Dang, it is cold!!!

paintingfoolJanuary 7, 2010

I just an old southern girl and I can not stand the cold!! It got down in the 20's last night and is suppose to be in the teens tonight but at least it went up to 61 today and I was able to get out and get my hair cut. I always feel so bad for those who have to deal with the cold for months. In Florida we have a week of really cold weather then it warms up to the 50's and 60's. And this only happens a few times in January and February. I just miss not getting to sit outside and feel the sunshine. I think it is true that everyone needs a little sunshine each day otherwise you could get very depressed. Right now I just want to curl up in my blanket on the sofa reading all day.

Hope everyone is keeping warm!!

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I'm an old Southern gal too Bebe! My Christmas decorations are still stacked on my dining room table cause it's too dang cold for me to go get the boxes out of the garage. ha 8 degrees here today. The sun is shining. Too bad it's too cold to go out in it. Been fighting my SAD this year, but still have this month, Feb (which is usually my hardest) and March to get thru. Hope yours warms back up quickly. ;) ~Anj

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Gals, I hear you with cold weather. We are cold here at 8 too and it doesn't warm up much during the day. I agree we could use more sunshine. We haven't had any freezin' rain for a couple days so that's good.

When it warms up to 30, next week we will be singing on high. It is predicted to keep warming up each day so hopefully that happens.

Good to hear from both of you. Punk

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I think you all should just pack up and come visit me--nice shirt sleeve weather and lots of sunshine and blue skies right now! ;o) Chilly when the sun goes down--in the 40's and 50's. I much prefer this weather to our summer weather when it gets into the three digits and the smog rolls in. Luvs

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Yes, BeBe and I suffered through 13 (record breaking) nights of below freezing weather! A whole lot more than I wanted.
I have a heated throw on my computer chair and electric blankets on both my LR chair and my bed. I only went out to feed the cats--And they stayed inside most of the time too!

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