Mid Week Blues?

pezabelleJanuary 20, 2010

So for once......where is everyone?

I actually got to paint the better part of 3 days and finished up some half finished projects and started two new ones. Will post pix when all is finished - a couple of days yet!

We had dental appts yesterday and then shopped until every joint hurt. Found some art supplies I have put off getting and found the perfect bed spread except it was the wrong color. Think I will just "bit the bullet" and sew my own.

Well....have to be back at the dentist soon, so hope you all are painting and all is well!


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Hi Belle, we are really dragging on our little forum here aren't we? I'm sorry, I just haven't been able to get motivated enough to start a new project. And I don't know why, I've got books stacked up with the pages open to all kinds of projects I think I would like to do. Everything from birds to garden signs.

I'm so glad to hear you have been getting in some painting time, can't wait to see your projects. ;o)

Sorry you are having to go to the dentist. Reminds me that I should probably make an appointment for a teeth cleaning and check up too.

We're heading out to eat, then to Joanne's. I want to look at the Ott lights that are on sale before we head out in the motor home again. The lamp I had in there for reading and painting broke, so thinking I'd like to try an Ott to see if they are as wonderful as I hear.

Maybe I'll see all the goodies at Joanne's and that will motivate me to get busy. I think there are a couple of Valentine's projects that I wanted to do last year and didn't. I really need to make a sign for my side gate and yard light at least--I don't have much for Valentines.

Hope you get to finish your projects. I'll try to get back here tonight.


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Belle, I'm glad you have been painting! Good for you...
Luvs, I have tons of things marked in books and magazines with sticky labels that I am going to do "tomorrow"-LOL
That said, I think I am going to take a nap!!!!

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Sorry you guys.....our friend just gave us a new desk so I have to move everything in my office....again.....to fit it in. I did find my camera cord so I can send pics when I get everything set back up! ha It's always something around here. Glad you got to paint Belle. Have you posted pics yet? Lunch break over. Gotta get back to it. Friend is supposed to help DH move it in tonight so gotta get everything outta here. It's bigger than the one I had plus it has shelves over the top which will be nice for storage! I can't even get to my books to look thru them to see what I want to paint next!! I know there were some cute ones I had marked for V-day. I'll check in later. ~Anj

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Good Moring To Ya All,

Sounds like we are going to have some great projects coming our way. More if Anj gets that desk setup.haha Bigger is always better once it's in place.

Did you find your light you went looking for Luvs? I will have to go search and see what an Ott light is. I feel bad I haven't painted for so long and I have so much to paint.

The new gal we hired is working out great so maybe I'll have more personal time soon. She has caught on so fast and comprehends everything she learns at both locations. I've discussed her managing a branch for us so maybe she'll be all we've dreamed of.

I'm still working on year end and it seems like there's no end in sight! Now I know why Apr. 15th is the deadline. I hope to have it finished by the end of next week.

Don't know what the weather is outside this morning so better get ready to head in. Yesterday several ended up in the ditches with the freezing rain.


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Hi Anj, that will be fun to have a bigger desk with more space for things. Might take awhile to organize it the way you want it, but will be nice later to have things right at your fingertips.

Punk, those freezing rains sound bad. Be really careful on those icy roads--or maybe you could go in a little later after the other cars/trucks have turned some of the ice to slush. How are your plants doing in all that? Or do you try not to worry and just access the damages when Spring comes?

I think I need to pull out my little bit of Valentine's decor and get myself in the mood for that. Maybe that will spur me on to create a couple new things for this holiday.

Punk, I got my light. It was on sale for 50% off, and can be used with or without plugging it in. The instructions said to let it charge for 16 hours so that's where it is now. It will be great for taking along on motor home trips and will give me much better lighting to paint or read by. You can google them if you want--just supposed to give less glare and easier on the eyes. DH went with me and is trying to say it's my Valentine's present, but I've not decided if I'm going to let him off the hook that easily or not yet! LOL (Can you tell we've been married a long long time?) ;o)

Belle, hope we get to see your projects soon. It's sure been a dry spell for projects on here! I know, I know, I need to get busy painting too!

Okay, need to check the other forum and then get busy on something around here. TTYL


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WoW! The gangs all here, well almost all here! Yippy! Yahoee! OK! I'm in a really good mood today!

Luvs...I have a Ott desk light that I have had for years but hardly ever use it. It is great for fine detail and gives you a pure color, which other lighting don't. Great that you got it at 50% off as they can be expensive.

And showing my ignorance, what is TTYL?

Nona....Thank You for the laughter! I love the nap..I'm there! And I am so glad you have joined us here!

We watched Julia and Julia, what a fun movie. If I cooked, ya'all know the next line to that one, but for Nona's benefit, "I don't like to cook!" and ate my way through a cook book.....I would need Luvs WW and all of those other weight loss foods "As Seen On TV." And would also need AA with all of that wine.

Anj... I have a beautiful desk that is absolutely useless except as a collect all. But then I have to keep reminding myself I'm not at work any longer and need to down size, so my desk is just fine and it was a gift and I can't give it away, a thoughtful gift after all, it pretty, so I need to keep it! Sigh! Hope you have everything in hand and only need to change things once.

Glad you found your camera cable, so get with the posting!;)

Punk, so glad that your new gal Friday is working out so well, there is light at the end of the tunnel. And Please Take Care when on the roads! Our weather has been so mild that my flower plants are up, and not just the Daffodils or Tulips, but my Lily's and others as well. We are getting some peat moss and mulch to cover them with, frost can't be to far away. Can't wait to actually spend more time in the yard and getting things back to normal.

While DH plays poker tonight I am taking our DD, her hubby and my DGS to the theater to see "Over the River To Grandma's House," a comedy about a Grandma and her Grandson. My very good friend is playing the Grandma, so it will be doubly fun! Our "theater" is very small, seating about 75 people and everyone is so close to the "stage" which is more like an ampha (spelling error!) theater. My ulterior motive is to show my DGS that "theater" is fun. He just gives me a funny look whenever I mention going, together.... So, well see.

Gotta run, take care!

PS...I know...another chapter...sorry... but you all just hype me up and it's gotta come out! Would you believe I'm the quiet one of our friends? I am!

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Belle, I come by here at least once a week, but usually don't have anything exciting to say, so I read and see what all of you are doing. I don't live very far from BeBe, but we have never met. She stays so busy with classes and family.....
I like to cook, but there is just me to cook for, so I cook a couple of days a week and have leftovers the rest of the time.
By the way--I did take that nap! LOL

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Morning...I'm going thru books and mags tring to find somthing to paint for V-day, but so far nothing is jumping out at me. A few fun Easter things have caught my eye so maybe I'll move on to that holiday.

Ms Nona is a long time Garden Webber and we all love her!! =) Glad she is posting with us over here.

Wish my weather was improved. It would sure help my mood, but no such luck. Grey skies and a little snow and rain here and there. Just kinda blah. Told DH I'd like to go out tonight and just get out of the house. I'm bored looking at the same view. ha

I guess it was a hurry up and wait deal on the desk. I got things cleared out, but then he's been working long hours and hasn't got around to getting the new one moved in yet. Think I'll keep my old one in here too and put them both together. I spend a lot of time in my office/craft room so I'll welcome the added surfaces and storage.

Luvs~ glad you got your light. You'll have to tell me how you like it. So what movies have you seen lately? Avatar? I'm still waiting to see Sherlock Holmes. Looks good. I just barely watched UP yesterday. One of the kids got it for Christmas. It was really a cute Disney one. A little sad, but cute.

Punk~ glad your newbie is working out for you. Hope she is able to help you free up some time for yourself.

Belle~ glad you are in such a chipper mood. ha Can you sell me some of whatever you're taking? ha I love the theatre too. I want to go see The Scarlet Pimpernel this year.

Ok, better get back to my search. Ya'll have a good day. ~Anj

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Good morning all! I had to get up earlier this morning to be at my WW meeting before 7:30. Not used to having to get dresses early anymore--usually play on here in the morning while still in my robe!

I walked outside this morning to clear, sunny skies after a week of rains off and on--mostly on. Opened the door, glanced up at the mountains and they were all glistening with a fresh coat of snow! How gorgeous with the sun shining on them, and it reaches nearly to the bottom this time. Kinda neat to be able to see snow and not have to scoop it or drive in it! ;o)

Belle, are your projects about ready to post? Sure hope so, I need some eye candy--and some inspiration! Like Anj, I just can't seem to find the right project and get it started. Wonder if my mind is still cluttered with the other things I had planned to paint before Christmas and didn't get done?????

Nona, wish you were here to cook for me. I just don't like to cook that much anymore. (But I still like to eat!) Now that I'm doing WW, I need to search out some easy recipes that DH will eat too--it's not a big veggie fan, and I need to be eating lots of them!

I pulled out my Valentine's decorations yesterday and decorated the living/dining area. Need to do a bit more tweaking, but overall, it looks pretty festive. I'll have pics to post of it over on Holidays soon.

Anj, If you have the room, keeping both desks is a good idea I think. That way you won't have to move your painting stuff to do other paperwork.

Okay, better get moving here. TTYL (Talk to you later)


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Good Saturday Morning!

Nona....it is nice to meet you! I understand about cooking for one, when DH is gone for a week or so, I don't cook, instead I get frozen food, which tends to be expensive and the calories, well if he was away longer I would look more like Mrs. Claus! Letting out a secret here, I like to cook but hate the "getting there." And then the wait to see if it taste OK...so much pressure - kind of like painting!

I have found one Valentine project from a very old "Lil Love Chunks book. It is all pink and white and lacy but I am enlarging it and making it without cutting out the center heart which the pattern calls for, I did that before on other projects and hated them. My VD decorations are up and so lacking, I really need to do some shopping. Actually looked at Michael's yesterday but their are all kiddy stuff.

Well, it is just to easy sitting here and not cleaning or painting, but I guess I will end for now and get a move on.

Have a Great Weekend!


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Belle, I have the same problem with cooking that I do with painting too--it's not that I mind the cooking part, but the deciding what to cook, doing all the prep work, then waiting to see if it will turn out good! LOL

I think you are right about the love chunks too. Some of the designs are really cute, and they don't need the sections cut out on them. I hear you about getting things painted from the books you already have--but it's so hard to resist some of the new designs! Had to laugh at your comment about "organizing" and still not being able to find the pattern you want. That happens to me allot too. It's really hard to organize the books because most have patterns for several seasons/holidays. I do try to keep mine sorted by season mostly. Doesn't always work, but at least I don't have to go through so many when looking for a pattern.

I have a couple of gift cards for Michael's burning a hole in my pocket and just like you, didn't really find any Valentine things I really liked this year. Heck, I was even hoping for a couple new books and they just had the same old ones! I've really got to chat with the manager there sometime and ask her to discount the old stuff and get it moved out so she can order newer books once in awhile. I have never seen their books on sale and the selection just isn't what I'm looking for!

I put out my Valentine's decorations and realized I only have one painted sign. I don't even have any painted decorations for outside! I really need a cute sign for my side gate and maybe a yard stake for the planter. Oh, if you want to see my inside decorating, hop on over to the Holiday forum for a look. A couple of the other gals there have posted their's already as well.

Okay, need to get off here. No little GD coming today, her other grandparents will be leaving tomorrow to go back to Costa Rica so she needs this time with them. I still need to run the vacuum to pick up doggie hairs then maybe DH and I will go out for breakfast.

TTYL, Luvs

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