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luvstocraftJanuary 11, 2010

Good morning! Just a quick note to get us started this week. Hope you all had a good weekend and are ready to go! There's just something I like about Mondays (now that I don't have to go off to a job, that is!) It's like a whole new beginning. I like to change the sheets and pick up the house a bit, have some breakfast and then start on something!

Wish it could be a painting project, but it's time to cut back our roses and I have lots of those and I've still got more vines on our block walls that need trimmed up a bit. I filled three trash cans last week and will probably do that again this week.

What's on your schedule this week?


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Hey Luvs....wanted to say a quick congrats on your weight lose! Feels good! DH and I are about to start another round of HCG. We didn't sick to the last round at all and only lost a few pounds. Our friend just started selling the drops at his health store so we are gonna go that route this time. He has lost like 30 lbs so far doing the drops. Looks good. I'll let you know how this one goes. Keep up the good work on the WW! I know lots of people who do really good on it! My SIL has lost 50lbs doing it.
I'm just working around the house. May have company coming in Feb and want to get some things done before then. You know how it goes. ha I'll be painting again on Friday. Will try to get my little V-day stuff posted this week though. Starting our finance class tonight! Hope it teaches us something and not too boring. ha But we'll be attending with friends so maybe we'll have some fun afterwards. ha ~Anj

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Hi Luvs and Anj,
I don't grow roses but my hubby does and he had to cut them back because of the cold snap. I lost both my ferns, I didn't bring them in when it froze the other night. Maybe they will come back.

Anj, what is HCG? I have lost 20 pounds but I am at a standstill since the end of October. I have never tried Weight Watchers and I don't know that I would stick with it but am interested in other ways to get some of the weight off. I have a wedding in June and would like to lose at least another 20 pounds or so. Let me know how yours works.

I love Mondays too - now that I don't have to go to work. I am getting my house back in order and although I don't do New Year resolutions there are a few things I want to work on this year - my weight, more painting and designing, and spending time outside the house fishing or walking. Hurry up warm weather so I can get out. Oh, I am also cleaning and purging. I have so much stuff and I want a less cluttered look.

Later yall

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Hi PF, I saw on the news where the orange groves were having to fight the cold to save the oranges. I know how it is when the freezing temps get your plants--that happened here a couple years ago. I'll bet your ferns will grow back--my ficus did and I thought it was dead for sure!

Heard that our warm temps are getting replaced by some rain and colder ones probably tomorrow. I know we need the rain, but I have sure been enjoying our nice days and getting so much done in the yard. Oh well, if it's too cold to be out, maybe I can stay in and start some painting projects!

Anj, losing weight has never been easy for me. I love most foods and if it tastes good, I want more! LOL My worst time is in the evening no matter how much I've eaten for dinner--just get the munchies! I've been reading allot and trying to follow rules. The good thing with WW is that I can have anything I want IF it fits into my allowed points! I'm hoping the having to go weigh in will keep me "honest". LOL Isn't it funny that we KNOW what's good for us, but really want everything else too???? LOL

Both of you sound just like I felt while putting the Christmas decorations away. Just too much stuff everywhere. I did take a big box of stuff and an old tree stand to GW. Next will be to clear some things out of the closets and I've already made a stack of dishes and stuff to go. Feels good to clear the excess out and feel more organized.

Well, I've got to finish some trimming this morning, then it's senior movie day!


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Good Evening,

I have gained alot of weight this winter and am hoping to loose some also. I know part of my problem is spending to much time in front of the computer and don't know what to do about that because I enjoy all of you sooooo much.

I plan to go to the muscle team and check into starting Define. It's suppose to help with weight loss. I don't do well exercising but will try to start walking every day when it warms up. I feel real safe saying that now because it's to cold to walk outside now!

We'll all have to see how we do this year. I swear I will NOT buy any bigger clothes!!! And I look terrible w/o so I best take this whole thing seriously. I have a nephews wife who took a picture of herself (she's a photographer) in her bikini and blew it up and posted in on her mirror so she wouldn't forget what she looks like now, to help herself loose weight. I told her I have to work and couldn't do that and go to work SICK everyday.LOL


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LOL, Punk, I totally agree. In fact, I try to avoid looking in the mirror at more than just my face! No way would I want a picture in a bathing suit let alone a bikini! ;o)

DH and I have been walking more than normal. Been taking the dogs for walks in the neighborhood and have headed to one of our malls that's a big oval shape. We find we are walking it a bit faster each time--of course, the first time I was looking in all the windows but now I'm trying to concentrate on the walking more. I've never been big on exercise and now that I am older, I need to use what energy I do have just for doing the cleaning and yardwork around this place. Hoping sheding these extra pounds will give me more energy--but I've tried so many times and then gained it back so hard to feel very confident when it comes to losing it and keeping it off. And you are right about this computer--I love it on here, so much fun stuff to see. So with the computer and my favorite activity being painting, neither are conducive to exercise or weight loss! ;o(

I need to get busy and make something for Valentine's or Spring in general--just can't make up my mind on what I want to start on. Need to straighten up the painting area a bit, stuff keeps getting piled there. I've been looking at lots of sites getting motivated at least.



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Hello Again,

I have dropped in on the other topics several time but just was overwhelmed when I took a look over all have been busy!

Lillyjane... glad to have you here and it sounds like you took a page from my life history and added your name, with the exception of working in a kitchen....I don't like to cook! I do like to decorate with food and along with two other friends did about 10 years of catering to raise money for different charities. That I like! Guess we all have a niche even in a kitchen. They cooked - I decorated.

I can really related to "finishing your basement!" What a project....with lots of stress but good things at the end.

Doing Christmas Eve here at home, we added a small table to the kitchen area and have decided to add an island. Have you looked at the price of islands? Price shock here, so we are doing our own. This will mean more room for my craft area. Can't wait to start!

So..what is Winter sowing? Next to painting my garden and pond are my faves. We have changed a lot in the last two years and more areas are becoming rock gardens. But I still love the colors all season long. is so great that you are taking the first steps to loosing weight, so how are you doing or is asking putting pressure on you? Hope not!

I am also glad to hear that your ex neighbor is doing well. sounds like you have been under a lot of stress as well. Is the new girl working out? Hope so. It also sounds like several of you should try out for the next Demolition Derby. Glad no one was hurt!

Anj...I'm worried about you girl! You need to practice saying "NO." Stand in front of the mirror and just say no...very gently and then add volume. Then, right in the middle of some family gathering just pop out with "NO!" You will get instant quiet. It is magical what that little word can do. Coming back to reality, my DR had me make a list of who I had to care for and in order of importance. That was a hard one and then he pointed out that I missed one very important person, myself and that I should be at the top of the list. How can I care for other if I don't care for myself first. Take care of yourself Anj!

Paintingfool...welcome back! The south has really taken a hit with the cold weather while we are having record breaking warm weather and buckets of rain. We have already passed our usual rainfall for the month of Jan.

As I posted before, your DGS is so luck to have you as his GM. Not many would have researched his health problem and found the answer as you did. You rock girl!

We were gone for a week and instead of putting up sheet rock on the walls, we put plywood on the cathedral ceiling. And added to my cooking detail..have I mentioned I don't like to cook...OK..I have..lots of times...anyway, I was the one who got to turn the handle on the "thingy" that lifted the sheet of plywood up to the ceiling. It was so easy I didn't even tone one single muscle. I did their 18 steps up and down several thousand time and actually lost 4 pounds. Can't walk but lost the weight. So, home again and have a new family member. Simba joined us last Sunday. He is the cutest little cat, small face and big body. We lost our outdoor cat the first of Dec.

Hard to believe but our DGS turned 18 on the 11th. They grow so fast. He is a senior and is taking a college class to speed things up.

Haven't done any painting, that's getting to be the usual not the unusual. Have had this cleaning bug. Actually gave away two boxes of books. My shelves almost look empty and that a nice new look! Have what few Valentine decoration I have all out and up. Just did my yearly check up and was told that my RA is why I am so tired and although I wouldn't call it depressed, my DH thinks I am. The DR., agreed with me but there isn't much that can be done. No magic pill or shots...did I say shots...I hate shots more than I do cooking... and you all know that story!

Well...I'd better get this tired (hehe) body moving and finish the New Year cleaning, that's what my DGM used to call it, you always start with a clean New Year.

Be safe!


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Belle, it's good to have you back. Glad the task of lifting the plywood on the ceilings wasn't too difficult. Are they starting to get excited now that they are actually working on the inside? For someone who doesn't like to cook, you sure end up doing allot of cooking! LOL

I only started WW on the 2nd so have only had one weigh in--lost 5 pounds that week. It's not hard at all--what's hard is breaking my old habits and not eating everything I might like to! LOL

Good luck on the house cleaning, I think we have all been in that frame of mind this month. I have a really clean bedroom and bath as of today. Wiped cabinets down and even took everything out of the bathroom drawers and cleaned them. Feels good to have it done. Still need to do more yard work but at least I got all the trimming started last week. Weather here has been lovely and even our couple of showers didn't cool it down all that much--feels good to be working out in the sunshine.

I keep looking at painting ideas but just can't get motivated to start a project. I know inspiration will hit soon and hopefully I'll be on a roll for a few projects. Keeping my fingers crossed that that's how it will be anyway.

Glad you are back and hope to chat more soon.


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Morning ladies. The kids are out of school today and Monday. I've got to run to the grocery store to pick up a few things to feed em. ha Got caught up in reading some of my books that I received for Christmas and procrastinated going to the store.
Sorry I didn't get my pics posted. Something is wrong with my camera program and it's not letting me transfer them. I have to find my original disc and redownload it. Who knows where that is. ha
Plan to paint later today. Still don't know what yet, but I'll try to find something. Need the practice.

Bebe-HCG is the pregnancy hormone. Dr. Simeons found that it helps your body break down bad fat. If you want to know more about it you can look up Pounds and Inches online. It's the program he came up with in the 60's. Or you can get the book The Weight Lose Cure They Don't Want You To Know About by Kevin Trudeau. Most Walmarts carry it. My DH lost 50 lbs and I lost about 27lbs doing it. I went from a size 10 jean to a size 5. DH went from a size 44 to a 40 I think. We did the shots. Our friend is selling the drops now and he's lost about 30lbs so far. We will be trying the drops this next time we do it. We have kept off what we lost. Everyone we know who has done it has kept the weight off. It resets your hypothalamus gland. It's amazing. You don't have to work out, but you lose about a pound a day.
I also just started doing Beach Body's P90X program. OUCH! I'm so sore, but at least I know it's working. ha It's an extreme workout program. Good luck with everyone trying to get fit. I think the eating thing is the hardest part too. I've done better since I started using a saucer for my portions instead of a dinner plate and I don't go back for seconds. If I eat smaller portions I don't feel bad when I want to have a little dessert. ha

Belle~ thank you for the advice! ha I'm trying to de-stress my life right now. Taking a step back from some things and trying to get out of some others. It all takes time. You are right. Can't take care of anyone else until I take care of myself. When I get so stressed I start taking it out on the family I love and that's just not right. Simplify....Simplify....Simplify!!

Sounds like we are all in the middle of a clean and purge stage. It does feel good to get things cleaned out. Without the added storage of my attic I have been lost and just sticking things where ever I could. Feels good to actually get rid of some things. When it warms up I'll be doing another big spring clean as well.

Ya'll take care and make the best of the long weekend....if you get one. I'll post pics as soon as I can get it to work. Later ~Anj

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Good Morning!

Just a quick (and SHORT) fly bye!

The cleaning is done or at least it will pass for now! Our new kitty is making himself right at home. Loves to move in behind me in my office chair, and pretty soon I am sitting on the edge and he is stretched out all comfy and cozy.

Ang....We always turn to our families first whether it is because we are happy or stressed. And I have been there with the family responsibility, we all have, and it gets better......after they leave home. Hehehe!

I do envy you Luvs for being able to do yard work. Here you squish as you walk through the yard and everything is slimy, Yuck!

I love words (daah!) but hate how they are used sometimes. Like weight loss, loss means I lost my mittens and should be looking to find them. You get the drift... but it sounds like you are well on your way to making your goal. Hip! Hip! Hurray! Now send some of that will power this way!

Everyone sitting down? I'M OFF TO PAINT! 8:37 AM here and ready to start! So without further ado....Ya'All have a good weekend and take care!

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Good Evening,

Had so much fun with GD this weekend and I posted our Valentines Table over on the Holiday forum. She loves to play with dolls and dishes since we can't go out and swing with our cold weather.

So Belle, whatcha paintin'? Or did kitty take over your painting chair too? Sounds like a loved kitty.

I went in to paint tonight and painted some eagle heads for DH, then came out and downloaded pictures to the computer cuz nothing seemed to jump out at me. I don't have much for Valentine's so maybe that's why.

Luvs, are you still losing weight or hows it going? I'm sure with all your yard work that has helped. I just sat here and ate 3 Loft House sugar cookies. No I don't wonder why I'm

Anj, sounds like you've really lost the weight. I had weighed the same for 40 years and now I'm just sitting at work and here in front of the computer to much. I may become scarce when the weather changes and I can walk every night.

It has slowed down here so glad to hear we may have some projects to see soon. I still have all my ice skates to paint on. I started a couple of pink roses and thats as far as I got. I did get all my training caught up so that is a big relief.

Best go get another load of laundry done. Punk

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Good Morning!

We had another big blow (wind) last night and my yard looks like I could pick up all of the limbs and make a 20 foot tall tree. Our weather is really wacky! We went from having record setting cold to setting record "highs" every day and night and already have twice the normal rain fall for the month. But our river is doing very well!

Have actually been at the painting for two days in a row. Start out by finishing some ornies leftover from Christmas and then added backs to 3 "Luv Chunks" I did for a friend many years ago. Back before I figured out that I really should be doing something on the back side as well, so I based them and added small details. Then came the prep work for a wood box and one of these rectangular, boxy candle holders. These are also left over from Christmas.

Punk...where ever do you find the skates? I have tried to find them with no luck. I have an Eagle pattern I have looked at for about 3 years now, someday!

Last Valentines season I tried to find patterns or ideas for decorations and what a lack thereof. Did find lots of hearts and one cute pattern which I made, so lots of luck in your search.

Better set to the yard work while it is not raining..YET! Hope all of you are taking care! Anj and Luvs...where are you? Busy painting I hope.


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Hi Everyone,

Belle, sounds like you are having extreme weather alright. Picking up branches is no fun unless your building a bon fire and need starter.

It was beautiful here today but I didn't have a chance to get outside. We are busier than ever. So many are getting rid of land lines and going to cell only.

One of my former students traded me painting books for dishes and skates. If you want a pair, I can send you some.

Hows your projects coming along? I want to paint but my life is so crazy. I had another late night tonight so it's hard to start anything. I still need to go finish dishes.

Hope someone starts a new post tomorrow and all is well with all of you.


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Hi Gals, We are getting some nice rains now too. I try not to complain, because I know we really need them here so we don't have to have water rationing in the summer.

Sorry, I keep looking at my Painting books, but just can't get in the mood to start a project. Don't know what's wrong with me! I love to paint!

Wish I had a neighbor or friend who liked to paint--it would be more fun to have someone to do projects with. Guess I just need to put on some music and get with it!

Maybe all Belle's new projects will give me the "push" I need to get going again.


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