A New Beginning

pezabelleJanuary 4, 2011

Happy New Year!

Looks like everyone is busy, hope it is painting! I have 4 of the 6 Santa now done and the other two about 1/2 done, there is an end in sight.

Today is the "girls luncheon" so am picking up DD soon. We have several stop to make after lunch including picking up a sample of paint for my livingroom. I've decided after I paint the livingroom to return the furnature to its original placement.....I really like it but DD said it was to staged and having the back of the couch facing the entry was just not right, even with the library table. Well, the library table is now gone but I'm putting things back the way I like them, I think it was cozy not cold. The wall color was and is cold.

Well, better hit the shower and get ready, hope to hear from you all soon!


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Hey girls...reaping the rewards of procrastinating on the flu shots this year. 3 of my kids have been sick since Thursday. Sent 2 to school today, but have to take the other 2 to the dr at 2:30. Thinking they may have strep now. Been up giving meds and checkin on kids for the past week. Starting to take it's toll on me. I wish I was painting, but my eyes are blurry from no sleep so I cringe to think about what it would look like. ha Taking down some of the Christmas stuff slowly, but steadily. I have Snapping Hip Syndrome from the wreck. Think maybe there is a torn piece of cartilage in my hip and the tendon keeps catching on it. About throws me down and hurts like crazy. Slowing me down a lot. Anyway, thought I'd drop in here for a minute before I take these kids in and then have to run to the store to stock up on tissues and soup.
Belle~ After months of asking DH what color I should paint the bedroom.....I bought Old Gold paint and ready to get started. DH then tells me he wishes I'd have gotten Barn Red. Oh well. I'm going to paint it the color I bought and then if he still doesn't like it I'll have to repaint it again.
Talk to you all soon. Need to get over to the other side to see the projects. ~Anj

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Hi everyone! I just came over from the reading on the other side. You two are so ambitious getting right into painting your walls. We had a nice sunny day today after the rains we've been getting. I actually went outside in just a t-shirt and started trimming my roses back. Felt so good to just be soaking up some sun. Not a fan of those upper 30, low 40 temps we've been having.

A new beginning, huh? Always makes me think of a book full of blank pages just waiting to be filled. Hope all of us can fill our with lots of good stuff this year in spite of any challenges that may come our way. Stay positive and make the best of it--that's my new resolution!

Anj, you poor thing. If it's not one thing, it's another, huh? At least it is good you haven't caught the flu, but rough when the kids all take turns getting it. And your hip, that sounds like a real problem. You be really careful climbing on ladders and stuff, a pain could hit and you might fall off.

Belle, you should arrange your furniture in any way that feels good to you--don't worry about what other people think. I wish I had a table to fit behind my loveseat, I have it where you see the back when you come in the door and it's not very interesting for sure.

Got all my Christmas put away, but decorated the mantel, buffet and window ledge yet. Wanting to do something "different", but not coming up with any good ideas so it will probably end up just like it was before Christmas! LOL


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Oh, I am so pigheaded, that I usually put things my way!
And anj, if DH doesnt like the color, tell him to repaint it! I find I get my way much more often than if someone else has to do or redo it! LOL

DH took down the lights off the front of the house, but left the white/blue icicles type on the deck railing. We call them party lights! Sure brightens up the cold dreary nights we are having.

Anj, sure hope things start getting better in the health dept forall of you.
Luvs, I like your new year resolution! Just keep hanging in there!


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Hey y'all. Finally got the kids over their flu and took them to the dr for swollen throats...3 older ones all had strep. Got the all over that and back to school finally. Had to take the youngest in for infected fingers. She has paronychia on two of her fingernails (infected fingernails). WTH?? Trying to get that healed up before Tues or they will have to slice her fingers to get the medication down to the infection. They are looking better so hopefully that won't have to happen. All four still on antibiotics. Oh me oh my!! Have company coming in on Tues night so trying to get my house in order before then. Ortho appt this afternoon. I think I should just sleep with my tennis shoes on because I hit the ground running every morning. UGH! Need a break.
Ok, time to start running kids to school. Have 4 going at 3 different times so I'm back and forth on the roads from 7:15-9am. Later!! ~Anj

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Sorry I haven't gotten back her sooner. Had several things going on this week--and it's not over yet!

Anj, for heaven's sake girl, you are just getting hit with one thing after the other! Glad the majority of the kids are back in school. What a bummer that you can't just take them all at one time. My little GD just had an infected finger/fingernail too. DS brought her over here so I could help use a sterile needle to release the pressure. We put medicine on it and then a bandaid and he's watching it to be sure it doesn't get red or anything.

Speaking of GD, she had "super me" week at school and asked that I bring our dog to visit. (Her Mom is allergic so no pets at her house and she's grown up playing with our's) The kids all had fun feeding him treats and asking her questions about him. Of course, being a golden retriever, he just soaked up all the attention--and the treats! LOL

Be sure to go to Discussions and see my post about my painting magazine find today! I had been feeling a little bit "low", and that find sure perked me up allot! ;o)


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Hubby had basketball tonight and the kids have a friend over so here I am. Kids mostly back to normal. Still have one who is having a lot of congestion. Hope I can get him cleared up. The fingernails are back to normal although one peeled up a bit which is kinda grossing me out. =P Luvs~ kinda coincidence that your GD had that too! I had never even heard of that before. I had to poke hers with a needle to release the puss too. It was disgusting!! Are you soaking hers in Epsom Salts?? Hope it gets better.
Very cool that you took the dogs in for her. Mine always wants me to walk up with our little pup so her friends can see her after school. I told her I will this spring when it's not so dang cold!!
I saw your book post! So excited for you! That is always so exciting when you find a stash! I'm going to the library tomorrow and hoping they have some new ones for me to look at. The TS hasn't had any new ones for a while. Kinda bums me out. ha
Well, I got my office all cleaned up today so I can paint this weekend. The kids have tomorrow and Monday off. Gonna finish up some things I started before Christmas and then try to decide on a few things to start on for the boutique sales. Need to get up some inventory. I'm pretty sure I will be the only one with painted items. Most people are doing the scrapbook paper on wood with vinyl lettering things. Or vinyl lettering on tiles, etc. Not sure how well these things will do, but I won't know until I do it. =)
Hope you are all doing well and in good health. Luvs-how's things my friend?? I think about you often even though I don't get here as much. I'll do better this year. Starting to come out of the fog I've been in for a while. Only been on these suppliments for a week and slowly feeling better than I have for a long time! I'll probably stop in here tomorrow as I'm painting. Hope you all get to check in too! ~Anj

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Hi everyone,

Anj, does DD bite her nails or have hangnails? Soaking the fingers in hot water a few times a day can help with the pain of paronychia. Sure hope it clears up so it doesn't have to be drained. Wish you lived close and I would share my spray with you.

You have had so much going on in your life and wish I could help you. We have had a few flu symptoms but nothing real bad so far. Will keep you and DF in my prayers.

My MBR is gold and I'm thinking of changing the black out for another color combo to go with it. I've had burgundy and dk gr so can't decide what to try next. Do you plan on using other accent colors with it?

Luvs, you have been on my mind alot. How are things going with DH? Every time I see a train I think of you. I love it that you took your dog to school for DGD's "Super Me" week. Those dogs are the sweetest and I'm sure he loved it.

Cali, hope you floating on Cloud 9 with your feature article. That's so awesome.

Hope all of you seen that Michaels has the Loew Cornell brushes on sale that Belle mentioned. I would probably go buy some if I was painting but don't really need any at this point.

We have been thinking about buying a building or buying land and building if we can't get our lease worked out. I was awake most of the night last night just throwing around what would be best for the business. Life...

Hope B gets her painting room done and shares pics with us. I can hardly wait for our weather to warm up and give me more energy.


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Thanks for thinking of me Anj and Punk, at this point we can use all the prayers we can get as it is very challenging. I've already messed up on my resolution to stay positive and take it one day at a time! DH is just determined to do things even when I ask him not to--have to find a way to get him to be more cooperative in order to keep him out of trouble. I've been reading some articles and forums--can sure tell we are not the only ones dealing with this problem! So sad and so difficult.

Anj, I just saw a neat project. They had glued sheet music onto a plaque, gave it two or three coats of sealer, then painted on top of it. The one I saw was The Nutcracker Suite music with a painted nutcracker guy on top, but you could sure use the idea for many things.

You should be sure to do some of your little magnets for the fridge too. I have to remember to take a picture of the ones you did for me and share them on here. You really do those tiny details so well.

Punk, that just stinks about the mess up on your new location. I'm so sorry you are having to worry about all of this. Hope it all turns out okay.

Yes, finding that stack of books was such a wonderful surprise--and I really needed a big pick me up that day! I've earmarked some really neat patterns, hope I can get myself motivated to get started on some of them soon.

You know how God often puts just the right people in our lives at the right time? Well, the gal house sitting for my neighbors helped her Mom and an ex husband when they had Dementia. We've been taking walks together every afternoon and talking--such a blessing to hear what other's experiences have been--and a way to help me know what to expect.

Take care all of you.


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Punk...I will have Red accents in MBR and then the MBath will also be Old Gold on the walls with Black fleur de lis. It's gonna be my New Orleans Saints Bathroom!! lol The bath will have a red rug and a little bit of red to tie in with the bedroom. I have painted a French saying around the top of my walk in shower. It says Lavez, Rincez, Sechez, Dancez. I think I spelled those right without going to look. A French friend said it's an old saying where he's from....We wash, We rinse, We dry, We dance. Will have to paint over it and re-do it. Makes me happy every morning when I shower! =)

Cali~ I'm sure hubby will like it all when it's done. He just can't imagine how it will be in his head. He put up some blinds for me the other day, but I mis-measured and now have to return two of them for longer ones. =/

Punk~ I must have missed something. What is going on with your business building?? Weren't you almost done with it??

Luvs~ so sorry y'all are having such a trial. Glad you have found someone to talk to and hopefully get some help from. I was hoping they'd be able to find something that would help him improve.
I may have taken pics of the magnets before I sent then. hmmm Wonder if I did. That's a good idea. I was thinking about doing some of the painted soaps too. Put them in the little mesh bags that I get from the dollar store?? Do you think those will sell if I do Halloween or Christmas patterns on them? It will be a fall boutique. Decisions Decisions!! ha I'll have to do my wood cutouts in the spring when the weather warms up. I can't stand being out there for very long right now. I also have some patterns for the bigger type popsicle sticks to paint for bookmarks! A lot of teenagers shop there so need some really inexpensive things too. Lots of ideas....just have to pick some and get started. Off to work on it. ~A

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Anj, hope you will share pics when you finish painting. Sounds pretty. Love your saying in the shower. Did you ever buy another van?

I loved your soap you painted on. I tried it and never finished one. Not sure what I should of done differently but mine were not pretty.haha Hope one of you share pictures of the magnets with us on here.

We were going to rent and did put alot of money into the building w/o a signed contract first. Now that it's time to sign the contract the price for the rent has gone way up so we are thinking about buying and building again. I'm really bummed about this and need to make a decision soon.

Luvs, it's nice to hear you have a gal next door to visit with on your walks. Hope she's there for awhile for you. This has to be one of the hardest things to deal with daily.


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Punk, it is a shame that people won't honor a verbal contract. And, then to try to take advantage of all the time and work put in to raise the rent. A last thought, I am sure, but possibly small claims court for some of your money back?

Anjabee - that last bit sure seems to be fitting right now - you are busier than any bee! And still find time to paint!

Luvs, how great that GD wanted you to bring your dog for her school. I keep you in my thoughts and prayers. When you had mentioned diabetes, I had hoped that he was deficient in some mineral or another. God does open doors for us and the gal next door seems to be one he has positioned for you.


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Thanks Punk and Cali, I appreciate your concern and encouraging comments. I need to get busy and paint something, that's always a good way to sort out your thoughts and calm your mind, right? ;o)


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Hi All...Sorry I haven't dropped in here in a while....missed a lot! Will try to catch up soon.

Luvs...your daily challenges makes mine seem very trivial! I worked 4 years for a couple and the gentleman had Alzheimer.... so I can only suggest that you do the things you are doing, talk to people and get help from those people who have gone through the process. And please remember, your health is just as important as his! You will need time away from home and DH so that you can refresh you mind and body. Wish I was there to help! God Bless!

Just over a week ago I fell up the stair and thought I can still fall at 60 something without breaking anything...wrong....DH made me go to the Dr., yesterday and although I really didn't break a bone I broke a fusion. I had two bones in my thumb fused together many years ago and that's where it broke. So... I will have surgery on Wed., to re-fuse the bones. Luckily it is my left hand but typing one handed in another kind of pain! I will be doing more reading than typing and for all of you that will be a relief!


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Oh gosh, Belle, I am so sorry to hear about your thumb. Things can just happen so quickly, can't they? My sister fell going up the steps at church and broke her arm right below her shoulder. She said she doesn't even know what caused her to fall, it just happened so fast.

Thank you for your advise. I am trying to get out with friends often or just go check out a store or something. I'm fortunate right now that it hasn't progressed too far and I'm hopeful they will come up with a treatment/medication to slow it down and help alleviate some of the behaviors. I'm also fortunate that he is always cheerful and doesn't think he has a problem at all! ;o)


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Belle, so sorry to hear about your Thumb.Ouch! How long will it be before you will be able to type or do things with it? I went out to the shed the other day and dear kitty followed me in and wouldn't come out. So I left him and went back later and he was upstairs just laying there like he had found a new home. I picked him up, walked down the stairs and took about 5 steps when down we went. We were both fine but I know what it's like to fall quickly w/o any warning.

What about the convention?

We are getting snow again so now our ice will be covered so will have to be extra careful. Hoping the roads won't be to bad in the morning. I hauled boxes to the landfill tonight to find out it was FULL. So I came home and burned them in the snow. It was kinda fun having a fire out back in the lightly falling snow.

Luvs, so glad DH is unaware of what's going on and always cheerful. So there isn't anything they can do for it at this stage? Are you able to leave him home while you go on your walks and shopping? Life isn't always fair huh?

Do you remember the snowman shutter I painted last year? I'm going to donate it and a Droid for an auction they are having next month for the young man who lost his legs and four fingers on his left hand last month. I keep thinking I need to get busy and paint some more things for this but can't seem to get motivated. It will be after Valentines Day and before St Pat's.hum...

We are still trying to decide what to do about the business. We are pretty busy so it's hard to think about moving now in this weather.



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My day is stinking busy as always but I just had to hop in here and try to see what you all are up to. I had some cousins come visit last week and this week has been a whirlwind. Feels like I haven't been home much. Hubby is interviewing for a new job so he doesn't have to work as many hours and it will be closer to home. He feels he is missing out on too much of our kids lives...which he is. ha It will be a big change for us if he gets it. He will be working outside of the industry he's been in for the past 10 years. I am having an allergic reaction. Rash on my face, neck and back. Thinking from the massage oil from physical therapy. May have had peppermint in it and I am allergic to peppermint. Hopefully it will go away before Sunday. A childhood friend of mine is coming thru here today and I put him off to meet him on his way back thru to leave because I haven't seen him in 20+ years and now my face is all rashed up! ha Oh well, it will be good to see him on Sunday.
Had to move my son's b-day sleepover up to today since they are going on a Scout camp out next weekend which is his actual birthday. Have to straighten the house, decorate and make up a bunch of snacks for them. I'm sure they'll be up all night. Five 13 yr old boys = madhouse!! ha They get off early on Friday's so they will be getting here before I know it. Better get off this computer and get to work. I finished my glass block project, just need to charge my camera and take a pic and I've started another project so I am getting a little bit of painting time in here and there. As always, wish it was more. Talk to you all again soon. Have a great weekend! ~Anj
See I'm so rushed I almost forgot to say I hope things go ok with your surgery Claudia and y'all be careful!! Punk, I guess you are ok from your fall? Luvs, you take care chic. It's good to have a good sense of humor in most cases I'm learning so I'm glad for R that he's happy during all this. You take care of yourself!! ;)

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Nothing new in my life but wanted to stop by and check in.

Anj, hope the sleep over doesn't keep you up. Sounds like a blast. Sure hope your rash clears up before Sunday. At my age, I wouldn't worry about someone seeing me like that. I would explain what's going on and have a good time. Maybe aging is a good thing.lol


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Punk...glad you and kitty didn't break anything! We are having more rain, we have a lake in our side yard the ground is so wet.

Anj...sounds like you are back to normal. Glad DH will be working closer to home and able to enjoy his family and hopefully help you as well. Looking forward to seeing you pictures.

Luvs....anymore super TS book finds? I need to weed out some of my books, my DDIL has given me many I won't ever use. Are you still getting rain?

Had my surgery and it went well. I have a cast that will be with me for about 6 weeks. Then they will remove the cast, take ex-rays and if it has healed, remove the pins. I sure hope is does...this is no fun...but on the other hand...not doing some of the house hold chores isn't to bad!

Well, better get some of the things I can do done and then maybe paint a little.


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