First Monday of the New Year

luvstocraftJanuary 4, 2010

Good Monday morning--and Happy New Year!

Well, it's a whole new week in a whole New Year. Bet each one of us has lots to try to get done this week--and none of it includes painting! ;o(

I want to paint--but my living room is full of all the decorations I've taken down and stacked in there, so todays the day I drag the bins in and get it all packed up and back in the storage area for another year.

Then you know what comes after that--the urge to clean everything and organize drawers, closets, etc. Guess that's just our natural urge to keep some order in our lives. And the inside of my car needs a good vacuuming, not to mention a wash. Then the garage is pretty messy--everything seems to get piled out there on the floor--do we really need all that stuff? Well at least it should be neatly packed in boxes and stashed up on the shelves--better get to work on that soon. And the yard, vines on the walls have grown like crazy, better be getting the clippers to them soon or they'll try to take over! Oh wait, I forgot about doing the laundry, paying the bills, cooking meals--whew, I'm tired just thinking about doing all this stuff! No wonder it's hard to find time to paint!

Well, I guess I have choices to make--I can either continue to sit here having fun on the computer, I could just go slip back in bed for awhile, OR I could go get dressed and start in on taking care of all of the above to do's. Let me see--eeny, miney, mo.

Oh wait a minute--it's okay after all! I don't have to do it ALL today---I have a whole New Year to get it done! Whew!

How are things going at your house?


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Thank Goodness you realized you have a whole year to accomplish everything! Life can be overwhelming if we let it take control of our lives. Not me, tonight I just left the rest of my tree and ornaments and came home.

We are suppose to end up with 8" of new snow tonight so thought I would come home before the roads were a nightmare. I will go in early tomorrow as I have a lady coming in for an interview.

I stopped at the TS this morning and bought a few plates and things so I'll try to get them washed up and posted tonight if I can. I shouldn't of ever went over to Holidays. I don't seem to have time for both and I know it's just because I am so busy at work now.

Hope everyone is ready to paint up a storm and we can get things rockin' & rollin' here.


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Luvs, I know how you feel about wanting to get everything neat and tidy before painting. I have a hard time working when things are in chaos around me.

Punk, Please be careful out there. The other day, for the first time since I got my drivers license in 1964, I lost total control of my car and ended in a ditch. I'm fine and the car is too, but it is frightening how quickly thing get out of hand.

I painted a few things, but am still working on GD's dresser and hope to have it done before Saturday. Also got a new camera for Christmas and need to download the CD that came with it and learn how to upload pictures.... THEN, I will share my recent works. DH had decided to finish our basement. I am very happy about that, but I just moved all of my materials (paint and stuff) down there, and know that there will be many times, I will not be able to paint, until he is done. I also know his work is very, very good, but, because he wants perfection it is also very, very slow. Some days I think I married the sweetheart, just so I can learn patience. LOL

Looking foreard to finally seeing eveyones new work. Be careful on the roads.

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Happy New Year!

Luvs...I have the same urges! Think I will tackle my files first.

The decorations are all put away and as always I found a few stragglers, so I need to get out another bin. Gosh and I wanted to down size. Guess I need to start the "something new in, something old out" But then I only have things I really like and my old decoration are really old and you can't toss them! There are a few questionable things but they are things the kids have given me so...pulling out another bin.

We are heading out tomorrow to visit and help our building friends. Their house is ready to sheet rock and that is something I can help with, I'm really good with a power screw driver.

Punk, hope your snow moved on before falling! We are back into the rain mode, which is actually much nicer than the cold. You mentioned "interviewing" a gal, are you getting some help...sure hope so! must be off and busy. Any painting getting done?

Well, I'd better get moving. I want to get some housework done before I start packing.

Take Care All!


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Joan, I'm glad to hear that neither you nor your car was hurt! Scary, huh? I know Punk is used to driving in all these weather conditions, and she sure seems to take it in stride--I'd be a basket case I'm sure.

How great that your DH wants to finish the basement, that will give you even more space. Wish we had a basement or a useable attic even! Of course, if we had either, I'd just fill them up! LOL

Can't wait to see the dresser, hope you will be able to work on it and get it finished soon. Does your GD know you're painting it for her?

Belle, I can so relate to what you said about the decorations! I ended up with some "straglers" too, and had to start another box. I have two boxes with mostly things I didn't even put out this year--but I like them and hate to part with them! Never know when I might decide I want to use them again. LOL

Know you will have a good time helping your friends. Bet they are so glad to finally be ready to work on the inside of their new home. Power tools--you go girl!

I sure hope Punk has a good applicant, she works so long and hard. Let us know how the interview goes Punk, we will keep our fingers crossed for you.

Okay Anj, we are sure missing you here. I think you need to pencil us in on your "chore" chart for sure! I know you had several projects in the works, so hope you'll be able to relax and work on them soon--then come share with us. ;o)

I got all the decorations down and stashed away. Just need to vacuum really well in there to pick up the needles from the garlands. Then I need to play with arranging things on the mantle, buffet, and coffee table again.

Gosh, I sure hated putting my snowmen away, I just love all their happy faces and I only get to see them once a year! I thought about keeping a few out for winter--but then it's just easier to get it all packed up and put away all at the same time.

Today is movie day, going to see "It's Complicated". It looks like it will be a good one, I'll let you know.

I also went and joined WW on Saturday. Wish me luck, I'll need it! Decided it's time to start eating healthier and less. I've got to digest all this new information so I eat the right things--I've almost been afraid to eat anything for fear of eating the wrong thing! I'm sure I'll get the hang of it soon, and I have a friend who has been doing it for awhile so she will be a good source of help too. I need to be painting--I don't even think about eating when I'm involved in a project! ;o)

Well, I'm off to drag out the vacuum cleaner. I'll check back here tonight.


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I did hire the little gal and she seems excited about her new position. It will be along time before she can be left alone but in time it may happen.

DD called me tonight at the store and told me to go home the roads were trecherous. I'm just getting home and didn't have any issues but found out DH hit the ditch this morning on the way to work. He drives a country vehicle and no damage was done to it or himself. Thank Goodness.

Luvs, are you feeling OK? I kept meaning to ask you and my memory is not lasting to long with these long days and late nights. Sorry, I hope you know I care.

Joan, good to hear from you and sounds like you and DH have something in common. So glad you are alright too. I hope you get your pictures posted. Can hardly wait to see your desk. I keep looking at mine and don't have any desire to finish it.

Belle, funny how our old ornaments can be our favorites. I have some of my DGM and I love them. Please be careful when you are helping with the building. It can be alot of work.

We are still getting snow and then rain and then more snow, more rain. You get it? Freezing rain on the roads. Oh Yipee I don't even worry about being out there any more with DD driving the 100 miles a day one way has taken that away. She did get moved into a new home on the golf course so can stay up here a few nights a week instead of driving so much. She brought GD with her this moring so no one would have to do the long drive tonight. They are predicting freezing cold below 0 again by Thurs.

Luvs, how was your movie "It's Complicated"? I need to loose some weight but for now I still have alot of Christmas candy to finish so no WW for me.LOL I really wish you good luck and I think if you can walk alot do that and you will loose weight.

I agree if your painting or busy one doesn't think about eating. I need to stop eating at the computer for sure.

I got the office all cleaned and it looks so nice. I have some big lillies we bought to decorate it for spring but I think I might cheat and go ahead and put them out now.

Anj, drop in when you have a minute and let us know your ok.


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Good Morning,

We have freezin rain so I'm not looking forward to heading in to the office. I know that being on the computer is not going to change the roads but I'm glad I jumped on here and got to see Lilly's pictures she shared with us.

Hope all of you have a wonderful day and I shall return this evening if all goes well.


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Good morning!

Gosh, Punk, I hate to hear about your freezing rain. Hope you have a safe drive in to work and back home again as well.

I am feeling much better now, it was just a cold and not the flu thank goodness. Still get a bit of a tickle in my throat from time to time, but other than that, it is all gone.

Decorations are all put away, so now I need to "pretty" things up a bit so the house doesn't look so blah and drab. I got the cleaning done yesterday, so today I can just play around with doing the mantle and buffet and dining room table.

The movie was good, funny, sad, sweet, thought provoking, etc. Meryl Streep is a wonderful actress and it's nice to see a movie about more "mature" couples instead of just the 20 somethings.

I'm so glad Lilly is joining us and sharing all her amazing painted projects. I can't imagine painting the kind of quantities she's done. I'm hoping she will keep joining us and sharing lots of tips and techniques with us.

Well, I need to check over on Holidays and then get busy. I'll be back later.


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Hey you guys! Sorry, I too have the cleaning/organizing bug. Been delving into drawers and closets and rearranging furniture. Have all the Christmas "crap" piled on my dining room table waiting for me to go out to the cold garage and bring in the boxes to pack them up. So far have rearranged the office, living room and my bedroom. Can't believe all the nooks and crannies dust can hide in. I've been washing down walls and the works. Starting on the kids rooms tomorrow. Friday I'll be taking it easy and starting a painting project.
Sorry I haven't been here much. DH has been off for 2 weeks vacation he had to take or lose. We are in the middle of some financial things trying to get those settled and trying to start up a new business. DH and I are starting a financial class on Monday and...DH is in the process of trying to find a new job. Soooo....just a lot of "stuff" going on over here and not to mention family drama we've been dealing with within my side of the family. Plus school projects and extracurricular stuff with the kids. Then we think 2010 is gonna be a fresh start.....but alas....DH's tire came off his car while he was driving it on Monday. Had to have it towed home and he and my brother have been working on it for 2 days trying to get it back on the road. Found out we need 2 new tires for that one as well. So just a lot of stuff I'm having to deal with over here. Trying not to bore you all with the details, but hoping to get thru it all this month and then have everything settled by Feb in all directions. So bear with me. I'm doing the best I can to get here as often as I can. I miss ya'll lots.
Hope everyone can stay safe on the roads with all the cold icy conditions. Luckily our snow comes and then melts off the roads at least before the next storm hits. Weather hasn't been quite as cold as it was.
Time to make the supper. Only had a sec. =) ~Anj

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Luvs, So glad to hear your cold is better but even having a tickle doesn't sound like your out of the woods completely. It is a good feeling to have all the decorations put away. Wish Anj had hers all put away to, it does put some stress on one just knowing it's another task to complete.

I understand you enjoying having Meryl Streep as the actor in the movie. She is a good actor and sometimes we relate better to our own age group.haha

How's your little friend doing that we to live with her daughter? I've been doing year end at the office and thougt about that when doing my statement today.

Lilly's bench was pretty loaded alright. Talk about stress!!! I always wanted to paint on our cabin but probably never will.

Anj, so glad DH's alright. That's not good when a tire comes off while driving down the road. I would probably pee myself. We totally understand when your to busy to be here but miss hearing from you and seeing your wonderful projects.

Sounds like you are getting some cleaning done. I love a sparkling home but for some reason I clean and then turn around and clutter up at least one room it seems like. It has been better since I haven't been painting but I think I'd rather have the mess. I just can't seem to get home early enough to have dinner, do cleanup and still have time to paint.

Happy to hear your weather is a little warmer right now.
It's 6 above here and getting colder all the time. I might stay home this weekend and get something painted, if it stays this cold. Feels like it's below zero but thats coming tomorrow and then it is suppose to start warming up alittle.

We have had a pretty mild winter compared to others in the past but I still don't like it to be this cold.

Hope Belle made it over safely, to help their friends out building their home. DH has a meeting up at the lodge tomorrow evening, so I will be having dinner with some friends. I best head to bed so I'll try to make it back later this week.


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Gosh, Anj, have you heard that old saying "when it rains, it pours"? I think that applies in your current circumstances. Just one thing after the other, huh? At least the car can be fixed, thank goodness your DH wasn't injured. Just more unwanted expense though huh? Hope the family "drama" has calmed down too--the holidays often bring way too many emotions into play--and we sure have very little influence or control of other family members!

I think we get that organizing/cleaning urge this time of year partly because it helps us feel more "in control" of our environment, don't you? Things just feel better when things are "in order". (Not that any of it ever lasts long.)

Good luck with the classes and the new business. I've wondered several times about your real estate investments with this economy--hope everything stayed in the black and you will have a chance to regain what went down. My investment of my 401 money sure took a hit--but is now going back up again thank goodness. Never know whether to wait it out or pull it all out! LOL

I hated it when your DH's job was "restructured" and was afraid he wouldn't like it as well. I'll keep my fingers crossed that he will be able to find just the right fit so he can make the change. I know it's a huge decision for him.

Punk, glad you made it safely over those icy roads both ways. You work such long days, I can totally understand why you need to just relax after dinner. I'd be falling asleep in my chair for sure. And it is dark so early now, just feels like bedtime to me after dinner. ;o)

I've talked to my little friend and her daughter two or three times since they left. She was making some good progress and regaining her strength, but then another infection flared up and is zapping her again. It has been a big adjustment for all of them, and the daughter is still trying to work part time. Biggest problem seems to be that she is having to get up with her Mom a couple times each night, so not getting good sound sleep. It was so nice for my friend to finally get to be with her family for Christmas--over 15 years since that's occurred!

Well, I'd better get busy. I was redecorating the living room yesterday and discovered that I've hidden a few things from myself! Got to go see if I put them in a box in the garage or what????? Hate it when I do that! LOL


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Yeah Luvs...I've resorted back to taking my prescription muscle relaxers. Been having stress headaches again. Can't imagine why! ha The Real Estate is ok. Our partner decided to claim bankruptcy so that threw us, but we've pretty much got everything over in our name now that we had invested in and we still have some things to do on the bankruptcy thing, but I think we are protected at least for the moment. DH has been checking out several job offers while he was off on vacation. As soon as we find out if our refinance has gone thru he'll most likely make a job change. Hard for him since he's been at the same company for the past 8 years. Fingers crossed the change will be a good one.

I don't know why, but I've been in the mood to toss. Wish I could throw out everything in my house and start over from scratch. ha Trying to contain myself until spring.
Good to hear your little friend is doing good with her family.

Punk~ please be careful driving in the icy conditions. Thankfully DH was making a turn at an intercection when his tire came off and not driving on the interstate. While they were working on it they decided to check the other side and there was a big bolt on that side that was almost out. It's an older car, guess it just worked it's way out?
I did a tiny bit of painting today and I do mean tiny! ha Oh well, I'll post em when I finish. It's a start. ha Ya'll have a good one. ~Anj

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Luvs, I had to laugh when I read you hid a few things from yourself. I didn't hide mine but they are still out in the shed and I have no desire to go get them. I decided to put antiques up on top of the cupboards instead of what I had before decorating for Christmas. It looking like a nice change.

I haven't wanted to clutter anything so we'll see what happens in the next month. I feel like I'm thinking like Anj and want to throw everything out and start over. Know I can't afford that so best figure out a new plan.

Anj, so sorry to hear about life being so crazy right now for you. No wonder your having stree headaches. Hope you refinance goes through. It is a great time to do that with interest down.

I had a horrid day at work and if I didn't own it, I might if walked right out the door. The only good thing about it was I sold 11 phones today. I'm so ready for a couple of days off.


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I have been reading on this side & everyone here seems so nice, I am lookin forward to getting to know ya-all. I'll tell ya a little about me, Well I'm the mother of 3 sons, grandmother of 3 gorgeous granddaughters, DH & I have been married 35 years (man how time flys) When my YS was a few months old I started taking painting lessons & soon figured out that if I sold 3 Christmas ornaments for $3 that would buy me a new book or brush !! LOL !! (I had to feed the addiction!!) Then is was pretty easy to talk DH into buying a saw & sander & it took off from there. I peddled my stuff to a few different places & ended up with a home designer that started me on walls, & also the floral shop that I posted the pics of, she also decorated homes, so that got my foot in door. I done that for about 11 years & then got burnt out, so I took a job in the school kitchen where my kids were at,after a few years of that I wanted something easier, so I got my real estate license & HATED that, so now I am working at an herb shop & learning all about natural health, which I really enjoy. I am still trying to figure out what I want to be when I grow up, LOL The temps here for the last week have been in the single digits, I ain't likin that much, BURRRRR , One of my newest addictions is Winter Sowing,(this is my 3rd year) I haven't been able to start yet this year, my potting soil is frozen out in the garage, sigh "( (I really should have known better & brought it in sooner)
jan ")

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Good Morning All,

It is so wonderful that Bebe's GS sounds like he is back to his little self. I hope all of our prayers helped them along the way.


I'm thrilled that you have come to join us here. Thanks so much for telling us about yourself. You remind me alot of myself as I read your post. Wants and moving on.LOL

We have a great bunch of gals here. You will feel right at home and there is alot of support if need be. I love to come here and see everyones projects. It gives me ideas and inspires me.

My question for you is what can I buy to help with my HOT FLASHES? I have been taking a couple of Evening Primrose but it sure doesn't stop them. Seriously, I would love to hear a suggestion if you have one.

Where do you live? Your temps are close to Anj and mine. It snowed last night so warmed up alittle here.

I'm going to try to get some painting done this weekend so best get off here and get to work with the cleaning, laundery, etc. We'll talk later.


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Punk, I'm so sorry you had a horrid day--you are always so cheerful and easy going, so it must have been something way out of the ordinary to make you feel that way! Hope the next one is lots better.

Jan, good to have you join in over here. Sounds like you will fit right in with the rest of us. We are of all age groups, I think Anj is our youngest although I have no idea what Punk's age is. I've been married 44 years and have one son who lives within 5 miles of us. You will hear me speak often of our little 5 yr. old GD. I spent most of my life working in banking, finally gave it up about four years ago and am loving being "free at last". LOL DH retired a little over a year ago, so he monopolizes allot of my time now--but I still manage to get a few things painted from time to time.

Wonder how Belle is doing with the putting up the wallboards? Wonder if she is the designated cook again? Hope she will be back to tell us all about it soon.

I haven't read PF's post yet, so I'd better go take a look at her good news. Yipee!

I'm so sorry all of you are having such cold temps and snow and ice--this is my favorite time of year here, not too hot, not too cold, sunny and clear skies. Summertime is not my favorite here--smog comes in and temps in 90's and 100's just too hot! If it makes you feel better, I do have an electric blanket on my bed and turn it on to warm things up before I crawl in at night! ;o)


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Hey Gals...sent everyone off to church but myself. Just not feeling so great and will enjoy the much needed alone time.
Great news on Bebe's grandson. So happy it's possibly something that can be fixed.
Punk~ hopefully next week will be better for you. You do keep up a happy outlook so it must have been bad to get you down.
Jan~ Welcome! Good to hear about you. I am 41 (although I don't often own to it!). Been married 18 years and have 4 kids ages 15, 11, 9 and 5. I run a mad house. ha Most people's homes run like a well oiled machine....well, mine runs like it's got a couple of wrenches in the works. I try to stay organized and on top of things, but somehow that never works out. I also have my retired parents living in my basement MIL apartment. That's a big stresser for me most days. I am originally from Mississippi but have lived in Utah for the past 20 years.
I am a self taught painter and LOVE it because it is such a stress reducer for me. I've never painted for profit, but just for myself and gifts. Oh, Luvs...remember those 20+ Christmas signs I had fits over that one year? Visiting people for Christmas...every house had theirs out! ha Most had them on their front doors, but one had theirs on their Christmas tree. Kinda gave me a boost. ha Anyway, I don't get to paint as often as I like...someone always interrupts my time, but I love it when I can. Love this group of ladies too. We have fun. So just jump right in here with us. That's the only way to do it. ha
Belle~ hope the building went well and you had some fun with your friends.
Luvs~ we are thinking of going on a cruise for Christmas this year...for fun and to get away from the family drama. We may be heading over your way then to catch the boat. ha I'd love some warm weather right now. I don't thaw out until it hits 90! ha I've got my heater on 79 right now and I'm bundled up! I like it hot! ha
Guess I'll go shower and get started on lunch to have it ready when they get home from church. Ya'll have a lovely day. ~Anj

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Anj, if you do head this way to get on your cruise ship, allow extra time so we can meet up. Either here at my house or we'd even drive down to where the cruise ships are.

So glad you got to see that everyone was enjoying the Christmas signs you had made for them. Makes you feel good inside, huh?

You always sound so cheerful and peppy--no one would ever guess how hectic your life is! Hope you are feeling better after a little quiet time.

Hey, I did okay for the first week on WW--down 5. We'll see how this week goes! I'm telling myself that I have to learn better eating habits.



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