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luvstocraftJanuary 27, 2009

Hi everyone, Well, I'm feeling better now that I've finally had a couple projects completed to post on here. I've been working on a couple more today, just need to do all the detail work now. They are at that stage where I don't really like them--but I know from past experience that once the details are all added, they will look better! LOL

So what's on your calendar for this week? Got lots of to do's on your list? I really haven't made any big plans, just want to do some more painting and get a few things done around the house. We've been getting rain, so really can't do any yard work now, but that's fine--we need the rain.

Anj, was today your first day of getting DD to early morning practice? Hope you were able to get the little one to curl up and take a little nap with you in the afternoon? I call them my "power" naps. LOL

Punk, how did your friend like her plaque and flowers? Is she doing okay?

Belle, did you get inspired to do another project? Will be waiting to see what you come up with next.

And where did Luthien go? Hope she comes back again with more of her wonderful creations.

Have a good week everyone.


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Good Morning,
Shhhhhhhh, I think we better let Anj get some sleep. Poor thing. I can't imagine trying to keep up with 4 children, home, school, painting and everything else. All I can say is what a woman!!!

I'm here to try to escape from reality. I have such a busy schedule this week. Sis is off on a trip so she won't be in to help. With this new digital signal commming we are swamped. I have 4 commercial accounts to set up on top of all the walk ins, call ins and phone accts to take care of.

Our payment program took a dump yesterday so I will be on with tech support for at least an hour this morning. I have a client tonight so now I know why I'm here instead of in the shower.

I did schedule an eye appointment for Sat. at 1:00. Maybe next week will be a ride in the park. I hope this week doesn't end up being "the witch is in." I honestly love my customers and most are so understanding. They know it's impossible to wait on more than 1 or 2 people at the same

Luvs, will know the test results today or tomorrow on SIL. Thanks for asking.

Didn't Luthien say she would be busy for the month of Jan.? Maybe we'll hear from her next month. Ive been missing her also.

Belle did you get DH out there to pick rocks for you yet? He's good at wood so he should do fine at rock pickin'. JK Anxiously waiting for your next project.

GTG, Punk

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Hey ya'll. I really shouldn't be here. Need to be heading out the door and I haven't even showered yet. Just sat down to write out a check. Made a quick pass thru the new projects, but no time to post to them yet.
Yesterday and today were early morning practices. I'm dead tired. Have a full schedule today. Have to run across town to the ortho since DD lost the crank to her spacer, then do a few errands since I'm out, buy a b-day gift for niece, shoes for DS and just remembered I have to run across to another town to DHs work to bring him this check for our cow. ha We bought 1/2 a cow to have processed since they are grain fed and the meat tastes way better than we get at the grocery. A lot of $$ to come up with at one time though. Anyway, I have to go with the kids to their pack meeting tonight and in between have mountains of laundry and have to make some supper in there somewhere. I did start on my leprechaun, but still have his face and other details to add to him. Who knows when I'll have time to get back to him. Ya'll take care. Sorry, no time for personals today. Miss ya!! ~A

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Hey Anj, thanks for taking a minute to let us know you are alive and well (even if a bit sleep deprived). You are one busy gal, sure hope all the roads are cleared so you won't have any problems running all those errands.

Envy you that good beef. We used to do that when I worked with a friend who lived on a dairy farm. They grain fed for their own use, and were nice enough to allow us to buy a half also. The flavor is totally better--hamburger as well as steaks.

How's DD doing with her braces? Is she embarrassed about them or taking it in stride? The latter I hope.

I've still been doing some Christmas things. Guess I'll look for a Valentine's project next, then maybe I'll try the leprechaun, but I may not show him on here! LOL

Hope you get a good night's sleep, and that you'll have time to come chat tomorrow.


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Hey still not much time....just shutting things down before I go to bed. I wrote something earlier and my computer froze up so there that went. I'll try to find a minute tomorrow to catch up. Luvs~ wondered if you'd seen April's Q & E Painting. There is another Barb Jones glass block that I'm going to paint! Yay!! I bought it just for that! ha The V-day heart on page 60 might be one you want to do??

So much I wanted to say and now my brain has shut down too. ha Ya'll forgive me. I get to sleep in until 6am tomorrow morning so I may be functioning a little better with an extra hour of sleep. We'll see. Talk to ya'll then. ~Anj

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Hello, I finished up with my client earlier than normal tonight so I could come join the fun here.

Anj, sounds like you are running your buns off. DH just told me last night that we have a beef up being processed also. The last one cost us $1300 so I know what your saying. We always give our children some of the beef so it works out well. When my parents were alive they always kept up with beef, milk and eggs so you know how spoiled I was. I still miss them so much.

I can hardly wait to see the lephrechan painted. I'll try to paint something totally different and maybe get a lephrechan painted also.

We are getting snow for the next few days.

SIL's tests came back and there's no sign of cancer but several came back abnormal so it's back for more surgery this Fiday. I don't understand this but I'm sure I will in time. Have you heard of this?

I need to get a few things done before bed so we'll talk tomorrow. Love, Punk

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Anj, I did get my Q&E Painting mag. That pattern on pg. 60 calls for putting fabric on the big heart and then painting over it. Wasn't sure why it needed the fabric??
I really liked the hanging snowmen stars on pg. 9. Did you see those? The glass block pattern is really cute too. I see it is sitting on one of those wooden bases. That design would be cute on a plaque too, and for some people still getting snow, it could work for Valentine's too!

Punk, that's good news about your SIL. I'm sure the abnormal probably means it could become cancerous--probably just wanting to remove the bad areas to avoid that--but I'm only guessing. Know she will be relieved when it is all over.

I'll be looking forward to your next project. You always come up with such good ideas. More snow, huh? Have you made any snow ice cream yet? Used to love to do that when we had fresh snowfall. Bet you are getting a bit tired of the shoveling though.

We've been cool here too, especially in the evenings. Not normal for us to feel we need to wear a coat. I keep telling DH that I feel chilly, but I'm starting to think it may be that "age" thing. You know how old people are always cold? Oh no, I'm not ready for that! LOL

I still have some Halloween and Fall patterns I wanted to paint. Just might squeeze a few of them in during the year as time permits. If I wait till the holiday, I never seem to get them done. So if I do any of them, should I post pics then or just wait until the holiday to post the pics? Not saying I'll get it done, but would sort of like to.


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Hello Everyone, I wish I didn't already have so many painting books and I would get your painting magazine your always talking about. Sounds like there are always fun projects in it. The snowmen stars sound fun. I still have a dozen to paint on someday.

Luvs, I'm sure that's the case with SIL and we'll just have to stay positive and continue to pray. I'm not sure I'm going to find a box for her arrangement to fit in. That kinda bums me out. I may end up having roses delivered to her. That's what I had planned last week and bro said no. Might not ask this week.

It has been such a busy week that it's hard to fit everything in. Think I'm looking forward to Sunday already. My day of rest! Oh no, there's still cleaning, laundry, cooking and PAINTING but at least I can do them in what ever order I choose. Does that sound like a woman in control of her life??? I think I just stepped up to the plate. lol

Luvs, PLEASE don't make us wait to see any of your projects when you get done painting them. You can always post again during that Holiday. I never mind looking again and I generally don't go back and find old posts because I don't want to take the time. Speaking of such, can you post your trays again or are you going to make me hunt them down? LOL I still plan to paint some fall and Christmas things too. Should I wait to post them?

May all of you have a wonderful nights sleep and hopefully be in touch again tomorrow. Punk

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I say don't wait to post pics, just post as you complete them so we have stuff to look at all along the way. =) I don't mind if it's not that particular holiday time. It's fun to see them whenever.

Punk~ here is a link to the mag so you can at least check it out. I can find them sometimes at Walmart and this one I got at K-mart since WM didn't put any out this time. I can also check out Painting mag at my local library so maybe you can see if yours carries them or request it?

Luvs~ since none of my other schemes for getting time to paint have worked out.....I'm going to fix on another day, Friday, to be my painting day and see if I can make that one work. ha I'm determined! ha So I'll work on my other things all week long and Friday will be my painting day that I can look forward to. Every other day seems to get taken up and I end up getting frustrated because I want to be painting something....anything! ha
I had the young women's meeting last night. It went really well and the girls had fun putting together a wedding scrapbook. It was fun to see how every girl put together their wedding with different colors and ideas. My own DD chose purple and silver for her colors. It actually looked really nice. She picked purple orchids and a beautiful square cake with different shades of purple. That has been her favorite color from the beginning of her life so we'll see if she keeps it or outgrows it.

Today I have to go with my mom visiting some different ladies at church. Each lady at church is paired up with another lady and we have several other ladies that we go visit each month to make sure they are doing ok and take them a little spiritual thought. It works out really well especially for some of the older ladies, the girls with kids who don't get out much, and when someone is sick or has a problem everyone has someone who can help them out. Anyway, DM and I will probably go out to lunch while we are out as well. May be able to talk her into the chinese buffet. ha So that's my plans. I have my office torn apart. I made a bigger desk by using an old door I had that was longer than my desk. By putting it across the desk and my little filing cabinet I made a longer desk with 2 workspaces. Trying to make more space in my office. Anyway, took everything off my shelves and have it all on my kitchen bar. ha I have to tear everything apart before I can get it situated and put back together. Need DH to move some heavy stuff for me and hope I can get it back together before my "painting day" tomorrow.

Ya'll have a good one. ~Anj

Here is a link that might be useful: Q & E Painting

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Oh, Luvs~ forgot to say.... I totally didn't realize that the heart in Q & E was done with material. Was there a pattern in there to do it without material? I guess the material is to give it a more "quilted" look? Weird. ~A

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Anj, that might be a good idea to try for Fridays. That way you will feel that you have most things out of the way and can just use that day for yourself. Once the kids are off to school, you can get the little one playing something, put on a movie or some music, pour yourself something to drink, and then just paint away to your heart's content--or until time for the kids to come home anyway! LOL Then if any other time becomes available, you will probably have some things started so you can just sit and work on one for a little bit here and there.

Okay then, we all agree that no matter what the project, we'll just go ahead and post it. I'll try to remember to post pics later when I've actually used it for a holiday or to decorate with too. I think it is fun to see how we use our projects too. (You may get tired of seeing my yard and gates--that seems to be where I use many of mine!) LOL

Punk, I will go to my Photobucket and find my trays for you. Some of them were posted quite some time ago I think, and I don't have my pictures organized, so bear with me while I search. ;o)

Anj, that sounds like a very nice thing to do for the other ladies--do they know ahead of time that you are coming? (Was just thinking that I might be embarrassed if my house wasn't in order.) A bigger painting area is always a good idea. You are very creative and determined to be able to work on your projects, I can tell. It is always hard to have enough work space and storage space. My own little countertop is full of "stuff" right now. I've got all kinds of stuff piled on there!

Punk, I have given up some of the magazines I used to get, but will probably take Painting and Quick and Easy Painting as long as they keep coming up with projects I like. I normally find three or four projects I really like in each issue, and enjoy looking at the ones I don't think I'll do. I like some of the other ones too, but can't buy them all! LOL I've saved all my old painting mags and still refer back to them each season or holiday. I am starting to weed out a few now that I've already done the projects, or the projects no longer interest me. However, even those I sometimes keep just for the shape or idea just "in case" I might ever need it! LOL Can you tell I have a hard time parting with them?

Okay, I've got to go get in the shower, meeting a friend for lunch. She just got back from a 14 day Hawaii cruise, so I'm excited to hear all about it.

You two have a good day.


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Good Morning Everyone!

What a week you all are having, tires me out just reading about all of the "active" things you are doing! Anj..clue me in on where you get all of your energy, I need loads. I know that "arthur - RA" is tiring but ya'd think they could come up with an energy pill to speed me back up. Maybe some of it has to do with the awful word - age.

Luvs, we need to get together, I hate the base work and love the details. We could call ourselves the "Start and Finish Gals." Love the snowman you just posted!

PhoneGirl, "digital signal coming" What do you do? With you name it must be something to do with phones, but? Back before answering machine I worked at and managed a telephone answering service. I love it! I was operator #30 - you couldn't use your name, and we used switchboards with cords, these boards are now in museums....ouch! Most fun I ever had "on the job!"

No rocks yet....DH wouldn't go out in the snow to find them for me. Hoping for rain!

DH new saw arrived and works beautifully! He is actually asking me for things to cut out! I'm now about 5 projects behind in painting.

Anj, wish I could do the door desk thing. I would like to have more flat surface room while I am painting. My desk is actually an architect table that DH added a molding at the bottom and tubular brush holders at the right side. Great for painting but I do not like clutter around me while I am painting and I always seem to end up with tons of stuff on the table that I need while I am painting. I have a portable tower of drawers that also holds my water and additions brushes and the paint that I am currently using but still no real flat surface and worse yet - no place to put it if I had it.

Thanks for brightening my day! Ya'll take care!


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Belle, sounds like you and I have more than painting in common--my first job right out of high school was for Ma Bell as a telephone operator with a switchboard and cords too! Difference is, I found it rather boring just watching for lights and hurrying to plug in to them--if you were too slow, the Service Asst. who walked the floor watching all of us would remind us to "speed it up". LOL

Oh, and don't be talking about old age--I think I resemble that remark! ;o) I've often wondered where Anj gets the energy to do all that she does! And the best part is that she really seems to thrive on it!


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Oh, I have given a false impression if you think I'm thriving. ha I just had a meltdown on my family a few minutes ago. ha I wasn't home very much today (I was in and out) and without me here to keep them on track they didn't do homework, no chores...DD stayed on the phone all afternoon when she was supposed to be babysitting and the boys parked their hineys in front of the tv which they are not allowed to watch on school days. I told them its rediculous for them to think that one person can be the brain for 6 people (I have to remember everything...appts, assignments, bills, projects, and hundreds of other little details and I get the look if I forget something) and it's rediculous to think that one person can clean up after 6 people continuously without help. (I lumped DH into that too and he didn't appreciate it!) ha Anyway, I have a very nervous type personality and this extra stuff is already getting to me. ha We'll see how long it takes me to go off the deep end. That's one reason I've never really encouraged my kids to do sports or taken too many assignments at church. I tend to get overwhelmed easily. then I have the perfectionist gene that won't let me leave things in my house alone. They can be fine, but I can't leave it alone until I make it "better". ha DH says he doesn't dare try to get in bed at night without turning the light on first cause I move the furniture around so much. It makes me nuts, but I feel compelled to do it anyway. ha My mom's whole family is this way so I know it's inherited. Now ya'll know a few of my quirks. Be nice. =)

Can I join the switchboard club??? I didn't have the ones you plug, but I ran a big switchboard for the company I worked for. It was constant ringing from 8am-5pm.

Ok, I'm not doing any work tomorrow. I'm painting! And I'm gonna try to be quick. I'm not going to put on a movie....I'm just gonna turn on some tunes and get busy. Gosh I hope I can finish something. =) Ya'll cheer me on ok. ~Anj

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Good Morning, How funny is it that all of you worked some sort of switch boards? The office phone rings off the wall most days and my customers get a kick out of watching me multi task. Sometimes I have 3 phones I'm talking on and DS is busy on other phones also. I remember one of my brothers girlfriends worked at the local phone company and talked about putting callers through and loved her job.

Belle for your answer to our business, we own and sell, cell phones and satellite & radio service. If any of you professionals would like a job I could hook you up.haha Has it rained so DH can go get your rocks? What do you plan to paint on them?

We haven't gotten as much snow as they predicted so I'm glad. It does bother me that is has been to cold without cover for my trees and plants to survive this year. We have gone through this before and lost several.

So Anj is it painting day? Hope you get your leprechaun done. I haven't started mine and won't be able to until Sun. maybe. Did your lunch with mom and meeting with the ladies go well?

When I read about your meltdown it reminded me of one time I was there and told my family I was tired of living with the 3 little pigs so something would be changing. They didn't like being called the 3 little pigs. It's ok to let them know where we're at with our lives.

I have always had a full plate and can't imagine being able to relax much. I remember when my kids were in school it was nothing to have most of the team for dinner on game nights. Alot of families lived miles away so their children didn't have enough time to go home before the games and we live at the edge of town. I made it clear that I needed a call before I got off work so I could plan dinner for them. Nothing worse than coming home to a house full of starving teen agers. I'm not sure I thrived on it either it's just what I knew as LIFE and for the most part enjoyed it.

Speaking of age, I had to ask a customer his age yesterday so I knew if he qualified for a certain phone plan. In return he ask how old I was (53) and his reply was "I don't think you look much over 52." We laughed so hard, I ask for that one.

Hope all of you have a wonderful day and get to do what you want. I'm off to work and thrilled it's Friday. Company coming tonight so that will be fun. Punk

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Hello Everyone!
I haven't posted on this part of the forum before, but this discussion has been so interesting, thought I'd jump in.Anj, you are so energetic and get so much accomplished,be proud of yourself! I am also the type of person that has about 10 things going at once, and it hasn't changed- when my children were small I worked a full time job, plus my DH is a retired minister, so at that time we had a small church in+ which I was very active , And I tried to stay active in my kids lives.Looking back it makes me tired to think about it!! But before you know it the years have passed and kids are grown, so it seems things will slow down. Then you get Grandchildren!!!!And if that isn't blessing enough-Great Grandchildren!!! The one thing I can say, is life is never boring.And I am thankful for each one of them.
Maybe if things go well, I can get some painting done and post a few projects on here,tho I don't post much I look every day and enjoy it all! So many talented ladies,and such nice ones. You all seem like a next door neighbor! I think it would be nice to know where everyone is from, I am originally a Georgia cracker,North Carolina has been home for many years, but in my heart I am still a Georgia girl!! Everyone have a nice day and blessings on all!

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Paintgirl, I've visited North Carolina a few times, have a SIL in Raleigh, and I love it there. So pretty and green, friendly people with lovely accents, and the most wonderful antique stores and swap meets! ;o)

I'm originally from northwest Missouri, smalltown farm girl. Left Mo. when DH joined the military. Have lived in Newport, R.I., Wichita,Ks., Wichita Falls, Tx., San Diego, Ca. and now live east of L.A. in Rancho Cucamonga, Ca. I always think about the saying "you can take the girl out of the country, but you can't take the country out of the girl"--that pretty much fits me I think. LOL I'm a 61 yr. old Mom of one son and Gramma to one DGD age 4.

Anj, bless your heart. You do have a big load and probably the family needed to be reminded that you are only one person and they need to pitch in and help more. Stick to your guns too, sharing the load won't hurt them a bit. Do you have a "chore chart", I've had friends that said that works well for them--everybody KNOWS what they are expected to do so no excuses. Glad you are taking the time to paint a bit today--it's good for your mental health to relax and do something you enjoy sometimes too. So how did yesterday go? Did you get your chinese food? Hope so.

Punk, loved the 3 little pigs reference. LOL Got any for one messy DH????? Mine doesn't like to be "nagged", but he sure loves to make messes and never clears them away unless he's "reminded". LOL It is hard sometimes to have to ask people their age, isn't it? Used to have to do that when trying to find out if someone qualified for a free senior checking account at the bank. Some are "put off" by the question, but others seem quite proud of their years! ;o)

Okay, it's getting late and I need to get the bed made and some dishes washed. I looked at old books last night and found some Valentines ideas, so want to go get some wood ready to go. I'll check back in here tonight. I'm really enjoying all these great conversations with all of you. ;o)


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Jan. 30th
Hello Again,

Anj....when I read you last post it was like a re-run of my memory. There was only 4 of us but the story reads the same! I think it is true for all of us. and I would blow up like MT. St. Helen's and everything would be great for a maybe a week and then, same old story. I even went so far as to not clean up after anyone but myself - all I got was a big mess that I ended up cleaning because I couldn't stand the mess! DH is still the same. He'll eat dinner in his favorite chair, put the dishes on the coffee table, get up to get something to drink and leave the dished on the coffee table. DA.....AH! Ah! Well! We love them anyway!

PhoneGirl...the snow is gone and the sun it actually trying to shine...been so long it almost scared us! When I approached the the subject of rocks DH suggested we start taking walks together and then he will find them for me....Ya! Right! Actually it is a very good idea and most days I could make about 100 feet! What is really funny is that we collected all of the rocks for out pond and 35'stream. Tons and tons of them. I included a pix...hope that is OK., if not "I Bad!"

Jan. 31st

DH came in yesterday, when I started this post, and said to do my hair, change cloth's and let go and I did. We went to several of the antique store in a near by town. Didn't come home with anything other than sore knee's, but it was fun. And today I have a valid reason for painting all day...pain! We also had dinner out, he chose the restaurant, asked me to choose but I can find something I like just about anywhere - NOT his chose.

I am off to the painting desk, gonna finish my Santa today ever if it takes me until tomorrow.

This was taken as DH was taking down some of the Christmas Lights....yard was kind of messy...

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Belle, you can post pics and chat about anything you want here on the conversations side. Other two are for only painting related topics. So great that Gardenweb gave this forum all three so we can get better acquainted. Thank you Gardenweb.
What a great pond. Are you saying you "collected" all those rocks for it? And you can collect more to paint on?Those rocks are all nice and smooth--would be perfect to paint on. I can see them painted into turtles, ladybugs, snails, or with inspirational words on them like "simplify", "love", "create", etc. or even with a pretty flower painted on top. In a Mary Englebreit book that I have, she made "flowers" to place in pathways and flower beds out of rocks. I collected some little rocks to do some. One just had a round rock in the middle and long skinny rocks radiating out from it painted white to look like a daisy. Another one was supposed to be a sunflower, and one was painted pink with two little green "leaves" next to it. Sorta fun, but sure would have shown up better on bigger rocks.

Have you seen those books where they've painted the realistic looking animals on rocks? Some are just amazing. And another one had rocks painted like houses or little cottages. Really cute. So nice that Mother Nature provides us with so many painting surfaces. ;o)

I've got to get off here and get ready for little GD to come over to play today. I've got a new tray started, this one will have hearts on it for Valentines.

Anj, did you get to paint a little yesterday? Hope so. Let us hear from you when you get time. I'm sure you'll be in touch soon.


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Belle, your pond is wonderful. What a great project and I love the little knome sitting there with his feet kicked up. Where does it feed from? I love to garden so this picture is right up my alley so to speak. It reminds me of our cabin, can't imagine having something like that in my yard. Woohoo Please post more pictures of it and the rest of your yard thoughout the year. Our son is putting in an indoor foutain in his new home he's building. If I was you and wanted to paint on a rock I'd grab some of them and paint away. Like Luvs was saying the different animals would be phenomenal as accents.

Are you sleeping? Are you sleeping, painter Anj? Did you get any painting done? I sure hope so. I just figured out why I'm not getting as much painting done. I'm spending to much time yaking on here.ha ha Have you been able to catch up on a little sleep this weekend? I can't believe how I never want to get up Mon-Fri and Sat and Sun my feet can't hit the floor fast enough in the mornings. Not sure if it's the painting or shopping that gets me racing.

Paintgirl, I live in Montana. I was born in Gillette, WY and moved with family to MT where I started 1st grade. DH and family are from here and he's never wanted to venture away so we'll retire here and spend the rest of our lives. I have a DH of 35 years and he cuts all my wood for painting projects. I have a son who is 31 and a daughter who is 29. They both own their own cell phone business. DS has a son (7) and DD has a daughter (3) so I'm Nana to 2 special GC. It will be years before I will be a great grandmother but congrats to you, honey. Not everyone accomplishes that in a life time. I am so thankful for all my blessings in life. Life is what we make it.

Luvs, I'll think on something about a mess for your DH. It could be fun as long as we don't upset him. How's his sense of humor? Mine is not a messy person but he doesn't clean. Maybe I only had the 2 little pigs living with me all those years.LOL

Can't wait to see your tray. I have no desire to go out and paint a tray so I think they will be on hold for a couple of months. The sun has peeked out the last couple of days but it must not of liked what it saw cuz it's hiding most of the day. Soon it will be nice enough to go out and play. GD wanted me to go jump on the trampoline with her yesterday and I said NO WAY that wind was frigid.

What are you and GD playing? Does she like your painted projects? Mine will come in and pick from my finished ones and ask if she can take it home. Guess you know she's never been told no. DD wants the blue stocking and GD wants the mulicolored one so don't know who'll win on that but for now it's still here.

GTG Punk

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Evening All,

Aren't Grand Children the best....wish I had know they were so much fun - I would have had them first!

Our pond was a work of love...I had wanted one for a long time but just couldn't see spending the big bucks it costs to have one constructed. So.....I waited, then along came a 4 month offer to set up a business office for a charitable organization and I said yes! I then went online and found a really great store in Oregon with really great liners and ordered it and we started to dig and dig and dig. Then came the rocks. We have on our property a really old railroad grade and it has lots of rocks - big and bigger. DH and GS spent day digging loose just the right rocks. They finally made me stay home, said it would be much faster without me and it was. Using the dirt from the pond we built up a 35' stream. The water is pumped underground from the pond to the filters at the head of the stream and then gravity feeds it down the stream and back into the pond. We lost our "big" cats and goldfish when the river visited but we have started with some new baby fish. Just as we are putting the yard and flower beds back together. Seems to be harder the second time than it was the first time. Ah! Well! I like working in the garden and sitting outside painting and enjoying the flowers and birds.

PhoneGirl....DH really want to move to Montana....we are talking big time wants to move. Maybe in a few years. It is sure beautiful country. Me....I would like to live somewhere where it is warm and sunny all the time but forget the wind!

Love the ideas about the turtle, ladybug and snail as well as the sayings.....have already started a list of what I want to paint. And you can move anything for wood onto rocks, but can you blend Patio paints? I have never tried it...guess I can.

Game is almost over - Yippy! Think I might offer to make hubby a simple banana if I don't know what is answer will be.

Night All and Take Care!


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Well, I'm last to check in I guess. ha My leprechaun is finished except for gluing his nose on and spraying with sealer. He was difficult for me since I got the cutout at the TS and I had to try to figure out what to draw on him. I just looked at some different ones on the internet and books I had and painted him as best I could so no laughing! I will try to post a pic tomorrow.

Belle~ your pond is great. I know you have many happy hours around it enjoying it. Looks like a lot of work went into it.
I would have loved to go antiquing with you. That's what I ask for every year for my b-day.....take me to the antique stores and just let me browse to my hearts content. =)
We'll see how long my rant and rave session will last with the family. Probably not long. ha
Luvs~ I do have chore charts for each of the kids, but when I'm not there making sure they do them they suddenly forget their existance. Grrr. I let them get away with too much I'm sure. I think it's too late for our DH's. They are already set in their ways. ha

Punk~ I only wish I were sleeping. One of my friends at church told me I looked tired today. Unfortunately I think that's my new look from now on. ha DD has her first game tomorrow so I think we get to sleep in to regular time. Yay!I will start on my valentine project this week to hopefully get it done in time for V-day.

Paintgirl~ I'm originally a Mississippi girl. Moved to Utah when I was 19 and have lived here for 20 years. Still consider myself a Southerner Born and Southerner Bred and when I die I'll be a Southerner Dead! ha Still have lots of family in MS & LA. The winters here do not agree with my warm blood so you'll hear me complain about the cold a bunch. ha I'm 40 and the mom of 4 kids ages 14,11,8 and 4 and been married to the same sweet guy for going on 17 years.

Well, I will try to check in more regularly this week, but I've already got a full schedule. We'll see how things go. I'm sure there was more I wanted to comment on, but I'll end for now. TTFN ~Anj

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Belle, Get outta here. Are you kidding your DH might want to move to MT? I can help you find a location, preferably between Missoula and Kalispell. haha What part of the state does he like? Wouldn't that be so fun? We don't get much wind here but we have had harder winds than we use to. Last month a trailer was vacant with no skirting and the wind turned it over on it's side. One of my clients was in showing me the pictures. It missed her trailer by less than a foot. Have never heard of anything like this before but I did see the pictures. Here's a picture I have on my wall that my mom coss stitched years ago. Kinda ironic with your first sentence.

Anj, I do hope you start getting more sleep! If others think you look tired chances are they're right. Let us know how the Big Game goes for DD. Speaking of sleep I have to get off of here and get to sleep or I won't do well at our meeting in the morning.

Can hardly wait to see your leprechaun. Punk

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Break Time...really tackling the housework today so I can paint more during the week..well at least I can try.

Anj..can't you car pool for your DD practices. You take one week and another Mom the next and so on? Or even every other day or something! Might be worth checking out!

I love Antique and second hand stores! I actually found a cup and saucer just like one my GG gave me before she is worth $175.00 and over 150 yr old. WoW! and I was thinking about shipping it off to some charity garage sale - not anymore! Now it will go to my DD.

PhoneGirl...thanks for posting the cross stitch says it all! And we have been to and looked at the Kalispell area as well as south and west of Missoula, but right now our land value is nil...although our property tax evaluation is almost where it was before Dec. of 07 but then the area has a bad name..Flood - even if this is the first time in history and it was caused by landslides and log jams against two bridges, which are now gone. It's still flooded. Our house is about 80 yrs old and built solid - and is all new except the siding and framing and is all up to or beyond current codes...we still have to tell prospective buyers we flooded and down goes the value. We are hoping to list it sometime in the dream is still alive.

Have to clean the oven..not a self cleaning unit - darn! and then most of the day is mine, guess where I will spend it. Dh just came in with some Valentine projects to sand and seal.

Take Care!

PS Luvs..where are you?

Just got a call from my DR., and now I know why I have been dragging my....ah...why I have been so tired and listless, my thyroid is acting up again and he doubled my meds...Hope it work! Belle

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I'm here Belle, believe it or not, I've been busy painting today. Finished a Valentine tray, just need another coat of sealer on it then I'll get pictures posted on the gallery. DH really likes this one, hope you gals will too.

So glad you got to the doctor to find out what was wrong. You will probably feel lots better in a day or two. ;o)

My DH stepped on a sprinkler while out walking for exercise, fell and fractured his right wrist! He spent Sunday afternoon at urgent care, then we went to regular doctor today. He's having us go to an orthopedic doctor tomorrow. DH also hurt his ribs, skinned his knee, and bruised his left hand. So for a few weeks, I'm the designated driver around here. They gave him pain medication which makes him sleepy, so he's dozed off and on quite a bit today.

I'm wanting to start on the little leprechaun pattern Anj found for us, but I've really got to do a little housework first tomorrow. Won't try to do too much, just the bathrooms and wipe down the kitchen good. Probably better vacuum and mop the family room floor too. Darn housework always gets in the way of painting fun! LOL

Hey, we're already at another Monday--somebody better start a new post maybe?????


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