January!!! Happy 2012!

anjabeeJanuary 5, 2012

Hi all. Thought I'd start out the new month! Hope you all had a wonderful holiday! Have we all got our trees and decorations down yet? I finally finished up with the last of mine yesterday! I've been trying to organize my house and get things ready so I can start painting for some spring boutiques. Any fun spring projects for you guys in the works?? Luvs usually comes up with some cute Valentines projects! hint hint!

It's science fair time again. Luvs knows how much I enjoy that! ha They changed things up at the school this year. Some classes are not making it mandatory. My 2nd grader doesn't have to do one and waiting to hear if my 6th grader does. I hope not!! ha

Anyway, some things came up and I still have not plugged my cricut in! ha Thank you for all the good tips Luvs! I liked reading about your Christmas! Our little girls are growing up fast for sure. I'm glad yours has that memory of Santa! ;) Belle~ hope things are going well with your family members. Gotta get these kids breakfast going and run them to school. You all have a great day! ~Anj

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Hi Anj, glad to see your post. It took me three or maybe four days to get the Christmas packed away--thought I had finished Wednesday, then today I looked up at the dining room chandy and the garland and ornaments were still on it! Can you believe that???? Of course, I usually always end up leaving something out--but how I missed that is beyond me-must have something to do with being short! LOL

I really really want to work on some paiting projects soon, but I keep working on other projects like trying to clean out the garage and office and not making much progress on either one! Just so much stuff that I either don't even know what it is or whether I should keep it or not! My DS is coming over tomorrow to help me rearrange DH's office. I want to keep the desk and computer but want to put a twin size bed in there too so need to get some of the other stuff out. He can help me with that and with what it's okay to unplug! LOL

I did clean out my kitchen cabinets and drawers. Already took one load to GW, and have another load of Christmas and kitchen items waiting to go. I think getting rid of extra garage stuff will be easier, I'll just set them all out on a tarp and let the neighbor guys come take what they want--guys always want more tools right? LOL

Anj, that would be nice if you don't have to do science fair this year. I know how you dread it, but have to say that your projects always turn out so great!

I keep wondering how Belle's Neice and Mom are doing. I hope she gets a chance to update us soon.

Had an old friend here to visit today, it's always just like we've never been apart when we start talking. They live full time in their motorhome and come here to visit their DD and Gkids.

I'll check back soon.

Hugs, Luvs

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Hi! I'm trying to be good and get here as often as possible. I'm sitting here finishing up some details. Decided that since I'm paying for Ancestry.com I need to use it. Started trying to find my gg-grandfather's family. We have been stumped with where he came from and had almost decided he had fallen from the sky...when I found him and 10 generations back from him last night!!! We are all super happy! ha Quite a few members of my family have been working on finding his family for a long time. So I'm just stopping in here to check on everyone while I'm finishing up.

Luvs~ it's almost like I have spring fever over here. We have had a very mild winter. No snow but a few sprinklings all of Nov and Dec. Just got our first layer over the weekend. I have been wanting to get everything cleaned out and in manageable order around here as well so I understand where you are coming from.
We do have to do the science fair AND it has to be turned in on Wed!!! Haven't even started. Just gonna do something really simple.
Glad you got to visit with your friends. Always nice. I hope to get over your way one of these summers to get to visit as well!
I am also wondering how Belle's family is doing. Hope her mom is ok.

Well, I have a lot of work to do today to recover from the weekend mayhem. I am going super slow because of having to rest every few minutes with my back being out, but I am determined to keep going. ha It's my stubborn streak! Hope you all have a good week! ~Anj

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Thought I'd stop by here to see if Belle had updated us on her Mom and Neice. Gosh, I hope they are both doing okay.

I'm so thrilled to be getting DH's old office cleaned up and decluttered. Can't wait to get my bed in there. Hoping to sort of make it look like a daybed if I can find some inexpensive linens. He kept so much of his notes from meetings and conventions. I think we have enough ink pens for a whole high school and I just keep finding more! LOL He doesn't seem the least concerned which is good--that's why I waited so long. I put his name plaque and some of his stuff out on the desk so it would still feel like it was sort of his office too.

I've been giving lots of stuff away. One friend asked me why I didn't list the stuff on Craigslist--but I'm more interested in just getting it out of here than in trying to make a few dollars on it. The garage will be next, so many duplicate tools that someone else could be getting some use out of. Keeps me occupied and out of trouble when I have projects to work on, right? LOL

Good luck with the science project Anj, and with your back too.


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Hi! I hope Belle's absence is a good thing. Hopefully she is getting to spend some time with her family.

We ended up doing the Science Fair the night before he had to turn it in! ha Oh well, he did good on it. They said nothing but the boards could be brought in this year so we took lots of pics, but then when he brought it in the teacher asked him where his log book was? Um, the rules specifically said nothing but the board?? Anyway, he didn't get judged since without the log book it was considered a research and not an experiment project but he did get an A so that's ok.
I am still down in my back. Getting worse every day. Really need to get in to the chiropractor, but with DH taking our only vehicle to work every day, kinda hard to make an appointment. Had to stop my crafting and work on some house things. Got the kids rooms cleaned out and today I'm cleaning up from the long weekend. I was sick so just laid around on the couch and watched movies. My house suffered for that! Still haven't gotten to play with my cricut!! I'm ready to get going with it! Been helping my mom's family with their family history. Got about 4 people working with me now and they want all the information I've collected up. Too many projects and not enough time! Speaking of projects, my friend is not doing her boutique this year so I guess I don't need to try to kill myself to get any projects done. Still have a request from one of my aunts that I need to paint and a few projects for myself that I hope to get done for Easter.
Ok, well, back to it. My little break is over. ha Talk to you tomorrow. ~Anj

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Gosh, I thought I had posted in response to your post Anj.

Glad the science fair project got such a good grade! Sorry to hear your back is acting up again. I just don't know how you keep up with so much all the time. Sort of sad to hear your not doing the boutique, I was looking forward to seeing what you came up with to make.

I'm still cleaning and clearing out stuff. Only painting I've done was a wall in the office! Bright sunny yellow and now that all but the desk and file cabinets are out of there, I'm going to put a twin bed in there. Still more stuff to go through and sort out, but good to see the progress made so far. I'm working on the shed and garage too. Figured if we are not going to use it, then it needs to go to someone who will.

Gosh, I do hope Belle and family are doing okay. It's been a long time since she's posted.

Anj, I know it's a new month, but I'll let you start the new post, okay? Remember when we were so active with out painting that we started weekly posts??????


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I'm home! At least for a few days....bummer!

It is so good to see that you Luvs are coping and moving on, as you really need to be doing, hard as it might be. I hope you are into the beginning of spring and this are brighter in your world!

Anj...sorry to read that you hare still having problems with your back....go see a DO..Ostiopath - that might be spelled wrong - but the are really great doctors.
Are you tired of snow yet. Here at home they enjoyed 20" and 6 days without power, luckly the generator is operating.

As to my neice is doing quite better. She has had 22 operations and still a few to go, but she is in a rehab home and they will help her learn to walk again.

Now onto my MOM....that has been quite a roller coaster, in and out of ICU....no room at any nursing homes or rehabs, where she really needed to be, so DM and I moved into an small rental home. Clean, nice, small, cable but no internet.....how backward is that! We have had visiting nurses and physical theropists (sp) for way to long.

Anyway, she is getting stronger and I am wore out! My DS took a weeks vacation time and I am on parole for 8 days. DH has been over several times but the mountain passes are not very nice to cars this time of the year, and it is a long trip....but always nice to see his smiling face and DM really like to visit with him, he listens to her for hours......dear man!

I haven't painted since before Christmas, but I have been making cards with my cricut and love it more each day. When things are back to normal....is there a normal....I will try to post a few pictures, now I have to figure out what to do with them.

Well, I have a lot of things to catch up on and so little time, hubby kind of kept up with the house work, just not all of it, and the cubboards are bare.

Thank you for thinking about me, your nice comments are really appreciated and touched my heart!

Moving along in life,


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I've tried to log in several times to start a new thread, but the site has not let me. Belle! Very happy to hear that things with your niece and your mother are going well. We do miss you though.
I have been out of commission. Went to the chiro and it helped for a few days, but then got worse again. Went to the dr and he said it looks like a herniated disc. Wants me to get an MRI. Too bad I don't have any insurance right now. Hubby's company split and they didn't have enough employees to keep insurance for them. So I can barely walk and am in constant pain. The pain meds they gave me are doing nothing for me. I have been using my time sitting around to get caught up on my family history stuff. I started 3 family groups and have been scanning in photos and information for family members who have been asking me for this stuff forever.
Belle~ we have not had very much snow this winter at all which is great for me. The sun has been out quite a bit recently as well so I'm getting in the mood for spring. I got out a few little wooden things to look at and try to get ideas on how I want to paint them.
My baby brother and his wife had their baby so we have been really excited about that. She is a teeny little thing and so cute.
Other than that nothing much going on over here. As you say, moving along and doing the best I can. It's tough some days. Hope you all get a touch of spring fever and lots of sunshine your way. Hope we all find a little time to enjoy some painting time soon. ~Anj

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