It's February!!

anjabeeFebruary 11, 2011

So what are you all working on for Valentines Day?? I don't know if I'll get around to painting anything this year again. I have guests coming to dinner tonight. Have all but one little spot of my dining room painted! Yay! Have to finish that up today, do some grocery shopping and some quick cleaning before starting the cooking this afternoon. Making Crawfish Chowder! May be able to get a little painting done this weekend I hope. Will start painting my master bathroom next week! I'm getting close to being finished with the inside wall painting! Whew!! Then need to get down to some serious fun painting!! lol Hope you are all doing good. Have to run the kids to school. Have a great weekend!! ~Anj

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Well, where is everybody? Just wanted to wish you all a....
Hope you all get to spend the day with the ones you cherish.

My house is cleaned from having company this weekend so I will be doing some fun painting today!! Yay. Don't know if it will be anything Valentines related, but I hope to finish up a few things I was working on before. Hope you all have a fun day. ~Anj

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Anj - I have never posted on "conversations". I hope anyone can jump in. It sounds like you really have a lot of projects in the works. Where do you get all your energy? I plan to paint one bedroom but haven't even picked out the paint yet. I also plan to put cork flooring down in the kitchen but haven't bought that yet either. Now that I see this in writing..I can see that I have been procastinating..I am going to Lowes tomorrow and order my flooring and get some paint samples. (Oops..I mean today since its already Tuesday) Marylee

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Oh yes Marylee...anyone can join in here. This is where we talk about everything...not just painting and get to know each other better. We have some really fun sweet ladies here. I am a stay at home mom and I keep myself busy for sure! I'm the worst boss I've ever had. lol I eventually will be putting down some new flooring in my kitchen and dining room as well, but haven't figured out what it's going to be yet. One thing at a time. The cork sounds interesting. I'll have to check that out. I just love a fresh coat of paint. Makes everything look so fresh. Well, it's getting close to being Tuesday here too. Guess I'd better get to bed. 6am comes very early. ~Anj

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I posted over on the other side about a sale at the Decorative Painting Store and I put a link up. I was told today was the last day of the sale. If any of you are interested go check it out. I bought a couple. ~Anj

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I appreciate the Valentine. It is hard to believe that February is half over!

Anj, I do not know how you get so much done. How many children do you have? I know when our children were young and Dh and I both worked, things got done much faster because we had to, but I rarely found time to paint.

Then when I no longer worked, the kids grown and gone, I had a good routine going. Now with DH home all the time, my routine has gone bye-bye. I have to be careful not to spend two-thirds of the day playing games on the computer!


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Cali~ I have 4 kids ages 6,10,13,and 16. It does get a bit crazy around here. Now that all of them are in school full time I have been trying to catch up on projects that I just couldn't manage to do when I had the littlest one at home 1/2 day last year. Things are getting organized and my walls painted for the first time in long years and my attic organization is coming along. Spring will mean cleaning out garages and planting flower beds. My parents also live with us in a mother-in-law apartment in our basement. I help them out as much as I can. Think I'm gonna have to go grocery shopping for my mom today. She's been sick. Plus you know teenagers. My house usually has at least a few extra neighborhood kids here visiting. I haven't worked outside the home since my second child was born. I love to paint and you'd think I'd have more time for it, but I feel guilty if I don't have my "work" done before I sit around playing. ha The kids have 1/2 day off today and are off school Friday and Monday. Hoping to get some painting done, but it doesn't always work out. I spend way too much time visiting on the computer and phone. ha The winter cold makes me stay indoors and that's my only form of communication with the outside world. lol Hope you have a great day!! Gotta go get hubby off to work. ~Anj

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Happy Belated Valetines Day. Don't know why I didn't get over here before this week. Sounds like your all busy with home projects.

Anj, New paint is always a clean look and refreshing. Hope you have time to get some projects done soon. Thanks for the site. I have alot of those books on sale.LOL What books did you order?

Hope you DM starts feeling better soon. Will say a prayer for her.

Marylee, so glad you made it over here to chat. I also need some new flooring and just can't seem to decide what I want. Did you get your flooring ordered? Please show pictures when you have time.

Cali, I think it helps to have children or work outside the home. You need to play and have fun so it's ok because you can do it tomorrow!

Hope Luvs, Belle and B are all doing ok. Maybe we can get some more projects to share if the weather stays cold. We are having a snow storm now. I do have a benefit to attend tomorrow so won't be painting. It is from 11 am to 11 pm. I won't stay for the whole thing but will try to spend alot of time there.

Take Care and we'll talk later.


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You know I'm such an idiot Punk....I didn't even print out or write down what I ordered!! Wow. There were only two. Went to see if I could find them, but I guess they take them off when they are sold out. Looks like they are adding more to the sale as they go. Some that were $10 or more the other day are down to $2-$5 today. Found another one I want! lol It's Of Signs and Seasons by Jill Ankron....down from $10 to $2.75. I have a lot of the ones they have listed too. My collection has certainly grown over the past couple of years. I think when Luvs and I met up here I only had maybe 5 books! lol a lot more now!! I scour the TS every time I go.

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I think this was one of the ones I ordered. Coffeyhouse Collection II by Jan Coffey??

Here is a link that might be useful: Coffeyhouse Collection

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This was the other one I got. Luv 2 Paint Cool Weather Cuties by Kimberly Parks

Here is a link that might be useful: Luv 2 Paint

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Anj, these are both cute books and I don't have either one. They remind me of you and hope you enjoy painting some of the projects in them. I will go back and look again. The books I liked was more than I wanted to pay before so thanks for the heads up on the price changes.


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Burr! Well, our winter hasn't ended yet. We got dumped on yesterday and last night. We have about 8" of the white stuff and expecting more today, then comes the thaw.

Anj...which of the beautiful eyed Christmas project are you doing first. I have seen the title Luv 2 Paint before but I don't recognize the artist...nice work though.

I went back to the Decorative store and purchased 3 books on birds and flowers.....gonna get then right sometime! I have also purchase lots of replacement bottles of paint, didn't realize how many were empty or yucky! Found a sale on Holcraft and as I can't buy them locally, I must use mail order.

After doing a lot of color conversion and mixing on my UFO, I am now doing chips of each color I have for further reference. Have you ever compared the original color and it's equal in another brand......lots of difference. With the chips I can compare and mix my own. Plus it takes up my time and keeps my mind busy, can't find anything I really want to paint. Guess the winter blues have a hold on me.

Cali and Marylee....nice to have you here! Although you, Anj and Punk are holding up there end and I am not. It's been a really hard month for me, but I know it will get better.

And where is Luv? Hope all is well with her and that she is just busy painting!

The dryer just buzzed so I/m off for now...take care!

Well almost off...DH said I should share these with if none of you have snow. The story about the birds. Two days ago yesterday I noticed this little guy hanging around my window feeder and sitting on the ground. Then when it started hailing yesterday I noticed him on the ground again but he was all fluffed out and it was then I noticed the dead bird beside him. I believe it was his mate and he was trying to keep the hail off of her. DH removed her and now the little beauty has taken up residency in my feeder. He is either a House Finch or a Purple Finch.


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Is anybody else having a problem logging in? Sometimes it takes me multiple times logging in to finally be able to post.
Belle~ Your little bird story made me sad, but looks like you have a new neighbor. =) Our snow all melted off, but it snowed again last night and re-whited everything. =P blah. I don't know which ones I'll paint first. I really like the Americana ones as you probably guessed! ha I went back and bought 2 more books. ha Yes, I am addicted!! I got A Road to Holiday Past by John Sliney which I've been wanting for a while. It was $11, but close to $20 in all the stores here when I've found it so decided to just go ahead and get it along with Of Signs and Seasons by Jill Akron which was $2.75 because I really liked the Halloween ones.
Sorry you are having SADS. I've fought it for years. February is usually my worst month. Been getting hormone replacement therapy, got rid of a candida (yeast) overgrowth (which can cause lots of things including mental fog and depression) and some good supplements and have not had a problem so far this year. It's amazing! Can't believe it! Hope you can get thru it....spring is on the way!!
Hope everyone has a good weekend lined up. My hubby and son were supposed to go on a Scout camp out, but they canceled it. No big plans for us. Just trying to stay warm. Cya!

Here is a link that might be useful: Of Signs and Seasons

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Sorry that was Jill Ankrom

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I thought how sad about that little finch, but glad it likes your feeder. I heard that if a goose drops out of the vee formation, a 2nd will drop out and remain with it until it either dies or can continue to fly. Our redbirds eat our dogs' dry food; will eat some bird feed, but prefers the dog food.

Anj - it's been so long since I have had people in the house, I wouldn't know what to do - LOL. Not counting my gray hairs here, but you must be about the age of our kids.
I know what you mean, when there are many about, some order is dictated! I need an old dose of discipline!

This gray/rainy/cold - and snowy someplaces! - is hard on most everyone I think. Today we finally got some sunshine.

Luvs, if you are stopping by to read, but not post, please know you are in my prayers.

Wishing you all a great week!

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Cali...I'm old enough to know better but still young enough to do it anyway. lol

I'm working on a little sewing project today. Then I am helping DS with the design on his Pinewood Derby car. He wants me to paint flames on it. And I am still working on about 10 projects...swapping up painting a little on each one and none finished yet. All coming along slowly. Next month I should have quite a few to post anyway.

Been snowing here, but clear today. Going out to lunch with my mom. Y'all have a good one. We miss ya when you aren't around!! Hope everything is going ok.


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Hi All... are missed! I think of you often and with each thought send a little prayer heavenward.

We are finally out of the deep freeze, really rained last night and snow again this morning. Go figure!

Anj....I am also having trouble when I sign in...sometime takes 5 or 6 tries.

Our DGS was here since Thurs., as it was a snow day. They posted grades and he came through with a 3.9.....he is walking on air! He is now planning on doing summer classes to get his 2 year degree and joining the Navy after that, was going to do the Coast Guard as both of his parents before him had done, but he said he didn't think it would be "active" enough for him. He isn't one to sit and do nothing, never watches TV which is and isn't a blessing. He is hoping to continue his education in Law Enforcement while in the service.

Well, I still have many colors of paint to complete my chip folder, it's actually going much faster than I figured. Ever looked at the difference between two brand of colors that are conversion colors.....a lot of difference in colors.

Ya'all take care!

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Hi everyone, sorry I haven't been around much. I do appreciate all your prayers and if you read my birthday post, you can tell they are helping.

I've been really busy between switching us both to a new doctor and clearing everything out of our motor home so I can think about getting it sold soon. There have also been several repairs needing taken care of and I've been busy cancelling some online games, mobile internet access, XM radio in DH's car, etc. that we no longer need and shouldn't keep paying for. Little by little I'm getting things taken care of.

Anj, all your new books sound wonderful but I am trying to resist and just use what I already have. I'll never get all the ones I have earmarked completed now. LOL

Belle, congrats to you DGD. He sure sounds like a really special young man. I enjoyed the pictures you posted of your pretty snow, but the little bird story was so sad. I'm glad he can hang out at your feeder and hopefully he will find new friends now that his mate is gone.

Calirose, I appreciate your thoughts and prayers too. Sure seems like all of us have challenges to face at one time or another. I have so much to be thankful for, and am trying to adjust to our new reality as quickly as I can.

I miss my painting, still hoping to get back to working on a project soon--just trying to take care of the important stuff first. I seem to have so little control in my life right now, so decluttering and organizing at least let me feel like I have a little bit still. LOL

I'll be looking forward to everyone's projects, and will try to get by here as often as I can.

Hugs to all,

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