Don't you just love it when it rains??

paintingfoolJanuary 20, 2010

It is raining outside and I always have the urge to cuddle up with a book by the window or clean. I am almost finished organizing my painting room. It seems to get so messy when I am organizing but I can't work unless everything is in its place. I went through my painting books and separated them, then off to my patterns which I have a good dozen of white notebooks filled with patterns. I still have the unpainted items to sort and then my paints and brushes. Once I am finished with all that I am going to go through all the fabric I have in cabinet. I have so much "STUFF" that I really need to work at purging a little bit better.

I have to confess (Luvs already knows this) but I am a dishaholic and need to find a place to store all of my dishes. My utility room is overflowing and there is no room under the bed. I also collect tea cups (mostly ones with pink roses) and my mother's china cabinet is bursting - I stopped counting at 200 cups and saucers. And, yes, I do drink tea or coffee from them. I am enclosing a photo of my favorite tea cup.

Enough chit chatting, just thinking of all the things I need to do has made me tired so I will go watch some of that silly American Idol. Where do they come up with these people??? Surely someone has told some of them that they can not sing!! It embarrasses me when I hear them get up there and screech out a song and think they are going to make it to Hollywood.

Later yall.

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I can see why this is your favorite cup, it's absolutely beautiful. The roses sure reflect off of the gold inside, don't they? And black and gold is a very elegant look together. Thanks for sharing your fav. cup with all of us.

We have been getting more rain than normal here and it brings freezing rain on the highways in the mornings so that's not goood. I use to love to grab my umbrella and go walking in the rain. Sounds like it's helping you get your cleaning and organizing accomplished.

If I wasn't working every day I would be ahead on my house cleaning for spring. I get the main rooms cleaned well after taking down Christmas dec. but I stopped before completing all the cleaning that needed done.

It sounds like the other gals are getting ready to do some painting or have already started. I'm so excited to hear this. I love to see what everyone comes up with. I'm so busy and painting just isn't fitting into my schedule these past few months.

200 C & S is alot to try to store. I would love to see your collection if you have time to take some pictures. I cleaned out part of my cupboards in our untility room to put some of my dishes for tablescapes. My two kids keep bringing me their dishes that they no longer care about so it's filling up fast.

I need to get to work so will close. BTW how was American Idol? I agree and yet we still watch it.LOL


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Getting rain here too, PF. Nice soft steady rains where we are although the coast areas had some really strong winds the other day. Sounds like you are making good progress on your organizing. You did so much painting before Christmas, so I can see how things would have gotten out of place. My space is pretty small, so doesn't take long to tidy it up--and it doesn't take long to mess it back up again! LOL

I got in there just a bit yesterday to basecoat a couple of leftover projects. Don't have any plans for today, so hopefully I'll get to work on a project.

I like to curl up under a throw and browse through my books when the weather is like this too. I'm always marking patterns I'd like to paint--but then that book gets burried and I have to hunt for it again when I'm ready to work on it! LOL

That cup is very unusual and beautiful. I'd be afraid to use it for fear of the gold wearing off! The roses on it are just stunning too. It's a real treasure--thanks for sharing it with us.


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Bebe.....I was going to apologize for posting a new topic when you already had, and I could have just responded to yours, but I truly didn't see it when I started my latest chapter, now I can see why. We were both typing and posting at almost the same time, and me being so long winded, well I came in last. How funny!

I love your C & S, it is so stunning with the black and gold and then the pink roses, I can see why you love them if this is a taste of the rest. My DGS also collected them and I hated dusting them, but the feel of the cups was awesome. Before she died she gave them to us GKids. I have a beautiful soft green and yellow cup that is so delicate you can see through it, I think she called it Irish Linen. It was always my favorite and I was always, but always afraid I was going to drop it or one of the others.

Hope your cleaning and organizing went well! I am so OVER organized that I have stacking file holders for all of the seasons and general decorations and I still can't find anything and have to look through all of the books to find what I "fell" like painting. Awhile back I even went to so as to computerize a list in order of "what I want to paint next" all can stop laughing now! But I have vowed not to purchase a new book until I have all of the current "I would like to paint" done. That one isn't hard as no store around here have books anyway and I hate to buy books online!

Took my DD and family to a play last night and it was a HOOT! My DGS had stated several times he didn't like "theater," but was kind of forced to attend, and he was laughing within 5 minutes, which was really nice as it was a comedy.

The last two months had really been record setters, so cold and dry in Dec., and now warm and double our rain for Jan. Good ol' El Nino. The BC Olympic ski area's are having to create snow, almost unheard of this time of year.

Well, off to do some line work and then hope to post pictures today.

Take Care!


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Morning all, our rains have moved out now, but the temps are still chilly. Belle, When I walked outside yesterday morning, the mountains north of us were covered with a fresh sheet of snow and glistening in the sunshine! I know that made our ski areas happy too. I love looking at it, but am so happy not to have to scoop it or drive in it!

I'm glad to hear your DGS enjoyed the play. They are so used to all the Sci fi and special effects of the movies these days--but there's just something magical about seeing a live performance.

Bebe, I keep thinking about your 200 plus cups/saucers. I only have about a dozen, but just love any with roses on them. I hope you are able to display most of yours and enjoy their beauty--so many times people have collections stashed away in boxes--what fun is that? LOL I like so many of the same things you seem to like, wouldn't it have been fun to be neighbors and shop and paint together?

Belle, I've even heard some of the northern states on the east coast are unusually warm for this time of the year--I think Mother Nature decided to let the cold winter take a vacation in the southern states this year! LOL


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