do the "job" correctly. Anyway the pay wasn't great but the rewards were. I had to give it up when the traveling miles became just to great and the price of gas...well we all know about that.

And to answer you question in another part of this forum, I think I use the same liner as you, except mine reads Royal 5/0 3585. It is rather long and full and moves easily. And as to spell check, just left click on the word and choices pop up in a window and you can click on you choice of the correct word. Found this quite by accident!!!!!!

Luvs..I like your description of rooster....regal! Aren't they just! My D, DS also has Roosters and Hens in her kitchen and for years I didn't want to have any because I didn't want to tread on her toes or copy her...then "what the heck" took over. And we don't have even one that is the same. Most of mine I have painted and most of hers are not, so here we are also different. There are some really beautiful ones out there but they also carry a big price tag.

My GS has been sick for just about a week and DD took him to the ER last night after 3 visits to his DR., with no improvement and found out he has Mono...and is one sick boy. I am heading in to keep him company, so I need to get moving. Hope you are all painting up a storm - but not more snow!


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Sorry, not resting or painting unfortunately. =) I'll rest when I'm dead I guess.
It's snowing here again today too after a few nice springlike days. One of my 14 yr old DD's friends since 1st grade died last week from an asthma attack. The funeral is today so one of her best friends mom took her and another friend to the funeral. Felt bad that I couldn't go with her to her first funeral. Hope she'll be ok. A lot of the kids from school are going. Then when she comes home to change I'll have to take her up to school and then she'll have to go on the bus to an away game this afternoon after school so I'll be worried about her most of the day on the slushy roads.

Ok, I must have missed something from last week cause I'm lost on the conversation. I'll have to go back and look. But I did start a post last week that I had to abandon on your chickens Belle. Love the cabinets too. Very cool. You'll have to take some closeups of your chickens for us. I used to have chickens, roosters, ducks, cows and pigs in my kitchen, but weeded them all out except the cows that went with the black things that I have in the rest of the house. My kitchen is red with the black and white cow accents.
My DH is also an old bottle collector. We have lots of old bottles scattered around the house. He's even found me a few old milk bottles to display in the kitchen. ha We have quite a few of the old amber colored medicinal bottles, but one of my favorites is an old blue Milk of Magnesia bottle. ha Love the color of it. My absolute favorite is one I found in a field by my grandparents house. It's a tiny little Dr. Ticheners antiseptic bottle with the old label still on it. You may not have heard about Dr. Tichener, but he lived in my hometown and started the antiseptic company out of New Orleans,LA. There is a plaque in his honor on the courthouse lawn. =) The ad for it says Gargle, Wince, Repeat. ha It's a very strong peppermint flavor and used a lot in the south. Sorry, went off on a tangent there.

Anyway, very sorry I haven't been here much. I've got my calendar pretty full already for this week too unfortunately. I may have some time to finish up the last little details on my glass block so I can post it, but may have to wait until Thursday morning. My friday day off for painting has been squashed again. Was asked by some girls from church to go downtown with them for a few hours. Don't really want to, but still need practice with that N word. (no) I've got to go get myself and the 4yr old ready to go to the store after DD gets back from the funeral. Have to go to Michaels to pick up some scrapbooking paper to do a little v-day gift for the ladies I visit every month. Then this afternoon and tomorrow afternoon I have to help my 8 yr old finish up his Science Fair notebook and presentation board to turn in Wed. I know ya'll say to enjoy these years with them, but it's hard when you don't feel like you have time to breath most days. I just seem to go from one thing to the next with hardly a break in between to eat or go to the bathroom. ha It's exhausting mentally and physically most days. Then I'm so tired at night when I go to bed but can't sleep cause my brain is still going 90 miles an hour trying to remember what I've forgotten to do. Sorry, didn't mean to come back from my absence with a big gripe session. ha I'm sure you've all been there and done that....it's just my turn. Well, I only had a few minutes here so I need to get going. Ya'll have a good day and be safe in the snowy parts. ~Anj

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Hi Belle, glad you started our new Monday post for the week. Our posts didn't used to get very long when it was mostly just Anj and me posting here, so this is a nice change to be "scrolling down" to read the latest. LOL

So sorry about your little GS being sick. Hopefully, the medicine will get it cleared up quickly. I'm sure it will make him feel better having Gma there with him.

Anj will be by when she can, she gets so busy sometimes with the activities of four little ones, her DH, parents, and church activities. But she loves it here, and looks in as often as she can even if she has no time to post. I'm sure she will stop by and catch us up on everything soon. ;o)

Now I'm lost. What did I say about Halloween decor? I don't remember that. Maybe I meant "Holiday"--there's a forum here on Gardenweb that I frequent daily. The gals and one guy there post pics of our holiday decorating and we also show pretty dishes, tablescapes, and vignettes in between the holidays. There's a link for it near the top of our discussions page. You should take a look. Then there is also the Home Decorating forum on Gardenweb too. I don't post there, but go over and browse once in awhile. My other favorite is the Garden Junk and Trash to Treasure forums. They make fun things for their homes and yards and just have allot of fun. Just remember that this Painting forum is your "Home". ;o)

Okay, need to get moving, still rainy and cool here, so good day for some painting, right? Right!


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Well, I'm here twice and everybody else is gone. ha Figures. I got a lot done today and I'm pooped. ha Think I'll take a Tylenol PM before I hit the hay and maybe I'll get some good rest tonight.

Oh Belle, I got sidetracked on my rants and forgot to say sorry DGS has mono. No fun. I remember my younger brother had it when he was little. Seemed like he had it forever, but I hope your baby will get better soon.

Luvs~ we must have posted at the same time today. ha I had to go to Michaels today to pick up that scrapbooking paper. I wrapped some candy bars for v-day for my church ladies. They turned out pretty cute. Anyway, they had their Royal softgrip brushes on sale for $1.99 so I picked up a few mop brushes since I read that article on how to use them. Think I need to take a class on brushes just to know what they are all used for. ha Being self taught is ok, but there is always more to learn.
Well, I gotta get these kids in bed. Ya'll have a good night and I'll try to get back here soon. ~Anj

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Good morning! Yep, looks like we were posting at the same time yesterday, Anj. Glad you were able to come by. I think the candybar wrappers make a cute way to give candybars. Do you just use the flat chocolate bars? I know I've saved a couple of freebie ones that I've ran across, but haven't used them yet. I'd sort of like to learn to do more things with my computer. I get emails from that PC Hug Club, and their projects always look so cute!

I primed my board yesterday, but the pattern I was going to use just says "Happy Valentine". Seems to me it should say "Happy Valentine's Day". What do you gals think? I don't think I'm good enough to add my own letters and have them match the others. I was going to use letters from a cheapy dollar store paper banner. Guess I could go look for a better one to use.

DH and I took a ride to a big outlet mall about 40 minutes from us. We had started a book on tape while on our motorhome trip, so thought this would give us a chance to listen to more of it, and get us out of the house for a bit. I also made homemade vegetable soup yesterday, it tasted so good on a rainy day. We have had rain for three or four days now, and I am so thankful for it. There is snow now on the mountains just north of us, it looks so beautiful when I look up there! Nice to "see" it and not have to scoop it or drive in it!

Well, I've got laundry waiting to be folded, so better get busy. Hope all of you have a good day. I'll check back here later.


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Hi All.....only have time for a quick reply to Luvs question about the lettering on her banner. Try using your computer fonts.. and if they are to small us a copy machine to change the size. I am fortunate to have been given a copy machine several years ago and use it all the times for patterns. I also copy instruction so that I can read what I need to do and look at the finished product at the same time without flipping through the book all the time.

Bye now!


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Oh My Goodness, I feel so sad after reading this.

Belle, I hope your GS gets to feeling better. Mono is a terrible thing for him to be going through and I'm sure all of you feel his pain.

Anj, what a sad story about your DD's friend. How is your DD coping with it? I lost a friend when I was in the 6th grade and didn't understand but I remember my DM asking if I wanted to talk about it alot. I guess that's about all you can do is be there for her.

Luvs, so did you find any good buys at the mall? The last time I went I found several good buys and bought them. haha We have snow again and our fog has come back. At least we had last Sat. with sun shine so it will be coming.

This is another busy week but I'll try to get back here ASAP. You all take care and know I'll be keeping you in my prayers.

Speedy RL2

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Howdy...woke up with a headache this morning. Not a good way to start the day. But on a happy note...science fair is over for another year. Hurray.

I did manage to get my glass block finished, but will probably not have time to take a pic to post until tomorrow. Waiting for DH to get out of the shower so I can get in there and get going to the store. This afternoon is lots of ballgames, scouts and youth group and I have to bring all the food for the activity.

Luvs~ all your rain traveled over to me in the form of snow. ha It's supposed to be mostly in our mountains today too, but the valley is smoggy and drab.
I think Happy Valentine's Day sounds better. Hope you can work out how to do it. Maybe look for another pattern with those words and use them instead.

I just used the flat Hersheys bars for my wrapped candy. I'll try to take a pic to show you how they turned out.

Belle~ DD is doing ok with her friends death. She cries when she thinks about it, but is still functioning. Having a lot of friends who are going thru the same thing is helping her and our belief in life after death and knowing she'll see her again some day helps too.

Ok well, I gotta get going. Ya'll have a wonderful day. Any plans for V-day? There was such crowds out last year that DH and I have about decided to stay home this year and get some chinese takeout and a good dessert. ha Of course we'll exchange love letters too. =) Later ~Anj

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Oops, sorry that was Speedy who asked about DD. =) ~A

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Good morning! I have sunshine this morning, but it is not warm outside yet. Brrrr! Gosh, the mountains sure sparkle in the sunlight with their new blanket of snow though.

Anj, how did your DD do with the funeral yesterday? It is so hard when someone so young dies. I don't think I've ever heard of a young person actually dying from an asthma attack! Is this a common occurence? I remember one of our older friends saying that when he was young there were no inhalers, but he learned that if he just stuck his face down into the cool green grass, it relaxed him so he could breathe okay again. Not sure that's what a doctor would reccomend, but it worked for him obviously. And having a friend die so young does make a big impression I think. Did they win their game? Probably hard to concentrate with so much on her mind.

Well, I may not get my valentine board painted. No big deal, I'll see if I can do something with it today. If not, it can wait till next year. I did hang my flag that says "love is in the air" on the patio, and I decorated my buffet and table in the dining/living area. I don't usually do a whole lot for valentine's. How about you?

I went to the library yesterday and checked out a few books. One of them is so amazing! It's called "The Best of Decorative Painting" and shows some fantastic projects by various artists. Never in my wildest dreams could I even imagine painting as good as any of them! All very realistic except for a couple. Some fantastic roses too, which is probably why I wanted it--so I could drool! LOL I also stopped in the little store at the library and guess what? I actually found a painting book for 25 cents! They don't seem to get many of them in. This one is called "Cabbage Roses and other Floral Delights" by Brenda Jansen. Now I can try to paint her style of roses!

Okay, I'm rambling on here, better go check the holiday forum and get busy doing something around here. Hope all of you have a great day and have lots of painting projects calling your name! ;o)


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Luvs~ we keep posting at the same time. ha I just sat down to eat a quick bite. I turned the tv on and Donna Dewberry is on HSN. She is just amazing. She's just slapping paint left and right and it comes out looking so good. ha I know my big mistake in trying to one-stroke is not loading enough paint on my brush. She just gobs it on there. Next time I'm practicing I'm gonna have to get that paint loaded up right.

Congrats on the painting book deals!

Well, I told ya it was a quick bite. I just got back from shopping and now have to go get all the food chopped up and prepped for later tonight. My head is just splitting. Nothing I've taken has touched it so far. I'll be back tomorrow morning. ~A

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Hey. Thought I'd stop in here for a sec while I'm downloading the pics of my glass block and wrapped candy bars. I see no one has been here though. I guess you are all busy busy.
I think my Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD)is starting to kick in. I've been very lethargic and feel yucky today. I called and got out of all the things I was supposed to be doing today. Just played with my 4 year old building block castles and knocking them down all morning and didn't get much else done. All this snow just really gets to me. I did take DD clothes shopping after school. She is growing like a weed so I couldn't get out of that one. ha And I did run her to her church basketball game. Need to get supper started before I have to run DS to scouts.

Hey Luvs... do you know if you can cook a pork tenderloin like you do your roast....low temps in the oven with the soup poured over? Ever done one that way? I've been thinking of the roast since you talked about it the other day, but I have the pork loin that I need to cook first. Thinking of doing it tomorrow night for supper. Have no idea yet what I'm making tonight. Something easy. Gotta do valentines tonight and get boxes decorated for the boys to take to school tomorrow for their parties.
Hope you are all having a good day. My pics are taking a while to download, but I'll try to get them posted tonight. ~Anj

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Hey, are ya'll tired of me yet? This is my 3rd post in a row. Just thought I'd show ya'll the wrapped candy bars that I did for the ladies at church that I visit. They aren't too fancy, but I thought they turned out cute for my first time doing them. They are just done with scrapbooking paper and stickers. ~Anj

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Anj, those are so cute! I've saved a few freebies for them that I've run across, but I've never used them. so do you just load the scrapbooking paper in your computer and then print on it? Or do you print "stickers" and just stick them on top? I just know the ladies will love them. ;o) Luvs

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Hey Luvs...no I just bought the print already on the scrapbook paper. The heart ones were printed on both sides...one side was dark pink and the other light. Then just bought a green sheet and a pearl white sheet to do the strip and the green circles. They had some cute valentine stickers so I just used those. Glad you liked them. I can see how doing crafts with paper could become addicting. ~A

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Back again! DH and I went out for late lunch and then to the movies. Rainy, chilly day here so nice to sit in the theater.

DIL said she and GD made valentines for school classmates, but I've not seen them yet. Your candy wrappers sure turned out cute Anj, using stickers was a good idea.

DIL emailed me that she has been trying the cook once a week system. Said it was nice to only have to clean the kitchen once. I used to have a book on doing that, I'll have to look for it for her. Have you tried it Anj? I doubt it would work for me--never know what DH wants until the last minute! LOL

I should have gotten some painting done today, but I don't even know where the time went. Empty and load the dishwasher, empty dryer, run another load of clothes, shower, get dressed, make the bed, run the dustmop, etc. etc. then head off with DH. Day sure flew by! LOL

What's everybody else been doing?


I'm sorry I didn't get your questioned answered about the pork tenderloin, but I really don't know if it would work or not. I've actually only cooked one pork tenderloin, and I just baked it and we thought it a little dry. Maybe someone else can help with an answer.


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Happy Valentine's Day to All!

Haven't had a chance to read all of the posts but Anj..your candy looks great!

My GS has been one sick "puppy" and I have spent all week staying with him during the days as both parents work. And at 17 he didn't think he needed someone caring for him..but after the first day we did great! He has lost 12 pounds and unlike me doesn't carry any extra weight. The Dr., sez it will be at least two weeks before he can go back to school. So I become his "home instructor" starting Monday...don't know how that is going to work as I never had any math beyond algebra and he's into Trig. Mostly it just to see he rests and get the "right" food to eat. This takes me back to when my kids were small and when one of them got sick - you feel so helpless! But then he certainly isn't small at 6' - but I still worry!

Hope everyone is OK! Anj...how is you DD coping? It is really great that the school now have counselors to help the kids. Life is supposed to be ahead of them not ending.

Gotta run and get some housework done, my DS and his DW are taking us out to the casino for dinner - Yippy! It's really nice of them but I just want to stay home and vegetation!

Ya'All take care!


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So where did everyone go? Overdo it on all the Valentine's candy and feeling "under the weather"? LOL

Belle, I am sorry to hear your GS is so sick. So good that you can be there to take care of him. I sure wouldn't be any help with the math either--but he could always call a friend to ask for help.

Well, I didn't get my Valentine's sign painted. Basecoated a board and that's as far as I got. Guess I wasn't really into it, or I'd have figured out a way to get it done!

Now on to the next thing. I think I will try that cute Leprechaun, although I'm not sure I can do it justice. Mine will probably come out looking like a cartoon. I was really impressed how that pattern printed off with step by step color pictures. Pretty neat. Will have to remember to check that site for more of their patterns.

So what are the rest of you up to? Where are you Phonegirl/Punk? You must have gotten really busy with work or something. I had gotten comfortable with signing on here and finding a daily post--miss that--but maybe you'll be back soon. ;o)

I'll catch you all later.


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Hi Everyone,
I've had computer problems so don't know how much you'll be hearing from me. I sure have missed being able to come here to chat and browse. I'm going to take it easy so don't be disappointed if I don't post to everything. DS & DD has gotten me back to this stage. I totally lost everything and computer wouldn't even come on. Not Fun!

Cute candy bars and light block Anj. I need to go back and look when I feel it's safe.

Belle, hope GS starts to feel better soon. I've heard that is more pain than one should have to endure so tell him we're praying for him.

Luvs, I'd like to try the once a week cooking. LOL Sometimes we have sandwiches and salad or chips for dinner. DH loves sandwiches cuz he hardly ever gets them. I don't mind, I just like a meal and it shows. haha

I'll have to go back and see all the posts in time and try to catch up.

Been missing all of you. Punk

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Sorry about your computer, Punk. Hope you get it back to working well. I've experienced similar problems in the past and it sure is not fun. We get so used to using it and being able to post whenever we want, so it's like going through withdrawal when it's not working, right? LOL

I've been checking out a few blogs looking for painters. I love to see what everyone likes to paint. And I love seeing how they use their projects in their homes.

DH and I were talking tonight about our trip to the family reunion in June, and I realized that I should get busy and paint up a bunch of stuff to take back for some cousins, nieces, and sisters. Now if I can just make a decision on what I want to paint!

I'll see you all in the morning. Luvs.

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