Week of Jan 19th

anjabeeJanuary 19, 2009

Thought I'd better start off a new week. That last one was getting pretty long. ha Good to have everyone over here chatting!

Luvs~ Gosh, wish I was there to have some of your yummy cookies. I'm back to trying to watch what I eat, but who can pass up homemade cookies?? ha Glad ya'll are having fun. Have you seen anyone from years past to reconnect with? How are the furbabies enjoying the trip?

Belle~ I'm trying to picture your tray in my mind. Was wondering if the trick with the candles would work on it to make it look older. Maybe paint it black, then rub the candle over it where you want it to look worn, then paint another color on top, then use steel wool to rub it where the candle was. It gives a different aged look. Then you'd seal it of course. Maybe try it on a scrap piece of wood to see if you like the effect. So nice that you have DH to build such nice things for you.

Punk...let's don't let luvs put herself down. She is very pretty and such a sweet lady. We are so lucky to have her around! I was wondering why Karen said that since she was barely smiling, but I think she was not talking about in the picture. If you go down to the bottom of the posts and put metal trays into the search on this forum you may be able to find the posts of luvs trays. They are really beautiful.

Well, my niece and nephew are here today and tomorrow since they don't have school, but I'm hoping to get some painting done. DH is home as well. He had a flat tire and woke up with pink eye so he called in sick to work. ha Guess he thought those 2 things were a good sign not to go anywhere today. ha

I'd like to know how you all juggle housework, errands and shopping and anything else you have going and finding time to paint. Do you all just let the housework go or do you have certain days or times that you paint? I'm having a hard time finding a balance. I think I've got it figured out, but then something always comes along to mess up my plans. ha I have 4 kids ages 4-14 and I always have lots going on, but am always frustrated because I'd rather be painting. ha Give me some tips please! I know I could get way more done if I wasn't on the computer, but I'm cooped up in this house a lot so it's my only social outlet during the week. ha And it's fun to chat with you guys.

I'm off to paint. ~A

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Anj, Luvs a doll, just like you and I hope she knows it deep down. So Luvs no more thinking negative or you'll have to take a trip to see Anj and me and make us cookies!!!

OM I found two of Luvs trays that are beautiful. I saved them on my puter for later. Thank you so much. I'll post a picture so both of you can see my trays.

Did you get any painting done today with 2 extras? It sounds like you are to busy with family to be able to paint like you want right now. There is nothing more precious than family so enjoy and you can catch up on painting in years to come. I'm surprised you accomplish what you do with your busy life.

Here's your tip. Move closer to me and I'll take the kids on the weekends and you can paint. I would rather have the kids than paint but I'm not that fortunate. Isn't that the way life is never get what we want. I'm such a whinner.

I try to keep up with the housework as well as everything else cause work is so stressful some days. One evening last week I went to sleep at 7:30 p.m. and didn't wake up till 7:30 the next morning. That night I ask my DH if he checked to make sure I was still alive and he laughed of coarse.

So I work hard and play hard and try to live life to the fullest. I stay up and paint sometimes till the wee hours. Not a good idea. Later it always kicks my butt.

I see it's midnight so best go and get some shut eye. My computers weren't playing well with others today (me) so I need to go in early and see what needs to be done. Punk

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Here is a picture of the trays my DS brought me. Let your imagination go wild and maybe we can come up with something for the leaves and all.

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Love that big scalloped tray, and how cute that leaf shaped one is, are you sure you want to paint them? I'm going to keep them in mind as I look at some of my painting mags, will have to find just the right patterns for them. Off the top of my head, I remember a cute design that was a teapot and teacup that might be cute on one of them. What are your interests? Do you want things you can use everyday or do you prefer holiday designs? Those are really nice, and so sweet of your DS to get them for you.

The two of you make such sweet comments--make me blush.

Punk, so sorry your work is so stressfull--been there, done that and it does take a toll on you. That long night's sleep was probably exactly what you needed. I too am always amazed at all the things Anj does and yet she still manages to find a little time to paint. And she is always so sweet and cheerful--I'd be grumpy and dead tired if I tried to do even half of what she does each day!

Better go check the other forum and get off here--sitting too long makes my back hurt. It sure is great having so many on here to chat with now. Love it!


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Luvs, I thought of you and that big tray also after looking at a couple of your trays. Will you post your trays on here for me again if it's not to much work? I'm sure others would love to see them also.

I don't have anything in particular in mind for the trays so I'd love to hear your ideas. I would probably use them most in the winter but might occasionaly use one to entertain on the deck during the nicer weather. The tea pot and tea cup sounds cute. I have a pattern with little snowies in tea cups that might be pretty cute. Thanks for the idea and keep them coming.

I keep thinking I need to get DH to make me another stop sign so I can paint something with Stop in the Name of Love on it. Or since I painted on all of the stop signs maybe I should paint a stop sign on the inside of another shape. What do you think?

It's midnight again so best hit the hay. Thanks for the conversation and I'll try to check back on Thursday. Oh by the way I think it's great you stay in touch while vacationing. Your quite the woman. Good night girlfriend. Punk

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Well, it's grocery and errand day for me today. Don't know if I'll get back here since I have to run kids to scouts and church groups. I was asked to be the secretary to DD's youth group so I'll have to go with her to the Wed night activities now.

DH stayed home again with pink eye yesterday so I didn't get much done. He took me and the 4 yr old to lunch and the TS! ha Didn't find anything!!! That is totally unusual for me. I felt let down. ha But a fried shrimp basket and an ice cream at a local restaurant helped pick me up again. ha

Punk~ your trays are awesome especially that big one. Don't know if I could stand to paint that one. Hope you find the perfect patterns for them. I've never painted one, but I'll put my thinking cap on too.

Luvs, how much longer are you gone for and are you still at the campgrounds? Any more people to see and TS's to riffle? ha

I'd better go wake up the second round of huligans for school. Ya'll have a good one. ~Anj

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Punk, back when I first got interested in painting on metal trays, I could find them in all shapes and sizes at the TS for less than $2.00--now they have gone up to about $3.99 for the little ones and up to $8.99 for the bigger heavier ones! I'm so glad that I bought several when they were cheaper. My friend teased me that I bought so many the TS thought they were a "hot" item so they raised the prices. LOL

Anj, I've had times like that too--just nothing that really hits my fancy sometimes. I went to get my haircut today so I stopped at a couple TS along the way--well, not really along the way, but close enough! Only found a book and one other little thing that I can't remember right now.(can you tell I really needed it?) LOL At another one, I found some western paperbacks that I had to get. My DB loves to read westerns all winter when they are snowed in and I always keep an eye out for them for him. Will probably cost me more to mail them than they cost! Darn postage sure ruins some of the fun of mailing surprise packages.

Oh, keep forgetting to tell you that we are back home. Had a really nice trip but it is always nice to be home. I did all the laundry including washing the bedding, towels, and rugs out of the motor home. Then I vacuumed it well and shampooed the carpet before we took it back to the storage lot. Always like for it to be ready to go. Little GD came over and spent the day after we got back. Was so sweet to see her come running hollering "Gramma, Gramma". Sure do miss her when we are gone like that.

I've been doing a bit of yard work too, but am figuring out what my next painting project will be so I can get some things done to share here.

You girls have fun and don't work too hard. I'll chat more tomorrow.


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Good Morning,

Luvs, Hope you aren't working to hard. Sometimes we think we have to catch up in a few days what might of taken a week to accomplish if we were home. It'll still be there so don't over do, ok?

Anj, if I show you mine will you show us yours? It couldn't turn out any worse than mine did. I couldn't sleep so got up early and finished it. I should of started over but decided if I keep this it will remind me to buy the right products and try them the next time. LOL I didn't even want to finish the leaves cuz the center turned out so bad. When I was trying to finish the lemons I got carried away and muffed them also. Should of went back to bed. haha

We had so much fun with GD an DD. GD had me paint her nails pink with purple polka dots. I put nail enhancements on DD and we air brushed each others nails. DD also dyed my hair so I'm good to go for a few weeks. yeah

Well it's time to head to work so hope to hear from you this weekend. Punk

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Hey ya'll. Sorry I've been MIA for the last few days. Had to get up at 5am to take DD to her basketball tryouts....she made the team! She is so excited. Then she told me late last night that she had to go again this morning at the same time. UGH. I'm dragging hiney. She has to go early mornings for practice every other week. They trade out with the boys team so the other week she'll do after school practices. I am not used to having to get up so early so it's like my brain is refusing to function. ha I sat and went thru files and paperwork yesterday dozing in front of the tv watching Burn Notice all day. ha I can barely keep my eyes open right now. Thought I'd at least make it to lunch before I crashed. Guess I'll have a nap and then get back to this paperwork. Everything is strung out across my painting table in stacks so no painting for me until I get this stuff cleared.

Luvs~ glad you made it back safely. I know GD missed you a bunch! ha Look forward to seeing your next project.

Punk~ I'll still keep plugging along on this project until I get it finished I guess. Think I'll go drink a Coke to give me a little pep and if I can get this stuff cleared I'll try to get some painting done on it today. ha I'm sure your's looks fine. If I don't get to paint today I'll be working on Science Fair project with 8yr old this weekend so doubt I'll get any done then.
Sounds like you had a nice "spa" kinda day with DD and GD. Nice to have them to do things with.

Ok, I'll get to work and see what I can get done between yawns. Later ~Anj

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Back again and haven't painted a darn thing yet! Got busy today and cleaned my closet, getting rid of two bags full of my work clothes that I haven't used for over three years. They were good and cost money so I just kept hanging on to them--finally decided that was just plain silly since I would never wear them again and could use the space. Besides maybe someone else can get some use from them. I also worked on the toy storage in the guest room closet--can't get rid of too much there, but at least it is better organized until the next time little GD comes over. I did sort out a bunch of her books and am getting rid of a bagful of them. Feels good to get some of this stuff organized. After all that, I needed a break so thought I'd hop on here and see what the rest of you are doing. Anj, congrats to your daughter on making the team, but my sympathy to you on having to be up and at em so early in the mornings! How long will this last? Punk, it sounds great having "girl time" to get all spiffed up. Bet you all had lots of good conversation and laughs too. I'll bet both Anj's and your projects will turn out just fine. I'll try to get in my painting room after dinner tonight and get going on something--that is if DH doesn't decide he wants to go to the movies! LOL Always something going on huh? Luvs

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WoW! It read like everyone has been really going at it....welcome home to Luv, congrads to Anj's DD and nice that you have to get up so early and a few well dones and I don't know how you all do so much!

We have spent the last 3 days trying to find a new scroll saw...Don't buy a Craftsman 18"....they are not worth the money. Anyway decided to purchase one online as we didn't find one in our 250 + miles of searching. Actually it was a very dry run, didn't find any crafts books or materials anywhere....think everyone out here is totally into sports or computers or something other than painting!

DD and SIL just purchased a new 27' tag along trailer so now we are planning trips with them.....just think about that....camping in WA. State in Feb., March or April....not a nice choice....I think the newness will wear off fast - or at least I hope so.

Still haven't started anything new, in fact my painting table is overloaded with everything I should have put away from every room in the house. Maybe tomorrow!

Ya All take care!


ps...thanks for the tips on staining my tray..DH gave me a real cool questioning look when I asked for scrap wood....might just try the wax and stain the bottom first.

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Good Morning All,

I'm so sad. I found out yesterday that my favorite SIL has tongue cancer. She is the one who helped us get started with the phone business. We will have test results back this next week so hopefully they removed all of it.

Seems as though we're slowing down so others are starting to post. I hope they continue. I need to be able to come here and relax.

Anj, That is awesome your DD made the team. We'll have to jump in and help support your early mornings from here. Repear after me I know I can, I know I can.LOL I'm sure you'll get alot of enjoyment being able to watch her excell. Maybe you can try to go to bed early the nights you have to get up earlier.

Luvs, I know what you mean by getting rid of clothes. You should take and donate them to charity and write them off on your taxes. Here in MT we can write off $1500 a year. We have Goodwill, Twice But Nice and others. I personally like to donate to the 2nd hand church store. There is 9? area churches that share the profits. The ladies all volunteer their working time.

I have a steam machine box that is full of turtle necks from previous years and haven't even looked at them, but I have 20 new ones this year. Not funny! One of my closets has clothes for DS, DD and DG. I told them I would be boxing them up and they could keep 2-3 outfits in there and no more!!! Think that will happen? When the kids was in high school we didn't have any debts so we went to the mall shopping every weekend and to this day they still love to shop. I created shopoholics! DS dresses bette than most women. That closet is going to have more of my Christmas and crafts in it, if I follow through. Yeah

Belle, FYI. DH has an industrial Delta scroll saw and has had good luck with it. He also has a Sears that he cuts some with. We have gone through quite a few saws through the years and the Delta has been the longest performer so far.

I love to camp. We have a toy hauler and also a cabin so I've camped for years. We always felt it was family time when camping. We would go fishing or ride the 4 wheelers to our friends cabins and visit. Some times we would have pot luck up in the woods in the evenings. It was so nice to not have to hear the phone ringing. We have dish up there and don't even watch it. Just kick back and enjoy once the weather is nice. Have a good book so you can sit by the fire and read, if nothing else.

Here's my project that turned out ugly. Maybe I'll find someone who likes it a little and give it to them.

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Punk, that is a really unique design. You did really good on the lemons, and I love your swirly vines and the bug. the little house scene is cute too, but doesn't show up really well, the lemons sort of take center stage. I am sure one of your friends or family will appreciate the uniqueness of it and want it! Luvs

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Luvs, Thanks for being so nice about the little ugly duckling so to speak. Unique, I like that for this project. lol The sky was suppose to be just stained brown and I didn't like it that way so I restained to make it blue like sky. Do you think I would be better off to try to paint the whole scene so it would come to life and then I could go back and finish the leaves on the lemons? The lemons are suppose to be the center of attention so I guess that turned out right. What would we think if life and everything was always beautiful?

Have a good night and I'll probably be back tomorrow after work sometime. Punk

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Hi All,

I haven't read everyone's conversation, but my thoughts and prayers are with Punk and SIL and family.

On another note I agree with Luvs about your design. I really like the whole welcome sign, would it be possible to paint over the house again to make it stand out more?

Also many thanks to Anj for her instructions on how to show pictures on this site with Photobucket.

Anj, I think you were the one asking if I took a Donna Dewberry class. No, I didn't. But what really did help me in figuring out how to do the one-stroke painting, was in another book not by Donna but by Tera Leigh called " The Complete Book of Decorative Painting". On pages 122 and 123, she illustrates the correct way to paint a petal.

Maybe while I'm here,I'll tell you a little about myself. I'm married, no children, work as a Receptionist, but previously was a teacher for awhile. Hubby and I have two cats, named Maxi and Miss Kitty. We live in New Westminster, British Columbia, Canada. Loved to sew in the past, knit, crochet, more into painting now, and have started to loom knit as well.

Well that's it for now, I really glad to have found you guys on the web! Hope to chat more soon!


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Hi Again....

Punk, so sorry to hear about your SIL - the waiting is so hard! Our prayers are with her and all of your family.

Guess I look at things differently for I not only see the lemons, which are dominate - but then the house which is framed by the fruit. I like it!

Luv...glad you enjoyed my piano story. So many really nice people helped us rebuild our home, but every once in a while things were just overlooked or didn't turn out quite right, but I am just really Thankful were still have a home to joke about.

Chris, we are almost neighbors. I live half way between Seattle, WA. and Portland, OR. Although I live 16 miles west, my nearest town is Chehalis, which is on I-5

Well, I missed my dealine, promised myself that I would have my paint desk cleaned by noon and set things rolling on my last Christmas project.

Ya'll stay well and happy painting!


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Punk, I wouldn't change anything, I'm sure the little house scene shows up much better in real life. You did a really good job on it, I've never even tried to paint lemons, and I think your's look terrific.

Chris, you are really doing great with your One Stroke painting. Can't believe you never took a class. I actually thought some of your projects on paper might have been from a class. Do you have any of D.Dewberry's videos? I really found that helpful because I could pause and rewind over and over to see exactly how she held her brush or made a certain stroke. It's so nice to have you joining us here.

Belle, my paint desk was cleaned up---but not now. I can mess it up quickly when I'm working on projects! LOL I finished one little project and have been painting today on a couple more. I'll share pics tomorrow probably.

I'll catch you all later.


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Awe you are all so "SPECIAL" and thanks so much for all your support. I feel so helpless so it's great to have girlfriends like all of you.

This was one of those projects that I couldn't imagine the results when I started it and now that I go back and look at the picture in the book, it's not that great either. LOL It was different so I had to try. I do like pictures that are framed with something. Just not the one I painted. I think it's time to STOP before I fall off my chair from laughing so hard.

I think it's time to start a new post. After all it's Monday and time huh? Thanks again and can't imagine not having all of you to chat with. Punk

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