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txgrneyesJanuary 13, 2009


I was searching the internet for a forum where I might find people talking about decorative painting when I came across this one. I have not been painting is a very long time and it seems as though there are not as many painters out there as there were back in the days when I was painting a lot. I can't even find the Club here in town that I once belonged to. I am hoping to fire up my desire to get started painting again. I turned a room in my house into a place just for my painting. As much as my hubby fusses about how much "crap" I have, he so graciously made my new room perfect by building storage and putting together shelves in the closet. I now only need to get myself started!

I wanted to take some classes, but I haven't been able to find any around here to take. So, I think I will just drag out the old video and do my re-training with those.

Any ideas?

I also plan to go the Vegas in February to see what is new since I left this hobby. I don't plan to take any classes. I am afraid I would not be able to keep up since it has been so long since I painted. I do, however, plan to shop at the expo.

Well, I hope you will welcome me to the forum and know that I consider myself a newbie and not the experienced artist that you all seem to be. I have read many of the post and also checked out the gallery. It was my favorite forum of the several that I found.


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Hey Sharon and welcome! So glad to have you with us. I don't have any suggestions for you as far as classes or anything cause I'm self taught. Maybe check out our freebie post on the Conversation side of the forum and see if there are any new artists that you would like to try. There are lots of good sites listed.
Sounds like you have a nice work space to get started in. I think we all have more "crap" than our spouses would like. ha It just seems to come with the hobby.
Glad you are getting started again and we sure have a good cheerleading group here to keep you pumped up and excited. I hope some of our more experienced painters may be able to give you some tips or maybe places you can find some groups. Where are you located?

Anyway, I'm dashing out the door, but wanted to welcome you to the forum. We have a lot of fun here. Just jump right in and start posting and if you need help posting pics or with anything, just ask ok! ~Anj

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I'm sorry....the freebie sites are on the Discussion side of the forum...this is Conversations. =D ~A

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Hi Sharon, so glad you found us! We would love to have you join in here. If you've been reading prior posts, you probably can see that each of us have our own "style" and level of expertize. Our most experienced painters are so generous with their advice and in sharing their knowledge and experience.
I just love painting and have been doing it for many years, but I call mine "craft" painting. I just like to do things for myself or for gifts--and I'm not good enough for realistic painting, but I sure enjoy what I do paint.

Your room sounds terrific. We can never have enough storage, can we? Kraftymom was sharing with us how she stashes all her items that she hopes to someday get painted. I paint in my laundry room. Feel fortunate to have a countertop and some cabinets in there for storage as well as some good lighting.

Hope you will share pics of your current, future and past projects with us. And be sure to come back here to the conversations side to chat with us about even non painting related topics. This is a good place for all of us to get to know each other better.


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Hello Sharon and Welcome!

I am newer to this forum and have found everyone here very nice and most helpful.

I had not painted in over a year and was really rusty! But it is amazing how fast it all comes back, and in someways I think I do somethings better. I have had to practice some of my strokes and I hate to practice anything - but it helped!

I sure hope you come back often and START painting! Just pick a pattern, pick up a brush and go for it!


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Sharon, have you tried the Society of Decorative Painters website? You can find the nearest chapter listed there along with the President's name and number.

We have some really great painters on this site and many are self taught. And they are so willing to share their ideas and techniques so I know you will love visting us.

I don't think you ever forget how to paint, once you get the brush in your hand it will all come back to you. Hope to see some of your projects real soon.

Here is a link that might be useful: Society of Decorative Painters

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Thanks for all the warm welcomes. I am really excited to be here with others who love decorative painting. It's nice to have the ability to have conversation about this wonderful hobby. I too consider myself a "craft" painter. I paint for myself and also for gifts even tho those have been far and few between. I plan to paint all of my Christmas gifts for 2009. I so excited to be here with such welcoming painters!

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We will be eagerly waiting to see the projects you paint and share with us.

I actually painted on a little resin piece today that I had picked up at the after Christmas sales. It's a little tree with a gingerbread. I'll post a pic when I get it all done.


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Sharon, I'm so excited to have another to share projects, ideas and whatever else comes up with. This is the greatest forum and pretty entertaining at times.

I never make it over here but I'm lonely today cuz no one is posting on the gallery. It's a cleaning day for me at home so I can go shopping tomorrow. haha I'm glad I came over or I would of missed getting to Welcome you now.

Please post pictures and keep in touch with all of us.


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Welcome Sharon'
I haven't been posting lately due to family illness, but I like this forum too and it is always so nice to see the things people paint and be able to talk to others about painting.To me painting is a blessing. I haven't done any wood cutouts,what I mean to say is I have never cut any myself, just on purchased pieces. Hopefully I can post some projects soon. I look on these forums every day and really enjoy the chat and all the beautiful projects. I guess you would call my painting style "romantic" or "victorian". I love roses and angels and sentimental things. And snowmen!
But it is all wonderful!!! Be sure and post pics of your work-your skills will come back soon and you will be hooked again!
Blessings on all.

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