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wantoretire_didApril 14, 2010

Need input for purchase - see link to my Xpost

Here is a link that might be useful: DH Time warp

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My DH said it matters if they are considered real property or not. Our DW is real property on full foundation wheels and tongues removed. It could be moved but it is not meant to be moved from this spot.

The last two DW we have had have escalated in value. Again both were real property. I am not sure that can be done in a moble h0me park because you do not own the land. All three of the DW we have had have been on our own property.

When we have bought and sold we ran all transactions through title company and you then pay for the title search.

There are different classes of manufactured homes. We have the 6 inch walls and double pane vinyl windows, real sheet rock walls bull nosed corners, lots of upgrades. With the real estate slump we would not expect to sell this place at a large profit but then we have no intention of selling. Hoping this was our last move and we made this house custom just for us.

Not sure this is really what you are asking.


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can't say for sure - check your property tax office - do you pay real or personal prop tax on it?

not your land, so I'd say it's not real property. here it has to be set into the ground I think to be real property.

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Thank you both. He's calmed down now ;-)

I will check w/county and state (NY) agencies and get copies of regs to hold onto. Sure wouldn't want to be hit with tax and penalties down the road.

Still hoping for a sale soon.......

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