Happy Monday!!

anjabeeJanuary 25, 2010

Thought I'd start us off this week. The New Orleans Saints are going to the Super Bowl!!!!!!!!!! I am soooooo excited! Been a fan for a long time and they finally made it. I knew this was their year!

Well, I was all set to paint Saturday. Got my spring patterns all picked out and ready to go. Then DH decided he wasn't going to work and he was gonna take me to a movie instead so I didn't get to paint after all. Sunday was church and then we went to friends house to eat and watch the game so no painting yesterday either. ha It's like there's a conspiracy against me painting! ha I'm gonna try to get a few things squared away this morning in the house and get on with my project I picked out. Now that I know what I'm gonna paint I'm excited to get on it. ha

The movie we went to see was Sherlock Holmes and it was good. I really liked it but being a fan of Sherlock Holmes shows since I was young might have made me prejudiced. ha I still watch them on the classics channel on tv and the new ones that come on too. I like how in this movie they make Watson a fighter. I'll most likely buy this one when it comes out on dvd.

Anyway, that was my weekend in a nutshell. Hope you all had a good one too. ~Anj

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Well, what a nice surprise to have you starting off our Monday post this week Anj, it's been awhile!

I'm glad to hear you liked the movie--I'd seen the previews a few times and just wasn't sure I'd like it since they had Robert Downey Jr. as the lead character and he made Sherlock Holmes look so "frumpy & dirty" looking, as well as making him seem less intelligent. Seemed like they were trying to make it more of a comedy or something. I love all the old Sherlock Holmes movies. So would you rate this as good as the old ones or good but different?

We didn't go to the movies last Tuesday, heavy rains and a time conflict. Not sure what we will see this week yet. Did you read where I said I was dissappointed with the two George Clooney movies I've seen? Up In The Air was okay, but sort of a depressing ending. And what a job to have--flying all over the country to fire employees for businesses too chicken to do it themselves! LOL The other one, Men Who Stare at Goats, was just stupid as far as I was concerned. But DH thought it was a crack up. Guess maybe my sense of humor is "cracked". LOL We love Avatar, would even like to see it again. The scenery was just beautiful in it.

I think "It's Complicated" with Meryl Streep was good, "Surrogates" with Bruce Willis was very thought provoking--like a peek into the future if we keep letting machines do our communication for us, and "The Blind Side" with Sandra Bullock was so good--made me cry! Oh, and "Law Abiding Citizen" was really a good one too--quite a surprise at the end. Gosh,our weekly movie dates have certainly let us see lots of movies, haven't they?

Good that you had a nice weekend and got to spend time with DH and friends. I got a project started yesterday too. I posted a teaser on the discussion page. My plan is to get back in there and work on it today.

I'm so glad Punk is getting a new helper trained so she won't have to put in such long hours all the time. She is always so busy, hard to squeeze painting time in when you are tired from keeping up with everything else.

Belle, treated us to her latest projects yesterday. I so admire her determination to not buy more books until she does some of the pending projects in the ones she already has. I need to follow her lead and finish up some of mine too.

Oh, my WW update--it's getting a bit easier and I'm down 8.6 lbs so far. Hoping for a couple more this week since my goal was to lose 10 this first month. I think I have to credit this small success to the WW fudge bars and Skinny Cow ice cream sandwiches--doesn't let me feel deprived when I can look forward to such good treats each evening! LOL


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Back and eating my lunch real quick. Hey Luvs....I would rate it good but different. The old Holmes is definitely more of a gentleman than the new Holmes. ha They do make him seem a scoundrel in this one, but he's super intelligent. I like RDjr in the part and really liked Jude Law as Watson. The story line/mystery was pretty good too.
I did see Surrogates. Thought it was good. Haven't seen Blind Side but will probably leave it for a rental. I don't like movies that make me cry, but I've heard nothing but good about that one. Our friends want us to go see It's Complicated this Friday.
You know me and my book addiction. ha Took me a while going thru mine to find a project, but relaxing and just looking thru them all and making notes on future project ideas was just as fun for me! ha
Good job on the weight loss! I've lost 4lbs and an inch around the middle so far with my workout. Definitely building muscle though.
Well, back to work...trying to hurry so I have time to paint and we have our finance class tonight too. I gave up my job in our church youth group. Just couldn't handle it on top of everything else. See Belle....I'm learning to say no! ha Hope everyone else had a nice weekend. I'm off. ~Anj

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Good Morning and the Sun is Shining...OOOOPPPPSSSS didn't type quick enough...it's gone!

Congrads Anj.....Now stop feeling guilty and relax! And if help is needed (once in awhile) with the Youth Group, you will be refreshed when you help out.

I love looking at all of my books and it's funny how our tastes change. Now I really need to find a magazine I really like, they are great to keep up on whats new and finding a great project is a bonus. I take PaintWorks but it is more oils than anything else, so I won't re-up I also do PaintingMagazine online and probably will resubscribe. I do pick up Q & E whenever I find a copy and probably should subscribe to it. What do you all get?

Luvs.....8.6 Lbs ain't a bad way to start! It's really great! I lost 30 Lbs two years ago but you don't want to repeat the process. The best part is that I haven't found it either.

Anj...everytime I lose inches they pop up somewhere else, kind of like a hour glass, the sand has shifted to the bottom.

Guess I am the odd one here, never like Sherlock Holmes, he was always so mean to Watson. Do you remember Basil Rathbone, great actor in a stiff way. Guess it goes to show I didn't like Abbott and Costello or most of Jerry Lewis and Dean Martins movies either. But as individuals they were all great.

Well, need to get some chores done, big day of shopping tomorrow - wish I could stay home!


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Well, wouldn't you just know it! I hurry up and get a project done so I'll have something to post finally--and no one even shows up on the forum that day! LOL

We had a nice movie day. Saw "Lovely Bones" which was sad yet beautifully done. Sad to think there are actually people like that in the world who will go to extreme lengths to hurt young children.

We had a few clear days with some sunshine but now the rains have moved back in again. I wouldn't mind the rains at all, but don't like the cooler temps that come along with them. Brrrr!

Hope you are all keeping warm and finding some fun things to do as well. I'll chat more tomorrow.


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Good Evening Everyone,

Luvs, I am sooo sorry that I didn't see your project yesterday. I got home late and then DD called and had a brand new tire on her car blow out on her way home last night so we had to go to her rescue. She lives 75 miles from work and it was snowing pretty hard so had to make sure all ended well.

I had another late night tonight and will have another tomorrow night. To top this off, we have company coming for several weeks so I may be pretty scarce on here. I'm so thankful I did alot of deep cleaning last weekend.

My new gal is wonderful, intelligent and learned to run activations in 2 days. We've trained others for 3 weeks and they still couldn't begin to comprehend it.

Don't think it isn't alot to learn but so far she has gone above and beyond what we expected. She installed some new programs on my computer today so that will help speed things up. She is truly a blessing for us.

I will try to get back here and there but will enjoy company before and after work each day. I have such a bad sore throat and I'm starting to lose my voice. Hope this doesn't last!!!

DH will be with you rootin' for New Orleans, Anj. I will probably be shopping. Hope you have time to get a project painted and things go well in your life.

Belle, hope you have your heart finished by now and will be posting soon.

Love reading about all the movies attended. I never make it to a movie but DS attends most. We advertise at the theatre so receive passes and we pass them on to him.

Take Care and I'll check back another day. Punk

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Punk, you and your DH must really be fun people to visit--you have more company than anyone I know! ;o) You seem to just take it all in stride and visit with them after work. Guess they just go sightseeing and such while you are at work, huh?

I've never thought to ask, but does your DH work with you too? Or maybe he's at another location. I'm so glad the new help is working out well, she will take some of the pressure off you.

I won't be around tomorrow until late evening. I'm going out to run the little store for my friend while she goes to some doctor appointments. Glad the rains have moved out so I won't have to worry about the road conditions.

I basecoated another project today, might take it with me to work on tomorrow when there are no customers in the store.

You all take care, and I'll be back to check on you tomorrow night.


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A lil something over on the gallery for ya......finally ;) ~Anj

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I'm painting painting painting!! =)

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Is it really Friday? Where did the week go?

Anj...your magnets are awesome and Luvs "cupid" is so cute, wish I had been painting.

Punk...isn't it wonderful when you find that "right" person. It sound like she is a jewel and that you two get along just fine. Tell you DD that no job is worth a 75 mile drive...that is from Chehalis to Seattle...tooooo darn far!

Well, we have been doing heart stuff here only not the painting kind. While at the dentist last week I had a couple of nasty chest pains and just figured it was a pulled muscle. Then while shopping on Tuesday the pain returned only not so severe, but after not going away and increasing in frequency I asked DH to take me to the ER. No heart attack....thank goodness! But did spend an over nigher in the hospital, mega tests and x-rays and they still don't have a definite cause, so I go back Mon and Tues for the dreaded treadmill and dye tests. My arms and one hand look like gremlins has attacked me and even though I told them I was allergic to most tapes, they used it anyway and when they removed it they took blistered skin with the tape. The pain has gone and I sincerely hope it doesn't return but would like an answer as to why.

DH and DS have started our kitchen island or maybe it is actually just a moving cabinet, either way it is more free space in my pantry...ya! right!

By the by...what magazines do you get and why? I am looking for something fun but not real stuffy, I like a challenge but just not into starting with the oils. As none of our stores carry them I will need to subscribe. I now take (online) PaintingMagazine, and PaintWorks (which seems to do more oils than acrylics)

Take Care and stay safe!


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Hi all, stopping for a little lunch. It's my sons 12th b-day today and I'm trying to get things ready for his party/sleepover tonight. Gotta get started on the cake pretty soon. They have 1/2 day of school on Fridays.

Belle...so sorry to hear you are having a scare. Hopefully they can figure out the problem soon even though I've heard those dye tests are nasty.
Yahoo on the kitchen island. Wish somebody I knew in the family had some carpentry skills. I usually pick up Quick and Easy Painting at Walmart or Kmart. I seem to use it the most, and it has fun projects. I can get Painting at my library.
Well, I've got a project almost finished!! I know ya'll can hardly believe that! ha It's been a little difficult since I'm out of practice, but I am preservering. ha It's a spring thing so I hope ya'll will like it. Hope to work on it some more tonight and tomorrow to finish it up. Anyway, lunch break is over. Back to work. ~Anj

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Anj, I'll head over to see your magnets in just a minute. Gosh, I'm gone one day and there's something new to see--maybe I need to be gone more often! LOL

Belle, I am so glad you were smart enough not to ignore those repeated chest pains--best to go get checked out. I know the tests can all be a "pain" too, but you can rest up from those.

I had a nice day yesterday at the store--just dusted a bit, stamped some receipt books, took a close look at the items that interested me and then spent the rest of the day looking at some of her books and a couple of mine that I had taken along. Got sort of boring after lunch (I took my lunch), but made it until 5 finally. Not one single customer! DH came out for a bit, and the mailman dropped off the mail! Even the gal who owns the store across the street was closed so couldn't even visit with her. It truly seems that people just are not shopping like they used to--and there are about eight or ten little shops like that in that little town.

We went to Sam's Club this morning, then I did a bit of housework. Had something smelling bad in the fridge, so I took everything out and scrubbed it all out good. Had a sweet potato in there that was starting to spoil. Yucky smell--glad it's gone now. I scrubbed the microwave, stove and countertop while I was at it. Then I started a load of laundry and wiped the washer&dryer down good and then threw away a bunch of plastic bags I'd been "saving" that were in there. Just accumulated more than I can ever use. Then I dusted the floors in the family room and kitchen area and decided that was enough work for today so now I'm on here playing with all of you! ;o)

Hope you all had a nice pleasant, productive day too. I'll catch you later.


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Just fed the boys their first round of snacks. Made chili cheese dip, bbq cocktail weinies, pizza bites, salsa and chips, cookies, cake and rice krispie treats. They plowed thru that food like they hadn't see any in a month. ha They are only 12...what will they eat like when they are teenagers?? ha I gotta go fix some more stuff for their next break. Wow!

I just stopped by here to see how Luvs day at the store went. Sounds like you had a nice relaxing day. ha No customers at all. That's not good for business. Did you find anything you had to have?

I did a quick run thru my house and cleaned before the kids got home from school. I think after my deep clean a few weeks ago it's much quicker to just pick up and vacuum and have the whole house done in a few hours each morning. Not that they don't undo all my work as soon as they get home from school, but oh well, that's home life when ya got kids, right? I should try not to be such a perfectionist. I'm not even as bad as I used to be. ha They will have me being a complete slob before it's over. I'll just stop caring at all. ha I usually clean out my fridge before I go grocery shopping (per flylady). ha I still use her system but the way it works for me.

Well, I'm itching to get my project done. Now that I've started I feel like I'm on a roll and don't want to stop. I don't think I'm gonna be able to work on it tonight though. Wah. ha I've already got my next project picked out to do after this one. I'm gonna make up for lost time. ha

Glad ya'll liked those tiny hearts. I really like doing tiny stuff more than I do bigger projects. Don't know why....I love my tiny brushes. Feels like I have more control I guess. I have some tiny Easter magnets I want to make next (like the ones I sent you Luvs). The kids made me promise I'd make them some when I did yours and I never got around to it. ha

Anyway, better go dig up some more food before their stomachs go hollow again and start gnawin on their backbones. Ya'll have a good night. ~Anj

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Guess what I'm doing tomorrow??? Teaching my SIL how to paint. ha She came over tonight and saw the little valentine hearts and loved the little squiggly mouth on the one. She has some bigger hearts at home and wants me to show her how to paint them so she can add them to a wreath she is making. Wish us luck! ha She seems to be excited about it. ~Anj

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Hi Anj, Did you have to make another trip to the grocery store???? LOL Yes, those young boys can really put it away--and they burn up the calories so fast because they are still growing and so active! They are so funny though aren't they? I always loved having DS's friends in the house.

So do they pester the two girls? I would imagine there would be a few pranks played. ;o)

I didn't really feel tempted by too many things at the store. She really has an eclectic mix of things. There is one teapot that says "fill life to the brim" that I thought was kinda cute, and a couple of pretty rose plates that sort of appealed to me. We'll see. She gave me a little wooden box with a wire insert in the top that needs to be painted because it has water damage, and a great big wooden key that I may paint white and put some hearts on it for Valentines. The store across the street carries things that appeal to me more, but she was closed for some reason. I really do hope things start to pick up, those types of stores are so fun and I'd sure hate to see them go!

I'm glad you are finally getting to do a bit of painting. Did the new desk finally arrive? Know you will be glad to have the extra work space.

That is really neat that your SIL wants to learn to paint. It is so fun to see the pleasure other's get from painting. I know the two of you will have fun while you show her how to do it.

DH and I just got back from walking down to a couple of garage sales here in the neighborhood. Didn't find anything that had to come home with us though. Stopped and talked to a neighbor and she had us come in and see the remodeling they've been doing. They redid the kitchen and dining room so far. Put in some neat floors that are tile that looks like wood--pretty neat.

Not sure what I'm doing the rest of the day, might be able to go paint for a bit. Have another heart I want to do for Valentines.

Belle, I sure hope you are doing okay and no more chest pains. Do take it easy and don't take any chances.

Punk, I know you are working hard and long, but I'm so happy for you that your business is doing good. Not the case with so many right now. Just heard that Walmart and Sam's Club will be having some big layoffs too.

Okay, I'm outta here, you all take care and have some fun.


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Hi All,

Quick read and will check out the Holiday forum quickly. Luvs, you know why the shop your in doesn't appeal to you? We always want what we can't have.LOL I know what you mean about these little shops going out and I miss them also.

Anj, I would love to be a part of you and the kids. They are so fun and always make one laugh. They can consume alot of food and hope you found enough to fill their tummys.

You are so jacked about painting, it makes me want to paint too. Hope DSIL will continue to paint with you and we will have lots of eye candy soon.


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