Need Suggestions for Master Closet Layout

jessiegrayApril 23, 2012

We're downsizing from 2 6'x6' closets, into one closet that's 7'x10' and trying to figure out the best layout to maximize storage potential of the closet. Any ideas or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Here is the layout of closet, the stairs cut into the back corner and we've yet to come up with a design solution to work around it. Ceilings are 9' high, sorry if the 3d rendering is hard to figure out it was just designed in a small home building program to help us visualize the space.

This is what we've come up with, Drawers and shelves in the left corner, shoe shelves against the very back wall.

Opposite side of closet would just be rods. Again any suggestions would be great.

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It looks like you are using the space well to me. Is the little section in the corner of the smaller alcove for long hanging things and the other section double bars?

Nice software, which one is it? I like the 3D views.

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Consider going to They have a terrific design tool, will even help and make suggestions... on line or phone. You don't need to order to get help. Of course, that's why they are there! They have 2D and 3D renditions, plus you can view the proposed configuration from any angle.

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With only 3'11" of space in that back corner, you probably aren't going to get a ton of usable space in that back end. I think having some 2' (at the most) drawers, or cubbies will be your best bet; as you've done.

I'd probably also consider putting a few hooks on your stair walls... just to hang a robe, or some belts, or... Something with very little profile.

Hanging clothes take up about 2' of width. So in your less than 4' width area, that is about the best you can do.

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Kirkhall: thanks for the hooks idea, definitely need those and it made me realize I didn't consider jewelry storage. Maybe we can build a cabinet between the studs for recessed storage of belts/jewelry etc

Kitykat- awesome thanks I'll definitely check it out

Marti8a- yes, that back corner would be for longer items suits, dresses, coats. It's not much space for it but we'll have two huge storage closets on the second level for seasonal/rarely used items (coats, hunting gear,luggage) thankfully this small closet will only need to house daily items otherwise we'd have a problem :) the program is better homes and gardens house designer suite 8.0, it's older but still useful. Saved us lots of headaches building our first home, having a photo instead of trying to explain my ideas made it easier for us and the workers.

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This is so odd. I am absolutely sure I posted this before.

I thought of something else. You could use that little area for secret hiding place. You could put a real safe there, or just shelves and a sheet across it, then your long clothes rod across it. Something like this

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'I'd probably also consider putting a few hooks on your stair walls... just to hang a robe, or some belts, or... Something with very little profile.'

this was one of my first thoughts when viewing your 3D LO.
insetting space for your necklaces/belts into the studs would be a great idea. I have my grungy clothes for when I'm painting or even coloring my hair. If I'm doing some really dirty work but have to run out to the store I want a place to hang up my grungies. I'll put clean clothes on to run to the store but when i get home I'll switch back to my grungies!

I'm also one who is all for putting in a false 'wall' area behind something else to hide treasures - be they material treasures or a human one if needed.

Also, be sure you use all of the space up high for shelves. there's often more space up there people don't utilize.

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I hate to not go along but I do not think a long clothes hanging rod across that short end is a good idea. You will loose too much from both rods in the actual corner.At least 18 inches on each side. Ask me how I know??? Maybe make the hooks on the stair wall deep enough to hang the longer clothes if there really are not that many. Or remove the wall to the studs and do a narrow rod and hang long things very sideways.

There is not going to be a whole lot of room in that narrow end for clothes on the rail and on the wall.

Love the hidden safe idea with false wall.

I would do shelves in front on hing. OH secret spaces have to be wonderful.I am a real fan of shelves in closets.

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