Good News for My Grandson

paintingfoolJanuary 9, 2010

At least I think it is good. As you know I have been so worried about my nine year old grandson. We thought he might have Tourettes Syndrome. He had outbursts - hollering, cursing, leg shaking, head jerking - you name it and it seems he exhibited all of the symptoms. But it came on so quickly. The blood work he had done showed he had an extremely high amount of strep. Strep can causes problems in the brain in which the brain tries to fight off the infection but ends up fighting itself. This is very rare and not everyone who has strep has these symptoms. I feel it might have been something to do with the flu shot he had just several weeks prior to exhibiting the symptoms. He had never had a flu shot before.

He was treated with antibiotics and the symptoms have disappeared for now but anytime he gets sick with an infection they will probably reappear. He just had his blood work again this week and will have to have it again in four weeks but it looks as though he had P.A.N.D.A.S. That is Pediatric Autoimmune Neurophysiciatric Disorder Associated with Strep. There have been cases where the child went a year before being diagnosed. Once the antibiotics were given the child's symptoms disappeared. We don't know what the future holds but I think a lot of prayers have been answered. Thanks to all of you who helped with your prayers.

I am also thankful for the internet because that is where I first heard of PANDAS. The Pediatrician believed he had Tourettes and the Neurologist also said he had Tourettes. My daughter cried for days. I cried but I stayed on the Internet night and day reading everything I could. I saved that PANDAS sight and forwarded it to her. Luckily for us the doctor had a blood test and MRI done and apparently knew about PANDAS and was very happy to give us the news right before Thanksgiving that it was possible that he had this strep problem. The blood test this week seems to confirm it.

I won't go into great lengths about this but if you won't to see what the antibiotics did for one little boy, go to YouTube and type in Today Show Saving Sammy.

It is one o'clock in the morning and I need to get to sleep, talk to yall soon


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Woohoo! That is great news Bebe! I sure hope it takes care of his symptoms. I'm so nervous every time I give my kids any kind of immunizations. All the side effects scare me almost as much as the disease they are supposed to help with. We haven't gotten our flu shots yet this year even though we are supposed to get them every year with DD and DH having asthma. Wasn't planning on getting the H1N1 cause I had read a bunch of side effects it could cause and that is wasn't fully tested to know what else it could do. Always something. Danged if ya do and danged if ya don't. ha
Super glad you did your research. Go G-ma Bebe!! ha Keep us updated on him!

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Bebe, I'm so happy for you and your family to think you get your GS back like he use to be. I had no idea it could be this bad and thank you so much for sharing the video with us. It gives alot of hope for others.

We all need to share what we know and hopefully this will be another turning point for DGS. Have you talked with him about this or will it take time to know how to was truly feeling.

Oh B, I'm smiling ear to ear with joy for all of you. I hope all of you will try to get more sleep and DGS will stay well.


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So glad to hear that he responded to the antibiotics and that now the doctor's know what they are dealing with. Congrats to all of you! Luvs

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Bebe......I am cheering because it PANDA and not Tourettes! It sounds like he is, thankfully, doing much better. He has a super GMA, instead of just accepting the diagnosis you researched and check everything out and probably saved him load of pain and suffering! And your DR's were smart enough to actually listen to you and not just disregard what you had to say.

As my GM would say, " God help those who help themselves," and you sure helped your GS!


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I am so glad you found out what the problem was.
Thank You Lord for helping BeBe find that site!

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