Urgent Shiloh Order Question

atct86May 14, 2013

I have a kitchen order for white, beaded inset shaker Shiloh Cabinets.

The way I placed the order, the exposed sides of the 24" deep island were to be plan. Now I am adding fake cabinet panels. Since my cabinet fronts are inset, will this look funny? Shouldn't there be a way to have these almost built into the side of the cabinet?

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Atc, I had Shiloh inset cabs installed in my kitchen (plain, no beading) and you can see the end panels that we went with. I believe they are to mimic the doors rather than the slab front drawers we used. Hope the pic gives you a visual idea of what you are asking.

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Are the sides a panel screwed into the cabinet, or part of the cabinet itself?

My supplier has separate panels coming to me a few weeks later.

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They have two types of cabinet ends. Decorative Doors On Cabinet Ends and Integral Panel On Cabinet Ends .

mykitchensdone has the integral panel which is what you want.

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I'm a Shiloh dealer:

Ask your KD for this: Inset Non-functional False Doors

for a base cabinet, the code is: INFBDEP (right or left)
for a wall cabinet, the code is: INFWDEP (right or left)


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Ok, I just left a message with them.

So by ordering non functional false doors, they will be built into me cabinet side? What about the backs of the 24" deep cabinets, as they will also be one of the exposed sides of the island?

How do

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I'm a fairly new dealer with Shiloh. I don't believe they have modification of changing the "back" of a cabinet to have a non-functioning false door.

Usually on island backs you must order a separate wainscotting panel.

I'll post a pic of a kitchen I did that had an island with a wainscotting panel.


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That island is just what I have in mind, and ordered.

Here are my final questions:

1) Does that baseboard go on the front?

2) Do the rear panels extend over the side panels, or are the side panels what stick out the most?

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atc, I still have her file on my desk. Here's what was ordered for her island.
Door: Montgomery Beaded Inset
Wood: Maple
Finish: Black Paint
Other: Distressing, wearing and sand-thru
Guides: Blumotion Full Extension
Drawer Box: Plywood

BBMNTG - 72"x34.5" - Finish short edges
16'- 4.25 FBP

The baseboard does not wrap around the front, but it can.

The back panel is flush with the cabinet ends.

BBMNTG stands for BAR BACK Montgomery doorstyle


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Ok, now I understand.

My island is composed of a 24" trash, 27" sinkbase, and 24" gap for a dishwasher, with an end panel.

I plan on having the wainscoting on the rear, so should I also order plywood to install first? Do I need the edge trim?

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looking for a shiloh dealer to work with, i am in new york city area (queens)


i contact shiloh through their website no response yet.

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