February 2013

anjabeeJanuary 31, 2013

New post as requested. ha Only have a sec. Have to run the kids to school, get back and get ready for physical therapy, take the last kid to school and then head over. Grocery shopping after, then cleaning. My son turned 15 on the 29th so he's having a sleepover tonight with some friends so they'll be up all night killing zombies I'm sure. Tomorrow is full too. So glad to be talking on a regular basis with you again Luvs. I've missed it! Sometimes life gets crazy and takes over. ha
I went TS shopping for the first time in forever a few weeks ago. So nice just to look! ha Glad you had a good day. Did you find anything fun?
What a great gift from your son. We got an exterior hard drive to save ours on a few years ago. I keep forgetting to back it up though! Oy! Gotta dash! Talk to you soon! I'm am almost thru one project and have another one started to hopefully post soon. Americana! My favorite! ha Later! ~Anj

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Hi Anj, sure sounds like you had a busy day! I reread my prior post, it's 1000 pictures he paid to have scanned, not 100 as I mis-typed. Anyway, that project is coming along. Really took me on a trip down memory lane looking through and sorting all the pictures. Even ran across an old scrapbook with letters from old boyfriends in it that was in the bottom of a box. Took the time to read a few, hard to remember the "girl" I was waaay back then! LOL

I have two boxes of pictures and other mementos that were Rich's Grandmother's. Lots of them are really old, makes me a bit nervous to think about entrusting them to strangers! It would take me forever to scan them all myself though, will take long enough just to go in and identify them once they are on the computer. But I'm really glad we are doing this, will be good for my son and granddaughter to have them where they can view them easily. I'm going to sort and pack the mementos and returned pictures in a little better order although it will be up to my son what he does with them someday. I said I need projects to keep me occupied and it looks like this will be a big one!

Does your Mom watch the baby when you have appointments? Makes it nice that she is so close? Do you have snow? We've had some nice rains and even sleet one day!

Is your DH's new job going okay? I really hope he likes it and it lasts a long time. The job market is so unpredictable now it would seem.

Thinking about pulling out my bin of Valentine decorations and putting a few out. I had painted those new plaques a few years back and have only used them once I think. Would be nice to get them out to enjoy again.

My life is slowly falling back into place somewhat. Still miss my DH everyday, but developing some new routines of meeting friends for breakfast/lunch and starting to do some yard work and projects. Just have to accept that things will never go back to the way they were no matter how much I wish for it.

If you guys ever get down this way, please allow some time to come visit me. I'm between the 210 and 10 freeways so not far out of the way at all, and I would be so delighted to see you.

So where's our Belle? Wish she would stop by and give us an update on things.

Can't wait to see your new projects. You are very creative and also very energetic! Don't know how you do it all so well.

Hugs, Luvs

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Luvs....I am so sorry! My deepest sympathy to you and your family. I am also sorry that I am now bringing back the sorrow you are trying to cope with. Sending Hugs your way!

Anj...sorry to hear you've been ill and I hope you are on the mend. AS Luvs said, you are a busy girl, but do it while you can. I can remember my GM saying she worked all day and didn't get anything done, I hear you GM!

Went to see a Dermatologist today, all those sunburns have caught up with me. A couple of skin cancer sores, scraped and burnt, and several frozen....ouch! Can't imagine anyone volunteering to have that done....pure pain!

I have finally gotten rid of the shingle and never want to do them again!!!!! 10 months is a long time.

I feel like I really shouldn't be posting here as I don't paint anymore, but friends are friends. I am really into card making...love it...and it isn't as hard on my RA wracked joints. We moved my area into the alcove off the living room, may not be pretty but I like being part of the family, not back in my cave, and, everyone was scaring me by walking in without letting me know that they were in the house. I think I aged 20 years in 5 months.

I don't use my Cricut as much as at first, so many other toys to use, but it is a great standby. I read the post about the snowflakes, rather late, and have several SVG cutting files, but they are SVG's not from a cartridge. Do you two every go onto Youtube and look at the vidoes on card making, crafts or cricut? Also Cricut has it's own website for all kinds of crafts......and I just love Blogs!

We actually has sunshine today...I was scared at first....what had we done wrong....hope it stays around.

Better go for now, you all stay well!

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There you are Belle! So good to see your post. Thank you for your sympathy and hugs. Even though I knew he was slowly declining each month, I sure wasn't prepared to lose him and will miss him forever.

I hadn't been aware that you suffered with RA. That would make it hard to hold the brush for long. You are such a good painter, know one would ever know. Back when I first got my Cricut, I did look at allot of the Cricut videos on Youtube and a few on cardmaking as well. Also some of the blogs which were fun. I have lots of saved ideas and even some cardmaking magazines I picked up at the library book store. Have only made a couple of cards or so however.

It doesn't matter to us whether you paint or not, you need to still come here on conversations so we can all stay in touch. I can't really call myself much of a painter these days either, still have the desire, but just can't seem to get started back at it yet.

So tell us about some of your other toys. I look when I'm at the craft store, but there's so much that I get overwhelmed!

We've been cool here and getting some rains. I am always thankful when the rains come, we always need as much as possible to prevent droughts.

Take care of yourself and try to stop by at least once a week or so, okay?


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Wow! Looks like we got an updated look here! Hi Belle. Yes please come chat with us when you can. Have you tried honey bee stings for your RA? My hubby swears by them as long as you aren't allergic! ha My mom's is in remission, but I remember her eating honey combs for hers. Glad you got over the shingles! I think this is week 6?? of the cough. Just mainly have it early morning and at night now. Wondering if it's ever gonna go away completely. We have a lot of inversion here right now so that may have something to do with it as well. Glad you are situated in the room with the family. I'm usually trying to escape from mine. lol

I have quite a few sites pinned on my pinterest board for cricut, but I'm still lagging behind on using it much. Luvs knows how long it takes me to take the plunge on anything. ha How long did I have my saw in the box before you talked me into using it. lol A couple of years at least!

Luvs...how is your picture project coming along? I'm glad you are going out with friends. We have had a lot of snow so I've been a prisoner in my house except for my PT days. My mom keeps the baby (just turned a year old on Sat!) on Thurs so I can go. It's February so I'm fighting my usual SAD. Had a bad weekend, but it was fairly sunny today so I took advantage of it. Feeling more upbeat tonight.

I know I promised y'all projects but I kinda got off track. I got one half painted and the other all based and the pattern on it and I've been sitting here staring at it for an hour. Why are there some times when we just can't paint no matter how much we want or need to?? ha

I need to go fix some supper for these hugions. ha Y'all have a good night. Glad to come and have someone to talk to! =) Love having you both here! ~Anj

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Hope you both had a nice Valentine's Day. I had dinner at my son's. He was so sweet. Roses for his wife along with a gift card and heart shaped boxes of candy for his MIL and me.

Well, I did "paint" something. My friend wanted a plaque with her house numbers on it, so I pulled one out of my stash, painted it white and screwed the numbers on for her. Don't think that actually counts as "painting" on here, but hey, it's something!

Anj, I totally relate to wanting/needing to paint and yet just not doing it. I have three books I ordered from Artist Club and haven't used yet! They have such cute projects and I really WANT to do them. Soon, maybe, soon.

Belle, I watched some of the Cricut You Tube videos after you mentioned them. I really love the bags with the candy toppers. Might have to get supplies and make up a few to have on hand for little gifts for friends. Show us some of your card creations. I'd love to see what you are making.

Finally having beautiful sunny weather again. We gotten some much needed rains, but it seemed chilly more this year than I've remembered in the past.

I'm not doing very good about checking here everyday. Been trying to read some books and take some walks so that cuts into my computer time.

Will try to come back soon.


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Well, I finally finished one today! Here is the link to the gallery. Another Uncle Sam. You know how I love my Americana! Hope you like him! ~A

Here is a link that might be useful: Uncle Sam

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I commented over on the other page Anj. I am so proud of you for getting him finished. Turned out really great.

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Good! I'm glad you liked it. I am almost done with another one. Hopefully will have it done by this weekend. ~A

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