LL, have you thought about window coverings yet?

marti8aApril 13, 2011

Or have you done research on what looks good with the French Country? I've been looking through magazines and most of what I see is too, I dunno, modern? trendy? for the look I want. What I really, really like are gathered curtains over lace sheers. But dh wants to be able to look out the window without going over to it. So I'm stumped.

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Marti- What we have right now, in our main windows, are floor to ceiling 'quick sew' drapes...basically hemmed on top and on a pressure rod. They are bump out bay windows, so each side has 4-30" windows. While these curtains are not exactly elegant, they do keep the heat in and are very easy to clean and remove, if we want to look out the whole window, in the summer.

For the farmhouse, I'd like to get wrought iron rods, that go above the window, and use a little nicer, floor to ceiling drapes. I was thinking about something like this, for the living room.

In the kitchen/dining room, probably a valance over the kitchen sink (maybe with a blind) and valances above the french doors. It would be nice to get some color and pattern on that wall...and with the door opening into the sunroom, the fabric wouldn't be in the way of the door opening. I need to get my blue in there, somewhere! :)

In the sunroom, probably some kind of blinds...something that open very easily and lets in all the view! I know I've shown this picture before, but i really like the way the light shines in and there's nothing blocking the plants from the windows. Very bright and airy.

In the bedroom, I would like this type of window seat, but with clear, not leaded glass, windows. Probably valances at the top, maybe with a drape on the outside, that closes off the entire window seat...the kitties would love that!

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In our two bedrooms, I have floor to ceiling big grommet drapes, very simple. They are the bigger rod that runs just short of 12 feet wide, wall to wall in other words. The second rod behind it is a smaller diameter, and those are sheer curtains threaded on their rod pockets next to the window.

Our walls are cement plaster, extremely hard. So what we did was install 6 inch wide crown molding (so far just these two rooms, but we plan to do most of the others too). DH made it from scratch, and it gives us a very good foundation for mounting the curtain rods up high.

The front bedroom rods came from Pottery Barn, and were expensive because they were so wide. But the back bedroom (our master suite) has the same brackets, but I bought copper tubing in two diameters, it came in 10 foot lengths I think. So I cut off two feet of the tubing and plan to use it for a wind chime. Copper tubing is not cheap, but it costs less than the rods did from PB! I'm happy with the color, and if it ages to verdigris, who cares. I could spray it with a clear coat of acrylic I suppose, but am curious.

I like the floor to ceiling look too. It draws the eye up, and makes the room appear somewhat more spacious. And I love the inspiration pic of the window seat/banquette. I saw the layout on your latest house plan, LL, and it will fit your dream house quite nicely

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I just love your inspiration photos, LL. In my dream house, I would have so many of these kinds of ideas woven throughout.

Thanks for the *sighs*. :^)

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Shelayne- It's still my dream house, too...but thanks for the compliment :)

ML- I love that window seat, with the built in shelves. It's so cozy, yet bright and cheerful, at the same time!

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