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columbiascApril 21, 2009

I am a big fan of HGTV's Small Space Big Style program and had fuitlessly searched for a show schedule a few months back. I recently re-checked the HGTV website and found the "new" show schedule. I anxiously set my recorder to capture the show last Friday morning. Yesterday, I finally got around to watching the episode I had recorded. The show I recorded was not Small Space Big Style. I went back online and checked the listing, sure enough, right time, so where was my show?

Can you believe that instead of a program showcasing very small homes, they run a program featuring a 20,000 square foot log home! That's right, a single home coming in at 20,000sf. The "great room" alone is 4,000sf! Grotesque. What programming genius decided that the biggest of the big was a good substitute for the smallest of the small?

HGTV...if you are listening, give me back my show on a reliable schedule! You spend the money creating new episodes, AIR THEM!


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that was a good program..t v programming has hit the skids..seems..and I'm so bored of reruns I could scream..actually last night i almost screamed..why reruns or really ugly shows !!!!

at least they bring back some good old shows occasionally.

I did pick up a few good books on use of small spaces..but at my stage in life..most changes no longer apply to i'm kinda getting stuck in a rut..and not ready to make big changes any more..doing interior design for so many years..i guess i just want to enjoy my house now..rather than change it..but better organizing..yes..i'm really wanting to get more stuff out and more things organized..should have been working on that with last night's reruns

that also reminds me..remember the old thing called a video tape? I have hundreds of them of old HGTV shows that i could also put in and the rooms that need the organizing..and kill 2 birds with one stone..duh..where was my head.

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20,000 sq ft! Yikes! That's almost half an acre.

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It's named "Legacy Lodge". I wonder what the intended legacy is.


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"I wonder what the intended legacy is. "

Probably a brat. Hehehehehe

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