A new Year !

anjabeeJanuary 5, 2009

Morning....I am just finishing up breakfast and thought I'd stop in here for a sec. We are having to move another board that I belong to since msn is closing it's groups and I've been trying to help with that.

I've got to go pick up oldest DD at 11 from school to take her to get her braces. Neither one of us is too excited....for different reasons. ha

Time to get all my Christmas decorations picked up and my house put back in order when we get back from the ortho. I'm going to try to get a lot done in the next few days. If I can get my house organized I can paint the rest of the week. Just can't settle down to paint when my house is a mess. Finally over my cold so feeling a little more energy to get things done.

What have ya'll got planned? Luvs, I'm sure you'll be getting ready for your trip.

Well, I didn't realize how late it was getting. Need to make up a quick grocery list and finish up a few things before I go pick her up. Ya'll have a good day and I'll maybe get to check in later. ~Anj

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Good morning. Sounds like you have a busy week planned Anj. I can understand your DD not being excited about the braces--just have to reassure her that she will be so glad she had them years from now! ;o)

DH wants to go bring the motor home to our driveway today, so I'll help with that. He wants to check the oil, tire pressure, etc. Then I need to take some books back to the library, exchange a Christmas gift, and get some laundry done. I'm already stacking things we need to take in the living room so we won't forget them. Don't leave until Wednesday, so won't have to rush to get it all packed.

I've got to get going, good luck with the undecorating. I'll check back in here later. Have a good one.


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So much for all that exciting housework I was going to get done today! I didn't get home until 5pm! Made a quick pot of spaghetti and ate. I didn't eat since this morning so I was shaky. But....$600 later she has her braces. It took so long that the little one and I actually took a nap in the waiting room! ha I've never slept in public before!
Anyway, hope to make a dent in the place tomorrow. May need to rent a backhoe if I don't hurry up and clean! ha

Did you get all your to-do's done today?

It's snowing like crazy here. Jealous that you are going somewhere probably even warmer than where you live. ha Talk to ya tomorrow. ~Anj

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Hi Anj, Oh how terrible for all of you to have to wait so long. Hope they gave your DD a potty break or two! Goodness! I'd have been taking a nap too. LOL

On thing for sure, the housework waits for us doens't it? I don't get too crazy about it anymore, just hit the worst spots often and the other's when I get around to it. I used to think certain things HAD to be done every week, but just not that important anymore as long as it's clean enough to be healthy.

We got the motor home, I returned my books to the library and found a bunch of mags and books in the little store there to take on the trip to keep me entertained. Wasn't a very big selection to choose from. I also returned a Christmas present and then bought some new tops to take on the trip. I wanted a few with long sleeves, and it was nice that many were 70% off and a couple were buy one get one 1/2 off. I need more slacks too, but it is so hard to find the right length and get a good fit without trying them all on--so I didn't! Maybe another time.

I made up some salads and desserts to take along and did a couple loads of laundry. Tomorrow I will drop the dogs off to get groomed, pick up a few things at the grocery store and then start loading it all up. Wed. morning we will just fill up our coffee cups, load up the dogs and go. (Big sigh)It will be fun to see our friends and to just get away for a bit. Will miss the little GD, but will talk to her on the phone.

I've procrastinated and not gotten any cutouts ready to take along with me. I'll see what I can find tomorrow. I know I've got some metal trays already primed, and might have a couple of signs cut out. I should have cut some ornaments or something small and easy to put in my paint case.

Hope you get the housework out of the way tomorrow so you can get back to your projects too. You've sure come up with some good ones this year. I just love all the Christmas patterns, sort of hate to move on to other things.

I may not get on here tomorrow depending on when DH packs up the computers. If not, I'll be on the following evening for sure. Have a good week.


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Ok well, it sounds like you have lots still left to do to get ready. If we don't hear from you again before you leave....ya'll please be safe and have a wonderful trip. I'm sure glad you are able to take the computers with you and hope you get good reception.

I am going to put on my cleaning hat today and shine my house. I want to hurry and get things in line so I can paint. I'm looking forward to it. I have one more Christmas project I'm working on (glass block) and that snowman picket to finish up and one more winter thing I want to do. I've started a leprechaun and have another one to cut out. Need to find a Valentines Day project. Then I'll probably jump on over to Easter.

It's gonna be snowing more today so a good time to stay inside. They had a 25 car pile up last night on the freeway because of the snow plus countless other wrecks around town. Hope ya'll have good weather for your trip. Talk to you soon. ~Anj

Belle....where are you??? Snowed under?

Ya'll have a good day. I'll probably stop here around lunchtime.

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Hope it is OK to jump in here. Anj, my 8 year old grandsons just had their braces put on and it was great for one but an ordeal for the other. It took two trips before we could finish the job on the youngest (they are twins). They wanted me to be there with them and of course, I bribed them with a shopping trip once they completed their braces. The problem they have had with them is sometimes getting a little sore in their mouth but keep the wax handy just in case and the Tylenol.

Luvs, I am with you, my house is in need of a good cleaning but I am still trying to pack up everything. Keeping everything so clean is now a thing of the past, I do what I can when I can. But I have so much stuff that it will take me several days to get it done and my husband insists we wait until Three King's Day before we do anything. I keep trying to get my children to take some of the decorations but they say they have no place to store it - I had to build a 12 foot square building to house all the decorations!!

I am taking a class again with Ros Stallcup - Gran's Garden - at another chapter the end of the month. There are five of us going. It is always a fun weekend for us.

Anj, I hate to hear it about the weather. We have been very fortunate, it is about 75 degrees today. Of course, it could turn off cold next week but never for very long. I love to look at the snow but I have never liked trying to drive in it, I am afraid I would become a hermit if I lived where it snowed. But the good thing would be that I would have plenty of time to paint, right?

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Well, goodness no we don't mind if you come chat with us Bebe! Thanks for the advice on the braces. I had them when I was younger for 4 years!! Bleck. Things have changed since then though. They gave her a whole packet full of gizmos to use on hers and we even have a crank that we have to put in this mechanism in the roof of her mouth to separate her palate! UGH! Sounds painful doesn't it? She has to have that for 4 months, but they said only 2 years for the braces so we are happy about that. It's sure a pain in the pocketbook though.

It is taking me far longer to put away the Christmas decorations than it did to get them out. Trying to weed thru them and get rid of some things. I think I have enough ribbons and bows to open my own wrapping company. ha
My oldest DD doesn't want me to get rid of anything cause she wants some of it when she gets a tree of her own. She's only 14. I may have to build a building to house my decorations before too much longer at this rate. ha

I know you'll have lots of fun at your weekend class.

I think we've discussed my dislike of the weather here in Utah. ha I'm pretty much a hermit myself. I close down all the blinds, turn up the heat and try to pretend it's not white outside. I only wish it gave me more time to paint. ha These people I live with generate too much work for me....but I told them we are re-doing the chore chart for 2009 and they are going to start helping me more. Oldest is old enough to start doing some of the cooking. I'll start her off at one night a week and see how she does. ha And she is going to have to do her own laundry from now on. Everybody is moving up the chore chart chain and nobody is happy....except me! ha Hey, if I don't teach them, who will, right?
Anyway, better get back to it. I've got things picked up enough in the living room to put the furniture back where it was before the tree came in. Later. ~Anj

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Anj, the grandsons have the same thing in their mouth, something to widen the palate and then after a year they have to have something that connects the top to the bottom jaw to help move their jaw forward. They were premature so something was not fully developed in their jaw area. Having two with braces at the same time was a big hit in the pocketbook for my daughter but we paid half. I have always tried to help my son and my daughter when it came to the kids - even paid for half the fertility treatments! But if you can't help your kids what else is there to do with money?

When my kids were young, they started making their beds at 2 years old - it was crooked and all but we praised them for doing a good job. Once they were able to reach the knobs on the washer and dryer, they were responsible for their own laundry (I did sheets, etc.) They also had to learn to set a proper table and helped with the dinner - not too much cooking until they were in their teens, I was afraid they would get burned. They also learned how to dust and vacuum. This was done on Saturday morning before they were allowed to go out. After a while, it became a habit. When my son lived on his own, his condo was always so neat and my daughter is a cleaning fanatic. Now, my son has a wife who is not into the cleaning much so he does it all. Isn't she lucky?? I think it is good for them to learn early, makes it so much easier for them when they get older. My husband also set up a month list for them to pay bills (this was actually their allowance and how they spent it). They still do the same thing today.

Oh, gotta get back to putting Santas away.

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Bebe...that is so nice of you to help out with the big ticket items. It's is definitely stressing DH out. Every time we think we are getting ahead another expense comes along.
Speaking of which....our kitchen sink backed up last night and we ended up having to call a plumber. $200 Ouch. Something about the way our pipes are laid out makes them get clogged like this about every 4 years. Nothing but the big long snake thing they use will fix it.

My DD is 14 now and does cook a few things, but she's wanting to learn more and I'm wanting to cook less so it works out good for both of us. ha They have always had a few chores, but it's time to step it up and give them all more responsibilites. They can handle it. I'm like you though, I praise their efforts (unless I know they are just doing a shoddy job on purpose) and don't go behind them to re-do it. That used to irritate me as a child when I thought I'd done so good and my DM would do it "right". Nice to know that all your kids have turned out to be neat. That's what I'm trying to instill in my own kids. And my boys will learn to do the same jobs as the girls. My own brothers never had to do housework or laundry. Apparently neither did their wives. ha I did marry a neat freak, but he's become more lax over the years. I think it's just the long hours he works and no time to do the things he used to. I don't mind picking up his slack.

Did you make any progress on your Christmas pick up? I got a lot done, but still 2 more boxes of things to put away. Will have to work on it after I get back from the grocery store....and possible side trip to the TS. ha I'm having withdrawals. ha

Have a great day! ~Anj

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