necessary to carry crown to ceiling ?

EATREALFOODApril 5, 2012

Ok now I am second guessing...The ceiling is 9ft, area is 12x10' Will it look strange not to carry molding to ceiling ? KD thinks I should not carry to ceiling b/c of room size/layout.

I put in outlets for cove lighting. Uppers are 42", I'm reading a lot about dirt/dust on top of cabinets. Opinions please. I'm leaning towards 42" with a short crown molding(Cherry molding on top of soft white cabinets) with cove lighting. Plans are posted under the thread title "final layout".

thank you.

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I would go to the ceiling, even if you have put in a spacer board (what is the size of the space between cabinet & ceiling?), and then crown to the ceiling. That gab would drive me nuts. Not only dust, but spider webs would get up there and be so hard to clean.

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Well, DH & the KD don't think I should extend the crown. I have seen it done both ways and I'm not against either. I'm going to keep it simple and not extend it.

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We have one high cabinet that the crown made it even harder to clean on top off. When I had the cabinets re-done I had them leave the crown off.

BUT I also put that easy clean ,I think it was rubber maid, plastic up on top so I could take it down and wash it instead of having to reach up so high to wash the tops of the cabinets when the crown was still there.

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mama goose_gw zn6OH

I had to add a filler piece to make the crown go to the ceiling on the vintage cabinets in my kitchen. I like the look of cabinets to the ceiling. But also, I had to remove a soffit, and taking the cabinets/crown to the ceiling meant that I didn't have to replace ceiling tiles where the soffit had been. Win/win situation.

shades, I read somewhere on GW, about laying newspaper on the tops of cabinets to collect the dust and grease film. When it's time clean, just roll up the newspaper, toss, and replace.

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I do something like that mama_goose. I have a linen cabinet with a space above it and I made a quilted cloth to fit the space. Quilting it just makes it a little stiffer and so easier for me to put back by myself without it wrinkling up. I have a cloth over my fridge and freezer too. So easy to just throw in the wash.

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I like the newspaper idea. I also have a cloth or place mats o top of the fridge. Like you Marti I needed some thing a bit stiffer to slide in on top of fridge. There is just a little bit of space but certainly enough to collect dust and grime.Which reminds me it is time to wash them, LOL

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I think the papers over the cabinets/fridge trick is a fine one. Never thought about over the fridge. I hate to clean the top of a fridge especially, because of the greasy dust that collects there. Certainly I will have plenty of newspaper (bird cage bottoms) so why did I not think about it!!!!

I'm not planning on upper cabs, but a couple of tall ceiling height pantries for the new kitchen.

And, we will have crown molding everywhere in the house which my DH makes himself. He just installed the last wall of it in our master. After we do the floors throughout the house, the old baseboard will be changed to match the really high crown molding. Except none in the kitchen, since the whole perimeter will be hidden by cabinets on LEGS. NO toe kick, I totally dislike them.

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Ok, now he is doing both rooms at once, since locating the studs on the wall the two rooms share is making it an easier task. I'm glad he is in there with the work, because my African grey parrot's cage is in the dining room and he has been "helping" his papa, hammering, screwing with the electric drill, making grunts and such, but so far none of the cussing. Even now, Kimali is saying, "Kimali gotta go to work, he is a good boy, yeah....MoonPie, MOVE!!!" MoonPie is the maltese. So I know the work is in good hands with Kimali supervising and keeping Papa amused. I'll tiptoe outside, not in the tulips, but in the HOSTA, dig some holes, move some plants before the day gets too hot, and enjoy the sound of baby birds all around me. This is the spring of the baby birds. So far, three nests in our yard, that I know of. Carolina wrens, rufrous sided towhee, and Eastern Bluebirds (YES!!!) and then other birds are bringing their fledglings to the feeders in my bird-friendly yard to teach them to fend for themselves. I just qualified as a Backyard Habitat, and I am pleased.

Have a great morning, all. Spring is here.

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And, since we won't have any upper cabs in the kitchen, I'm thinking they will have to finish that crown the same way my DH is doing the rest of the house.

I don't want him doing it after the remodel is over, don't want him doing it NOW, to be truthful, he drives me crazy with all the hammering and drilling and dust piles on everything, lumber piled in the rooms not involved.

He is such a stickler for doing things with marks on the walls EVERYWHERE, that I'll have to paint again when he is done. But, just a few rooms.....the rest will be remodelled and I think that will happen this coming winter.

Toodles, everyone. Been distracted by HOSTA!!!

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