Help installing Cabinet Hardware?

jellytoastMay 11, 2014

I am getting ready to drill the holes for my cabinet hardware (finally!). When I did some test drilling into scrap wood (solid cherry), the drill bit splintered the wood on the exit side, sometimes so much that covering the damage with the screw head would not be possible. Can anyone offer any tips on how to prevent this? I would prefer a nice, smooth exit hole, if that's possible. I am using a brand new titanium drill bit.

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I believe if you clamp a piece of scrap behind the piece you are first drilling thru you will have the back supported and won't get tear out on exit

I'd try that first on your scrap

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Hi, definitely back up the drill w/scrap, and having a good bit is crucial. I have found that the best bit is made by Festool, in the 4mm. size. he back-side tearout is manageable.

Here is a link that might be useful: Festool Centrotec bit

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I finished painting the honey oak kitchen cabinets with BM advance. I'll finish installing new brush nickel hinges today. This house is going to be on market very soon. I think it would be nice to put on knobs on cabinets and handles on drawers since white cabinets are easy to get dirty.

I just ordered the festool brad-point 4mm drive bit recommended by sombreuil. Thank you so much for your recommendation.

I am a petite women of 5'3", not strong. Is the work of putting in 40 knobs and handles too much for me or it should not be a very difficult job? Do I need to uninstall the cabinet and lay the cabinets horizontally to drill the holes for knobs in order to make accurate drilling or is it equally good to drill holes on installed cabinets?

Any input or sharing of experience is greatly appreciated.

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