Monday morning 1/24/11

luvstocraftJanuary 24, 2011

Looks like time to start a new post for the week.

I've been doing some sorting and donating and cleaning this month. January just always seems like a good time to clean up and clear out, doesn't it?

So. Calif. is having some lovely weather again after our cold spell. Sun is shining and temps were in the 70's yesterday. I've been taking afternoon walks with a friend next door. Talking sure makes the walk go faster! LOL

I actually got a project base coated and the pattern traced on--no to just keep pressing on and get it done. It's one of those unfinished projects I had hoped to have done before Christmas.

What are the rest of you doing this week?


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Luvs, thanks for starting a new post for the week. It sounds so fun going for walks in your nice weather. How long will this friend be next door? I'm hoping to start doing some walking when it warms up here.

We are having a benefit auction and dinner on Sat. for a family whose daughter is a senior and diagnosed with cancer. The dad was working in ND and got his hand smashed and lost a finger. He has alot of surgery ahead.

We will be donating a Droid, Eagle with State quarters and a painted snowman shutter. I will help preparing food on Sat. and then the dinner and aution Sat. night.

I have training Thurs. so will go down Wed. night and come home Thurs. night after training.

We are still trying to work out the lease on the building this week. We are going to do some looking on some new locations tomorrow. Seems like my plate is full and it's just the beginning of the week.

Hope you get your project done. I might try to get some more painted to donate for the auction but we'll see.



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Good morning all!! Very long weekend. Made it thru the sleepover....where nobody slept!! They ate a ton of food and stayed up all night playing video games. Ended up having 7 boys girls stayed elsewhere. They all said it was the best sleepover ever so that always makes me feel good! Got to see my friend on Sunday. He hasn't changed a bit. Really good to get to visit with him and hope to see him next time he comes thru. Old friends are so comfortable to be around even if you haven't seen them for 20+ years!! ha My rash cleared up to almost unnoticeable so I wasn't too self conscious about that. Weird allergies.
Punk~ I hope you do get to paint something in between your running around.
Luvs! Enjoy your pretty weather. We had a few days of 38's and sunny weather, but back to hail and snow this morning. bleck! I have several projects in the works. Got my printer drivers fixed last night so I can print my words for my glass block to finish it up. Started some christmas stocking wood cutouts last night and have a little christmas house I'm painting as well. Trying to find a good design to go on some candle boxes that are painted and ready to go. Should have something to post soon from all this work. ha
Well, I have my youngest home with fever today. She was in there watching TV and she says...MOM!! Come here quick!! I go running in there and she says....Is the TV supposed to be gray??? I'm like....Yes, dear. It's a black and white cartoon!! lol Guess she'd never seen one before! The look on her face was priceless! ha Need to go start on Lunch/Supper. I'm making a couple of meatloafs for lunch and enough for supper too. Need comfort food when the white death falls. ha Talk to you all soon. ~Anj

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Where is everyone?? Pretty scary when I'm posting twice in a row! ha Just stopped by to see how everyone is doing. I've not been feeling too great the past few days. Candida die off is not a fun process. Just sayin. Have to pack up my son for an overnight camp out this weekend. Have one home now with pink eye. And joy of's Science Fair time again. Ugh. Will be working on "What causes the phases of the Moon" this weekend. Styrofoam balls are messy when you have to cut them btw. So back to it I guess. Hope you all have a more fun weekend planned than mine! ha We are going out to dinner with friends tonight so there is that to look forward to. Cya soon. ~A

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Hi everyone!! It seems like I haven't been here in ages.

Lots of family things going on, working a lot (which is great) and working on more house projects. I decided to mostly redo my guest room, and it's almost done. It looks so much better in there, you guys wouldn't believe it! Next project is the doll room, then back to the craft room. Some days I have so much fun with the decorating and arranging and getting the house just how we want it, and other days, I'm just so tired of it I could cry!

I'm going to need some help with a painting project I have planned for the craft room, so will post about that when I get to it.

Our weather has been fabulous this week, and it was in the 70's today! They're predicting freezing rain and snow for next week, though. I think I've gotten some kind of bug...had a tiny sore throat yesterday, which was worse today, and as the day has gone on, I'm feeling more and more yucky. I think I need some hot tea and to go to bed early tonight.

I hope everyone is well! I've been looking for painting books when I go thrifting, but haven't found anything yet. I figure even if I can't use them, I could pass them on to someone here to use. Do you ever have give-a-ways here?

Anj, that's a hoot about your DD saying the TV was gray! Can you imagine being that young? I giggle every time I see 8-track tapes and vinyl record albums at the thrift. I wonder if kids today even know what those things are?

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Franksmom, we have an exchange section on here where we can post pictures of books or items and ask if anyone would like them. Not allowed to sell items--only exchanges or freebies. The two people involved can discuss postage costs.

Anj, you have done some wonderful science projects and I'm sure this one will be the same. ;o) Who picks the project to demonstrate?

I've been doing lots of clearing out. Just bought some more containers to use in my craft area. Want to sort things that are in big bins into smaller ones and get them all labeled and stacked so I can remember what I have and find things easier.

I almost have an unfinished item completed so should be able to post a picture soon. My painting is just terrible now since I've not been doing much since before Christmas. Need to get back in the groove, don't I?

I was noticing some of my yard signs in the back yard--I've not been good at remembering to spray more sealer on them periodically and they are really looking bad. Some I can probably sand down and repaint--others just need thrown away and I should/could make some new ones. I think I will start putting a primer coat on first to see if that makes them holdup longer.

Franksmom, we will look forward to seeing your painting project. I'm sure someone on here will be able to help you with any questions.

Not feeling too good today either, having gotten much done at all, just sort of taking it easy. Have son's family coming for dinner tomorrow so hoping I feel better then.

Take care all of you.


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Well, they are done! Now all I need to do it take pictures of the 6 snowmen. My DD and I had been working on our family history and she actually sat with me and figured out what needed to be changed or added.....didn't take all of her advise, but some of it. I will post a picture soon!

Anj... your DD black and white cartoon would fit right in on the Tole Friends e-mails, we have been commenting on "things we remember" like rotary phone, or for some of us older ones, the box on the wall and you cranked the handle to get a number and you number was usually only 3 digits and your phone had as many as 9 other people using the same line. Anyway, I read you post to my DH and he got quite a laugh too! I can still remember when my DGS went to call a friend and didn't know how to use our rotary phone, he stuck his finger in one of the holes and told me my phone must be broken cause nothing happened. I wonder what their grandchildren will do that will make them laugh, probably something like not knowing what a desk phone is....

It has been a very sad time for me, my youngest sister called a week ago Friday and I just knew our Mom had died...but no, my closest brother died in his sleep. Still no idea about when the Memorial Svc will be as they have to do an autopsy and get all of the test reports back before they will release him. The belief is that he had a massive stroke.

Gonna go and take some pictures......


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Hi Everyone, first of all I want to say Belle, I'm soooo sorry to hear you've lost your Dearest Brother. Sharing Your Sorrow and Sending My Love.

Glad to hear your done with the 6 snowmen. Hope you can find time to post these.

Luvs, I went into my craft room to find something to paint and ran across the book with my turkey napkin holder pattern. It's in the book "The Mice Will Play by Jan Spanik. Hope you get your project finished and posted soon.

We are getting dumped on again so anything in our yard is all covered up with snow. Sometimes I have had DH sand down a project so I can repaint but most of the time it goes to the garbage.

FM, hope your sore throat is getting better. Your always talking about redoing and it makes me want to get started on some of my rooms but I'll wait until it's a little nicer out.

I've wanted to add onto our home for years and it never happened. Now I'm glad we didn't. I'm thinking I'd rather do more running around than cleaning.

Anj, hope you had a nice dinner w/friends. The Science projec sounds like alot of work ahead. They always seem to turn out so nice and I love it when you share them with us.

Kids are so funny. I had DGD here the other night. We went out to the kitchen so we could make Valentine houses. I passed some silent gas and DGD looked at me and said "Pewie Stikie, did you do that"? Had to admit it was me and I headed to the BR for some spray.

When I got back she asked if I remembered at Christmas when her uncle went to the BR and it stunk really bad. Then she said "I think he forgot to flush the toilet, don't you Nana"? I said "NO, he forgot to turn on the air exchanger and use some spray. Why on earth did she have to remember Gotta Love Em...

Back to how times have changed. We didn't have a color TV until I was in Jr High. Rotary phones, 8 track tape players and records were all part of my life growing up.

When I think of the new technology coming it blows me away. I'm not sure I want to learn to sell a devise that we can do everything at home from work. The one thing I've loved this winter is my electronic start, steering wheel warmer and heated seats. It's so nice to sit at my desk and start the truck and when I go out it's all warm. It will also be nice to start it before I'm heading out this summer and it will be cool. Sure wouldn't want to give up all this so guess we better march on.

Was great to see Bebe has been painting more beautiful roses for us to enjoy.

I best get off here and head back in and try finding a project again before it's bed time.



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Belle, bless your heart, it is so hard to lose a loved one. I'm so sorry to hear about your brother, know you will miss him so much.

Glad you got the snowmen finished and I will sure look forward to seeing them all.

I managed to finish up a UFO from Christmas. Hope to get it posted later today.

Punk, the little ones don't miss much do they? And they are not shy about telling us either! LOL

I'm loving all Bebe's pretty rose projects--and the faces she paints are just so wonderful too.

Anj, we need an update on the science project. I still remember that fantastic castle--was that last years project? Time gets away from me sometimes.

Punk, you sure are getting lots of snow, do you still head off to work everyday? Or do you get a few "snow days" off? You are right about the electronic gadgets. I don't have a steering wheel warmer, but sure do love the heated seats! And I just can't believe all these smart phones that let you surf the net wherever you are! Problem is, too many people are on them instead of enjoying the people they are with and what's going on around them! Just my humble opinion of course. ;o)

DH has a doctor appt. for some test results later today, so I'd better go fix my face and get ready to go.


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Hi All,
Luvs, you are so funny. Do I get snow days?ROTFLOL!!! We have offered snow days for our employees but we go no matter what the weather is. And yes, sometimes it's a little scary.

How did DH's doctor appt. go today? Will you have to wait for results? I sure hope they come up with a way to stop this from happening. We sure don't know whats in our future at any point of our life. I got a kick out of you "better go fix my face" that's how I feel most mornings.

I'm thrilled that you posted your 2x4 snowman. I went back in last night and didn't come up with anything I wanted to paint. So you can imagine my surprise at seeing your project posted. I need to talk with DH and make sure we have a 2x4 on hand.

Hope all is well with everyone.


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Guess it's my turn to post twice here. Luvs, hope your last two days have been a little easier on you. This has to be so hard to deal with daily. I think it's a good thing you live where you can get outside and go for a walk and get some of your anxiety out.

You finished your snowman, B has finished a few of her projects. Now Belle finished her Snowies so hope the others will be able to finish a project or two and post. I need to start a project!

I will check back tomorrow. sould go find something constructive to do.



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Belle, so sorry to hear about your brother. My prayers are with your and yours.

I enjoyed reading about all of your doings. Anj I don't know how you do it all.

I am finishing up a painting of a flyfisherman. I photoed it with my new camera (BD gift!!) and was disappointed in how it took. Still need to practice with the camera settings. Maybe need to adjust the colors ON the Painting!! LOL Still working on the crop picture with the stump. Haven't decided if have the farmer at the bottom, or smaller at the top with the little girl.

Its been very cold here and even with the fireplace, I still want to curl up and sleep. Brrr.

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Thanks for the good wishes, Punk. We know you are so busy that it is hard to find the time/energy/motivation to start a project. How's the new locations coming along? Did the place you were going to lease come through. If not, I'd sure charge them for all the remodel things you did there!

Belle, your snowmen on the window turned out so cute. Can't wait to see what you come up with next.

Cali, will look forward to seeing your painting. I'm not good at taking pictures at all. That is neat that you can take a picture then do a painting of it.


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Luvs, haven't heard a word on the building lately. I haven't talked with our corp. lawyer so don't know where we stand with not having a signed lease. I hope if it doesn't work out that they will reimburse us but it's highly doubtful. It snowed all day here so wouldn't be moving now.

Cali, hope you finish your picture to share soon. I need to take photography classes and learn to post nice pics. but that won't Do you have a tri pod? The gals on the Holiday forum say it makes all the difference.

Hope to hear from all of you soon.


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Yes, Luvs, I do both. I love to drive around the countryside and take pictures. I don't necessarily stay true to the photo but sometimes combine photos and ad lib or use artist's license to paint. Then I take photos of the paintings so I can post them here, on my blog, or FB fan page. We got over 5 inches of snow so I won't be driving for a bit! Town roads are scraped and sanded but country roads are last and some even have to melt on their own. Too bad, because the snow would make some beautiful pics.

Punk, I do use a tripod for taking photos of my paintings. It makes it much easier to size the picture and make adjustments. Also, I made a photo box, after having seen a discussion about it on photography forum. It is out of pvc pipe and sheeting. I had to make it large so I could put small or large paintings in it. I also didn't glue the pipe so I could disassemble it if I needed the table upon which it sits. I can also enlarge it by adding a piece of pvc here or there. The photo box diffuses the light from the sides so a flash is not needed and that takes the glare away.


Here is a link that might be useful: photo box at ebay

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Cali, thanks for the reminder. I remember your light box now. I don't think I'll get into the photography at this point in my life but hope I can later on.

We got hit hard last weekend and first of the week but it has warmed up and seems to be melting some every day. The back roads here can be horrible until the gravel starts coming through to break up the ice. They plow them but not as much as the main hwys.

Sure enjoyed your pictures!


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