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popi_gwDecember 13, 2013

I have to admit - I have been motivated to get into sewing, by watching that show project runway with heidi. I think the people on there are so talented - imagine - design, making a pattern and then sewing the garment to fit a model - well it is just amazing !

So I have made some nifty little xmas bags for putting my presents into, a pair of pants, and a kurta top. Now, I have gone nuts and am making lots of shopping bags !

I really like thinking up projects and implementing them.

My eventual objective is to make clothes for myself, that FIT - then I will really smile.

I have yet to explore the world of textiles, and what to do with them. That is my project for 2014.

It is great having this forum.

Happy sewing !

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This forum will probably disappoint you as it's pretty dead over here.I keep posting trying to get some life back into it,not having much luck at it.

But welcome anyway,maybe between us we can stir some interest back into it.

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So glad to hear somebody else talk about this forum. There just doesn't seem to be anybody that makes their own clothes anymore. Maybe it is because sewing isn't taught anymore in high school. I like to make my own suit jackets--mostly those that you can wear with slacks and the ones with the little standup collars. Can't wear dresses anymore because I have to wear boot shoes and slacks because of my rheumatoid arthritis. And I don't like to see myself in an identical outfit with someone else. Maybe we can stir this up a little. Barb

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Let's keep trying Barb,maybe we can get some of the others or some newbies to join us.

I still sew for myself and my ggk's,do a lot of crafty,home décor type stuff.Don't make a lot of clothes for myself anymore as we're retired.Now having said that I recently lost 51 #'s so need to make myself some more button down blouses.I bought several pairs of pants at the K-Mart going out of business sale last month,but didn't like any of their shirts.

I also do a lot of cross stitch,and that board on this site is dead also.I frequent the one at 123 stitch everyday,and sometimes several times a day as it's very busy there.Lots of things to learn,lots of help should you need it and an all around great bunch of people there.We even have a few men there that stitch as well.

If you're into cross stitch check it out.
In the mean time hope we can get some interest going here at the Sewing forum.

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You are so wrong about no one sewing any more...If you just do some google searches you will find so many young women and men that are sewing or learning to sew....It is so rewarding to find out that it isn't a lots art...

There are many good sites out there and lots and lots of tutorials that will help you. I am no expert but have been sewing for way to many years to mention and I would be happy to help you in any way I can...

WWW.patternreview is a great site for someone just learning and check out the bloggers out there...Mind boggling...

Here is one of my favorite bloggers but there are tons of them...just find one or two and start following the links on their pages....Facebook is another great source.

I was sick for awhile a few years ago and I started wearing mostly pj type pants around the it has become my go to pant to wear at home and I make them often...This morning actually was making a pair...The are not expensive but still yet, I have fabric that I bought that was a bargain so I can make them for a couple of dollars if I don't add my time in there....I love making them out of bright colorful fabric...I can make a top or just wear a t shirt and I am good to go around the house or I can run down to the supermarket in them and still look good...

Have fun learning to sew.....

There are so many free patterns out on the internet you don't even have to buy patterns any more...I wish I had a Granddaughter close by that wanted to learn to sew...I have 7 great grandchildren and all boys...hard to be enthusiastic sewing for little boys but there are some really cute things out there...

send me a message if I can help you...

Here is a link that might be useful: Check out this blogger and all her free information and tutorials.

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I am not able to pick up any of the links. What have I done to my computer or what do I lack?. Something is going on because I was able to do so heretofore. Leave it to me to do the wrong thing. Barb

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why don't you try copying and pasting the url into your machine and see if it will open...

I came back to mention another site...Craftsy ...what a wonderful site it is too...lots of free classes and such great information. Lots of free patterns here and links to take you to anything you need.

Below another one from a woman who has wonderful info and lots of free patterns...

Here is a link that might be useful: Here's another one..Debbie at so easy...

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well, another long time person sewing - also retired and rarely make clothes for myself except perhaps a casual jacket or pair or shorts (I love white shorts and all cotton or linen - no polyester) I do, however, have an almost 4 yr old great-grand-daughter and am looking forward to doing some sewing for her.

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Crafty Gemini is one of my favorite bloggers. She's also on Facebook. I used her tutorial to make shopping cart covers for my grandchildren. Since I have a little more sewing experience, I was able to embellish a little, but her directions were simple enough for beginners to follow.

The shopping cart covers turned out to fit well (the most important). I made one with a pink cotton print (Eeyore and friends) and an underside of pink velour. The other was a tan and red cotton print (CARS) with a tan velour underside. My daughters loved them, and used them a lot (and were also grateful that they did not have to pay the $30 to buy one - I made them for under $10).

I've used Crafty Gemini's ideas for other things, but the shopping cart covers were the most fun and memorable.


Here is a link that might be useful: Crafty Gemini

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I don't know if anyone is still on here, but I am a 59yo man, married to a 50yo woman that is disabled and wearing 7x and 8x clothing. Since I cannot find a coat for her to wear in stores or online, even at men's big and tall stores and sites, I am going to make one myself. Now when I was little my mom had a singer cabinet machine that had the knee lever to operate it. When she died I inherited it. I lost it at one point while out of town after my second wife died and the management cleared out everything. I studied sewing machine repair in the '80s before switching to office machine repair. I have always sewn by hand and knitted scarfs and stuff, but never made clothes before. I understand the process, just never done it before. Now I need to. First I have to find a machine. I have $100 and cannot really go much more than that. I have looked on Craigslist, visited a Salvation Army and Goodwill store, just missing a couple of good deals. I know I am looking for an older model that will actually last for a while, possibly Jancome, Elna, or Singer. So the search goes on.
As for the coat. It is for when she goes out in her powerchair and gets cold. Right now she has me wrap a blanket around her from front to back and use another on around her shoulders wrapped from back to front, with a knit cap and gloves. I want to make a fleece cape style with a longer front to cover her legs and a back just down to the seat. The other problem I have found here, in Milpitas, CA, is a lack of fabric shops. Maybe I am just not looking in the right place. The only one I can find is on Main Street, south of the Great Mall. Haven't got there yet because I have no car and don't drive anymore. We have a good bus system and I take that everywhere. Will get there soon. If anyone has any ideas for my project feel free to email me. That is if anyone is still here. I will also check the other sites mentioned here, but not Facebook. It is too complicated for me. Have a great day. -Paul

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Hi Paul..I know a few men who sew, and it is no more difficult for a man than a is not gender specific. I have some advice to get you started on this forum...Post your own topic so people can follow along. It is unlikely that help will come under this post. You need your very own topic headline.
Fabric--do you have a Hancock's store, a Hobby Lobby, a Walmart store??? You will find fabric at these places, tho more likely it will be for quilting primarily at Walmart. You can shop on line and find some good choices and good prices--even have samples mailed by some seller sites. And ebay,,have you looked there? Almost anything you need can be mailed to your door. And as mentioned above, there are sites with free patterns--some you just need to register, some not. Start by browsing this one
I wish you happy sewing and hope it brings you much satisfaction.

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Annie Deighnaugh

You are so kind to want to do this for her.

This sounds like it would really need to be custom as you want it much longer in the front than in the back. I would suggest getting a sheet and draping it over her and using pins to mark about where you want the cape to go around her legs and such, making sure to make the sides short enough so they don't get caught in the wheels of the chair. This should hopefully get you a pattern you can use to get the exact shape you want. You can then use either one layer of fleece and just cut it...the edges won't may need to seam the fleece together though to get the width you want.

You then will need to figure out where her head can go through the center, cut a circle and maybe a V in it too for comfort at the center front neck. Again, it won't ravel, but you may want to sew a seam binding around the can leave them longer to make ties.

Here is a link that might be useful: List of clothing retailers for ultra large sizes

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This is an old thread but in case any one is interested, there are lots of sewing groups on Facebook. From just learning to people who are in the business. Lots of pattern makers too.

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