Sewing Machine Suggestions?

SandwicherDecember 11, 2011


I am hoping to get my wife a nice sewing machine for Xmas. I got her a Singer 2250 a couple of years ago when she was a beginner and I'd like to get her something a little nicer now. The Tradition is very basic and easy for her to learn on but I think it's time for an upgrade. The Tradition is extremely noisy. She has to close the door to our room when she sews because of the noise. Other than that I'm not really sure what it's other drawbacks are because I don't want her to know I'm looking for a new machine. But given it only cost me $70 brand new I'm sure it has drawbacks. I'd like to spend around $250 or so this time. And I'd like to get a Singer so the foot she just bought will fit the new machine. Any suggestions? She likes to sew baby bibs, blankets, and burp clothes. Thanks for your help!

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I would ask the salesperson to use the machine so you can hear it work. Most machines are now made by the same company except Bernina so the feet should be appliciable to most machines. I have a few Singers and they are great machines. You are a very sweet husband to keep her sewing moving on. Enjoy your search and her happiness on Christmas day. You could ask if they would give you a "gift card" and let her pick out the new one BUT you did a great job the first time. Merry Christmas

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Should I put money into a Singer 740 touch & sew or into a Brother 761?

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Get the Brother. I can tell you from experience that a Singer machine is not what it used to be. The reviews for them are terrible. I have a home sewing business and have bought two Brother machines and they have given me excellent service. I wish I could say the same for my Singer I had for personal use.

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