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dreamsofaApril 19, 2012

Hi all,

We have a short, fairly wide staircase leading from our back door into the house. I'd like to either buy or build a storage unit that follows the stairs up pushed against the wall), almost like an upside down tansu, with cubbies instead of drawers, if that makes any sense whatsoever! The piece I'm imagining would reach quite high up the wall and we'd use the top side of the piece asa shelf (think sideways L).

If I haven't lost you completely, has anyone seen such a thing that we could purchase, or for inspiration?

Appreciate the help.

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Not sure how to do this or if this is even close to what you are looking for. Love the look.

Here is a ink to the blog and scroll to Feb 16th to see the write up about it.


Here is a link that might be useful:

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I think that is like a Japanese tonsu chest. I've long admired that use of storage space, and even suggested it to someone here for their kitchen drawers or for storing fabric in their sewing space. You could either have a deep deep drawer going all the way beneath the steps. Or you could have mirror images, drawers on both sides.

It really reminds me of boat carpentry.

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that's some awesome stair storage!

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Something like this, perhaps?

Positioned on one side of the staircase, maybe with the top at a level even with the upper landing, forming a continuous shelf......

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Wow, great stairs Shades!

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What creative stair storage ideas! That's what I love about smaller homes... being encouraged to find creative storage space! Moccasinlanding, your boating experience must afford you great perspective on maximizing small spaces!

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PayItForward, I think it must, because every inch was important and usually planned. If you want to see some lovely carpentry/boatwright work, look up some old sailing yachts. Everything had latches too. Didn't want stuff dumping its contents while you were busy saving your ......hide.

I'm putting in one link to a tansu chest stair storage and how to do it. Google the subject and find multiple hits, and I bet one would suit your purposes.

Here is a link that might be useful: Tansu chest stair project

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ML that link goes to the same stair I linked to. How fun you found the builder of that. This Dan is amazing. Love his work. I do not have a need for a stair in this house but might have to have a Tansu just because I love them so much.

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