Bon Voyage Luvs.....

anjabeeJanuary 7, 2009

Have a great trip!!

Be safe!!

Don't forget to tell us is you stop in any great TS's along the way! ha I may stop in ours today. I'm having withdrawals. ha


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Well, you leave and this place just falls apart. ha I gots nobody to talk to me! ha Hope you are having a good time so far. How are the new upgrades working on the RV? I got to stop in my closest TS on Wed. Found another candle box with a snowman cutout that I think I'll paint and keep for myself and a pretty big rusty garden angel with a gazing ball head for $2. One old Woodstrokes mag, a big glass block and a little Halloween dec to paint. I think that's it. I'm thinking about taking the day off to paint today. Keep on truckin! ha Talk to ya later. ~Anj

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Hi Anj, I'm missing our chats too. Wow! you always find neat things at your local TS. My friend had given me a list of TS here, so after we finished at the computer/electronics show yesterday, DH agreed to stop at a few so I could look for treasures. The first two really didn't have much of anything good that I wanted, but DH found a mug he liked for 49 cents. The last one was better and I got four snowmen plates for $1.00 each, a cute little gingerbread girl for .75 cents, a single little snowman plate for .50 cents and a music book and one book on decorating with words--more scrapbooking than painting but we'll see. I saw a few painted items, but none I wanted or thought I could redo. Saw a nice metal tray but they wanted $6.99--waaay too high for something to paint on. When we get to Quartsite, I want try to collect some nice round rocks if I can find any--saw a cute idea of painting them with snowman faces! If I don't find any good ones, I might try doing the Prim snowmen where they use spackle on the styrofoam balls. I'm sure you've seen those. I don't need them, but just think it would be fun to do. LOL

It is cold here, I could see my breath when I took the dogs to their potty area. We are sleeping nice and warm, I put two thermal blankets on our bed, and the new mattress is really comfortable. DH loves the extra power that Banks power system gives him, now he can do 50 or 55 up the hills where before 30 was the maximum and it is riding smoother with the new suspension too--so I think we are in good shape for now.

We are going to head on over to Laughlin today. In fact, I need to get off here and go get my makeup on and start putting stuff away so it won't slide off while traveling.

Hope you do get in a good painting day. I brought a few things along with us, but haven't taken them out to work on yet. There is a theater here at the casino, so we walked over and saw "Marley and Me" last night. Of course, it made me cry--I'm such a softie for animals.

I'll try to get on here again tomorrow. Have a good day.


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Luvs, how great it is that the two of you get to travel around. It takes a lot to get me out of the house during the winter - and we don't even have cold winters. Although last night at 8 pm it was 72 degrees, this morning I woke up to 47 degrees, I guess one of those cold fronts came through.

When we take trips I always have the intention of bringing something to paint but I usually bring it back home unpainted. I hope you get to paint at least a little bit while you are gone. I haven't painted anything in a week - I really need to clean up my paint room before I start anything else. I am going to the Mobile chapter's meeting next Saturday and we are going to do an ornament with gumdrops painted on it - and another technique with frosting the glass, not sure how to explain it but will post a pic when I get back. Then it will be off to Panama City to paint with Ros Stallcup. Not sure what she is teaching as I have not seen the photos yet. Jill MacFarland will be coming to our chapter in April and I just found out she may be staying with me. Her projects are on my blog.

I haven't been able to find anything at the TS to paint and if I do find something they want too much for it. I did get a few cups and saucers the other day at an estate sale - you know how I like dishes, I even found a chafing dish for free. They thought it was a fondue pot so no one wanted it but me.

Have fun visiting all the sites and check back with us often. I don't always post (because I get too talkative sometimes) but I do try to read all of them.

Take care, b

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Good Morning Everyone........WoW! seem like forever since I posted last. We have had a couple of really "not so nice" weeks. First, all of the snow had us house bound and most of the time no power other than the "genny," then another flood. This time we were high enough to be dry, but had to move my DD out of her home and then back in, they also were dry. Good thing they raised their home after last year's flood. So......anyway.......haven't painted since Christmas and I miss it! Sure wish I could wake up to warm weather, it might get me out of this hibernation mode I am in!

I just received two books by Mary Jo Tuttle - they are awesome! I have several other books by her and have painted may of her projects before. I like how her Santa's all fit together, book to book. And her "patriotic" theme is great. Do all of you have the same problem as I do when trying to find books, for me it's online or nothing. And that's like shopping with blinders on!

Well, I have two disc's to finish the book I am listening to and while doing that I need to dust the floors and several other small things before going to DD for dinner...our only Grand Child turns 17 today...just can't believe it! He was such a small baby and now he is over 6' and still growing - but so slim - and I guess that is a good thing. all take care!


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Hey you guys. Sorry I haven't been here as much as usual. For some reason I'm in organization mode and just can't seem to get my mind on painting until I get things in order around here. I'm in the midst of going thru my kitchen cabinets and changing things around. I have everything pulled out and it's overwhelming. ha It's coming along though. Need to finish up my office/painting space today too so I will feel like painting again. Can't work in a messy space. I moved all the furniture around over the weekend, but still needs a good dusting, painting books put away.

Ya'll have a good one. I'll come back and do personals a little later. ~Anj

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Hi everyone, so good to sign on here and see all your posts.

PF, I'm out in the desert close to Laughlin, Nevada. It's clear and sunny, but low 70's and strong winds--not pleasant to me at all. Just heard a weather report that it's going to be 88 at home in So. Calif. today--isn't that the way it goes? LOL

I've drooled for years over Ros Stallcup's designs. I've read some articles about her and her painting style--she makes it sound so easy, but looks very hard to me. You'll have to be sure and let me know how the class goes, she seems like she would be a wonderful person so I'll bet you'll have fun.

Jill MacFarland will teach a good class too I'm sure. So how is it that she may be staying with you? That should be fun and an opportunity to get to know her better. Does she have a website?

I brought some of my painting mags along, often will look back through them on trips and almost always find more things I'd like to paint. Anyway I was looking at a jar and some ornaments with gumdrops painted on them that I thought looked cute. I'll look forward to seeing your's.

Belle, I like Mary Jo Tuttle's designs too, although I don't have any of her books yet. I do have a few of her pattterns in some of my mags though. One that I have is a pretty summer wooden "flag" and there's also one with a santa and snowman on it. I'd love to paint both of them if I ever get a "round tuit". LOL

So glad both you and your DD are dry. I hadn't heard the news reports about more flooding. Was it caused by the melting ice and snow? Gosh, it was terrible last time, so I sure hate to hear you're having to go through it again. Be safe.

Anj, you are just too darn energetic for me. Wish I could bottle your energy gal--just don't know how you do it! I would have thought you'd be "draggin" by now after all the holiday hubbub, clearing out the attic, and then undecorating from Christmas. Just want to start the New Year all organized, huh? I hated taking my Christmas things down early, but now I'm really glad that it is done and my house is in pretty good order for when we get back home. Now I just need to organize my brain--I've just got so many things I want to make and do this year--will be hard remembering them all and deciding what to do first! ;o) And I have some clearing out and organizing I'd still like to do as well--mostly clothes I used to wear to work that I no longer need and some shelves to hold my growing amount of plates and decorative things. Hope you get all your's taken care of and will then be able to relax and create some more pretties to share with us. ;o)


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Hi everyone...

Luvs, we are getting some good warmer winds from CA this week keeping us in the 40's. Enjoy your 70's even if it is windy. =) I think they said on the weather that it's supposed to be even warmer for you in NV today.
You are that I've torn my kitchen apart....I'm dragging. ha Can't seem to get it back together. UGH.
My friend called and wants me to come paint that FROSTY word with her and some other girls on Wed night. Hoping nothing happens so I can go do that project at least. I'm sure not making much headway on the other ones I'm working on.
Glad you are enjoying your trip.

Bebe~ You really are a paintingfool. ha Have fun with all your painting friends and artists. How did you end up housing Jill?

Belle~ glad to have you check in. Sorry you have been having so much trouble with the flooding, but glad ya'll got by unscathed this time. I like Mary Jo Tuttle too. I can sometimes find new books at Michaels or Hobby Lobby, but not very often. It pretty much is online or nothing. Older books will show up at the TS every now and then.

Ok you guys, gotta get to work. Ya'll have a good day. ~Anj

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Hi Ladies, We're outside of Phoenix, Az. tonight, and tomorrow I get to meet Karen aka Purplemoon. I'm excited to get to spend a few hours with her. She's taking me to an antiques mall near where she lives so I hope we find some bargain priced treasures!

While at Laughlin, I picked up a few smooth rocks while out walking my two dogs. Figured I could paint something cute on them. LOL Knowing me, I'll probably pick up some more when we go to Quartsite to dry camp when we leave here.

I'll be back tomorrow night--I think.


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Luvs, you mentioned about the gumdrops on a glass jar. We are painting gumdrops this weekend at one of our chapter meetings. Wonder if it is the same thing.

Ros Stallcup has a website if anyone is interested, I painted with her last year and loved it. I think we are painting chickadees and sunflowers one day and I forget what we will be painting the second day. I will post photos when I get back.

Anj, Jill MacFarland agreed to stay with one of our members when she comes in April. The lady she was going to stay with will be unavailable so I offered since I have a guest room and I live near where we will be meeting. I have never painted with her before but I am sure it will be great fun. She has a web site but I can't remember what the address is. You can see the pictures of what we are painting on my blog attached.

Luvs - you know it is normally warm here even in the winter, last week temps were in the 70's. By Friday night it will be 22-23 degrees!! I freeze when it gets in the 40's so I am going to hate going out in that weather. But I am a painter and we are painting in Mobile, Alabama on Saturday so I will bundle up and take my little heater just in case.

Just a little story to show you what a painter will do to be able to spend a day painting with friends. Several years ago I went to a seminar at another chapter to paint with Elizabeth Pruitt. It was in February which is normally our colder month, the temperature was in the twentys at night and the first day of the seminar it didn't get above 47 degrees. We painted in a cabinet shop without heat!! I was so distracted by the steam coming from my mouth and I was so cold I could hardly paint but we made it through the day. It was the only time I was willing to let someone else go to the potty before me - only because I wanted them to heat up the seat!! I could not get warm for hours after getting home. The next day I was going back no matter what so I took my son in laws fishing seat that warms up when you break some kind of bag in the seat, my electric blanket and a small heater. My friend and I bundled up in the blanket and spent most of the time with the blanket wrapped around us up to our nose. I didn't finish my paintings but it was an experience!! And you know what the weirdest thing is - this was not my first time there, I attended two seminars there before in the same month - February - and one was when the temp was 12 degrees and the only heat was a wood stove. Dang, it was hard trying to paint with gloves on! I can laugh about it now, mainly because the ladies were so nice and didn't expect it to get so cold that weekend. It goes to show that we will paint anything, anywhere, anytime, with anyone, and in any kind of weather. Don't you just gotta love us??

Here is a link that might be useful: Brushed By An Angel

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(It was the only time I was willing to let someone else go to the potty before me - only because I wanted them to heat up the seat!!)

OH MY GOSH...I am cracking up so much I almost fell off my chair! Now that's a good story! ha ~A

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Loved reading your story--and having heard you mention how much you hate the cold--I was amazed not only that you went there, but that you didn't leave early when you realized it was so cold! LOL You truly are a dedicated painter. ;o)

I tried to find the magazine with the gum drops but no luck. I think it was a Kim Christmas design if I remember right. If I run across it, I'll let you know.


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Anj, I got pictures uploaded of the dishes I found in Vegas and the items I bought yesterday while shopping with Karen, knew you'd want to see! You can read all about our day and see pics on this link. Luvs

Here is a link that might be useful: Luvs and Purplemoon's day together

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Hey ya'll. Sorry haven't been here much, but I had to cut myself off from my computer time so I can PAINT!! ha Yes I'm painting. Got a couple of projects in the works, but you know how slow I am. I hope to get them finished soon though. Finally got my house put back together from my insane attempt at organizing. ha The kids are out of school today and Monday.

Luvs~ glad you are enjoying your trip so much. I went over and looked at your treasures! (You are looking good btw!) I love the little goldie pulling the sled. So cute. We knew Karen wouldn't let you leave without buying some dishes, didn't we? ha Sounds like ya'll had a good visit and wish I could have gone to the antique mall with ya'll. Totally up my alley. Wish I'd have remembered you like Cracker Barrel. =) You keep on having a wonderful journey and keep us posted too.

Bebe~ I'm totally surprised you stayed to paint in the cold too. I don't think I would have. Your painting addiction must run deeper than mine. ha I just cannot handle the cold.

Well, ladies, it's time to shut off my computer and get to painting. Hope to have something pretty to show you soon. ~Anj

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This post is why I love it here. I could go on forever responding to all of this but I'm cleaning today so I can shop tomorrow. lol

Luvs, I am so stinkin' happy for you and Karen. That is so wonderful that this came together for both of you. Does your tummy hurt from laughing to much? Sounds and LOOKS like you both had a wonderful time. Are you the blond?

I don't make it over to the holiday forum much but I remeber the name Purplemoon and seeing hugs, Karen on some posts and she sounds like a great person on her posts. I need to find more hours in my days so I can keep up on here. sigh It would be nice to see what everyone looks like now that I think about it.

Anj, I know how you feel when you come here and no new posts. But at least it lured me over here so I could jump in on the lastest. I haven't had much time to paint lately so I'm looking forward to seeing all of your posts. I'm sure your house is spotless now and I'm happy for U. I need to rearrange so I have more craft space. I love a clean organized home but you wouldn't know it by the way things have been here lately.

Bebe your cooooold painting story is funny. I'm like Anj, I'm still laughing about it. OMM I'll bet it was soooo hard to even think about dropping your pants to go.

Can't wait to see your next projects and hope Jill stays with you and you two have a blast.

Belle, You need to move so we don't have to worry that your gonna be ok. How scary it must be with floods. Can't wait to see some more painting. We need you so stay SAFE!
GTG get back at the cleaning, laundry and etc or I won't want to finish today. Take care and keep posting. Punk

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Punk, LOL, why would you think I am blonde???? Was it something I said??? Just teasing you. No, the good looking blonde is Karen, I'm the short, chubby, slightly graying brunette. ;o)

I agree about worrying about Belle getting caught in more floods. Sure hope nothing like that happens to her again. Seems there have been all kinds of problems related to the weather all over the U.S. this year.

Anj, now that you are all caught up on your house, wanna come help me get mine that way? I told DH we need to straighten up the garage and he said "we'll do that after my office gets cleaned up". His office has been needing "cleaned up" for years! LOL

Well, we are sitting out in the middle of the desert at Quartsite. So far, there are 21 motor homes in our group, supposed to be 37 when everyone gets here. We all take our chairs and drinks and meet at the firepit at 4:00 each afternoon. Today I took fresh baked chocolate chip cookies over there and they nearly flew off the plate! I think DH is enjoying not having to rush home to go back to work, so I'm not saying anything about it--will just wait for him to be ready. ;o)

Can't wait to see your new projects, Anj. All of you keep warm, and happy painting.


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I ask if you were the blond because the picture with the 3 of u said Kaen was still smiling and it was you with the big smile!!! You r so funny, was it something I said. I'm blond and we seem to like alot of the same things, that's probably why! Jokes

Sounds like a fun place to be. I bet everyone loved your CC cookies. Sounds pretty good to me right now.

We are not going shopping until next weekend so I have more time on my hands than I'm used to. Kinda nice.

My sister brought me some metal trays and I don't know what I will do with them. I'm not up on trays but the only ones I have has WMF-IKORA and the one I'm looking at says 2/75 on it. Does this mean anything to you? These were my moms or grandma's. The ones sis gave me doesn't have any words on them so r they good to paint? Do you worry that someone might try to use them with food after you paint on them? To bad you don't live closer and they'd be yours.

Can't wait for you to get back and start posting all your projects. Our forum picked up today and so maybe it will continue. Then I won't be able to keep up. sigh

Have a safe trip and enjoy. Punk

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Hi Punk, Those letters and numbers on your trays don't mean anything to me, but I will tell you that the heavier trays are more valuable than the lightweight ones. and even if there is a design on it, they still look good painted, the design just adds texture. What shapes are the trays? I ask because I've seen some really cute patterns in some of my painting mags for trays.

Mostly, I've spray painted my metal trays with primer and then white or off white and painted one stroke flowers on them, but I did one with a cute nativity by Nancy Wood, and I have a pattern for a Santa that I may do on one of mine.

Our paints are acrylic, so don't think they are toxic if food touched them, but they can only be wiped off--not washed. If giving as a gift, it might be good to put a sticker on the bottom or attach a tag saying not to wash and to not place food directly on the painted areas.

I loved seeing your projects and Belle's too. I'm all enthused to get home and get some projects done too. I brought some of my painting books along on our trip, and just keep seeing so many cute ideas in them that I'd like to do. Just wish I were close to being as fast as you are with your painting.

My DH told everyone at the firepit that I put garlic and other spicy seasoning in the cookies and he wanted to warn them that they wouldn't want to eat them! Then I come walking down there carrying them, and everyone says "Oh, those must be the spicy cookies we've been hearing about". They had already figured out that he was just trying to save them all for himself! LOL I made more for tonight, and he went down and told them they would have to wait because I wouldn't let him even carry them down there!
Yeah, right--there wouldn't have been any left on the plate if he carried them! ;o) Now I need to figure out what I can take tomorrow night!


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I am so glad I was able to drop in this morning...I am still laughing!
Paintingfool...your story reminds me of my visits to my in-laws before they had indoor plumbing. I was very pregnant over the winter and the "facilities" were outside and not heated. Do you know how many times a night a very pregnant woman need to...and when you actually sit down the seat is so cold all bodily functions stop! glad when the "facilities" move inside. glad when your identity was revealed, but ya know I kind of thought that you were the one with the big smile in the pictures you posted...and such finds. The children with the dog looks really it? How I wish I was some place is 22 degrees out and ice on my pond.

I spent the last 2 days re-organizing my other "interest." Lots of written material that needed to be updated and but into folders....that done, today is house cleaning day and maybe this afternoon I can start some new projects.

Have to tell you this one: I wanted to paint some wooden trays. So I clipped some pictures for my hubby who makes me anything I ask for, but for once I didn't actually give him a definite error!

The first tray is beautiful but small - that's OK - I can paint small and the tray is great.

The second tray is....... well..... huge! It is 26" X 18" and gorgeous. It looks like a very old tray with a divider handle in the center, with a heart as the handle. So......after diligent thought (very hard for me) I believe I will stain it and................DH suggested that I put my gardening tools in it and keep it on the potting stand he made for me. Think that might work. But I really want to keep the antique look to it...anyone have any suggestions? I was thinking about a redish stain but also want to show wear. A solid stain will still look new and sanding the edges doesn't really age it. It would be nice to use an all in one seal, stain and finish, but wouldn't I have more control over the color if I use a sealer, then the stain and then another sealer? Ah! the challenges of life!

As to where I live; I would love to move! Because of our flood of 07 that isn't possible. Prices here are rock bottom...this was the first time ever, ever, ever we flooded but that isn't very reassuring to prospective buyers. Our home is for all purposes brand new but we still have to say - we flooded. So unless we want to take a loss, we wait! As to flooding again...I will not say never again, but it was the "perfect storm." And our two bridges acted like dams, lots of trees and logs came down river and we flooded. No bridges now and when they are rebuilt they will be in different spots and with no supports or forms within the banks of the river and much higher - so no dams. And I really thank all of your for your concern..IT IS REALLY HEART WARMING!

Closing this chapter...happy painting!


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Hey, Belle, I remember Anj did a project where she used wax or something in certain areas on her project, then painted/stained the rest of the project. When she wiped the wax off, it left that "worn" look that we all try to achieve. Maybe she will hop in here and explain exactly how she did it. that sure sounds like a neat tray. You are so fortunate to have a DH who enjoys making things like that for you. Love it when they encourage our "hobbies", I think they know we need it for our creative urges and mental health. ;o)

You know, we could have a post and share pictures and some info if anyone would like to. I find that people usually look nothing like I have imagined them--and often someone is really young but I've thought they were much older! I usually shy away from having my picture taken--I'm never happy with the way I look in them, but that bothers me less and less the older I get! LOL


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So you made cookies the first day. And spicy cookies the second day and what did you come up with the next day? Do you do all this baking in our motor home? I'll bet all your friends will miss you when you leave. Your husband must be as fun as you are to tell everyone to stay away from your spicy cookies.

Belle your trays that DH made sound nice. He must be talented also. I
think Luvs is talking about Meet Belcher that Anj made and we all loved it. I'm surprised she hasn't been here yet. Must be painting and having fun with all the kidos.

Well I'm going to close for now and go paint. Punk

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