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marti8aApril 29, 2011

When I talked to the city secy, I was basically told that if we didn't have an architect draw up the plans, we wouldn't get a building permit. This is for a 10x10 room with foundation in place and no plumbing. I told her there just wasn't that much to it, and we are drawing up detailed plans and will spec all the materials. She was rude and blew me off.

So dh finally had time to go IN to the office and turn on the "good 'ol boy" charm. Afterwards: Well of course you can draw your own plans on such a little room, and if your specs show all the materials, it will surely be approved by their permit guy.

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Now doesn't that just fly your kite!!
Yep, uh huh, very business oriented and SHE is the face that represents the official stance of the gummit in your town.
I bet Shades of Idaho would not do something that arrogant.

I think it stinks, IMHO. Makes you want to....kick dirt. :)

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Typing short as my hand is in splint.

NO I would not do that since city has hired a building inspector. In a commercial building it is mandatory.

Building inspector did say at our last visit it actually is required to have engineered plans for all construction, over a 70 pound roof load, but county told him to let it slide unless it is commercial building. That is a whole different deal.

Marti I do not know your zone. Biggest concern is your walls will hold up the required roof load when loaded with snow. Here that is a problem. Maybe not there. We had three places collapse this last winter from the snow. THEY were not done by proper building codes.

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We do have to follow a building code, but snow isn't a problem here. In 2010 we got 12 inches of snow and that's the first I've ever seen of anything like that. Usually we get an inch of dry brittle stuff.

I know you would never do that either, and really, there's no point in being that way. She's just the secretary and has no say so in the permit anyway. Oh well, now we just have to draw up very good plans.

Yes, ML, makes me want to kick dirt.

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The things we've done to our house, so far, did not require detailed drawings, just a rough plan. In our area, there is no snow load, and just about 12 inches depth for foundations. No freeze depth to speak of. What we do have is wind loads for hurricane force winds, so that the walls and up through the roofing frame, must have these threaded rods embedded in the foundation, running up and bolting the roof to the house. That is what our new bath/walkin closet bumpout have, because that modified the roof with that job.

The Teahouse also had the rods to hold the roofing down but did not require detailed building drawings. Our electrical work for this will be done next winter when we do the kitchen remodel, upgrade the power supply, and move all the breaker boxes. That will essentially be a total new roofline, new flooring throughout (except for the baths and the new closet), and modify the plumbing in the kitchen, and the electrical in several rooms.

So with that one, I will be consulting a very nice woman I met at a kitchen design company, and have some plans drawn up for the work. I know what I want, and can tell them, but making sure it gets done right will be easier to accomplish with the proper plans. By October or November, I'll have them, and we are hoping that our usual contractor, DeMouy, will want to do the job. This job will involve only a 7' x 10' expansion of the house, but a lot of tearing out of the old kitchen and knocking down parts of three walls and the total shed roof currently over the old back porch. So yes, a plan SHOULD be done for this. The job will involve every system in the house, from ductwork extensions, electrical, gas line replaced and rerun, main breaker box replaced, kitchen window replaced with a larger one, my new sink put in, the window seat and pantries in the dining room, new hardwood floors throughout the house, new baseboards thruout also, the thermostat moved, a barn door for new entry to the master suite and a closet built into the hall replacing the present entry to the master suite. That way, both our bedrooms will be, essentially, private suites. Since it will be the LAST major home improvement project, I am trying to get ALL the odds and ends done at once. Might be my last chance.

Sorry I got side tracked here. But with this job, I think a real drawing will be important.

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Shades, just wanted to add to my post above. In my chat with DeMouy our contractor about next winter's kitchen project, oh yeah we will need good drawings for the job. In order to get the permit, it might have to be "signed off" by a licensed engineer and/or architect. Don't understand it all at this point, but we will get it done right since it involves replacing and rerouting the gas supply line, the electrical, some of the plumbing, which is of course the hot and cold water. And upgrading the electrical supply, mostly increasing the capacity of the breaker box.

So now I begin drawing the plan exactly and trying the best I can to figure out where the electrical outlets and switches go. The only thing really moving to a new location will be the stove, which we don't have now (I removed the old electric range 2 years ago)and which will be a new gas range. I have the other appliances in place where they will remain.

The really interesting thing is, my DH had the engineer and architect licenses for several states (it was required by his work before he retired) but once he retired he dropped the licenses. Now it would be handy to have, save us a bunch of money.....plus it could have been a source of income for him should he choose to market his services in that capacity. Drats!

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